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San Francisco Gang Task Force - use "NAZI" tactics to intimidate "innocent" U.S. Citizens
by Francisco Da Costa
Thursday Dec 6th, 2007 6:16 AM
The San Francisco Gang Task Force has been intimidating "innocent" constituents of San Francisco. Using - "Gang Injunctions" they enter homes without a warrant and in this case - grabbed a naked woman having a shower - questioned her without any valid reason - in front of her young children and others - all on Thanksgiving Day. The final comment by the - "thug" Gang Task Force - " have a nice Thanksgiving". What do you have to say about this Mayor Gavin Newsom? Not one word about this incident in the Main Media.
Gang Injunction do not work - all they do is sent the issues that have been created by Government - to another area.

Gangs from Los Angeles for example are found all over the United States. Gang Injunction started in Los Angeles - and San Francisco is NOT Los Angeles.

Dennis Herrera, Mayor Gavin Newsom, others I prefer NOT to name - better, think about Gang Injunctions - before they destroy the diversity and the many "good faith" neighborhood progressive issues and projects - going on in our many good neighborhoods.

Yesterday, December 5, 2007 at 6 p.m. before the San Francisco Police Commission - speaker after speaker - spoke against the atrocities committed on a young African American Mother - before her children, in the nude - and on Thanksgiving Day.

This happened in the Bayview Hunters Point - in the Oakdale Projects - very close to the Grace Tabernacle Community Church - where many good people meeting every Thursday and have a Town Hall meeting.

The "NAZI" San Francisco Gang Task Force - a bunch of Rednecks who could not sustain one single day - in say Iraq in the War Zone - intimidate innocent folks - mostly youth and women - and think and imagine they have some balls and some audacity.

In fact these jerks are pathetic losers. Scum bags that most decent folks do not associate with.
None of these vermin have a moral compass. I know that for a fact.

These "jerks" bring disgrace on other good members of Law Enforcement - and in doing so - thousands that once had some - respect - for the Police - now, hate them.

Many cannot stand the uniforms the Police Wear - some even call them " Holice" - and others do anything in their power - to fight the police.

All this the creation of "thug" police teams that are doing great disservice to humanity.

Of course these " jerks " do not have the guts to confront decent citizens that can look them in the eyes - and tell these " jerks" - how pathetic they are - the scum of the earth - the lowest of the lowest filthy creatures that should live in a cesspool of excreta.

Thousands of dollars are spent to train some of these Rednecks - and the end product - as it turns to be - are some members that have found a niche in the San Francisco Gang Task Force.

No one knows much about these "thugs". They do not report to any particular entity. They are rogue teams - that rove the neighborhoods - and use methods worse then the "thugs" of the worst order.

These holice thugs - do as they please and most of what they do is not according to the "laws" and "codes" set down and exercised by MOST decent Law Enforcement.

The San Francisco Gang Task Force - must be dismantled. The jerks fired not put to any leave.

Now, can these "jerks' pull a woman on Thanksgiving Day - from the shower - and then berate this innocent woman - in front of her children and relatives?

Who encourages such actions?

Does Mayor Gavin Newsom - I doubt?

Does Chief Heather Fong - I doubt?

Does the SF Police Commission - I doubt?

Do the hundreds of decent Police men and women - I doubt?

Do thousand of decent San Franciscans - I doubt?

So, why do we need these jerks - running around our neighborhoods - and terrorizing innocent citizens?

We the citizens of San Francisco have NO faith and do not trust the Office of Citizen Complaints.

We the citizens do not trust in vague - promises.

We the citizens trust in God and we do not want the SF Gang Task Force in our communities?

We the citizens declare an injunction on the SF Gang Task Force - and issue an Injunction for the Rogue SF Gang Task Force - to stay away from innocent constituents - in any neighborhood.

Do not test our ire and our will - you will be defeated and stay defeated. Enough is Enough.

We the citizens of San Francisco - mandate the City and County of San Francisco - the SF Board of Supervisors, the Executive Branch to take all steps to dismantle the SF Gang Task Force - bunch of ill mannered, cowards, Nazis, rednecks, immoral, skunks, gutless, impotent - pathetic losers.

We will send a petition to the Justice Department, the United Nations, and to other Justice and Fair Practice Entities - complete with previous cases - we are doing this - because we gave the entities that be - all the possible time and opportunities - to change.

The SFPD that is dysfunctional - have not changed and they are adamant not to change their ways.

San Francisco the over 760,000 constituents will not tolerate any nonsense - and this time - the SF Rogue Gang Task Force has crossed the line.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy