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Local Medical Marijuana Provider Gets a Year in the Pen--Call Bob Lee and Ask Why!
by Robert Norse
Thursday Nov 1st, 2007 3:12 PM
The Sentinel reports today that Edwin Hoey got a yar in jail for being caught with 100 pounds of pot and $500,000 in cash in a storage locker. According to the story he was adamant it was for medical marijuana. Prosecutor Bob Lee is using the toxic theory that any marijuana club or seller is illegal unless he is a close caregiver. Unless people speak out about this, we can expect an expansion and continuation of the Drug War here, probably to keep his government grants rolling in.
The Sentinel's Hoey story and comments can be found at
Hoey got his sentence based on D.A. Bob Lee's theory that any medical marijuana sales, even to those with valid cards, if not a part of a close "caretaker relationship" is illegal.

Worse, Lee selectively applies this, ignoring clubs in the City of Santa Cruz, but going after growers and sellers in the County.

While the courts and the law may be ambiguous about this, Santa Cruz County's public opinion is not. After all, we voted overwhelmingly for Measure A in 1993, even before Proposition 215 passed in 1996. Lee should be censured and recalled if he continues to prosecute people under this abusive interpretation.

That, of course, would require some activism. Like getting our local Measure K Commission (meets 11-14 6 PM at City Hall) to pass a resolution regarding the issue.

Or demanding the Board of Supervisors pass a set of guidelines binding the D.A. and the Sheriff's Department.

As the three previous comments indicate, the entire drug war is [expletive]. Indeed claiming they can go after marijuana providers because they aren't "caregivers" and selectively doing so (avoiding political hot potatoes like Greenway) is both hypocritical and anti-democratic (i.e. violates the voters' mandate).

Call Bob Lee at 454-2400 and ask him what gives.
§You're lying robert
by He admits it in the article. Thursday Nov 1st, 2007 5:47 PM
"Hoey admitted had September that he augmented his income with sales to a few friends and associates in other states,"

"he remained adamant that MOST of the marijuana was destined for medicinal users."

By his own admission, twice, in the article you linked; he's a dealer selling to non-medical patients.

You're claim that he's adement that it was for medical marijuana is an obvious fabrication.

by Richard Steeb
Thursday Nov 1st, 2007 8:37 PM
Prohibition-- of Cannabis in particular-- was and is *corrupt in its conception, enactment and enforcement.

There is no way such a corrupt law can EVER lead to "justice"; a corrupt law can only bring corruption. Hence, the planet's most beneficial single plant is now verboten in our nation.

The federal law, with Cannabis in Schedule I, is a damned lie. Read the CSA Schedule I criteria, and then explain to me how the least-toxic substance on the whole "Controlled" list is even included, much less in the top tier. Explain how the meaning of "accepted use in treatment" somehow excludes the 12 States' compassionate use laws and all the American rec-writing physicians' (and their patients' ) EXPLICIT acceptance.

*Put each of these "strings" into your favorite search engine: "Indian hemp seed", "W B O'Shaughnessy", Anslinger+jazz+swing, beet+field+peon, "once secret Nixon tapes", thc+tumor+1974, "Francis L Young".

And remember Nuernberg. (Nuremberg)
by Keith Richard Radford Jr
( [at] Thursday Nov 8th, 2007 7:45 AM
I am fortunate enough that now my [second wife] works or quite likely we wold be homeless now. Through her insurance i get Marinol which is necessary to my survival. I have a weird toxic build up from the medications I must take to stay alive. I have had these bouts as often as three times a month. It starts with a headache at my left temple which hurts all the time and to make a long story short I spend three days puking my guts out and after only a few hours of this there is nothing but a strange metallic tasting bial clear liquid coming out. I have been to many Doctors who tell me I am just fine. Anyway Three days laying with the toilet as a cool pillow while your head is pounding while on fire, and your whole body shakes like your a dog passing peach pits is a bad scene. So I thank God that my wife cares enough to help me with this pain.

What I really want to talk about is how people are so locked out from anything that can help them by government intervention. Through her insurance my Marinol is a $40. dollar Co~Pay. I live in California and I get my prescription filled at Walgreen's. I look at the poor Vet in this country who finds a peaceful place after so much pain by the use of cannabinoids. This is elementary in the healing process. They have to pay for smoke through what ever dispense that has not been closed by government intervention.

This is the rub. Here we have cops making a living chasing pot smokers dispensaries and there patrons who with the prescription to have medical marijuana (THC) are being squeezed if they are Vets or to poor to afford insurance on there own. How can this be?

Everyone old enough to remember the 60's remember when republicans who have a tendency for knee JERK reactions, without any studies or reasonable discussion demonizing Pot. Their fight against reason and regulation of the demon weed felt booze is enough. Medicating on booze is completely out of the question in my case due to my condition, but everyone knows booze is not a viable way to do this, but that is what our Vet's are forced into by means of governmental interventions.

Please do not get my I am not a bash~er of the Federal Gov. because Fed=every single one of us Americans. I will never be a bash~er of anyone but defending myself and others who are destroyed by laws that discriminate unjustly will always be high on my list, since my first wife asked me to have a circumcision and dumped me through governmental interventions.
by Tim Rumford
Thursday Nov 8th, 2007 3:20 PM
I found this interesting. An X DEA agent considers them a terrorist organization. In the artcile below he makes some interesting points regarding medical marijuana and the Drug War. Suggest you go to the site and read the entire thing. An inside peek into the drug war straight from the dragons mouth.

"Patients and advocates often ask if there’s any pattern to DEA raids. This a common and understandable question–as human beings we want a predictable and sensible universe. And this natural impulse to seek patterns is exploited by all psychological terror groups in a number of ways. (I include the DEA as a psychological terror group because 1) they are losing the war on medical marijuana and must resort to ever more desperate tactics, and 2) because they are part of the US government which openly condones torture and preemptive warfare–clearly a dangerous and ruthless adversary).

There are two basic ways to exploit this human desire for patterns:

1) Be utterly random–this generates fear and leaves the victim completely without any pattern to rely on–think of random car bombings and how demoralizing that must be, the only protection is to never go out in public or to leave the area.

2) Create the appearance of patterns and then break them. This is good because it leaves the victim eternally vigilant and seeking for and inventing non-existent patterns. In experiments with animals this is called “experimental neurosis.” It is a proven method of driving mammals crazy and leads to fits and frenzies of self-biting, mania, and catatonia. The DEA and the US government are well aware of this dimension of psychological warfare.

They truly believe it is a war and that we are the enemy. They are not interested in debating this issue or in allowing different states to try different approaches. To the DEA, we are evil and must be eradicated–or intimidated into surrender.

Given all that, the DEA does three things:

1) it throws darts at a map (randomness),

2) it looks for maximum propaganda value (what story can they tell to make us look bad?–and those are indeed narrative patterns), and

3) individual offices in the various geographical areas have to justify their existence for continued funding and positive job evaluations (it is after all a job in a bureaucracy–once in a while, you got to do something), this leads to the “low hanging fruit” pattern.

So we have the following patterns:

1) Randomness–to keep us all on our toes, and to keep us fooling our selves with silly stories like, “You only get busted if you . . . (fill in the blank: advertise, don’t advertise, are public, are private, for profit, non-profit–it might make you happy but there are now examples to prove every such “rule” both true AND false–the DEA is very Zen that way).

2) Propaganda Narratives–front for legalization; front for criminal gangs; front for “able-bodied urban youth gangs” (code for young people of color); danger to the environment; “profiteers”; corrupters of youth; gonna getcha daughter; pot stronger than ever; grow houses gone amok; conspiracy; terrorist funders; etc, etc–all basically Reefer Madness Redux. Think of the recent 60 Minutes coverage which fell into this to some extent. Think of any DEA press conference and you will clearly see one of these narratives.

3) Low Hanging Fruit–who would you want to go after: a well-organized 100 million a year crack, heroin and meth distribution network (which can now be found in any part of America, rural or urban or in between, thanks to 30 years of ramped up prohibition)–or a bunch of peaceful medical cannabis advocates, sitting there with no violent inclinations at all and a sign hanging up saying Medical Cannabis–Come and Bust Us, We Will Lie Down on the Ground? Yeah, me too. So when you need to bump up your stats (or you need to justify that useless multi-agency task force’s multi-million dollar budget that aint done jack all year), whip up a “year-long investigation” (what takes a year to figure out that they are selling marijuana in there? duh) and put on the flak jacket, round up the SWAT team and go kick some ass. Oh yeah, and extra bonus points if you can bust a person of color, or a youth, or someone with a record, or someone who’s doing it right and actually balancing the books, generating a surplus and paying all their taxes–then you can use their financial statements against them (ask their CPA politely and s/he’ll print them out for you)–and you can seize their bank accounts and literally pay tribute to your bosses (maybe in the tens or hundreds of thousands–oh, was that why they waited a year? So they could steal your money?), Hi Boss, the task force brought in $200K this morning–and rounded up some dangerous sick people who provide a medical service. Well, it’s a job and the benefits are good–and the potheads NEVER shoot back.

At least, those are the only patterns I see, but maybe I’m missing something. (Oh yeah, and I hear busts usually happen on Wednesdays. Go fishing on Wednesdays.)

And, yes, I’m really sorry that I can’t give you the “rules,” so we never have to worry about being busted. The DEA is not rules-based. It is our enemy–distribute cannabis, and you are fair game for capture, torture, imprisonment, kidnapping, and loss of all property (the only thing left is attainder of blood– where they curse your entire family name for all time to come, but give them a minute to work it out)."