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Abolition of King Coal Everywhere

by Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance - PSEA
In support of Abolition of King Coal Everywhere, PSEA is holding weekly vigils/info pickets every Tuesday Noon in front of the U.S. embassy in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. All welcome.
Please post and circulate widely

Update - October 30, 2007




DATE: TUESDAY October 30, 2007

TIME: 12 Noon - 1PM

(between Byward Market & Parliament Hill)

Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance - PSEA
Contact Ivona Vujica Coordinator
psea4earth [at] >

People and communities all across the Earth are Uniting in the Struggle against King Coal and coal-fired plants in order to Save Life and Planet Earth.

People of all faiths, backgrounds, creeds, ethnicities, political viewpoints left, right, middle and none, secularists, soldiers, monks, artists, teachers, farmers, scientists, Indigenous Peoples …

We must forge ahead undeterred, ever vigilant for King Coal is multi-headed; when one head is lost another regrows in different forms... And above all we must have Compassion and Love -

Lest we forget that Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, promoted vegetarianism, waged the first War on Cancer, made the first link between smoking tobacco and cancer, used coal-to-liquids for military machine, promoted bio-dynamic farming (organic farming) and created the first protected Conservation wildlife parks, created missions and sent charity to Africa, and promoted science and technology second to none

Yet they could do the most Monstrous acts of Vile depravity upon Nature and Humanity - Eco-Fascism

We must be ever vigilant of Wolves in Sheep's clothing...

We can move Mountains together, and to those who remove physical Mountains, (coal mining corporations), it is the end of days for you.

To those politicians, business people, and media personnel who defend King Coal - there was a saying a hundred years ago concerning you that fits today:

"Shoveling coal for Satan" - you must lay down your pens, your dollars, and power and make way for our Beloved Earth and her peoples.

From now on whatever our walk in life, wherever we see those who oppose King Coal and coal-fired plants including each of us , wherever in the world, we must support each other in every way we can, and together we will be Victorious for our Beloved Earth.

Above all, we must have Love and Compassion for each other and our Beloved Earth.

A new world is emerging...

UN Report Says "Humanity At Risk" if Climate Problems Not Tackled
Humans are changing the Earth's climate so fast and devouring resources so voraciously that the survival of the world's ecosystems and of humanity itself is at stake, a new UN report says.

The 570-page Global Environment Outlook, published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), paints a dire picture of planet-wide death and degradation.,2144,2847977,00.html

Greenhouse Earth: Methane powered runaway global warming

Paris (AFP) Sept 19, 2007

Reporting in the British journal Nature, Pancost believes that the methane had remained locked up in the soil for millions of years before warming released it into the atmosphere. As atmospheric methane levels rose, so too did Earth's temperature as a result of the famous "greenhouse" effect. In turn, that released more methane, and so on. In other words, it was a vicious circle (a "positive feedback" in scientific parlance), in which warming begat warming.

Warming Wipe Out
October 24, 2007

GLOBAL warming could trigger a mass extinction such as the one that wiped out the dinosaurs.
....British researchers say that, of five mass extinctions, four were at a time when the Earth was blanketed by carbon dioxide or methane gas.

Critics claim coal-fired power plant's water use is excessive
the Associated Press - Indian Country Today, July 30, 2007

''This water should be for the Navajo people, not a massive energy project,'' Dailan Long, a member of Dine' Citizens Against Ruining Our Environment, said July 20. ''... If the [Navajo] Nation is planning on handing the people's water over to the energy industry, we need to know now.'' Dine' CARE and other environmental groups have been working to stop the $3 billion Desert Rock Energy Project from being built on tribal land in northwestern New Mexico. The plant, a joint venture between Houston-based Sithe Global Power and the tribe's Dine' Power Authority, would be the third coal-fired plant in San Juan County. Navajo officials have said the project will mean new jobs and millions of dollars in revenue for the tribe.

Navajo traditional elders blockade power plant site

By Brenda Norrell
U.N. OBSERVER & International Report

BURNHAM, NEW MEXICO, USA – Elderly Navajo women and their children formed a blockade, built a fire and camped at the site of a proposed power plant on tribal land in northwest New Mexico.

Judge upholds coal-bed methane water standards By The Associated Press Oct 19, 2007

HELENA - A judge has upheld Montana's water-quality standards, aimed at protecting rivers in the Powder River Basin from pollution due to coal-bed methane development.
Some oil and gas companies sued the state, saying the standards adopted in 2003 and 2006 are too restrictive. They said the standards were not based on science, and are in some cases more stringent than naturally found in the environment.
District Judge Blair Jones, in Columbus, ruled that state agencies followed state and federal law in creating the standards. Attorney General Mike McGrath says the judge's decision means the water standards are lawful, and consistent with the science presented to the agencies. /state/10683866.html

Stop coal, stop global warming, says: Architect

September 21, 2007

"The only fossil fuel that can fuel global warming is coal. If you stop coal, you stop global warming. End of story," he said. Architecture 2030 is a non-profit that encourages builders, suppliers and architects to move toward making carbon neutral buildings by 2030....

Home Depot has announced it will plant 300,000 trees to offset is carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, those 300,000 trees will have to live 100 years before they offset the fumes from ten days from a coal-fired plant, he said. Replace every incandescent bulb in America with compact fluorescents? The benefits are eradicated by the carbon dioxide from two coal-fired plants over a year, he said.

"The silver bullet is no more coal," he said.

National Latino Congreso puts the breaks on King Coal
The 2nd National Latino Congreso voted unanimously to adopt a resolution that calls for a moratorium on all new coal fired power plants, as well as an immediate phase out of existing coal plants and coal production. The Congreso is an annual meeting of the national leadership of the Latino community, convening over 3,000 participants representing more than 2,000 organizations, local committees, and elected officials from over 20 states.

The Saskatchewan, Canada – Battelle Memorial Institute etc. giant (clean) coal mega project has been scrapped because of soaring costs. Originally it was $1 billion and is now projected to be $3.8 billion to produce 450 megawatts, but everyone knows the science and technology is on very unstable grounds. The financial risk is too high. The threat to the eco-system is even higher by the continued maintenance of coal mining and coal-fired plants locally and globally.

Dalton McGuinty, re-elected Premier of Ontario (October 07), Canada says, "We are the only place in the world that is presently phasing out coal-fired plants." This is the most momentous civil struggle of our times to phase out coal-fired plants, the abolition of coal plants and Ontario, Canada is ground zero in the struggle against global warming. The Ontario Clean Air Alliance amongst others have proved that Ontario's coal-fired plants can and must be closed down far earlier than 2014 for the health and wellbeing of all Ontarians, Canadians and globally. The legal, ethical and moral thing is for the McGuinty government to close Ontario's coal-fired plants by 2010.
Coal Giant Agrees to Largest Environmental Settlement Ever

October 15, 2007 Reporting by Roddy Scheer
In what amounts to the largest environmental settlement in history, U.S. energy giant American Electric Power agreed last week to pay $4.6 billion for installation of long-overdue pollution controls at 16 of its coal-fired power plants across the country. Under the terms of the landmark settlement, the new pollution controls will reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide by 79 percent and nitrogen oxides by 69 percent at AEP's dirtiest facilities.

Environmental group sues FirstEnergy over coal-plant emissions

Dan Nephin, Associated Press October 19, 2007

PITTSBURGH (AP) - An environmental group has sued FirstEnergy Corp., claiming it violated federal and state air pollution laws at a coal-fired power plant in western Pennsylvania.

Kansas Denies Air Permit for New Coal-Fired Generators

TOPEKA, Kansas, October 18, 2007 (ENS) - Concerned about clean air and global warming, Roderick Bremby, Secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, KDHE, has denied an air quality permit for two proposed coal-fired generators at the Sunflower Electric Power Corporation plant near Holcomb in western Kansas.

The decision marks the first time a U.S. power plant proposal has been rejected for its potential contribution to climate change.

"After careful consideration of my responsibility to protect the public health and environment from actual, threatened or potential harm from air pollution, I have decided to deny the Sunflower Electric Power Corporation application for an air quality permit," said Bremby.

Egat threatens to move coal plants to Laos
(Thai anti-coal activists has King Coal on the run to Laos military junta)
YUTHANA PRAIWAN Thursday, October 18, 2007

Egat has faced strong opposition to its proposal to build two coal-fired electricity plants: Hin Krut and Bo Nok in Prachuap Khiri Khan province. Both coal-fired plants were aborted following strong protests from anti-coal activists and local communities who fear environmental damage. The total capacity of the two plants was 2,100 MW....Egat is preparing a public relations offensive to attract support for its electricity projects.

No to coal (Hansen also calls for existing coal-plants to be phased out)
NASA climatologist calls for no more coal plants to avoid global warming tipping point.
Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle Oct. 25, 2007, 9:39PM
Before approving a costly and irreversible program to build a new generation of coal-fired power plants, Texas officials should carefully study the statements of James Hansen. He's the director of the New York City-based NASA Institute for Space Studies and one of the first scientists to speak out on the threat of global warming caused by man-made greenhouse gases.... He also noted that existing coal plants would have to be phased out

Plans for Coal Power Plants Scrapped

By MATTHEW BROWN – Associated Press

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — At least 16 coal-fired power plant proposals nationwide have been scrapped in recent months and more than three dozen have been delayed as utilities face increasing pressure due to concerns over global warming and rising construction costs.

The slow pace of new plant construction reflects a dramatic change in fortune for a fuel source that just a few years ago was poised for a major resurgence. Combined, the canceled and delayed projects represent enough electricity to power approximately 20 million homes."This is like a tsunami attacking the whole industry all at once..."

Fight Against Coal Plants Draws Diverse Partners
The New York Times SUSAN MORAN October 20, 2007

GREAT FALLS, Mont. —"The more I learn about global warming and watch the drought affect ranchers and farmers, I see that it's wind energy, not coal plants, that can help with rural economic development. Besides, do we want to roll the dice with the one planet we've got?" But Mr. Liebert, despite his sentiments, fits nobody's stereotype of an environmentalist. He is a Republican, a cattle rancher and a retired Army lieutenant colonel who travels to South Korea to train soldiers to fight in Iraq. He is also an example of a rising phenomenon in the West. An increasingly vocal, potent and widespread anti-coal movement is developing here. Environmental groups that have long opposed new power plants are being joined by ranchers, farmers, retired homeowners, ski resort operators and even religious groups.

CITIZENS' HEARING Drought fires up foes of coal plant - Duke Energy's plans to expand criticized in view of climate change Oct. 17, 2007 BRUCE HENDERSON bhenderson [at]

Charlotte opponents of Duke Energy's plan for its first coal-fired power plant expansion in three decades filled a hall Tuesday night at Myers Park Baptist Church.

Coal-fueled plants are leading sources of carbon dioxide, an unregulated gas that climate scientists say is warming the planet. Despite increasing power output by 80 percent, the expanded Cliffside plant in Rutherford County would reduce most air emissions -- but those of carbon dioxide would grow.

In the midst of a historic drought, opponents insist that burning more coal is reckless.

"It's to me a faith issue," said the Rev. Stephen Shoemaker, the church's senior minister. "This world is our sacred trust."

( Some facts on Christian church in Nazi Germany)

The Case Against Coal (Arkansas to take stand on King Coal)
Max Brantley 10. 22. 2007

Final arguments are scheduled today before the Arkansas PSC about putting a pollution-belching coal-fired SWEPCO generating plant hard by one of the state's most valuable natural areas.

Good timing then, for a New York Times story today about the broader coalitions that are fighting coal plants. Not just the old-fashioned environmentalists, but many others. This could just as easily have been written about the Arkansas case, with a few small edits:
An increasingly vocal, potent and widespread anti-coal movement is developing here. Environmental groups that have long opposed new power plants are being joined by ranchers, farmers, retired homeowners, ski resort operators and even religious groups.
Activists say the increasing diversity of these coalitions is making them more effective.

"You're seeing a convergence of people who previously never worked together or even talked to each other," said Anne Hedges, program director of the MontanaEnvironmental Information Center, which is spearheading three lawsuits aimed at blocking construction of the power plant near Great Falls. "They're saying these coal plants don't make any sense, whether from an economic or environmental or property-rights standpoint."

A warming trend for 'creation care'
Younger evangelicals find in Bible an environmental cause, once called stewardship.

By HELEN COLWELL ADAMS, Staff writ Oct 21, 2007

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa - Matt and Amy Clark bought a house in the city rather than in the suburbs so another piece of land wouldn't have to be cleared for their home. They grow vegetables in the backyard and in a plot at Lancaster County Central Park. They dress their three young children in "recycled" clothes and pass outgrown clothes to other families...
While mainline churches have been in the vanguard of environmental activism for years, the evangelical church has been reluctant to join in, in part because of the political debate around climate change. The Rev. Rich Cizik, a vice president of the National Association of Evangelicals , has been the most visible face of the greening phenomenon. " Evangelicals need to understand [that] it's not a blue state/red state, or even a green issue," Cizik said. "It's a moral and spiritual issue, primarily."...
A hot potato - The challenge is to help older evangelicals and conservative churches take a fresh look at the environment .

Germany seen missing CO2 target due to King Coal

Thu Oct 25, 2007 3:47pm BST © Reuters2007

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany has no chance of achieving its reduced CO2 emissions' targets if it keeps building coal-burning power plants, an environmental group said on Thursday.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe studied the impact of new plants on Chancellor Angela Merkel's government's CO2 targets and said it should either abandon the new plants or scrap plans to cut CO2 emissions by 40 percent between 1990 and 2020.

"The government's 40-percent goal will definitely not be reachable if Germany continues to build coal-burning power plants," the group's managing director, Rainer Baake, said.

"Building new coal-burning plants is not compatible with any serious climate protection policy."

German utilities are building or have plans to build 26 coal-burning plants. Some will take over from older, less efficient plants, but many will replace nuclear plants.

Anceint German church rolls off on wheels to make way for coal mine

Heuersdorf, Germany - A 750-year-old German church was hoisted entire onto a large transporter Tuesday ahead of a journey to its new home 12 kilometres away across two rivers and two railway lines. The Emmaus Church in the almost abandoned village of Heuersdorf is to be removed to Borna, a town of 22,000 inhabitants in the eastern state of Saxony, to make way for a lignite open cast mine.

German villages to die for brown coal

by Laurens Boven* 24-10-2007

Lakes, forests, villages

The south of the eastern state of Brandenburg has been fuelled by brown coal for 150 years. The coal is around 100 metres deep, which means that enormous pits must be dug. Many of them are a number of square kilometres in size. Lakes, forests and villages sometimes have to make way for them.

Higher emissions from coal and gas power stations threaten pollution targets (Scotland)

By Rob Edwards, Environment Editor

Cockenzie and Longannet worst offenders in overall 10% increase in Scottish industry's carbon footprint

POLLUTION FROM Scotland's major coal and gas-fired power stations shot up last year, threatening to wreck the Scottish government's plans to combat climate change.

Expert predicts 'coal revolution' (Britain)

The north-east of England could lead a second coal revolution within the next five years, an expert has claimed.

Paul Younger, Professor of Energy and Environment at Newcastle University, said there was enough untapped coal reserves in the UK to last 400 years.

West Virginia: Coal Company Thugs Threaten Activist
Anonymous, October 17 2007 @ 07:38 PM PDT

Maria Gunnoe is a long time activist in the coalfields resisting mountaintop removal coal mining. Her and her family were nearly killed by flooding caused by a nearby strip mine several years ago. The flooding ended up washing away over 5 acres of her land which has been in her family for generations. In the wake of a recent court injunction against a new mine permit near her homestead, Maria has received several death threats. These are to be taken seriously, resistors in the coalfields have had there pets killed, houses burned, and attempts on their lives ...

State approves coal-fired plant (Wyoming)

Star-Tribune energy reporter

State environmental regulators have issued an emissions permit for a new conventional-style pulverized coal-fired power plant expected to pump three million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for the next 40 years.

Make sure 'alternative' fuels are clean
Suzanne Hunt Oct 18 07 -The most worrying "alternative fuels" are liquid fuels derived from tar sands, oil shale and coal, which cause devastating environmental and human-health impacts. Tar sands are viable when oil is above $30 per barrel. Their greenhouse-gas emissions are nearly three times those of regular petroleum production.

Worse, such fuel sources exist in enormous reserves, and economic arguments can distract from their ecological harm. In 2005, Canada produced more than 1 million barrels per day of oil from tar sands, a rate several times higher than even current U.S. ethanol production levels. Total tar sands potential in Canada alone is estimated at 1.7 trillion barrels...

SUZANNE HUNT has worked on biofuels projects at the Worldwatch Institute, the Natural Resources Defense Institute, the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization's Global Bioenergy Partnership and the Inter-American Development Bank.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Biofuels 'crime against humanity'

October 27, 07 - A United Nations expert has condemned the growing use of crops to produce biofuels as a replacement for petrol as a crime against humanity. ...

'Clean' coal plant scrubs the facts

The Virginian-Pilot © October 25, 2007

Quick. What's your favorite oxymoron?

Holy war, democratic machine, compassionate conservative, jumbo shrimp, clean coal?

Ever notice how publicists and salesmen try to create a halo by linking the name of their product or cause to an adjective that contradicts stereotype? "Clean coal" is especially insidious since, of course, there's no such thing.

Power companies and the energy-gobbling citizens who drive them would like to imply otherwise. No one likes to think that they're spoiling the planet. The U.S. Energy Department enables the hoax by allowing the designation for plants whose emissions aren't by any means pristine.

Perspective | After serving on Nobel-Prize-Winning panel, Moomaw gives insight into climate change 10 18 07

JB: Some people argue in favor of "clean coal." Is that a misnomer?

WM: Some people call it an oxymoron. I believe there's cleaner coal; "clean coal" may be a [bit] too far. What they're really talking about is integrated coal gasification, where you basically leave all the pollutants behind.
So what goes into the power plant is clean, but then you've got this big, huge mess left over, and that's not clean. Go to South Africa if you want to see what coal liquefaction can do to the environment. It is really pretty ghastly what's been done there.

'Clean coal' technology not yet viable, CLP says International Herald Tribune By Angela Macdonald-Smith Oct 9, 2007

SYDNEY : Clean coal technology, involving trapping carbon in waste gases from coal-fired power plants and disposing it underground, may not be commercially viable until 2025, CLP's Australian unit said.

Profit from China's demand for our coal (Canada) Sonita Horvitch, Financial Post Published: Thursday, October 25, 2007

Investors can play China's demand for commodities by choosing some well-managed Canadian income trusts, says Greg Guichon, chairman and chief portfolio manager at Toronto-based Barometer Capital Management.

Duke's altar call for coal (North Carolina)

Richard Fireman

The "amens" startled at first. But then as person after person came to the podium and microphone, it became clear that what I was experiencing was like an altar call in church or at a revival. People were testifying to their faith -- not in God or Jesus but in Duke Energy as a "good corporate citizen" and provider of energy and jobs for their community.

The event was a state Division of Air Quality public hearing on Duke's request to build a new coal-fired power plant at its Cliffside facility in Rutherfordton.

Vietnam's Coal-Fueled Boom
Thursday, Oct. 11, 2007 By KAY JOHNSON

Dao Duy Dang remembers the night in 1963 when the lights came on in Uong Bi. "People were so excited," the 70-year-old tea-shop owner says, recalling the cheers that rang through the northern Vietnamese town after one of the country's first coal-fired power plants began operating. "Their whole lives they had wished for electricity." Be careful what you wish for. Soon after the plant opened, Dang's wife developed a cough from the thick black smoke from the power plant that hung over the town. His children had near-constant runny noses and neighbors reported other nagging health problems. When Vietnam's government announced plans to add a second coal-fired generator in 2005, villagers didn't celebrate. "The people cried out," Dang says.,9171,1670263,00.html

Coal Plants Foul Up Vietnam's Miracle Economy

Coal and thermal power plants that fire up the Vietnamese economic miracle also poison its air. "The daily operation of thermal power plants, especially those based on coal, has been contributing to environmental problems and deteriorating air quality and public health due to air emissions, waste generation and inefficiency of plant operation," says Yue-Lang Feng, the Asian Development Bank's principal environment specialist for Southeast Asia.

Air Force seriously pursuing fuel plant (coal to liquids)

By PETER JOHNSON Tribune Staff Writer , Oct 4, 07
The Air Force is seriously considering a partnership in which a potential commercial interest could build a 20,000 to 30,000 barrel a day coal-to-liquid-fuel plant at Malmstrom Air Force Base as early as 2011.

The plant, which would be financed and operated privately, is still in the early planning stages, "with a lot more wickets to pass through before it gets a green light," Assistant Air Force Secretary for Installations, Environment and Logistics William Anderson said Wednesday.
http://www.greatfallstribune .com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071004/NEWS01/710040304

Finance Committee Endorses Rockefeller Coal-to-Liquid Development Proposal

By HNN Staff
From Senator Rockefeller's Office , October 6, 07

Washington, DC (HNN) – Late last night, Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) brokered an agreement with members of the Senate Finance Committee to keep the development of coal-to-liquids (CTL) technology advancing in the right direction.

Senate rejects coal-to-liquids proposal
Air Force had pushed the plan

June 20, 2007, 11:20AM (recent history on coal-to-liquids U.S. legislation)

By DAVID IVANOVICH - Houston Chronicle Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON — The Senate today rejected a measure, pushed by the U.S. Air Force, intended to provide incentives for revival of an 80-year-old technology that could convert coal into aviation fuel.
Germany and South Africa

German scientists first developed a method known as the Fischer-Tropsch process to convert coal into transportation fuels in the 1920s. But for decades this process was deemed cost-prohibitive compared with refining crude oil, except under the most dire circumstances.

Nazi Germany, for instance, used coal to make diesel fuel during World War II.

South Africa did likewise when that country's apartheid policies isolated it from the rest of the world. Indeed, the South African firm Sasol still produces 160,000 barrels a day of fuel using this process, Book said.

Companies Seeking Immunity Donate to Senator (Rockefeller)


Published: October 23, 2007 New York Times

WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 — Executives at the two biggest phone companies contributed more than $42,000 in political donations to Senator John D. Rockefeller IV this year while seeking his support for legal immunity for businesses participating in National Security Agency eavesdropping.

In the Hot Seat: Rockefeller Testifies on Ludlow

The violent labor struggles of the early 20th century engendered concern at all levels of society and led to the appointment of a federal Commission on Industrial Relations in early 1913. Headed by Kansas City lawyer-reformer Frank Walsh, the commission was in the midst of taking testimony from owners, workers, and reformers in dozens of industrial communities around the country when the southern Colorado coal strike erupted late in 1913. The killing of three women and eleven children at a mining encampment in Ludlow, Colorado, on Easter night, 1914, sent shock waves across the country. After the "Ludlow massacre," as it came to be known, the commission held public hearings in Colorado where they heard horror stories about the brutality and rapacity of the Rockefeller-owned Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, the region's largest operator of coal mines. These articles from the New York Times described the testimony of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., before the commission, where he denied any knowledge of his company's brutal actions against the Ludlow strikers.

Deep, deep pockets (John D. Rockefeller IV)
From: National Review Date: 11/16/1984 Author: Cheshire, William P.


WHEN HE stepped down several years ago as chairman of Jimmy Carter's Coal Commission, West Virginia's Democratic Governor John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV received as a farewell gift a huge silver bowl.

"Just what I've always wanted,' Rockefeller said, holding up the trophy. "It goes with my spoon.'

Before You Go: Ludlow Coal Massacre Site

From K. Kris Hirst ,
In the decades before World War I, industrialists such as John D. Rockefeller had become millionaires; by the early years of the 20th century labor unrest blossomed in the United States, particularly in the coal mine industry. Strikes grew into riots occurring throughout the US, and then into full scale battles, the most famous of which was in 1914, the Ludlow Coal Massacre, when Colorado National Guard opened fire on a tent city of striking miners and their families in Ludlow Colorado.
Basic Facts

On April 20, 1914, Colorado National Guardsmen attacked a tent colony of 1,200 striking miners at Ludlow, Colorado, looting and burning the colony. Twenty-five people were killed. This was the worst of many such skirmishes between the government and the miners in Coal Field War of 1914, which lasted for seven months.
Battle Statistics

The battle lasted 14 hours and included a machine gun and 200 armed militia; the tent city was destroyed. Of the 25 people killed, three were militia men, twelve were children, and one was an uninvolved passerby. The strikers were mostly Greek, Italian, Slav, and Mexican workers; the militia were sent by the Governor of Colorado and ultimately by John D. Rockefeller, owner of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company.

The Autobiography of Mother Jones

Chapter XXI: In Rockefeller's Prisons

I was in Washington, D. C., at the time of the great coal strike against the Rockefeller holdings in southern Colorado. Ten years previous a strike against long endured exploitation and tyranny had been brutally suppressed with guns and by starvation. But the bitterness and despair of the workers smouldered and smouldered long after the fires of open rebellion had been extinguished. Finally after a decade of endurance the live coals in the hearts of miners leaped into a roaring fire of revolt...

..."Mother, I want to tell you that the governor has detectives at the hotel and railway station watching you."

"Detectives don't bother me," I told him...

...My arrest was ordered.

A delegation of miners came to me. "Boys," I said, "they are going to arrest me but don't make any trouble. Just let them do it..."

..."Lads," said I to the two silent chaps at the door, "the great Standard Oil is certainly afraid of an old woman!" ...

..."Oh, Mother, they've brought in a shipment of guns and machine guns-what's to happen to us!"

A frantic mother clutched me. "Mother Jones," she screamed, "Mother Jones, my little boy's all swollen up with the kicking and beating he got from a soldier because he said, 'Howdy, John D. feller!' 'Twas just a kid teasing, and now he's lying like dead !" ...

..."Mother, did you hear of poor, old Colner? e was going to the postoffice and was arrested by the milita. They marched him down hill, making him carry a shovel and a pick his back. They told him he was to die and must dig his own grave. He stumbled and fell on the road. They kicked him and he staggered up. He begged to be allowed to go home kiss his wife and children goodbye.

"We'll do the kissing," laughed the soldiers At the place they picked out for his grave, they measured him, and then they ordered to dig-two feet deeper, they told him. Old Colner began digging while the soldiers stood around laughing and cursing and playing craps for his tin watch. Then Colner fell fainting into the grave. The soldiers left him there till he recovered by himself. There he was alone and he staggered back to camp, Mother, and he isn't quite right in the head!"

I sat through long nights with sobbing widows, watching the candles about the corpse of the husband burn down to their sockets.

"Get out and fight," I told those women. "Fight like hell till you go to Heaven t" That was the only way I knew to comfort them.

I nursed men back to sanity who were driven to despair. I solicited clothes for the ragged children, for the desperate mothers. I laid out the dead, the martyrs of the strike. I kept the men away from the saloons, whose licenses as well as those of the brothels, were held by the Rockefeller interests...

...No one listened. No one cared. The tickers in the offices of 26 Broadway sounded louder than the sobs of women and children. Men in the steam heated luxury of Broadway offices could not feel the stinging cold of Colorado hill-sides where families lived in tents.

Then came Ludlow and the nation heard. Little children roasted alive make a front page story. Dying by inches of starvation and exposure does not.

On the 19th of April, 1914, machine guns, used on the strikers in the Paint Creek strike, were placed in position above the tent colony of Ludlow. Major Pat Hamrock and Lieutenant K. E. Linderfelt were in charge of the militia, the majority of whom were, company gun-men sworn in as soldiers.

Early in the morning soldiers approached the colony with a demand from headquarters that Louis Tikas, leader of the Greeks, surrender two Italians. Tikas demanded a warrant for their arrest. They had none. Tikas refused to surrender them. The soldiers returned to quarters. A signal bomb was fired. Then another. Immediately the machine guns began spraying the flimsy tent colony, the only home the wretched families of the miners had, riddling it with bullets. Like iron rain, bullets' upon men, women and children.

The women and children fled to the hills. Others tarried. The men defended their home with their guns. All day long the firing continued. Men fell dead, their faces to the ground. Women dropped. The little Snyder boy was shot through the head, trying to save his kitten. A child carrying water to his dying mother was killed.

By five o'clock in the afternoon, the miners had no more food, nor water, nor ammunition. They had to retreat with their wives and little ones into the hills. Louis Tikas was riddled with shots while he tried to lead women and children to safety. They perished with him.

Night came. A raw wind blew down the canyons where men, women and children shivered and wept. Then a blaze lighted the sky. The soldiers, drunk with blood and with the liquor they had looted from the saloon, set fire to the tents of Ludlow with oil-soaked torches. The tents, all the poor furnishings, the clothes and bedding of the miners' families burned. Coils of barbed wire were stuffed into the well, the miners' only water supply.

After it was over, the wretched people crept back to bury their dead. In a dugout under a burned tent, the charred bodies of eleven little children and two women were found-unrecognizable. Everything lay in ruins. The wires of bed springs writhed on the ground as if they, too, had tried to flee the horror. Oil and fire and guns had robbed men and women and children of their homes and slaughtered tiny babies and defenseless women. Done by order of Lieutenant Linderfelt, a savage, brutal executor of the will of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company. The strikers issued a general call to arms: Every able bodied man must shoulder a gun to protect himself and his family from assassins, from arson and plunder. From jungle days to our own so-named civilization, this is a man's inherent right. To a man they armed, through-out the whole strike district. Ludlow went on burning in their hearts.

DENOUNCES WALSH IN STRIKE INQUIRY; Mackenzie King of Rockefeller Foundation Protests Against His Methods. L. M. BOWERS ON THE STAND Former Treasurer of Colorado Fuel Company Blames Gov. Ammons for Strike Horrors.

May 25, 1915, Tuesday; Page 19, 1036 words; New York Times

WASHINGTON, May 24. -- W.L. MacKenzie King, Director of the Industrial Relations Department of the Rockefeller Foundation, and a former Canadian Cabinet officer, interrupted his testimony before the Industrial Relations Commission today to denounce the methods of Chairman Walsh in conducting the commission's Colorado strike inquiry

(William Lyon MacKenzie King would go on to become Canada's and British Commonwealth's longest serving prime minister – Rockefeller helped initiate the founding of the public relations industry and its early pioneers)

Child labour in Kyrgyz coal mines

No one knows the exact number of children working in Kyrgyzstan's coal mines.
Locals say the government refuses to acknowledge the problem. Officially these children may not even exist. Yet we saw them at every coal mine we visited.

Helen Keller
She altered our perception of the disabled and remapped the boundaries of sight and sense

(Helen Keller was voted one of Time Magazine's 100 greatest heroes and icons of the last century. Helen Keller referred to John D. Rockefeller as "the monster of capitalism." The Rockefeller's never made Time Magazine's greatest heroes or icons.)

Links to Helen Keller:
(Helen Keller children's museum) (The truth about Helen Keller)

Pat LaMarche: Don't listen to snake oil salesmen touting 'clean coal'

By BDN Staff - Wednesday, October 17, 2007 - Bangor Daily News (Maine)

(Note: Bill Rockefeller was the father of John D. Rockefeller. Bill Rockefeller was known as a carpetbagging traveling snake oil salesman selling "miracle cures" for cancer. His son John D. Rockefeller went on to become the father of the fossil fuel age. His wealth was at the time upwards of 2.5 per cent of the total United States GDP. He viewed his workers as children whose salaries (a pittance) he viewed as charity to be given to his wretched employees.)

The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German Nazi eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.

Season of the pumpkin (special Halloween story)

By Mary Stickley
Special to The Winchester Star

Winchester — As the legend goes, there once was a stingy old man named Jack. He was a horrible, mean old man who cheated friends and neighbors alike throughout his life.

He even made a deal with the devil and managed to cheat him as well. When old Jack died, he went to heaven but was quickly turned away. Then he went to hell where, due to his tricks, the devil refused him entry as well. Satan gave him a burning coal and told him to go start his own place.


1. Letter to Prime Minister Harper
2. Letter to the U.S. Government

1. Letter to Prime Minister Harper

Prime Minister Harper, says recently at APEC- Canada must be a world leader in combating Global Warming. We agree.
Prime Minister, the Kyoto protocol of which Canada is a signatory and is bound to under international law is now also the law of the land in Canada as it was passed unanimously by the House of Commons and the Senate. No one is above the law prime minister Harper.

The only way Canada can keep its Kyoto obligations is by the Canada wide phase-out of coal-fired plants by 2012. It not only reduces our greenhouse gases effectively but it also protects the health and wellbeing of all Canadians young and old. Our economy and prosperity depends on this.

Canada's words / obligations and constitution mean something.

Mr. Harper in a three day meeting (September 10, '07) over 500 NGOs representing 80 countries affirmed that climate change is "potentially the most serious threat to humanity and our environment have ever faced … including, catastrophic effects on our earth's ecosystem, biodiversity and infrastructure…significant damage to economic, political, cultural and social bases…"

They also affirm that "war is damaging to climate."

Prime Minister, this is the most momentous civil struggle of our times for the very sanctity and survival of Life on our planet Earth.

We urge you to call for the Abolition of Coal-Fired Plants in Canada, and its Canada-wide phase-out by 2012. Canada can be the world model for the Global Phase-Out of Coal-Fired plants.

* "The average coal-fired plant emits 12% - 18% carbon dioxide (CO2). The typical coal-fired plant also draws about 2.2 billion gallons of water from nearby lakes, rivers and ocean - enough water to support a city of approximately 250.000 people for a year. There are 600 of these plants in the U.S. alone with 154 more to come. When this water is drawn into the power plant up to 21 million fish eggs, fish larvae and juvenile fish are killed. Coal plants also cause smog, soot, acid rain, global warming and toxic air emissions. It generates toxic sludge and ash and releases back into the ecosystem large amounts of heated, contaminated water with highly toxic amounts of chemicals such as mercury arsenic, lead, cadmium and trace amounts of URANIUM." ( Union of Concerned Scientists). Coal burning has been linked to GLOBAL WARMING, CANCER, AUTISM, ASTHMA, ALZHEIMER'S, HEART ATTACKS …

Address or City

Write to:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper pm [at]
Jack Layton, NDP leader Layton.J [at]
Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Quebecois leader Duceppe.G [at]
Dion Stephane, Liberal leader Dion.S [at]
Elizabeth May, Green party leader leader [at]

CC to Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance psea4earth [at]


2. To the United States government:

Stop building new coal-fired plants.

Senate Legislative Leader Harry Reid says that there is no such thing as clean coal and is strongly opposed to building new coal plants in the U.S. and anywhere else in the world. He says he owes it to his grandchildren. "There's not a coal-fired plant in America that's clean. They're all dirty," Reid told reporters after speaking at a conference on renewable energy. "Unless we do something quickly about global warming, we're in trouble."

Al Gore says the same.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recently stated concerning global warming, "We must cut the Gordian knot of fossil fuels"

Senator Edwards and legions of others such as Merle Bell of Waterloo, Iowa, Blackhawk County, who says, "The politicians and businessmen want this. The People don't. This kind of proved it today." Merle Bell is referring to the large rally turnout against the proposed $1.3 billion dirty 750 MW LS coal-fired plant.

At the rally Don Shatzer of Community Energy Solutions quoted Abraham Lincoln, "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of people." He added, "I don't see any cowards out here today."

The Abolition of Coal Plants is the most momentous civil struggle of our times. It is about the very sanctity and survival of Life itself. The People expect swift action from politicians and business people on this the most important of local and global issues.

Water and Coal are the defining issues of our times it cannot be more fundamental . Coal and Water are the basics our Life is presently based upon. One represents Life-giving attributes (Water), the other Death, Disease and Destruction (King Coal). Agriculture aside, nothing uses more fresh water than King Coal locally and globally. The choice is clear Life-giving Water or King Coal. We choose the fundamental upon which all civilizations are built: clean air, land and Water – how we treat this triumvirate will translate into how we relate to each other.

The Peoples of the United States are our allies in this - The Coalition for the Living

* "The average coal-fired plant emits 12% - 18% carbon dioxide (CO2). The typical coal-fired plant also draws about 2.2 billion gallons of water from nearby lakes, rivers and ocean -enough water to support a city of approximately 250.000 people for a year. There are 600 of these plants in the U.S. alone with 154 more to come. When this water is drawn into the power plant up to 21 million fish eggs, fish larvae and juvenile fish are killed. Coal plants also cause smog, soot, acid rain, global warming and toxic air emissions. It generates toxic sludge and ash and releases back into the ecosystem large amounts of heated, contaminated water with highly toxic amounts of chemicals such as mercury arsenic, lead, cadmium and trace amounts of URANIUM." ( Union of Concerned Scientists). Coal burning has been linked to GLOBAL WARMING, CANCER, AUTISM, ASTHMA, ALZHEIMER'S, HEART ATTACKS …

Call Senator Harry Reid at 202-224-3542 or 1-866-SEN-REID or fax at 202-736-7343

Write to:
U.S. Embassy in Ottawa: web1 [at]
U.S. president: president [at]
Secretary General of UN Ban Ki-Moon: sg [at]

Cc PSEA psea4earth [at]

Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance (a homeless network of transborder activists, students, academics, Aboriginal etc.) since July 2007 does not do media interviews. We thank all members of the media for their inquiries - - may quote any part of these documents or if they have specific questions can email to PSEA.-

The Great Struggle continues...
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