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Action Alert- Stop the Execution of Kenneth Foster!

by Campaign to End the Death Penalty
Hi all,

Below is an action alert about Kenneth Foster in Texas. Below that are words from Kenneth himself. Stay tuned for more.
(attachment not included)

ACTION ALERT – Statement from The Welfare Poets
and the Campaign to End the Death Penalty:


The Campaign to End the Death Penalty is calling for activists to support Kenneth Foster, on death row in Texas and scheduled to be executed Aug. 30, 2007. Texas sentenced Kenneth to death, under Texas’ twisted “Law of Parties,” where being a “party” to a murder is punishable by death. No other state has this hugely unjust law (see attached fact sheet). In prison, Kenneth has become a leader with the DRIVE movement, engaging in non-violent struggle against conditions in the notorious Polunsky Unit.
All eyes must be on Texas to let them know that they cannot get away with such blatant disregard for human life and justice. Contact the Governor’s office:

Tel.: (512) 463-1782
Fax: (512) 463-1849
To email: send message from the website:
http://www.governor .state.tx. us/contact

Sign the online petition at http://www.petition ee88911/petition .html
Go to http://www.freekenneth. com to get involved with the struggle.

**SAVE THE DATE!! Forum for Kenneth Foster with The Welfare Poets, call-in from Texas,
and the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, St. Mary's Church-Harlem, Thurs. July 26, 7 PM**

Call to Action from the Welfare Poets: Kenneth Haramia Foster is set to be executed on August 30th, 2007 for driving a car!!!!

Kenneth Haramia Foster is one of four brothers who first contacted The Welfare Poets in 2004 and asked for assistance with their individual cases and with abolishing the death penalty in general. The three other brothers are Tony Eguna Ford, Randy Arroyo (whose death sentence was commuted to life) and the late Hasan Shakur.

Kenneth Haraminia Foster is our brother/comrade in the most revolutionary sense of the word. He is an artist, writer, thinker and organizer behind the walls who has fought to change conditions not only for himself but for everyone else who yearns for true justice. His initial contact to the Welfare Poets (along with the three other brothers) led to the creation of our Hip-Hop Compilation/ fund-raiser CD against the death penalty "Cruel and Unusual Punishment,” officially released Feb. 1st 2007.

Beyond corresponding by mail and discussing everything from politics to music, we have made the trip to Texas and actually met with the brother in person a few times, speaking for hours. He is a soldier for the people, and it is exactly for this reason they are trying to kill him so swiftly and unjustly. But soldiers do not go quietly.

This execution date is a planned political assassination. Kenneth Haramia Foster is one of our most endangered political prisoners -- they are trying to execute his actions and ideas.

Do all you must to learn about the man and his situation! Go to http://www.freekenneth. com. Learn about the DRIVE Movement. Learn

also about Texas’s heinous "Law of Parties" -- it is beyond ridiculous. (Check our blog on the Law of Parties at thewelfarepoets) . Sign both petitions to stop this execution and to tend the Law of Parties and then get on the move with regards to this planned lynching.

Functions and actions are being planned in NYC, Texas and in other places around the country and world. We must force them to five attention to a freedom fighter who is guilty of killing no one.


To: save_kenneth_ foster@googlegro

On 6/26/07, Kenneth Foster > wrote: Greetings to everyone -
I wanted to drop in a short line. Don't want this group to get too cold. I hope you are all staying busy.

I have been. I've had a very exciting last 3 weeks. As i'm sure you all know by now the most exciting being my marriage with Tasha. Yeah, i'm sure that took many by surprise, but it is what it is. We're happy and building powerfully upon that. We hope to get some photos out to the group so you can see how great things were. We'll hook it up.

Well - what i'm doing is i'm going to make a new section on my site called NEWS FLASHES where there will be brief citations to what's going on with me, So, you all can take peeks at that.

Today i had a good media interview with Rene Feltz from Pacifica radio. This should go in their archives, so people should be able to download it. She said she'd try to get it out in about 2 weeks.

Today special pitches to media went out by people in my legal team (things like major newspapers), so let's hope something comes back.

As of now i'm reaching out to artist that i think i can get down to Austin for the July 21st event. Once we have more details on the July 21st event we'll send out some post so everyone can spread the word far and wide. Hopefully by then we'll already have some media attention and they'll attend.

Yesterday I was interviewed by 3 representatives for the Board of Pardons and Paroles. They will formulate a summary of our interview and submit it to all of the Board Members (I think it's 15 or 18 of them). I did my best, but there is no way to say how a person writes things down or feels about me. They are not allowed to write down their personal feelings, but i guess that'd be pretty hard not to if your job is to give an evaluation of the person you're interviewing. I don't know if they are allowed to write if they feel i was honest, sincere, remorseful or what. Well, like i said, i think i did a good interview. Now it's time to add the pressure to the right people too. I was offered a chance to make a verbal statement to Rick Perry. I asked if i could write mine and they said yes. So i did. We're going to post it on my site. NOW, i have a request. There's many people on this group. I would like to ask ALL of you to give me a response to what you think about the letter.
Once i hear from you all i will give a response and also state why i specifically wrote it this way. And yes, i will speak on who all gave me the time of responding to me. If you're on this group, please participate. I'd like to know your thoughts on this letter. I'd appreciate that.

My attorney did file a new motion for a stay. I got that this morning. I will definitely keep all of you posted to that.

Tomorrow i will visit with my daughter. She's in Texas for her summer visits. I'll see her and her Mother (whom i haven't seen since 2001) thursday and friday (so i was told). As i'm sure you can all imagine with this date looming Nydesha's Mother and i will have a lot to discuss and decide upon. Since Nydesha will be here until September i don't think it'll be wise to speak on the date (that is if Nydesha doesn't already know), due to the fact we're going to win this last appeal. That's the way i'll be leaning, but i will hear her Mother out on any different thoughts. I'll tell you all about the visits soon.

Alright, just a few thoughts for you all. I will be back with you all soon. There is a new journal going up on my site aswell. Stay tapped in. And thank-you for all my soldiers who are fighting so hard day and night.

As always, i leave in strength and love.

In struggle

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