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Police Brutality Pic

by panchita
this is a still taken from the video of the police brutality against the No Borders Camp final day of action on Nov. 11
§Police Brutality Pic 2
by panchita
these are stills taken from footage of police brutality at the No Borders Camp on Nov. 11

by panchita
by panchita
by panchita
§Police Brutality Still
by panchita
one last still from the video

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by Police Brutality Porn.
Seriously-- you didn't know this was going on, and you just found out?

Or you felt the need to subject yourselves to it, so as to generate some credibility when talking about it?

Or what?

Seriously-- what is the strategy here? Beyond feeling self-important?

Among other things, you just made American activists look.... a bit naive and foolish, to a lot of folks living on the target side of the border.
by Observer
I wasn't involved, in fact I'm 800 miles away. But the idea behind getting out images of police brutality is generating awareness, and keeping officers in line. Cops get scared when you pull out Cameras up here. Why? Because they know they actually have to stay within the law, when they don't even know what the law is half the time. It takes away so much of their power, it's incredible.

These Border Patrollers have bosses. Who can be harrassed, called, written to, whatever. Make it happen.
by k
can anybody zoom in on the names of certain bp? i remember at the camp earlier a nlg said they must have their names shown
by SunTSu
To expect these officers or any officer of the state to have accountability at this point in time (and polictical climate) is DEFINITELY NAIVE. Its funny that people actually think they still have rights. Rights are no longer a part of it- there are meny loopholes that they've created. This system of 'reform' and so on has been reworked/redesigned to work FOR THEM, not us.

With that said- its a whole new ballgame. ASSUME they will arrest you for no reason. ASSUME they will taunt, intimidate, harass, and generally shit on you. ASSUME they will do illegal things. Thats knowing your Rules Of Engagement. You cant beg the master of your rights. They'll just laugh- like the guy in the photo. Take your rights- at the opportune moment. Obviously being militant in some situations isn't the right way- but DAMN. This is the stage for that. This is the reason that folks are PHYSICALLY COMING to the border. To make action. To BE action. This action/event is to signify that people are OVER the legislation, OVER the reform.

You know why I've been avoiding these so-called "actions" ? They are largely "symbolistic" and "for the media to see" and soforth- basically for feeling self-important like above posted said. U$Activists need to step it up and realize what kind of action they are going to be a part of, and take the correct manner/level of appropriate action to get the desired results.

What was this action/march trying to accomplish? If its visibility about the whole "border battle" thing- well....thats already visible. If its "showing" that people can coexsist- well that can't really be done in a combative environment (capitalism, nationalism) If it was to even the playing ground with La Migra- well that defnitely wasn't done- they seem emboldened ATM.

I am here not to discourage, or to halt any kind of creative though process, I just am tired of Non-Violent Protest. What has it accomplished, ever? Ever..! Thats a whole 'nuther bucket of worms, anyway. Just know what you are getting into, and dont be afraid to fight back- and to encourage others to be prepared to fight back ( I mean the cops are prepared, right? )

by knowbo
its really intense the border mentality and the use of the bi nationality term. we are from different places. we should encourage each other to hold on to our culture that is not consumer that is not polluter or exploiter. that is spiritual that is autonomous and that is free because the fight is trying to turn us into one of them. we have to hold on to ourselves that is and never will be a believer in the border and therefore willnot identify ourselves as a nationality. we are not the state we are people.

know your enemy: that you have none. that we use our powers to transform nationality based thinking. that we witnessed our brothers and sisters shooting at ourselves at their own spirit. that brown people are killing each other. that our rage and our tears made a call out to end the borders. what i took away from the my encounter with the borderland was an examination of the borders i create in my emotional, physical, and spiritual life. what i took away was new friendship. what i took away was knowing that i have no enemies because i got to be secure enough to really believe in no borders in all aspects of my life and secure enough to be able to act on that.
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