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Pakistan: Horse Trading
by Informed Comment Global Affairs (reposted)
Wednesday Oct 3rd, 2007 7:36 AM
From a Tuesday, October 2, 2007 entry on Informed Comment Global Affairs, a group blog run by Juan Cole, Manan Ahmed, Farideh Farhi, and Barnett R. Rubin
Deals are being struck in the aftermath of the Pakistan Supreme Court decision to allow Pervez Musharraf the right to contest in the name-off.

Benazir Bhutto will not be prosecuted for crimes when she returns to Pakistan.

The "elections" are scheduled for October 6th and Musharraf has announced that after his inevitable win (current predictions are that he will get either 99.9% of the vote or 99.87%), he will step down as Chief of Army Staff.

In related news, readers might be interested in a small piece I recently wrote covering Pakistan in Pragati: The Indian National Interest Review. You can download the issue here.