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KPFA Millionaire Local Station Board VP Calls Casey Peters "Incompetent"

by We Need More Millionaires
Millionaire KPFA Local Station Board VP Conn Hallinan charged that the Pacifica National
Election Supervisor with "incompetence" in the recent KPFA elections. This is the same
board member who sued the Pacifica station to force the certification of the election after
flagrant election violations by the interim manager and Pacifica Counsel Dan Siegel
KPFA Concerned Listeners CL has always been concerned about getting big money players on the KPFA board and now they have two and one is charging "incompetence". The recent board elections brought on board the number two Hallinan, Matthew who is also a multi-millioniare from property speculation in San Francisco by his mother.
One of the first statements that millionaire Hallinan made at the recent meeting on Saturday January 12 was that Pacifica Election Supervisor Casey Peters was incompetent because of how the election was handled. Apparently he had been asked by CL staffer and KPFA Board Chair Bonnie Simmons to say who was next in line if somebody should resign. According to
Simmons, Peters did not respond prior to the meeting.
After voting on the new board minus Richard Phelps who resigned, the same CL board members who sued the foundation to get the election certified voted to prevent the permanent seating of next in line candidate Joe Wanzala. Citing the need to clarify whether he was indeed the next in line they spent more than 45 minutes discussing this issue. When KPFA boad members Chandra Hauptman got Peters on the line, the same sticklers for a fair election voted against allowing him to state who was next in line to the board to clarify this at the meeting.
Now that we have two Hallinan millionaires on the board I guess we can expect more financial transparency and honesty at KPFA in the operation of this station and network?

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by Very surprised
Why did Richard Phelps resign ? i think it was in recognition of his dedication that he came in fifth . I know folks who primarily voted for the Concerned Listeners who included him on their list . I am surprised and disappointed . I know the atmosphere is tense but i thought that he would tough it out .
Has he issued a statement or anything ?
I too would like to know why Richard Phelps resigned.
In addition to the above latest news of the circus called KPFA "management," we had to hear reactionary Democrat Larry Bensky (you know, the one who believes the government's fairy tale on the 9/11 Inside Job) interview Ralph Nader and ask him a "trenchant" question (description of KPFA newsperson, 6 p.m. news, 1/14/08), namely if the presidential race was close between the (Tweedledee) Democrats and (Tweedledum) Repubicans, if he was in the race as a Green or independent, would he stay in the race? Of course, Ralph correctly answered he would stay in the race as a Green or independent. This writer will vote Peace & Freedom (Red) no matter what the score is between the twin parties of capitalism, pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian, pro-death penalty, both filled with anti-abortionist politicians, and much more. We have a RIGHT AND A DUTY TO VOTE OUR CONSCIENCE IN EVERY ELECTION, AND WE SHOULD VOTE IN EVERY ELECTION. PLAYING GAMES WITH YOUR VOTE IS INSULTING AND ONLY GUARANTEES EVIL. WHEN YOU VOTE FOR EVIL, YOU WILL RECEIVE EVIL. Ask the Palestinian people whose land was stolen, whose people have been murdered, raped and tortured by the Zionist puppets of the USA all supported 100% by the Democrats and Republicans, what they think of your voting for their muderers and torturers. ACT AS YOUR CONSCIENCE DICTATES AND STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH YOUR VOTE AND EVERYONE'S LIVES. WE, THE WORKINGCLASS, PAID WITH OUR BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS FOR OUR RIGHT TO VOTE, AND THAT RIGHT DOES NOT INCLUDE PLAYING GAMES WITH OUR VOTE. Whether we are black, female, and/or workingclass, people died for our right to vote so WE COULD VOTE OUR CONSCIENCE. Larry Bensky is co-hosting with Aimee Allison, the Tuseday, Jan 15, 7 p.m. broadcast of the San Francisco Green Party rally of Jan 13. Hopefully Ms. Allison, a Green Party member, will dominate, as this writer will not tolerate the insulting stupidity of Larry Bensky and will swith to music if I have to hear this stinking Democrat's reactionary drivel. VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE IN EVERY ELECTION.
Tuesday, 01.15.08

Dear Friends of KPFA/Pacifica,

Yes, it is very disappointing to hear that Richard Phelps has resigned. Although I have not been in 100% agreement with all of his actions, most importantly, Phelps appeared to be interested in many ideals which the narrowly dominant (numerically speaking, in terms of Board Motion voting breakdown) "Concerned Listeners" millionaire cabal have proven to be categorically against, such as transparency, fairness, participatory democratic governance, listener-empowerment and listener-involvement, accountability, etcetera. For those who are interested and were not present at the last KPFA Local Station Board meeting (01.12.08), here is a transcript of the letter of resignation read aloud at that meeting (as a stop-gap, pending publication of further information):

"It is with a sad heart and tired mind that I send this notice of my resignation. Early this evening, after seriously reflecting on some disturbing recent events and looking back at the GM Hire final meeting, the ED situation, and the recent elections, I finalized my decision to resign from the LSB. Please excuse this late message. I have not had access to a computer since before 7 p.m. this evening when I made my decision.

To the few of you that truly believe in and fight for the Mission, transparency, accountability and a principled level playing field for democratic governance, and who put these values before selfish personal or sectarian organizational agendas, I will always be available. Thank you for the work you continue to do."

---Richard Phelps

[Below is another brief account of the proceedings:]

Message: 1
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 00:34:08 -0800
From: Brian Shiratsuki
Subject: [Fulcrumsofchange] january 2008 KPFA LSB meeting
To: Fulcrums of Change
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII; format=flowed; delsp=yes

it appears that the 2008 KPFA LSB minus one new staff rep (chris brown) partitions into one set of fourteen, and one of ten. at yesterday's meeting, Concerned Listeners and their supporters voted themselves into all four officer positions, as they did for 2007. andrea turner became chair and susan mcdonough became secretary; conn hallinan and brian edwards-tiekert will reprise as vice-chair and treasurer.

the KPFA delegates minus one partition into thirteen and ten. they voted 13-10 to send bonnie simmons to the PNB, and 7-7-6-3 to send sherry gendelman, joe wanzala, and sarv randhawa to the PNB. audio recordings are here:

KPFA interim GM rijio did not attend, but interim PD lilley sat through part of the meeting. outgoing director berg attended and seemed her usual self. nicole sawaya observed a substantial portion of the meeting. it is good to know she is interested at least to this extent, but she held her hand very close to the vest. interim ED siegel spoke beginning about 35 minutes into the last recording.



The report immediately above is quoted from Brian Shiratsuki and taken from the "Fulcrumsofchange Digest, Vol 8, Issue 12," dated/e-mailed 01.13.08. Please note: I have not been able to access the audio links for verification as of this writing. However, I have documented the entire 01.12.08 meeting on DVD. Please contact me if you are interested in copies. The official or unofficial websites still leave much to be desired. I'd volunteer to help with updating those websites, but I'm still trying to sort out the mess thrust upon me due to my previous volunteering during the 2007 KPFA LSB Elections.

In fact, I painstakingly transcribed the public comment part of the December 15, 2007 KPFA LSB meeting and submitted it to the new KPFA LSB Secretary Susan McDonough of the "Concerned Listeners," but judging from all immediate responses, I must doubt that it will be included with the official minutes of the 12.15.07 meeting. In all fairness, I handed it to McDonough after it was returned to me by another LSB member who I had handed it to earlier, explaining my request that it be included in the minutes or public record. Moreover, I had announced this request during my public comment. Were this any other less hostile Board, such as a School Board or City Council Board, the material would at least be taken for consideration and either accepted or rejected under valid or reasonable reasoning (to belabour redundancy). But this is not such a progressive Board; this is a "Concerned Listeners" dominated Board.

During my public comment (01.12.08), as I held up the transcript for the 12.15.07 public comment, LSB member Ernesto "Tico" Chacin simply laughed. (Ouch, that can hurt one's feelings; that's not very professional or democratic or inclusive of listener-member participation. Of course, it is said I'm naive.) I understand Ernesto "Tico" Chacin was the LSB Secretary until 12.15.07, when Susan McDonough ("Concerned Listeners") took over. I should also note that during a break I tried to ask then-Chairperson Bonnie Simmons (another
"Concerned Listeners" supporter) about the proper procedure for submitting this transcript, but she simply gazed at me speechlessly, in disbelief, vaguely uttering the flimsy excuse of not having time to answer the simple question. Today, I understand that it would require any valiant LSB member to raise a motion in this interest of transparency. Time will tell.

A couple of highlights worth noting:

(1) I had the opportunity to say hello to Sasha Lilley, who has previously slandered me without justifiable cause (other than illegal obstruction of KPFA LSB Elections process) and without seeking to question or discuss any of the manufactured issues alleged against me. Unfortunately, it seemed to physically pain her to be civil in return. In the interest of dialogue and transparency, not to mention courtesy, I had intended to ask her about those allegations she made against me on November 12, 2007 (during the time I volunteered with the LSB Elections process). I intended to question Lilley during the first available break, so as not to interfere with her focus on the commencement of the Board meeting (and to avoid any further charges of harassment or other frivolous or baseless charges). However, she left quite soon after the meeting began and certainly before the first break. It is also my understanding that her mother, a notable figure within the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, was seated behind her. This political party should be studied closely as their millionaire founder, Matthew Hallinan ("Concerned Listeners"), is now on the KPFA LSB Board, alongside his millionaire brother, Conn Hallinan ("Concerned Listeners"). And, moreover, the daughter of a Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club person, Sasha Lilley (another "Concerned Listeners" supporter), is interim Program Director, heading up much of station management operations with an iron fist, by most accounts, including undermining the Program Council, selectively discouraging 'undesirable' programmers from promoting activist events, etcetera. We should be wary of any one political party or group dominating KPFA operations, as it appears Democrats are coalescing to do at KPFA.

(2) I had the opportunity to speak with Nicole Sawaya, erstwhile Executive Director of Pacifica (and celebrated General Manager of KPFA in the late 1990s). I dearly hope she returns to her post as Executive Director of Pacifica. If anything, Dan Siegel the 'interim Executive Director' in official attendance at the 01.12.08 KPFA LSB meeting, should step down immediately in light of the obvious conflict of interest issues he creates by serving as interim Executive Director. Even though he is, apparently, no longer legal counsel for Pacifica, his law firm still holds that post.

In solidarity for peace, democracy, and social & economic justice,

Felipe Messina, KPFA Listener-Member, Volunteer

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by Richard Phelps
It is complicated and I am very busy. I will give a detailed explanation when I have the time. Thank you to all that have supported my work for listener democracy and transparency. I am evaluating how and what I want to put my energy into for the next period of time. The "disturbing recent events" were internal to the listener side of the LSB. Details to follow. In general a strong temdency toward the individualism of the other side has taken hold, with personal agendas coming way before the Mission and listener democracy. I will also give more details as to why each of the other items I mentioned in my statement played into my decision.

by Voted for Peoples Radio
Richard, I am curious why you resigned . i'm sure things are tense and a drag to put up with. But unless you have cancer or are moving to Cuba i think you should have stayed on . Your slate did poorly . I think the Peoples Radio pamplet statement was a bad mistake . But i voted for you guys any way . Your struggle for Media democracy has been very commenable . The lack of democracy is one of the reasons the Labor Movement is under 15% of the work force . On other threads people have written about the unjust suspension of your comrade Bob English from the Seiu for challenging the misleadership of the San Francisco City Workers Union . He's even been called a ''antisemite ''. Why ? Because he didn't like Seiu endorsing l Diana Feinstein ?
They have certainly talked trash about you . But you came by at them and stayed in the battle .
I wish you would have stayed on the board . While those against the Concerned Listeners who were elected will continue the fight , i wish there was still one hard core guy still occupying a seat .
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