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Dear Parents Of Our Current pResident~We Can't Thank You Enough :-)
by sweet
Sunday Nov 25th, 2007 10:32 PM
impeach or arrest
November 25, 2007

Dear Parents of America's Current President,

A friend of mine recently referred to your son as scum. It's a simple word, a crude word when used to describe a person and yet I have no trouble understanding why she used it. You see, although we ordinary citizens are light-years ahead of your son when it comes to expression via the English language, we find ourselves somewhat stumped. It's truly difficult, and I promise you I'm not being sarcastic, to find words that adequately describe how we feel about that boy you raised. Yes, a great many of us have come to feel sickened by the sight and sound of your namesake and I myself firmly believe that his legacy will depict him in a variety of negative ways. Oh goodness, you see...that right there was just so benign. I think it unfair of me to color coat the weightiness of my true feelings so in an effort to be completely forthright I'd have to say simply . . .

Yes. I think he's utter filth. Yes. I believe him to be an immoral, greedy, bloodthirsty dunce who possesses zero compassion/interest in justice and even less integrity. When I think of what you and your cold, arrogant wife Barbara raised and unleashed on our society, I am outraged. You have no excuse. You were clearly too busy building your dirty empire and playing golf and catering to your rich friends (some of them Saudis with whom you are involved neck-deep in the oil business, under false company names to hide your trail of filth~yes, we know about that) to be bothered with rearing a decent human being.

Mission Accomplished Mr. & Mrs. Bush~ You reap what you sow. You sowed the seed of dirty money into oil and you're rich!! (monetarily speaking that is) but you also sowed another seed, didn't you? You ignored your son while he was growing up, neglecting to instill in him by your example, the morally-based core beliefs that truly count in life and you produced a vile human being who is as indifferent to the suffering of Americans & those he sent Americans to kill and maim as you were to that same child who, more than anything, needed his parents to teach him the basic principles of life. I can see the blank look on both of your faces so allow me to give you a glimmer of some basics that we all wish you would have instilled in your son:

1. Respecting Others (regardless of whether or not they can help you get ahead in the oil business or score you an 8-ball)

2. Tell The Truth (even when it means you may expose yourself for having done something wrong) That's called integrity.

3. Humanity~ Now this I'm sure leaves you with a perplexed look Barbara but it means that you treat others with compassion, irregardless of what they can do for you. Take a load off your feet you cold nightmare of a Mother and let me expound, because since you made light of the horrific suffering of the people in New Orleans I don't, for a Texas minute, expect you to easily grasp this. You are a 'Mother' in name only~certainly not because of the love and time you invested in your child.

You Barbara and you Mr. Bush didn't just raise a little 'terror' as we often hear people make reference to when a child consistently misbehaves. No No. Your neglect in teaching your child basic moral principles and your failure to discipline him, followed up by a mental evaluation when he was, say.... out in your back yard pouring gasoline on bunny rabbits and setting them on FIRE!~has resulted in you raising a full blown TERRORIST in every sense of the word.

Let's recap here:
Your little boy, George Junior the Terror through a steady diet of indifferent, self-absorbed parents grew up to be a Terrorist.

He's also a laughing stock, not just here in our own country, but abroad as well. Yes, his embarrassing inadequacies have unfortunately jumped across borders and oceans to be painfully received by foreign nations, leaving us all humiliated and fearful that these nations might think for even a moment that we are proud of your little halfwit. I'm sure that negotiating his way through My Pet Goat was in itself difficult given he was holding the book upside down, that~& the fact that's it's written in English. I can't help but wonder if the story left something to be desired for your torture-loving maniac of a son, since there wasn't a can of gasoline & a match to go with the innocent this case, a goat.

It would be embarrassing enough for this Nation to endure a President who hasn't the smallest grasp of the language he grew up with, leaving us all to cringe as he approaches a microphone and prepares to represent the world's greatest super power, our country, The United States of America. Perhaps the greatest gift to our nation at a time like this would be the complete failure of the sound-system provided for your son. Ahhh but sadly, that has not happened. Sadly, your little puke of a son does what we all have come to dread. He opens his mouth. The grammar massacre begins as the words, often mispronounced & misused, form yet another mortifying example of just how ill-equipped your son is to communicate with anyone, let alone our country and the world. As if this isn't bad enough, these misused words and poorly structured sentences that we've little choice but to endure, are more often than not, lies. Yes, Mr. and the misses raised yourselves a vile little liar & now America is paying the price. The sovereign Nation of Iraq, who was powerless to defend itself and posed no threat to us, is paying a steep price. How much human life can this President, your son, wipe out & not flinch or digress. I suspect that, although you may not feel at liberty to divulge this to us, you too cringe when your son steps up to a mic, knowing he's about to unleash his grade school grammar (sorry kids) and that his message will be infused with deception and outright lies. Perhaps you reflect on the amount of money you threw into his Harvard education. Your son is certainly a testament to the old adage; you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Your son was led to a renowned University, a virtual 'well' of knowledge but as we all know, that's one well he didn't drink from. What a colossal waste of money that was, huh Barbara? I guess your little dunce was too busy drinking his way from College Campus Keg to Whiskey bottle to take time out to read those pesky books.

You, Mr. Bush, unlike the coward you raised and unleashed on our society, courageously fought in and survived World War 2, as did my own Father, and I am grateful to you for your service. That is however where my gratitude ends, as your own tenure in the White House was a nightmare as well. However, it may still be possible for you to do something positive for your country, our country, that would leave us all forever grateful. Sir, if you have any influence left to wield at all, would you please PLEASE use it to convince your son to resign from office and allow us to begin the grueling process of reclaiming our country. You see Sir, we have to begin restoring the values on which this country was founded. We were all quite fond of our Constitutional Rights. We took for granted the oversight process that your son is so adamantly opposed to, but never again! Who knew we'd be subjected to such arrogance & disregard for the law by our own President? We need to get back to being the world's moral barometer rather than the torture loving nation your son now has us depicted as and we need to start showing our Military that we respect and honor them and will take care of their broken bodies, minds and hearts when they come home. We need to pull them out of the war your son created, the one that you sir were against as well, and begin making amends for your son.

Dear God, how do we adequately apologize for the unnecessary death, destruction and human suffering this man inflicted on the sovereign nation of Iraq? How do we tell their children that we as Americans will be forever ashamed & saddened that the country we love inflicted such pain on them?

Mr. Bush, I don't know how we can make amends for your son's cruel assault on these people, but I think we need to begin with an apology. Now, that may sound simplistic to someone like you and your stately wife, Babs. (stately/stout~you pick) You may even view it as a sign of weakness to the world. I however, firmly believe it will show the world our strength, our decency as a Nation, and most of all that we never considered your son (on his best day) to be fit to lead a parade! much less our great Nation.

I don't know if you pray Mr. Bush/Barbara, but if you do, will you please join me in praying for our country, for our troops your son callously and needlessly sent to slaughter Iraqis with mega-bombs and depleted uranium so that he might control even more oil and for those who survived but are maimed and in excruciating mental and physical pain, and their families too? Join me won't you in praying for the one thing that will get the process of healing our Nations underway. The removal of your son from office either by his resignation or by a long overdue impeachment should do the trick.

America is still the greatest nation on earth and I know we will survive but for now, right now in this moment, I am . . .

A Disheartened/Grieving American Citizen,
by Zizi
Monday Nov 26th, 2007 11:27 AM
Not a word here to disagree with....however, at some point, every mother's child becomes an adult who must take full responsibility for his own actions. This "man", this mother's child is a heartless killer; and if in fact the story about burning bunnies is true, then there is well-documented research that indicates that kids who torture, maim and kill helpless animals grow into adult abusers and killers. The young people at Columbine, every serial killer and all the other sick and perverted murderers, abused and killed animals long before they ever let out their rage on others. The idea is to target those who cannot defend themselves, those unable to fight back. "Mission Accomplished"! Need I say more? This grinning idiot should have been committed to a mental hospital long ago. I blame an ignorant and gullible public that bought into the lies, the fear-mongering, the Swift-boating sound-bites as much as those "out-to-lunch" parents. So there is enough blame here to go a long way around. But don't blame me! I voted for Gore and Kerry!
by Aleta Payne
Tuesday Nov 27th, 2007 4:02 PM
If only there was a way for Bush 41 and his wife to read this essay. But they probably wouldn't "get" the point. They are oblivious any wrong-doing by their evil-doer spawn...
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