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Spooner Tree-sit Raided Today
by ForestDefender
Tuesday Sep 4th, 2007 9:59 PM
Forest Activists in Southern Humboldt reported today that two activists were arrested and lumber company climbers were raiding the village and taking gear.
Tree-sitters in the Nanning Creek tree village sent a text message today saying that Pacific Lumber climbers were raiding the tree-sits. Also two forest defenders were arrested on the ground for trespassing. Activists are heading to the gate to protest against Palco's actions. Some activists have raised concerns that the company is violating the law by cutting branches during Marbled Murrelet nesting season, which ends on September 15. Much of the tree-sitter's gear has been taken or destroyed. Spooner is a huge, ancient redwood tree that is almost 300 feet tall and is estimated to be as much as 2,000 years old. Marked to be cut down by Pacific Lumber Company, Spooner is located in the Nanning Creek watershed, near Scotia, Ca. Activists began sitting in Spooner two summers ago and have set traverse lines to protect the surrounding grove of trees. A direct action forest defense base camp will be taking place September 6th-10th For more information please call 707-834-3100 or 949-274-0998 or 707-845-9046
§Ancient Redwood "Spooner"
by ForestDefender Tuesday Sep 4th, 2007 9:59 PM
This ancient tree could be cut down after Sept. 15, when marbled murrelet nesting season ends.
§Spooner's Neighborhood
by from Tuesday Sep 4th, 2007 11:12 PM
All 298 feet of Spooner is currently located in the Nanning Creek area near Scotia, California.
Spooner is 14 feet in diameter at breast height.
200 feet up, before the branches, Spooner is only 10 feet in diameter.
Spooner is the largest tree in that grove.

Logging of the grove has already begun.

It has been temporarily postponed because the grove is the nesting ground for a sea bird on the endangered species list, the marbled murrelet.

Where, exactly, the endangered birds will nest if the grove is cut after this year's nesting season is an unanswered question.

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by crawling with cops
Tuesday Sep 4th, 2007 11:18 PM
come down right now to scotia, ca. to save one of the last stands of old growth redwoods left on commercial property. this is an emergency call to all activists!

call 707-845-9046 or visit

please help us! please help the trees!

!caution! the towns of scotia and rio dell are crawling with cops.
contact humboldt forest defense before attempting to locate the treesit village! cops are in the woods and in scotia/rio dell!
by on scene earlier
Wednesday Sep 5th, 2007 12:59 PM
There was a grand total 2 cops seen at the gate vigil. One actually stopped and talked to us, the other (CHP) just drove by.

Camp starts tommorrow!
by tree keeper
Wednesday Sep 5th, 2007 11:46 PM
a quick review of some facts
1. an accounting of the financial dealings of earth first has been called for by the donors and members.after it was discovered that funding for forest defense was being diverted to other activities

--The E/F leadership has tried every trick in the book to keep their finances secret from members and contributors. and now refuses to disclose the truth. first has been caught in the process of buying a recording company.
--The E/F leadership first denied then confirmed the charge, and now refuses to disclose the truth

3. earth first has been caught in the process of buying an office building
--The E/F leadership first denied then confirmed the charge, and now refuses to disclose the truth

4. earth first has been asked if we have donated money to Earth Liberation Front in support of their recent actions.
earth first denied the allegations, then members confirmer that we do take part in destructive and violent activities
(Shunka's Comment:
We will continue to resist, and continue to help build this world-wide resistance to corporate fascism )
by community forests, not corporate plundering!
Thursday Sep 13th, 2007 12:16 PM
Aradia, Allah, Lower Freshwater and now Spooner are just a few of the old growth redwood tree sits that were attacked by Maxxam/Pacific Lumber either prematurely (prior to Sept. 15th) or without warning. This tactic of raiding treesits by stealth and surprise is Maxxam's method of steadily eroding any future old growth nesting habitats for marbled murrelets in CA. If Spooner is cut after Sept. 15th, where will the murrelets of the future generations nest, as nesting sites become increasingly scarce a genetic bottleneck effect drives murrelets closer to extinction. After all, if the marbled murrlets become extinct, then there's no more nesting season for Maxxam to wait for ending..

It is clear to this author that Maxxam is not having any positive impacts on Humboldt county (most jobs are outside contracters), they are a holding corporation intent on driving Pacific Lumber into final stages of bankruptcy, and this year is their last chance at taking all the old growths they can get their hands on. Blaming the eco-activists for Pacific Lumber's bankruptcy is a most cruel public relations stunt by Maxxam execs, tripling their rates of harvest following Maxxam's '85 takeover of PL ensured the eventual collapse of this once locally owned company..

Thanks again to all the treesitters and forest defenders who are trying their hardest to prevent this slaughter of old growths by Maxxam's corporate greed. Sorry i was unable to attend the action camp..

Based upon the past history of Maxxam with Kaiser takeover and their bankruptcy, lost pension and the current PL Chapter 11 bankruptcy trial in Corpus Christi, TX, it is clear that Maxxam's aim is short term profits, then pull the rug out from under the community. Where can laid off workers and community members go to express their concerns about the courts allowing Maxxam to continue this destructive logging operation into the future? There is an issue of censorship and being shut out of any dialogue that people feel by the location of this trial in Texas, far away from the habitat and community effected by Maxxam's takeover of Pacific Lumber. There are of course other options to corporate logging practices, and this time of crisis in the forests could present an opportunity for an improved future outcome if the following measures are taken decisively;

Remove all land from ownership by Maxxam/PL. The accquisition of this forest land is a history of brutality against indigenous North Americans, who were by far better stewards of the forest landscape for longer time than any of the recent Euro-american immigrant settlers and the recent manifestation of imperialism under Maxxam's CEO C. Hurwitz..

"Strangely Like War: Global Assault on Forests"

Our generation needs to correct these mistakes and return this stolen land to the indigenous peoples. Reclaiming land from an abusive and criminal logging corporation like Maxxam/PL is a needed step..

Return Maxxam/PL land in the following proportions to;

1/3 of land to regional indigenous nations (Wiyot, Round Valley Confederated, Yurok, etc..) for forestry and spiritual, medicinal plant collecting, etc.. The Hupa tribe practices selective harvest on their tribal lands without resorting to clearcutting methods. However, other tribes like those mentioned above are not given this chance for tribal forestry opportunities. Reclaimation and restoration of Maxxam/PL land to indigenous nations would help these other tribal nations gaining their economic independence and practicing sustainable forestry as the Hupa are doing today..

"On tribal lands, the Hoopa Tribe banned pesticide use on the Hoopa Reservation in 1978. Timber sales are an important source of income for the Tribe; timber sales run in the black, while manual removal of competing brush provides employment. The argument against such methods, however, is mainly an economic one. In terms of dollars, the cost of herbicide application costs less than "hand-grubbing" or mechanical methods."

article @;

1/3 of land to local community forestry programs (each township recieves portion). No clearcutting, no old growth harvesting, no herbicide spraying, no loggin unstable slopes. Selective harvest only, as this also enables greater jobs as more loggers are needed in selective harvest than clearcuttting operations. By leaving the old growths remaining, the leaf litter (*duff*) and moisture trapping effects of the old growths can enable greater forest growth than the loss of topsoil from excessive clearcuts and old growth harvesting. Less large canopy gaps means less invasive brush species that build-up to severe fire hazards. Think of the long term productivity of the forest, not the short term profits as Maxxam does..

1/3 of land to local county parks (zero cut, forest open to public use). Less restrictive camping, community efforts needed to restore land damaged by Maxxam's decades of clearcuts/old growth harvesting..

What people decide about land reclaimation is on their shoulders, though "we" certainly cannot accept any future intrusions by Maxxam into Humboldt's forests. Local control is the only option for forestry in the future. If we don't like any logging practices happening upslope of nearby our homes, we can protest and resolve the conflicts within the community, not being subject to the cruel whims of criminal CEO Charles Hurwitz hiding in his skyscraper office suite in Houston, TX..