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"Coonerty's Greatest Hits": On FRSC Sunday AM & In Front of His BookStore Sunday PM
by Community TV (posted by Norse)
Sunday Dec 16th, 2007 7:59 AM
Pirate (FRSC) Radio at 101.1 FM will be playing selections from Mayor Ryan Coonerty's November TV Debate on the Sleeping Ban. The clips and response from Bathrobespierre Robert Norse will air between 9 & 10 AM today Sunday December 16th. The clips will be rebroadcast as full video on the sidewalk shortly after 2 PM in front of Coonerty's Bookshop at 1520 Pacific later today. Come one, come all!
Choice cuts from Mayor Ryan Coonerty's Controlled Debate with ACLU's Don Zimmerman and local activist attorney Kate Wells will be airing twice on Sunday, as mentioned above.

Call-in number to comment on the radio is 831-427-3772. Feel free to heckle or critique from the sidewalk in front of the Bookshop Santa Cruz later during the protest.

Coonerty has refused to schedule an appointment with me, allow a public interview, reveal his public meeting schedule, release the record of meetings with lobbyists in the last few months, or clarify how the general public can meet with him (particularly homeless people).

At the last City Council meeting of the year, Coonerty cut back allowed oral communication time to two minutes per speaker, and shortened the evening time from 30 minutes to 20 minutes. (He also allowed a new brief period of oral communication at the beginning of the afternoon session of 10 minutes)

SAFE (Society for Artistic Freedom and Expression/Streetperformers Against Foolish Enforcement) singers will be singing "Santa Cruz"-specific Xmas carols as well as the old standbye "Downtown [in Santa Cruz]

The first stanza of the updated "Downtown" (sung to the tune of the old Petula Clark song) goes:

"When you're alone and rents are making you homeless,
You can always go...downtown!
When you get laid off, all the cops and the friends
Will move you to and fro...downtown!
Just try and find musicians who can tolerate the city
Linger on the sidewalk & the police will say "no sitting"
How can you win?
The fines are much higher there
They have forgotten you live here, forgotten you care
When you're downtown, there's lot of hate for you
Downtown--it's not so great for you
Downtown--tickets are waiting for you."

(for the next four verses, show up at the 2 PM protest later today, or check out the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night sing-a-long's in front of New Leaf Market beginning shortly after 6 PM)

For more info: check out or call 831-423-4833

To view the entire Coonerty debate, go to or

To ask Coonerty directly about these issues, call him at 420-5020, but don't grow too old waiting for a response.
§Conerty's Greatest Hits From Free Radio
by Tim Rumford Monday Dec 24th, 2007 12:29 PM
Here is the Connert'y Greatest Hits audio file I pulled from Roberts show. Small file size, approx 1 hr. in length, FM quality. First 30 seconds is silence. It gives you a perspective on what our new mayor even knows about our homeless situation, laws, and services in the City he now governs.

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by leni
Sunday Dec 16th, 2007 6:56 PM
I listened to part of the show today on 101.1FM. Is it really true that they are turning away homeless people in wheelchairs from the Armory winter homeless shelter?
If that is true, you should really call in someone from the fearsome disability community to 'deal' with those people. Perhaps someone from Berkeley. They really don't like to take lightly the passive or ignorant exclusion of the disabled from public spaces, and it sounds like these people explicitly stated or admitted that is why they are being kept out?
by leni
Sunday Dec 16th, 2007 7:03 PM
by Robert Norse
Monday Dec 17th, 2007 12:04 AM
Thanks to Leni for her comments about contact disabled rights groups. I encourage anyone interested to do so. Many folks outside are disabled--some vets--but they face the impartial jaws of the Sleeping Ban.

The protest today in front of Bookshop Santa Cruz featured Berkeley in the 60's, a great movie, but unfortunately we didn't have adequate sound. Next week, perhaps we'll do better. Five people volunteered. Ex-mayor Reilly strode by and a new volunteer will follow up on comments she made about the ban.

Mayor Coonerty did not make an appearance. Nor has he clarified how folks can make an appointment to see him, nor revealed the record of lobbyists who have spoken with him in the last month, nor his public meeting schedule for the next month.

The interval between the only City Council meeting in December (the 12th) and the only meeting in January (the 22nd) will be the longest in memory. It is unprecedented to schedule only one Council meeting in January--probably to allow the Council more skiing time. Not that anything significant for homeless people seeking shelter or decriminalization appears at these meetings. Phone him for enlightenment at 420-5020.

In the meantime, folks can come to the Homeless Memorial, probably on December 21st, if it's done as usual, at the Homeless Service Center, to count the dead and look at the consequences of Santa Cruz's "humane' policies.

Check out for extensive commentary on Coonerty's comments in the debate he had on Community TV referenced above. My comments went from about 9:30 AM to noon.

Potential homeless plaintiffs who want to join the lawsuit can also join us Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 PM at 115 Coral St. at the Homeless Service Center where we'll be taking statements from those harassed under the Ban.