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General Strike: 9/11/07

by truth prevails!
A general strike has been proposed for 9/11/07. No work, school or shopping. Even a low number of participants can make a difference. The event will show up on the radar of the Powers That Be.
Endless War.
Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Iraqis.
Civil Rights and Habeas Corpus: Gone.
Executive Privilege: No Accountability.

9/11 Questions?

Corporate Media.
Corporate Government.

Tyranny. Fascism. Lies.

The Time Has Come.
To Say NO.
While We Still Have a Chance.

Tuesday 9/11/07
No Work. No School. No Shopping.
Hit the Streets."
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by Nicolas Merline
Um..... yeah lets find other useless ways to waste our time. OooOH! Finger Puppets!
God Bless America.
Go Ang
FUCK YES. Tell every single one of them in power, every Republican, every Democrat, to take a flying fuck off of the Washington Monument. Stop working, stop shopping, make every single dollar stop -- that's the way to get CEOs to notice you; stopping their coin -- that's the way to make a little noise.
by Jake
And do go shopping or payout any $$
by Jake
Want it should have said was DON'T go shopping or payout any $$.
by Allison
It's a good idea in theory, but i think that doing this will only give power to the terrorists who did this to us. If you wan't to take that day off to mourn i say go for it...but making it a national holiday of some sort would only prove that they got the better of us.
by imgstacke
by JP
Never gonna happen. Kinda like that "Don't buy gas for a day" a couple of months ago. LOL
by Abe Lincoln
Pathetic guys. Just pathetic.
by klmd
History teaches that freedom is lost one legal document at a time. Thats now happening to us. Recent history has had several governments bow to the will of the people in one of two ways. A large portion of the country went to the capitol and sat on the lawn and stayed there until the government gave in, even when it took many weeks. That happened is several countries when the ussr broke up, and thats the way that works best. We will probably have to do the same. Romania did it differently. They hunted down every government worker and blew them away. It took a couple of weeks. We dont need to do that but we do need to stop this "one legal document at a time" thing. A strike is a good start.
by Mr X
I wanted to get the word about about what Barack Obama had to say about 911 and fighting terrorists. The Washington Post ran a storying claiming he said we should invade Pakistan. Barack is pledging to get us out of Iraq and this is what he had to say about terrorists in Pakistan. I'd like to urge everyone to read the full speech so they will know the full story.

"As President, I would make the hundreds of millions of dollars in U.S. military aid to Pakistan conditional, and I would make our conditions clear: Pakistan must make substantial progress in closing down the training camps, evicting foreign fighters, and preventing the Taliban from using Pakistan as a staging area for attacks in Afghanistan.

I understand that President Musharraf has his own challenges. But let me make this clear. There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans. They are plotting to strike again. It was a terrible mistake to fail to act when we had a chance to take out an al Qaeda leadership meeting in 2005. If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won't act, we will. "
by John
Sounds good, but I'm not keen on just mentioning dead Iraqis. What about Americans? British? Italians? Australians?

Remember, this is a start, but speak louder. A strike is so minimal, what you need here is an actual revolt. It's a shame that most liberals are against guns - how are you ever going to take control once it's gone guys?

Think. It's not illegal. Yet.

Oh yea, and vote libertarian if you really want freedom back.

by james
I don't see any mention of this at so its not that much of a general strike unfortunately. As a syndicalist I'm generally all for general strikes, but how much actual working class support will this get where the major rallying points are indybay and facebook (or is this one of those 'post left' general strikes?)?

Also unfortunate is that the raising of '9/11 questions' as one of the issues has brought in the so called "9/11 truth movement" (evidenced by the link to earlier). The fantasies of the 9/11 truth movement distract from the real issues we face.

You might want to mention the dead Afghans and soldiers instead of just dead Iraqis.
by Rimmel
Absolutely. This is a great idea.
by mike
how would us expressing our DISGUST with the way our country is being ran give power to the terrorists? NOT displaying our disgust would do that moreso than doing it.

stop being a sheep, and stand up for what you KNOW is right for fucks sake.
by joshua (jmm5585 [at]
finally something respecting what happened that day. my school got out early all we did was watch the horrific footage on tv. that day changed our lives forever. it should be honored and revered.
by joshua (jmm5585 [at]
lets do it! honor and revere 9/11forever make it a national holiday!!
by lol
Wow ,only but a bunch of hardcore liberals are going to actually strike. This will not make a single dent in the way america is run even if there is a major strike.
by No thanks
face your responsibilities
by SingingMongoose
Let's rumble, 9.11.07
by anon
this is a great idea but a one day strike is not enough! the aim is not to send a "message" or make a "statement", but to hit corporate america in the pocketbook. when big business starts seeing million of dollars in lost profits per day, you better believe change will happen fast! but people need to be prepared to strike for weeks for this to happen.
by Vidar
Please everyone! Put this article in as many places as you possibly can! Get the message out there! Put it on fliers!
Lets stop the talk with no action! Too action!
by anony mouse
The only way to strike for a couple of weeks is to know how to not pay for anything for a couple weeks. That requires frugal thought...and planning. To do that you will have had to pay your bills in advance or cut off card etc.... have enough food for a month or so...and not need anything. Your plan would have to be almost flawless. You would also have to be able to go right back to work after the strike with enough resources to keep you afloat should finding a "new" job be difficult. If my bills were paid in advance I could for about 2 months.

Could you?
by anony mouse
The only way frugality has worked to choke an economy was during the Asian Flu crisis. Japan nearly crushed under the weight of the absolute frugal nature of a movement that swept through. This frugality was taken so far people re-used clothes washing water and bought nearly nothing. It wasn't a dramatic strike for political purposes though, it was a sweeping lifestyle change that slowly strangled the Japanese economy. People actually didn't care how inexpensive an item was, it was like an anorexic abstaining from was almost (from a 3rd party point of view) an addiction.

by Zell
Wont make a differnence, Just hurt small buisness, etc...... sigh
by I've been on strike
white collar wannabe, cant feed my family...
born poor, still poor
despite brilliance, hard work, degree, experience and love.
bottom of the ladder never leads anywhere,
if you can find the bottom rung,
lose your balance, and meet jealousy
by Michael Delaney
This is a great idea, but in order for more people to get behind it, and to actually make it noticed, there needs to be local event planning. Has their been any event planning altogether? Forming rallies across the country would get some recognition and make the loss of wages and productivity well worth it.
by Bry
Just a point on getting the CEO's and government to listen, if you don't give them your money on 9/11, you will the next day. One day will not hurt them and no one could last long enough to actually make a difference (which this would obviously require numerous participants).
by Hank Freeman
The selection of 9/11 - a day of mourning of the mass murder of thousands of US civilians - to stage a march celebrating your political views is utterly preposterous and beyond the pale. To propose that you exploit the murder of thousands of your countrymen in hopes of making a mere political statement you forfeit all credibility whatsoever - thinking folks are not going to allow themselves to be swayed or persuaded by anyone with such foolish judgment. Seriously, you are entitled to protest and I say go for it, but there are about 360 other days in the coming year that are fine, and 1 that is sacred beyond words. I implore you to rethink your strategy here. Sometimes you guys are your own worst enemy.
by John O'C
That sounds like a great idea, time to turn around all the various things that are going wrong and demonstrate to governments that they are the employees of the their tax payers and not the other way around
by Anon
I don't think this would really work for those of us the healthcare profession
by Joyce
Great idea HOWEVER could have picked a better day than 9/11!
by Matthew

This is the 21st century and your outdated ideas of sacrednesss, while amusing are out of line. An entire group of people in this counrty have used that day to justify an illegal and immoral corporate police action who's sole goal is to make money for rich people at the expense of innocent lives.

We have already lost most of the republic and are near a new form of goverment that allows for little in the way of personal rights (only mitigated by having a large bank account).

Yes 3000 people is alot, and we should honor them. Honor them by taking back what belongs to the people of the United States. Protest is valid on any day, any non violent protest is valid. Remember Hank, surrender none or you surrender all.
by B
And then what happens on 9/12/07? You'll be back at work with your coworkers who did not even know about this, much less participate. You'll be back in line buying overpriced items you don't really need. You'll be back in classes with your classmates who did not know about this or forgot to do anything with it. Yeah, real difference that makes. Just like with the supposed gasoline strike, they wait for the next day when you go back and resume life as usual.
by G_H_H
The American people for the most part are still asleep, or too entertained, to really give a crap. Unfortunately, I'm afraid things will inevitably have to get much worse before the masses awaken.
by Bobby
This is the most retarded thing I have ever heard... What exactly will this accomplish besides screwing over your work and school and causing your bosses and teachers more stress than they already have? Who is honestly going to care about this?

It sounds like a massive excuse for all you kiddies to try and skip school.

in fact instead of a 'strike' to go out and run amuck, the better idea would be to have a 9/11 discussion day at school and work and actual have CONVERSATIONS and dicuss issues about 9/11 and our government.
by Antonio
Hey, listen. What the hell are we going to do? Something needs to happen or nothing is going to happen. Back in the 60's they would protest. Well, conveniently there's a law against that now. So shut up Bobby, you naysayer. I'm down with this. Sorry work and stores.
by Delano
In poorer countries this is the most effective method of forcing the government to listen to the people. The world needs to know that most of America is not what our corporations and government are spewing at them.
by JL Wallace
Our Constitutional Republic has been destroyed. The foundation of American Liberty, our Constitution, has been either erased, subverted or forgotten. Our entire planet is ruled by an oligarchy of fascist bankers, oil men and global corporations. We the People find ourselves intoxicated by an economic system that by design, enslaves every working American and helps to further the gap between the wealthy elite within the Establishment and the Worlds Citizenry. The time has come to ascend upon Washington and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC! Redisover Patriotism. Resurrect Dissent. Ask Questions - Seek Truth...
by klmd
The hippies protested their war and changed the governments thinking, but not until after they parked themselvs on the White House lawn. Not legal today? Just do it, what can they do to a million people?
by yea
This has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Get real people, this isn't 1984, nor shall it ever be. Now quit romanticizing a "totalitarian rise up and fight" scenario because you just sound completely daft. While you still have a chance? What does that even mean? I don't know, but in case the concept of time is a complete mystery to you, George Bush doesn't exactly have that much time in office left. Here's a cause I think everyone should follow, make this 9/11 a goal to A. get a job B. stop whining about shit that you exaggerate C. go be a productive American.
by Atash (atash [at]
I do not wish to sound negative, however, the problem with a general strike is that it is not sufficiently targeted. It would make more sense to target those businesses which actually have something to do with the problem at hand.

I would suggest an ongoing boycott of investment banks, the banking system in general, the corporate media including corporate entertainment that create propaganda, the public school system where kids are brainwashed (put your kids in private school or "homeschool" them), and certain politically-connected major retailers and suppliers.

Fuel companies can not be entirely boycotted; I would suggest simply buying less of the product.

Many war profiteers can not be boycotted directly, because they are privately owned; you can't boycott their stock because it's not publicly traded, and you can't prevent them from getting your tax money. You can avoid owning stocks of the publicly-traded exceptions, but I suggest avoiding stocks in general, to hurt the investment banks and to avoid owning paper assets near the end of the longest credit expansion in history.

Take your savings from the boycott, and roll some of it into precious metals and other non-currency-denominated savings vehicles. Of course if the dollar collapses, you have accomplished nothing but moved forward the introduction of the amero (see opting out of the system as much as possible couldn't hurt. You might want to think about moving assets to an offshore asset haven, for that matter (while you still can).

In general, you want zero debt, because the people who tend to profit from debt tend to be the ones who lobbied for the war in the first place. The connection is that petroleum is used to stabilize the value of the $US (and, ultimately, other currencies), which would otherwise destabilize and collapse as it has no intrinsic value. That is why they wanted Iraq, which is (was?) the 2nd biggest producer. The principals of the New World Order are those who own the right to create credit for themselves, and collect interest on it, on demand. If there is any interest, I could write up a paper explaining this in detail.

The advantage of an ongoing boycott is that

1. It doesn't flop if there aren't enough participants on a specific day. You just plant the seeds and watch them grow.
2. Whatever participation you get is a victory, because what you are after is a change in the balance of power. If you can convince people to stay out of debt, you have benefited them at the expense of their creditors.

You want to be the butterfly, the flapping of whose wings causes the hurricane.

I don't think any of us will overthrow the New World Order. If you want to survive it, have a look at my wiki:
by Tdawg
The idea is wonderful, a general strike allows the people to send the message broadly that there is a large dissatisfied population in America. Trying to target companies or power structures is far too difficult, and will simply complicate and delay the results. Likewise, bundling broadly acknowledged outrages (torture, executive privilege, surveillance, etc) with more narrowly acknowledged concerns (9/11 truth, etc) alienates people. Take a lesson from the genius of Intelligent Design and be as general as possible if you want the loudest possible response. Lawmakers who need concrete displays of public unrest to make change will be able to use the event, regardless of who it targets. Besides, everything is linked, and a national day of reflection would do everyone some good.
by laughing my ass off
Endless War (hate to break it to ya, but the "War" was over 4 years ago when we entered Baghdad. This is a peace-keeping mission.)
Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Iraqis. (how many millions dead in Africa from fighting over humanitarian aid)
Torture. (get real, when's the last time any of you or someone you know was kidnapped by the government and tortured?)
Surveillance. (ohes noes, are they going to start arresting innocent people now tooes?! haha)
Civil Rights and Habeas Corpus: Gone. (oh, you mean again? Civil War, Reconstruction, after the Oklahoma City bombing... but thanks to the hard efforts of protesting and skipping work after these events, everything was returned to normal)
Executive Privilege: No Accountability. (yea omg, did u hear the one about bush signing into law where he can now hit babies)

9/11 Questions? (no this is not the matrix, 9/11 was real)

Corporate Media. (the same people that feed you this BS)
Corporate Government. (because that's a new one, lol early 20th century)

Tyranny. Fascism. Lies. (O RLY? wow, america must be one festering shit hole, haha. has the author of this been arrested yet? no? but i thought america was a totalitarian fascist state?)

The Time Has Come.
To Say NO.
While We Still Have a Chance. (all i can say here is LOL)

Tuesday 9/11/07
No Work. No School. No Shopping.
Hit the Streets." (yea boss, brb, protesting my oppressed life here in amerikkka, cya tomorrow. and if you don't let me have this day off, you're a fascist pig and I'LL SUE YOUR ASS because this is AMERICA!)
You're an idiot. If you don't want to go to work or school that day, then call in sick. You seem to want to hijack a day, which should be observed in rememberance, that islamic terrioist came into our country and murdered 3000 people for no other reason than to skip work or school. I think we have shown great restraint as a country in this war because personally, I would have nuked the whole area where Bin Laden was suspected of hiding. If you think we can stop these people by bending over and taking in the ass, then you are sadly mistaken. They do not care about talking or peace. They want you to convert or die. Pull you head out of your ass and really look at the situation. Do you want to survive and live free or do you want to have your life controlled by a violent sect of a religion and have all your choices made for you. Thank you lucky stars you live in America where you can voice you opinion be it stupid or not.
by Let's roll
"So let's stop complaining in the echo chamber. Let's stop diluting the opportunity for major reform by focusing on narrow projects with petitions and vigils...

Are we waiting for Ghandi or Nelson Mandela?

The American media ("The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA) would frame Jesus Christ himself as a naive commie-pinko freeloader who is weak on terror. But we do have September 11, 2007, the sixth anniversary of the event the politicians used to turn the country on its axis.

Whether you believe 9/11 was an inside job, the result of gross incompetence or something else, 9/11 unleashed something truly ugly and divisive and unyielding in America. Politicians and corporations have exploited and profited from the disaster, and are wreaking havoc here and globally without constraint.

What are you doing September 11, 2007?

There's a General Strike Facebook Group.

3568 diggs, 874 comments:

And a new site is being created to serve as a clearinghouse:

You can do something, or you can be a nay-saying tool.
by Adriyan
It is simply astounding. Almost painful, almost too irrational, improbable, and PATHETIC, for 25% of the men and women of our free, democratic state to be brainwashed by the fallacies, the fears, and the fervor of ignorance to truth posed by the office of the 21st century's "modern" President of the United States of America.

It is times like this when we should truly be more afraid of ourselves, rather than of Islamic radicals residing in another continent.

Let us simply piece this together, as it should have been by our lack-luster media: the Iraq War, "Operation: Freedom", "Sectarian Violence in the Middle East", etc., has maximized the power of the Islamic base of Western hatred, also known as Al Qaeda and its friends in Iran.

The entire country is now MORE in danger than it had been directly after 9/11. This strike is not for some weak excuse out of work. It is a mass protest to awaken those 25% still fearing the wrath of terrorism, when the real threat only heightens the longer the Bush administration holds our American ideals in a choke-hold.

[b]This is to let those 25% of our brothers, our peers, our friends, realize that they are being lied to, cheated out of their freedoms day by day, increasing over time.


by Adriyan
[b] for bold text, obviously. I felt the statement was key, unfortunately this comment section doesn't allow that. Take into account the emphasis please :)

(and if you won't read all of it, atleast read that part.)
by klmd
Freedom is never free. Use it or loose it. Our countries young people need to learn that they have a strong voice and in time they will rule the country. One person is a grain of sand, a generation is a sand storm. Stand up for what you believe in, whatever side you are on. It's called freedom of choice, guaranteed by the constitution, while it lasts.
by Ed
Votes, demonstrations, blood, bullets and such--nothing but theater! If you mean to do something that hurts the bastards, use your W-4 at work to declare 10 exemptions for tax withholding purposes. It's perfectly OK. You don't owe them shit until April 15, so, in the meantime, just dry up their source of revenue. No money--no war, no bullshit being funded. It's your money, you should control how it is being used. Show some balls and do something meaningful.
by Erik Larson
Strike, for all the reasons mentioned. A lot of people here seem to be aware we've been lied to about 9/11. Those who assume the corporate media- even "liberal" ones like the NY Times and CBS (remember, they promoted the WMD lies, too, just like Fox) need to do some research. The 9/11 Commission ignored 70% of the families questions, which were to be the "roadmap" for the investigation

The Top 40 Reasons To Doubt the Official 9/11 Story

Compete 9/11 Timeline
by Rooftop Media
Restraint? Ha, we airlifted 8000 Taliban cream out of danger (by mistake of course)

Nuked where he was hiding? You mean Saudi Pakistania?
by theomniproject
Im in... we must change our country not let it change us!!!

Bush took down the towers... tell the truth nigga, it was you nigga - immortal technique
by klmd
Politicians won't impeach Bush because when he turns dictator and ends elections the existing government will remain the government and wont ever face re-elections, and they know that. The government will use all forms of intimidation to stop the young generation from learning how powerful a generation can be. They will plant confusion and bad grammer to make a good thing look bad. They will do that because they are scared to death of 50 million angry protesters showing up at the White House and state government buildings demanding change. The duty to save America falls on the young and strong. It is your place in history to keep the arsenal of the U.S. out of the hands of those who will overthrow us from within. Do it for your children.
by anonymous
Who is behind this?
by poyma
A discussion wont do jack. The corporations have complete, utter and total control. Congress has revealed themselves to be part of the problem. One way to get attention is to avoid participation --as much as possible--in commercial activity. I know I can't totally separate myself--I do own some stocks, for example, but enough is really enough, and I will do my best to participate. I encourage others to do the same. Put down your debit card, snap of the tv, pour a tall glass of tap water and have that discussion about 9/11 at home, with your family.
by Powder
Make some noise. Buy nothing. Demand an end to the lies.
by The Anti-Govt
Just curious: how many people are participating in this? Where, as in what cities, towns, villages? How can we know this call has been successful?
by Blaster
Well, I'm in. I will sit at home and read a book I already own on 9/11.
by Alex
Some ask who is calling/organizing this. Other ask how many people will attend. Well, the answer to both questions is quite simple: you! "If it is to be, it is up to me!", remember?
If you don't want to be manipulated or misused, just organize and discuss with your affinity groups (family, friends, colleagues, people with similar ideas...), choose your messages, prepare your own banners and march together! If you participate in it, this is your strike, after all.
by thewhale

I'm a singer songwriter and I've been adderessing these issues for some time now.
Of course you won't hear it on the radio. The air waves aren't public they're corporate.
Maybe we should boycot the media as well. My first CD "Here In America 2006" is at

Power to the people, The Whale
by nathan

website, comment on posts and express your views on constructive additions and improvements. ways to coordinate. we need everyone's help.
by MDB
Everyone - call Washington Journal on C-SPAN and let people know! C-SPAN is a great way to get the message out. The more people calling in and mentioning it the better. One phone call can reach tens-of-thousands. Call everyday! Flood them with the message! I got through today and it worked like a charm. If you want to listen go to C-SPAN site, Washington Journal and I'm near the very end, second to last caller on the 6/21 show.
by striker
"Lacking a central command, this action needs a heavy participation of the people. Let me point some items:
-Banners have to be prepared or printed, but before that the people carrying them have to decide about the content of the banners they will be carrying. If you strike, you have a right to decide why.
-Striking is not easy, one has to choose whether to ask for the day off, or contact with some unions asking for support/advice, or meet with fellow coworkers to talk together with the boss...
-What will you do this day? Meet at somebody's home and discuss? Meet outside and talk to fellow citizens? Stop your city or town (by pacific means such as seating in the ground or linking arms), as it is supposed to occur during general strikes? Again, either previous discussion with colleagues or previous careful documentation of usual procedures is going to be needed.
-Paperwork: if a lot of people are to gather and disrupt traffic, it's good to inform the authorities beforehand."

Some people are trying to gather information about ongoing organizing nuclei and posting them here:
I suggest more people to do a similar work, in their website of choice: people need to find affinity groups near them.
by nanobucks
I would really hope that enough folks participate in this, but I am not confident that many businesses (afterall this is about them too) will consider it, and I even wonder about self-employed folks like myself. I will close for the day, even though right now Winter is my selling season. Last year someone called for a credit card boycott on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving and the biggest single annual sales day). That would have been easier than this strike, but no one got very excited about it... I also worry about workers getting in trouble, or worse, lose their job. And then there is Bush himself. He's been quite busy setting up his "Marshall Law" policy with the NSA, FBI, FEMA and the DHS. If he is serious about using false-flag tacitcs, he may also use this event and/or the Washington marches as an excuse. Remember the movie "V for Vendetta"? How the government acted leading up to their November 6th protest? HOWEVER, I don't want to end this post on a negative tone, so consider that there are 300 million people plus 12+ million illegals (who do a damn good job of protesting), and even if only 1% strike, it will make an impression !!! In any event, COUNT ME IN !!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE
by Martin Noakes
Visit: for further information and to hear/watch the video.

Officially released on I-Tunes & Napster 03rd September 2007.

If you want to support the 9/11 movement, buying this song will help, as the money generated will be donated to the 9/11 campaign.

Please forward this e-mail to as many people as possible in order to raise the profile of this release and get a chart position!

Many thanks

Martin Noakes
It is time to demand that all black projects in the United States, Britain, Australia and all other countries be disclosed as well as their source of financing. This is something demanded by, oddly enough, Senator Jay Rockefeller and struck from legislation by President George W. Bush.

If we want to be in charge of our govenments, there cannot be secrets, particularly when those who are keeping them are also able to set the standard. I do not believe that paying for the rape and pillage of villages in other countries is important for national security. I don't believe the development of vaccines that impair the fertility of other countries is a national security project. I don't believe that experimenting on unwitting people is in the interest of national security. I don't think that most people believe this, yet these are examples of the black projects of the past.
by stickers!
From :
"We ordered 3000 stickers which came to $378 with shipping. If anyone wants to order some, we’re willing to send them out for 10 cents each ($50 for 500) plus shipping. Please contact us ASAP at info[AT]"
by "Nestor Makhno"
A call for a nationwide general strike next Sept. 11th has some real potential to it -- HOWEVER:

1. A "strike" brought about by capitalists -- like what's being called for on the Santa Cruz indymedia site, a polite request for bosses to shut down for a day -- has absolutely no oppositional content to it. Capitalists have no overwhelming material incentive to lose business based on appeals from the anti-war lobby to some set of abstract moral principles.

2. And in response to proletarians looking for leadership from capital's trade union rent-a-cops; (Teamsters, ad nauseum) to look for unions to act in the interest of union members, let alone the intersts of the wage-earning class as a whole, is as absurd as looking for a Wall Street brokerage house to do this.

Unions are capitalist business organzations -- they have always and always will put the needs of the bosses ahed of the needs of working people. Where do you think all those retired auto plant workers pensions went, anyway?

Doing what your glorious union leaders want you to do is what's gotten you chumps hosed -- recognize the reality of the situation and act collectively in your own interests against the scum who run capital's union apparatus.

3. The peaceniks call for a boss -backed "general strike" on 9/11 is a day late and a dollar short. They should give themselves a solid year to spread this idea -- minus the offer of free backrubs to capitalist exploiters from hippie moralists.

The only way something like this can take off is the word of it has enough time to spread far and wide -- and that means that while US foreign policy is certainly a valid triggering mechanism, the idea has to tap into more profound wellsprings of discontentment with contemporary social conditions as well.

It's a good idea in a lot of ways -- but not in the way they've got it packaged here.
by Bertha
I think that is a great idea...and i disagree with the person who said that you shouldn't mention the dead Iraqis...why not...? they were people too...and they have families who are devastated because of their death...yes, you should mention the other people who are dead, too....maybe you could just say "thousands dead"...? just a suggestion.
But a really good idea...I'll do it!
by KPH
Jesus Christ people... 6 years later and we're still beating this dead horse? THERE IS NO 9/11 CONSPIRACY. I hate to break it to all the paranoid, tin-foil-hat-wearing, rabidly anti-Bush zealots out there, but in 6 years you guys have produced NO actual physical evidence that can stand up to scrutiny, have not convinced any credible experts or media outlets in this or ANY OTHER country to take up this "story", and have accomplished nothing but staging asinine hippie protests and annoying families of the victims while you exploit the deaths of their loved ones to advance your deranged political agenda.

For those who actually want to LEARN about these conspiracy theories instead of blindly following the same sort of conspiracist rhetoric that seems to accompany every single major traumatic event in history, go to this site. It should show beyond a shadow of a doubt that this talk about our government causing 9/11 is unfounded, implausible, baseless, ridiculous and completely, utterly false.
by Bertha
Just a response to the previous person who said that no one believes that there was a 9/11 conspiracy:
I don't think this strike is protesting a conspiracy, per se, more the government's reaction to 9/ know...attacking Iraq, killing thousands of people, the patriot act...basically crimes against humanity that had essentially nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks...
by KPH
If you look at the web site, one of their issues is "9/11 coverup" (not to mention things like "election fraud", so it's clear these people are driven by a rabid anti-Bush ideology rather than facts or evidence). If you're calling the invasion of Iraq a crime against humanity, you are completely ignorant of the world. Foreign policy blunder? Maybe. Crimes against humanity? Only if you live in a deranged world where it would have been better to let Hussein continue to butcher people by the hundreds of thousands.

But rest assured, the vast majority of people attending this worthless protest will be the unhinged loons who think 9/11 was an inside job.
by disgusted
Gee...what a shock. Here's a bunch of crazy liberals recommending a 'strike:' Refusal to partake in the economy or education of our nation? Unwillingness to participate in a moment of silence and/or prayer for those slain, their families and friends, and our great nation? Blaming the government for everything bad that happens in the world? In general, recommendation to sit on our butts and do nothing worthwhile, but to take to the streets and scream and squeak their wheels? Wow, that's original. You liberals play the victim and blame the government every day of your life, so I'm not sure why THIS is so different.

Same old hat. Come up with something new. Maybe you can get the ever-worthy-of-praise Rosie O'Donnell or that wonderfully spoken Prof. Ward Churchill to be your strike spokespersons next year!

"Bush Lied, People Died" and other 'catchy' rhetorice wins you votes and popularity with the Hollywood Left and the teenagers, but reasonable adults (even the one that lean to the left) need more substance, and HEY, how about ACTUAL FACTUAL PROOF!
by Adam MF Trot
Wow, I knew we'd make a big difference with this general strike. Everyone was so excited and motivated when we shut California down!
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