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PRI wins in Oaxaca elections, 2 Catalans and 1 mexican taken off the streets by police

by Barucha Calamity Peller (macheteyamor)
PRI wins in Oaxacan elections as almost 80% abstain from voting, 3 people taken off the streets on election night still not found, among them 2 Catalans and 1 Mexican

Last night, while the votes were being counted that confirmed a PRI sweep of the state legistlative elections, three people were taken off the streets of the Zocalo in Oaxaca City by police at approximately 10 pm. Among them were two Catalans and one Mexican woman. Their status is still unknown over twelve hours later, and they have not been found in any jail. There is no other confirmed information surrounding their arrests.

The elections, in which almost 80% of the Oaxacan population abstained from voting, came as a dissapointment for the APPO’s “punishment vote” campaign against the PRI.

Police presence was extremely heavy in the streets of Oaxaca City last night and today.
By midnight last night one could see over 30 trucks of armed state and judicial police drive through the streets surrounding the Zocalo, and men in plain clothes came through the Zocalo with machetes and cut down the political banners remaining from the section 22 teachers sit-in that ended yesterday. Even later at night state workers came to paint over political graffiti and stencils covering the walls of the buildings in the Zocalo.

With 80% of the state abstaining from voting the legitimacy of the state democracy is questionable, and the low-turn out shows the collective disillution in Oaxaca with the electoral process that has left the heavily contested PRI party, to which Ulises Ruiz belongs, in power for over 70 years.
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by Sandra Anderson (sandrademexico [at]
This is a real disappointment to me. I was hoping the PRD would triumph. What hope is there for Oaxaca? Are visitors still welcomed?I don't know if my text is HTML or not and I don't have a URL.
by From Oaxaca, with facts

According to a post on the Oaxaca Libre website, the people in question (4 Catalans and one Mexico City resident) are not missing.

Here's the link to the post in Spanish:

According to the post, the 4 Catalans were sent to immigration authorities on the night of Sunday, August 5th and the Mexican citizen, Damián Reséndiz, was released from municipal police custody on the morning of August 6th. In other words, their whereabouts was accounted for BEFORE Barucha Calamity Peller published this post, writing that they were "still not found".

I am begging the author to PLEASE verify her information before she publishes all over the internet. In a place like Oaxaca, where human rights violations are a reality, it's crucial that information that is widely distributed be accurate.
by calamity
I never said they were missing, the site editors said that. As soon as it was confirmed that they were physically located with immigration authorities and that there were four of them, I updated the information but it hasnt been put here yet even though I sent it early today.
What was published was only what was confirmned at the time by people here. I have asked the editors to take down the word "missing", from the first time I saw it there.
So perhaps your complaint is with the editors of indybay and not with my credibility.
by or two
'I updated the information but it hasnt been put here yet even though I sent it early today.' is an open-publishing website. If you publish, it will be 'put here.'

'From Oaxaca, with facts' if you're such a smarty pants, then please publish those 'facts' you've got.

obviously you found the link to 'add your comments.' There is a comment section so that stories can be updated and corrected.

don't worry about the nay sayers, calamity, keep up the awesome work! try to stay safe.
by actualización
4 citizens of Spanish nationality are stopped arbitrarily in Oaxaca and retained in Migration
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