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Biochemical Spraying Over Santa Cruz Scheduled to start TONIGHT!
by via
Tuesday Nov 6th, 2007 5:07 PM
CDFA will bypass Salinas Prunedale/Royal Oaks and North Salinas/Boronda and go right to Santa Cruz tonight.
-weather permitting 11/06/07 3:30 pm

Map of North Santa Cruz County Spray Zones
The City of Santa Cruz is hoping to file an Injunction before the next round of spraying, if they can collect enough medical testimonies.

Santa Cruz County is asking residents to report any illness they suspect may be attributed to an upcoming spraying.

City instructions

We still need a copy of all reports of reactions.
§HEALTH FORMS - How to file a health or dammage complaint .
by via Tuesday Nov 6th, 2007 5:13 PM

To report an adverse reaction to the recent aerial spraying of the Monterey, Salinas or Santa Cruz areas, please see your doctor, urgent care provider or local health clinic. Medical professionals are required by law to fill out and send a SUSPECTED PESTICIDE-RELATED ILLNESS report to state agencies. If you would, please remind your health care provider to do so, and explain how you think the spraying has impacted you.

Additionally, or if you are not able to visit a medical professional, please download a
Symptom Report form Sign and date it, and send it to:

Please make sure you get a copy of all reports and send to:
Reaction to Spraying
c/o M. Lynb.
P.O. Box 1612
Pebble Beach , CA 93953

Or send your complaint by email to

In reporting your complaint to this P. O. Box or email address, you are making it possible for concerned citizen groups to track illnesses caused by the aerial spraying, and to make our governmental representatives and state agencies aware of these illnesses. We are not providing medical care or advice.

When filing an illness report there are 2 forms one for your doctor's report and one symptom complain form.

You can also file a Damage Claim form with CDFA
i.e. Personal Injury/ Property Damage / Other

§How to collect samples
by via Tuesday Nov 6th, 2007 5:21 PM

It is important to collect samples so we can independently test what was actually sprayed and the concentration levels. People in surrounding areas should ALSO collect samples to verify the drift factor.

To collect Samples:

Use clean, sterile aluminum pan like a pie tin or larger. Leave out all night.

You will need 6 tins, one for each night.

Tins should be heated for 15- 20 minutes in oven at 350 degrees before use to make sure they are sterile.

In the morning retrieve tin and cover with aluminum foil. Make sure you date each tin and the include what zone was sprayed that night.

Always use rubber gloves when retrieving tins the next day and avoid contact with spray.

Store in a cool dark location if possible.

It is important for all zones to collect samples every night.
§Safety Precautions
by via Tuesday Nov 6th, 2007 5:22 PM
We are not doctors. We are not providing medical advice.
If you develop a reaction the the spray seek medical help immediately.

Remember this is a new product. Use Caution.

Safety Precautions:

Stay in doors during the spray 8pm - 5 am.

Take every measure to avoid contact with the spray!

If you come in direct contact with spray wash under cold running water for at least 15 minutes. Do not use hot water.

Avoid touching areas that have been sprayed then touching you eyes, ears nose and mouth. Like your car door the next morning, or the newspaper that lays on the grass overnight.

Seal doors, windows and draft areas.

Use high quality air filters.

Should you decide to wash outdoors area use caution. Some folks in Monterey have gotten sick from washing things outside after the spray. Maybe because it stirs up the biochemical. You will have to make that decision to wash or not to wash outdoor areas.


If you decide to wash things outside and use medical grade mask and disposable rubber gloves.

All playing areas for children including toys should be washed before use or should be avoided if you decide not to wash. Wait at least 30 days before use if you decide not to wash..

Avoid cutting lawn as it could stir up the biochemical or use medical grade mask disposable rubber gloves, and wash clothes afterwards.

It might be best to cover things outside with a cloth that can be discarded after the 6 day spray.

Remember to use rubber gloves that can be discarded after touching anything outside.

By food that is not grown locally or wash very well in cold water before eating. Remember to use gloves.

Clothes left outside should be rewashed.

Homeless should seek shelter out of spray ie parking garages, under bridges etc.

Monterey folks recommend indoor plants to help clean the air.

Animal Safety

Keep animals inside, and bring pet bedding, bowls and toys inside.

This is a long list. People with compromised health should use every precaution. This is a new biochemical and until we learn more you should take care.

We are not doctors. We are not providing medical advice.
If you develop a reaction to the spray seek medical help immediately.
§How to write a sample affidavit.
by via Tuesday Nov 6th, 2007 5:26 PM
Please compose something with their own voice and concerns and remind them that they are an affiant, which is like being a witness, so they are attesting to and certifying the validity of the facts....just the facts, ma'am....the factual facts, as i have been known to say....
It is important to show have CDFA or USDA may have acted irresponsible. Example.
CDFA removed safety precautions from webs site, You live in zone 1 and was never sprayed or had to be re-sprayed because of plane problems. If you do not feel you were not notified in advance or was not notified at all so that you could make necessary arrangements to leave or protect yourself.

We are trying to show have the CDFA, USDA, or CDPR has acted irresponsibly and acted irresponsibly with intention.

If you have noticed that CDFA removed important information about health or spray zones from their website these points should be included. Please included dates and time to back up your position.

just the facts, ma'am....the factual facts, as i have been known to say....

I, YOUR NAME, am over the age of 18 years OR YOUR AGE, petitioner, am a resident of Santa Cruz OR Whatever, County in the State of California.

I….list your concerns with supporting data…….

I am fearful that irreparable and substantial harm, to the people and the environment, will be caused by aerial spraying of biocides, pesticides and / or other environmental contaminants.

While the press reports that aerial spraying, for the so-called eradication of the "Light Brown Apple Moth," is due to begin on or about November 3, or WHATEVER 2007, I have not been properly notified about the spraying schedule or any presumed precautions, e.g. a so-called mandatory curfew.

In addition……other FACTS KNOWN to you regarding the threat of these chemicals, or biocides, and the misrepresentation of FACTS by the authorities and intimidation by authorities witnessed by you

In addition, …..medical conditions, pregnancy, children, other specific concerns….
I certify that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Print Name
Address (optional)
Phone (optional)

Executed on DATE in the County of Santa Cruz, California. Or wherever

NOTE: use at least 12 point font, preferably Times, Keep it short and succinct. Short sentences with statements of facts that you have personal knowledge of. Large Margins and Double spaced is best and 1-2 pages is good, more if needed.

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by oo
Tuesday Nov 6th, 2007 6:55 PM
Can you explain what the map shows. The green line is labeled a flight corridor, but it seems to be drawn around waterways. The compound is supposed to harm aquatic invertebrates so they said they wouldn't spray over the intertidal zone, so are these areas they're avoiding? and purple is what they're spraying?
Have you been sprayed yet?

by CDFA's map
Tuesday Nov 6th, 2007 7:26 PM
The map came from the CDFA

Monterey County has already been sprayed, but tonight might be the first spraying in Santa Cruz County.
by Paul
Tuesday Nov 6th, 2007 8:44 PM
From the CDFA website:


Are the moths terrorists?!! Is this why they got funding from Homeland Security?!! What the hell is going on here?!!
by via
Tuesday Nov 6th, 2007 10:00 PM
No Spray Tonight.
11/06/07 9:50 pm
From the post above:

Buy food that is not grown locally or wash very well in cold water before eating. Remember to use gloves. (while eating?)

All playing areas for children including toys should be washed before use or should be avoided if you decide not to wash. Wait at least 30 days before use if you decide not to wash. (And then wait another 30 days since the next spraying happened already.)


I have a couple of suggestions:

1) Find a way to get doctors to record the symptoms of people who can't afford to see a doctor. People who can afford to see a doctor are more likely to be in well sealed houses, nevermind outdoors, like the homeless. Maybe the Western Service Workers could organize a free clinic or something. They sometimes have free clinics. I called them just now and they said they don't have a clinic for this specific purpose set up. So someone else will have to do it. Will the county do it? Who then?

2) This spraying is a wakeup call to many people who have not faced the specter of things such as fumigation going on in strawberry fields that are right next to their kid's school and so on. Now is a good time to become aware of the larger problem of pesticide spraying and how it affects people you may not be familliar with, such as the farm workers and so on. The whole culture in the US needs to slow down and take a closer look at things before they do stupid things such as insist on spraying a "pest" that wasn't even known to exist in the area until very recently.

From this document:

It seems clear that there is cause to classify the LBAM as a serious pest, though the document points out that the climate in much of CA does not represent optimal living conditions for the moth. (70% humidity and 60 degrees F average temp are optimum conditions for the moth.) However, it also seems clear that the people doing the spraying don't know if the mating disruption technique will even work in CA. An excerpt is reprinted below:

Pheromone Mating Disruption. Female moths commonly emit chemicals known as pheromones to attract males to them for mating. Many pheromones have been chemically analyzed and can be synthetically produced. Some pheromones are highly specific, attracting only one species, and others are more general in nature, attracting more than one insect species. Pheromone specificity is gained by varying mixtures of the chemical components. LBAM pheromone has two key components. Both components must be present for the material to be highly attractive to LBAM males and effective as a mating disruption tool. Man-made pheromones are used with traps to monitor moth activity, for trapping moths for control, and for interfering with the ability of male moths to locate females for mating.
As greater numbers of females go unmated within an area, fewer fertilized eggs will be laid to produce a new generation of offspring. Mating can be disrupted by saturating the air with large quantities of pheromone, thereby interfering with the ability of males to follow aerial scent trails to emitting females.
Many factors influence the success and cost of mating disruption. These include access to enough pheromone to saturate targeted areas; a practical and inexpensive method to dispense pheromone over long periods such as weeks or months; correct timing of the pheromone release; the inability of affected males to locate females within the treated area; low densities of the target pest; and low wind speeds.

Mating disruption is commonly used in California fruit orchards for peach twig borer, oriental fruit moth, and codling moth. Mating disruption has not worked well with various leafroller species. However, in Australia LBAM has been managed in citrus, grapes, and other crop systems using mating disruption. Research is needed to determine if LBAM mating disruption would be successful and feasible in California. Currently, novel strategies to employ synthetic pheromones for LBAM suppression are being investigated in Australia and New Zealand, ******and these may be available in the future for California.*****

by S. Kwan D'ohlas
Thursday Nov 8th, 2007 10:44 PM
Planes have been flying low and frequently over Granite Creek Road (Scotts Valley / Santa Cruz) tonight. Sounds like they've begun.
by anonymous
Thursday Nov 8th, 2007 10:55 PM
This is the owner of the company behind the spraying. Perhaps we can boycott all the products his holding companies sell.
For a more complete discussion and to read the e-mail I received from CDFA, AFTER THE SPRAYING, please visit .

In that post I explain what to do if you experience mild or tolerable symptoms but don't think you can afford to see a doctor. If you experience significant or severe symptoms don't hesitate to visit the emergency room. They have to admit you even if you can't afford to pay.
by Slantinel
Friday Nov 16th, 2007 11:47 AM
Birds wash up on south county shores after ‘mystery spill’
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