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Still More Friendly Fudge from Mayor Reilly & Chief Skerry on Rape--6-28 at 6 PM on FRSC

by Robert Norse & Steve Smith
Back again on Thursday May 28th at 6 PM on 101.1 FM (also is chapter 3 of Gillian Greensite's critique of Rape Denied in Santa Cruz--the SCPD/City Council's "Spare the Tourists" response.
Phone in as before at 831-427-3772.
Tiptoeing Around the Tourists
by Steve Smith

Remember Larry Vaughn? He was the mayor of the ficitonal town of Amity in the movie Jaws. Made infamous for his denial of the problem of the shark attacks in order to protect the tourism industry in Amity, he must be one of the most craven characters ever portrayed on the big screen.

Santa Cruz, like Amity, is a tourist town. Sharks routinely cruise by but, unlike in Amity, they seldom eat our guests.

A much more real threat is the reality of sexual assault in the city of Santa Cruz. Based on the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports, Santa Cruz today is one of the most dangerous places in America in which to be a woman. The incidence of sexual assault is so high that women are safer in Detroit, LA, New York, and San Francisco. In fact, there is no city in California with a higher rate.

In 2005 we broke records, in 2006 it dropped a bit, but, in 2007 we are again on track to break records. If the current trend continues approximately 55 women will report being raped in Santa Cruz. Not to mention the many more who will be victims and not report.

This high rate is not replicated in any of the surrounding areas or the university, so what is wrong in Santa Cruz? Its time to ask why and to fix it or, will this city council let another summer pass with their heads in the sand hoping the sharks won't attack?

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by Becky Johnson (becky_johnson222 [at]
As former CPVAW Chair, Gillian Greensite reports, Santa Cruz has only a 13% arrest rate for rape or attempted rape cases. Compare this with the statewide average of 40%.

Not only is Mayor Emily Reilly engaging in a deadly cover-up of the clear and present danger posed to Santa Cruz' women, but she, City Manager Dick Wilson, and the rest of the council are not holding the Santa Cruz Police Department accountable for failing to investigate rape cases, poor forensic practices, and for blaming the District Attorney for not prosecuting cases more vigorously! All parties are ignoring the obvious fact that the DA can't investigate a case until the SCPD makes an arrest!!

So what does the City Council do? They dump Greensite from the Commission! I guess if the news is bad, kill the messenger.

Thumbs down to Rotkin, Reilly, Mathews, and Porter for burying this crisis!
by Robert Norse
Greensite will be attending a "Stakeholders Meeting" at the Police Community room (sounds like it's public for any who want to go) 11:30 AM - 1 PM on Wednesday July 27th. The meeting was called by the City’s Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women [CCPVAW] at which Greensite will be representing UCSC Rape Prevention Education.

On the Thursday broadcast, she will be exploring the City Council’s dismissal of the CPVAW report on a rape rate four times the state average in more detail.

She writes: “I think examining the tape in detail goes beyond the issue of rape. It shows how the council, or at least some members, lie, distort and manipulate to get their agenda to appear as tho it came from the public. Staff are good at this, and some council members are good too. “

Questions and comments can be posted on this thread, called in before the show at 423-4833, or on-air at 427-3772.

by thanks!
Thanks for taking the time/energy to continue to post about such an important issue and make this information available.

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