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Fresno: Rally and Vigil Against Police Brutality
Date Monday October 22
Time 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Location Details
Eaton Plaza, across from the Main Library in downtown Fresno
(N & Mariposa, across from Fresno Police headquarters)
Event Type Vigil/Ritual
Organizer/AuthorRev. Floyd Harris
Testimonies from victims of police brutality and their families.
Rally and March to the Police Headquarters and the Fresno County Jail where we will have an interfaith prayer for justice for those in our community that continue to be affected by police brutality.

sponsored by National Network in Action and Comite No Nos Vamos
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by Leah
Friday Oct 19th, 2007 7:49 AM
I am currently doing an argumentative paper on police brutality for my english class and i have found that there are currently a lot of incidences of excessive force. This troubles me because as much as people don't want to have a run in with the law society has taught us (at least where I'm from) that even if you will get criminal charges pressed against you or even if you just get pulled over that the police are here for OUR safety. I feel like I have been brainwashed by this false sense of security and I am outraged by all the violence that is coming from those who are suposed to be stopping it. I think it is universal that no one wants to see law inforcement officers getting hurt for no reason other then some crack head got caught but that is no reason to do what they are doing. Just because you carry a taser or a gun does not mean you should jump to use it...because it is almost NEVER necessary. I support what you are doing and i plan on writing my paper to argue against and stop police brutality that has clearly gotten out of hand.
by mike
Saturday Oct 18th, 2008 10:15 PM
just this evening, several fresno police officers tasered and viciously beat my brother, requiring an ambulance to be sent . why did they do this? An unfriendly neighbor has been phoning the police complaining about "suspicious behavior" going on at my brother's house. When the cops showed up they witnessed what they called a "drug transaction" between him and a woman-- "this transaction" was actually my mom handing my brother a bag of take-out mexican food!

When the cops showed up tonight after another of the neighbor's phone calls, several of them approached my brother who was standing in his front yard with his 10 year old son. When my brother saw that they were carrying tasers and clubs, he tossed his cell phone to his son and told him to call his grandmother. As soon as this happened, one of the cops tasered my brother, then the rest of the cops began beating him to the ground with their clubs.

My brother's ten year old son, terrified and shaking, watched all of this happening to his dad.

This ruthless, violent, and evil behavior by the Fresno Police Department must not be condoned any longer.
by mike
Saturday Oct 18th, 2008 10:27 PM
The names of the Fresno Police Officers involved in the beating of my brother: Sgt. Alvarez (badge # S167); Deleon (badge # P1428); Vue (badge #P1443); Wilkin (badge #P1297); and Janca (badge #P1473).

I wonder if there is some sort of database that gives a "profile" or history of brutality complaints against particular police officers?