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Tuesday, January 08, 2008
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Event Type:
david quinley
Location Details:
Tuesday, January 8 7pm, @ AROMA Cafe, San Rafael on 4th Near Rafael
Theater Between A and B

Meeting may go on longer

Draft Agenda
1. Whats New on Feb ballot Prop. 94-97

2. Endorsements if any
a. Local Measures A-C
b. State Props. 91-97
c. Presidential Candidates
1. Discuss the Nader news - and how to bring Green Party - Theirs talk
he still hasn't declared, but how can he still - if he's
supporting another Dem. candidate - even though he's on the state
2. Is their way get county parties that have come in support of
Kuncinich Supporters back - now that he is out of race - it sounds like
3. Browns reasons for leaving race and party

3. GP Pres. Delegates Report

4. Regional Update if any

5. Officer Reports
a. Debate over words challenge vs. disabled in CAGP disabled plank
b.GP youth caucus
c.campus greens
d.GPCA Working groups - Platform - Grow - Canidates - other?

6. Event Planning

7. Ca. Plenary Report if any

8. ICE Raids Update - Please let me know if you want me to give one so I
can prepare

9. Feb. Meeting - Is their Bylaw Issues to contend with

10. Local Democracy

11. CAGP Working Group's Retreat on the Sat. 12th in Palo Alto

12. GP Presidential Debate in SF on the 13th
a. I would like are council to endorse the debate and retreat -
sponsorship for debate to is up - but don't think where org. enough for

13. According to the principle Duverger's Law, only two parties can
exist in the long run in single-winner, winner-take all elections (such
as all of ours at the national level). There is only one way for the
Green Party to become a viable party in America at the national level,
as it is in Europe, short of a cataclysmic environmental catastrophe.
And that is to make America a true representative multiparty republic,
as most of Europe and the civilized world is. Can it be done? Yes, it
can. But it will require a temporary national unity grand alliance
party in 2008 of everyone from the Greens to Libertarians, and the
Religious Right, African-Americans, seniors, other liberals, Latinos,
etc. Everyone disenfranchised by the current system. I believe that if
America realizes that it can have a real uncorrupted representative
republic, in which every vote counts, it will vote for democracy
overwhelmingly. I propose such a strategy at: The question is, will
you join us? Is the Green Party able to compromise and cooperate
short-term – the 2008 presidential election - in order to get what
it wants in the long-term – to become a viable national party in
America by 2010, with a real effect on American policy? You have the
greatest experience in running third-party elections. It cannot be done
without you. Sincerely, Ken Ross, CPA, MBA Atlanta,GA P.S. Today I
have mailed over 2600 emails to members of each of the above groups.
You are welcome to share this plan with your associates. Happy 2008!

14. Can meet most any night. Have an agenda item. The Marin Registrar
of Voters has invited a representative to be on the Election Observer
Panel. Cat may be interested. We can have two observers.

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