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Max Keiser ,Al Jazeera,Qatar promote Naked U.S. Penny Stock Fraud

by Tony Ryals
Does Max Keiser and Al Jazeera in Arabic have a translation for 'naked shorting' or 'naked short selling' (a term used only by and for a U.S. penny stock scam) in Arabic !? What is it ? ! Does 'naked shorting' explain the collapse of Middle East markets of Dubai,Saudi Arabia and Kuwait,etc.,a while back ? I don't think so,unless Max Kleiser would like to make a case for that as well......

Max Keiser ,Al Jazeera,Qatar promote Naked U.S. Penny Stock Fraud

Does Max Keiser and Al Jazeera in Arabic have a translation for 'naked shorting' or 'naked short selling' (a term used only by and for a U.S. penny stock scam) in Arabic !? What is it ? ! Does 'naked shorting' explain the collapse of Middle East markets of Dubai,Saudi Arabia and Kuwait,etc.,a while back ? I don't think so,unless Max Kleiser would like to make a case for that as well......

Max Keiser ,Al Jazeera promote Naked U.S. Penny Stock Fraud

And James Dale Davidson's 'naked shorting' fraud

Max Keiser,ex Wall Street insider,has not changed his stripes.Keiser did not short or encourage others to short sell Coca-Cola while bashing and criticizing its
business in public and by media for 'environmental' reasons.He did it because once a Wall Street and international stock manipulator,always aWall Street and international stock manipulator.

Max and his Qatar Al Jazeera now want us to believe a 'big evil' called naked short selling' or 'naked shorting', that seems only to only haunt U.S. penny stocks and NASDAQ scams including Rudi Giuliani's corrupt ex NYPD Chief,Bernie Kerrick's Taser stun gun shares or Saudi and Iran-Conta arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi's GenesisIntermedia pump and dump scam that came unglued around September 9,2001 or 9/11 or the pump and dump of Patrick Byrne and his Geico insurance billionaire dad,Jack,or all the result of unsubstantiated and unproven 'naked shorting' or 'digital' or internet share counterfeitting by unknown parties over the internet !

A number of equally sleezy penny stocks have been making this unfounded and fraudulent claim,(David Patch who runs the fraudulent,virtually SEC endorsed
and suppoedly 'anti-naked short selling' website called has a massive list that even includes Adnan Kashoggi's massive U.S. penny stock fraud,GenesisIntermedia) ,at least since National Taxpayers Union founder and Steve Forbes pal,James Dale Davidson,began making it with two Canadian penny stock promoters named Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins around 2002.Their NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling office was located at the same Blaine,Washington office where the their Genemax 'biotech' penny stock promotion office was located - probably in the same room with the same phone !

Although NAANSS and its website disappeared or started disappearing from the internet around 2004, David Patch who also helped pump and dump shares of the Canadian 'biotech' penny stock scam called Genemax,(named for J.D Davidson,'s sleezy newsmax.con pseudo-news website that receives occasional pr from Rupert Murdoch's far right Fox News ?),continued to run his sleezy Vancouver penny stock connected anti-naked short selling website. You can be sure that if Steve Forbes is connected to Murdoch's phoney and anti-American
Fox News so too to some extent his pal James Dale Davidson(founder of the far right and elite National Taxpayers Union in Alxandria,Virginia near Chris Cox's SEC office),also has influence there.

So far Rupert Murdoch's Fox News(that I compared to Al Jazeera in previous writing )spews outright lies and uses fear of the economy and market 'business news' to meddle in U.S. politics as well as manipulate the stock market with their schizophrenic antic.Murdoch
should be treate as a foreign agent both because of his obvious bias in favor of the Chinese government and censoring his competitor BBC to appease same.
His wife is from China and neither he nor her nor Murdoch's Australian sons should have such control of the U.S. government and influenced by foreign interests such as China's and Israel's over America that has rewrded him in his greed all too handsomely.

Naked short selling,if it occured on any significant scale,would be equivalent to counterfeitting money and would be illegal except for market makers who buy and sell shares for a profit and who could conceivably fill an order for a client by temporarily
taking the order then purchasing the amount through another market maker.But the truth is that those who
Max Keiser and Al Jazeera are really aiding are the criminals such as Agora Inc.'s James Dale Davidson, Adnan Kashoggi and an international far right with W Bush regime connections who use worthless unaudited penny stock shares for both illegal pumps and dumps or promotions often on the internet followed by masive dumping or selling of their really worthless shares and shell companies !

And why would the Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani allow his Al-Jazeera network to be used to promote a penny stock fraud and fraudulent 'naked shorting' claim specific only to U.S.penny stocks ? Does the emir of Qatar have a horse in the rigged races of U.S. penny stock fraud hosted by NASDAQ whose entire listing of worthless penny stock shell companies mainly benefitting U.S. and offshore criminals such as James Dale Davidson,Adnan Kashoggi,,at the expense of defrauded Americans ?

We know the Kuwaiti royalty have been enticed into the lucrative U.S. penny stock operations of the Bush regimes of Herbert Walker Bush and his son W. The Skyway Communications penny stock scam of Bush controlled Florida whose D-9 plane was busted with over 5.5 tons of cocaine aboard in Ciudad Del Carmen Campeche in April 2006 was an Al Ali Al Sabah,(headof Kuwait National gusard),'investment !

We also know the 'security' for Dulles Airport and the WTC on 9/11 was provided by a worthless,fraudulent penny stock called Stratesec owned and controlled by Marvin Bush,a Walker relative and a member of the Sabah Kuwaiti royalty family ! A penny stock fraud with intent to defraud investors as well as a 'security' fraud !

And we now know a fraudulent Israeli penny stock company(incorporated in the U.S. of course) called ICTS International was in charge of 'security' for the Boston Logan Airport and other sites critical for pulling off 9/11 ! ICTS includes convicted Israeli criminal Menachem Atzmon with close ties to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as one of the firms executives !

We know James Dale Davidson began a promotion of a phoney shell penny stock company called Nannaco, incorporated in Nevada not surprisingly,that lied about its Saudi assets in order to defraud U.S. investors.It was only the bad pr that Davidson and Nannaco received on internet that brought that fraud to an end or it would probably be complaining liewing about being a 'victim of naked short selling' by now as well.

The fraudulent website since changed to '' was rumored on to receive many Saudi,Kuwaiti and Middle Eastern viewers even though the naked shorting claim is mainly a U.S. penny stock fraud. Why are Al Jazeera and Max Keiser aiding this U.S.
penny fruad associatd with unaccounted for shares that were most likey used for money laundering ?
Is this the American government's allies and agent's own 'hawala' or form of Middle East money laundering
that they themselves decry but foment in the Middle East to cover their looting of Iraq ?

Does Max Keiser and Al Jazeera in Arabic have a translation for 'naked shorting' or 'naked short selling' (a term used only by and for a U.S. penny stock scam) in Arabic !? What is it ? ! Does 'naked shorting' explain the collapse of Middle East markets of Dubai,Saudi Arabia and Kuwait,etc.,a while back ? I don't think so,unless Max Kleiser would like to make a case for that as well......

A Dubai connected financial investment company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur called Bellador Group made the same fraudulent claim in regards to a Stanford University penny stock scam name Endovasc some time ago.The only thing is that they were themselves promoting the worthless unaudited shares of Sndovasc,(Bellador never disclosed how many Endovasc shares they had) and selling them and the U.S. SEC allowed them to do so ! Although a Mr.Peter Taylor of Bellador Group and his Arizona attorney Ron Logan lied about 'naked shorting' to explain Endovasc collapse in share price the SEC did nothing and the U.S. government's 'IT' or internet technology monopoly SRA International or SRX shares were also promoted and recommended and probably sold by the illegal,now disappeared,Kuala Lumpur and Dubai boiler room Bellador Group with its CIA and Dubai connections !

It appears that Mr.Max Keiser is nothing but a self and fraud promoting con artist And to promote a fraudulent claim of being 'naked shorted' where only illegal pump and dump scams and corresponding money laundering is occuring is both criminal and a form of psychological terrorism against defrauded investors and Al Jazeera is aiding and abetting !

Qatar Emir, Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani and his followers should consider that the path Max Keiser and his far right Wall Street criminal class lead them down is worse than usary - it is outright theft !

Al Jazeera should cease and desist from aiding U.S. and international penny stock criminals in their fraud and money laundering with worthless U.S. and NASDAQ approved penny stock scams.And Mr.Adnan Kashoggi,Bush connected arms dealer and Iran-Contra figure,of Saudi Arabia who is still wanted in Thailand over 1997 banking collapse fraud,
should also stop making the fraudulent 'naked short selling' claim as an excuse for his GenesisIntermedia pump and dump fraud that netted him at least over $100 million on the defrauded backs of Americans and 'retail' U.S. penny stock investors or victims.

Neither were Bernie Kerrick's Taser stun gun stock scam nor Patrick Byrne's stock manipulation scams were 'naked shorted' either....

Nor were NAANSS,Agora Inc. of Baltimore and James Dale Davidson's Genemax and Endovasc penny stock frauds.......

Prominent business publications that have fomented the unsubstantiated claim of 'naked shorting' include New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's bloomberg.con
and Steve Forbes forbes.con websites.Bloomberg even made a scammy video used by those involved in penny stock fraud to promote the internet fraud.A Mr. Thomas Ronk of that makes fraudulent claims of having software that detects 'naked short selling' and who was previously fined even by the lax NASDAQ folks for stock scams posted the bloomberg.con video 'misinfomercial' on youtube.Of course they have also since posted Max Keiser's and Al Jazeera's video contribution to U.S. penny stock fraud on youtube as well.

The bloomberg.con video misinfomercial stars the ubiquitous James Angel,Georgetown University penny stock scamster debonaire who first starred in a naked
short selling video for NCANS or National Coalition Against Naked Shorting,as well as the Securities Exchange Commission Chairman and California ponzi scheme suspect himself,Christopher 'WMDS' Cox.I call it a 'securities' porn flick.Houston attorneys
John O'Quinn and Wex Christian have also been aiding the fraud for years receiving worthless shares to sell or dump while telling investors they are just fighting 'naked shorting' for their corporate penny stock clients(i.e.-criminals)Also ex Utah SEC attorney
Brent Baker has been bribed by Patrick Byrne in the form of employment for iding the fraudulent naked shorting claim and probably for not convicting James Dale Davidson and his Agora Inc for leading the fraudulent claim in 2002.

Below is a quote by the anonymous penny stock promoter 'Bob O'Brien' from his and Patrick Byrne's thesanitycheck.con website .Byrne is the son of Geico insurance billionaire Jack Byrne and they are both friends of Warren Buffett.Patrick and his dad put over $1 million stolen dollars from their
NASDAQ scam into bribing Utah and U.S. politicians and sponsoring political dirty tricks such as the 'Swift Boat Captains For Truth'.The Mormon Republican Senators of Utah Bob Bennett and Orin Hatch are among Patrick Byrne's biggest supporters in fighting
the anonymous and non-existent 'naked short sellers'.The delusional rich boy's son Patrick even refers to a fictional naked short selling entity as the 'Sith Lord' ! Does Max Keiser and the Emir of Kuwait also recognize a 'Sith Lord' behind the naked short selling conspiracy as do their Mormon cohorts ?

In many ways one could say Patrick Byrne's Overstock.con stock manipulation and dumping that Byrne fraudulently blames on 'naked short selling' is
what helped fund right wing dirty political campaigns
such as Swift Boat Captains For Truth' that W Bush's
new ambassodor to Belgium also had a hand in.The
million dollar anti-John Edwards campaign paid by Patrick and his daddy Jack Byrne really came as free money from the NASDAQ listed pump and dump scam that they fraudulently blame on
'naked short selling'.

The erroneous claim of massive 'naked short selling' that was started greatly by far right Beltway founder of Steve Forbes' National Taxpayers Union,James Dale Davidson.His fly by night NAANSS or National Association Against Naked Short Selling website ws locate out of Blaine,Washington in 2002-2003 that he also promoted worthless Genemax shares from the same office.He has Washington D.C. connections and his NTU office is conveniently locate near SEC Chirman Christopher 'Naked Short' Cox's main office in Alexandria,Virginia,where the international penny stock mafi and government connected con artists hold much sway.

James Dale Davidson was employer of ex CIA Chief William Colby before his mysterious death and was in charge of promoting Richard Mellon-Scaife,'s politically motivated claim and media accusation that Bill Clinton killed his own childhood friend Vince Foster who most likely committed suicide.

NASDAQ and penny stock tout websites that the U.S.SEC and Chairman Christopher 'WMDS' Cox allows to operate on the world wide internet and promote worthless U.S. penny stock companies the U.S.SEC should be closing and prosecuting instead !
Unfortunately our SEC that should be free of influence
peddling even gets a monthly 'briefing' from the CIA who are known and mitte penny stock investors as well s illegal promoters and dumpers !

Bob O'Brien or 'bobo' of thesanitycheck.con is probably either Steve Forbes' pal James Dale Davidson of the National Taxpayers Union and Agora Inc.,or in his employ.'Bob O'Brien' now promotes 'naked shorting' 'terrorist penny stock chatter' from aljazeera of Qatar and its stock tout,basher and manipulator in chief, Max Keiser, just as he did NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg's bloomberg.con and Steve Forbes' forbes.con before that for aiding U.S. penny stock fraud with scammy videos and yellow journalism on the supposed evils of 'naked short selling' which so far appears to be a small or non-existent problem used to distract from illegal pump and dump and money laundering with unaudited U.S.penny stocks to benefit an American and international right wing criminal elite who hold sway with the U.S. government and its corrupt U.S. SEC Chairman Christopher Naked Shorts Cox,and some of its far right commissioners such as Paul Atkins and SEC cyber fraud John Reed Stark!

Below is from thesanitycheck.con praising Wall Street con artist Max Keiser and his fraudulent Al Jazeera aided video claiming U.S. penny stocks are victims of 'naked short selling' rather than being the fraudulent pumps and dumpsthey really are.Why does Al Jazeera have a vested interest in promoting a very American penny stock fraud of massive proportions !? :

from :

An Absolutely Amazing and Definitive Video Special On Market Manipulation, Naked Short Selling, Hedge Funds
Location: Blogs Bob O'Brien's Sanity Check Blog
Posted by: bobo 6/2/2007 2:31 AM
If you don't do anything else this month, you need to go watch this special on how rigged the so-called "free" markets are.

It's clear, concise, amusing in a wry, quirky way...and terribly sad, as it shows that it is simple to explain all this in a comprehensible manner, and yet it isn't by the supposedly fair US media. Commentator Max Keiser does a remarkable job in describing how completely ugly this is, and arrives at the same conclusion I did - playing in a rigged game is a fool's errand.

part 1

part 2

This wasn't created by anyone connected with the US system, but rather by the evil, nasty, just plain bad, Al Jazeera network, who we all know, and are told by our keepers, drinks Christian baby blood while plotting the end of freedom, apple pie, puppies, and Grandma.

Watching it should cause a sick tickling feeling in your stomach, as you realize that the network that is often denigrated by the US mainstream was capable of creating what I believe is the benchmark for explaining the structural problems in the market, and the hypocrisy of the US media in pretending that all is well.

It isn't. At all. Watch this series. Recommend it to everyone. Regardless of your sentiments about Al Jazeera, consider the message, not the source. Defenders of Wall Street corruption will no doubt argue that this is all anti-capitalism propaganda by those who hate the west. No doubt they will do so while ignoring the merits of the facts cited and the plain-language conclusions one must draw from knowing the facts. They will rail that this is the evil work of anti-Western forces intent upon the destruction of all we hold dear - exactly as the Soviet machine argued that free exchange of information and ideas was anti-Soviet propaganda.

Folks, I'm one of those guys that wants to know the truth about how things are, even if it isn't pretty. I'd rather know reality, than some pabulum designed to make me feel good. What does it say about the US media when this has to be created and run on an alternative platform, rather than a mainstream one? What does it say about the other information we are receiving? Think it through.

And then reconsider your other assumptions.

Anyone else feeling a little nauseated?

Go watch it. Digg this blog entry. Favorite this video. It is really a remarkable piece, and anyone that watches it will immediately understand how badly awry things have gone.

Bob O'Brien of thesanitycheck.con(who some believe is either James Dale Davidson,friend of Steve Forbes and founder of The National Taxpayers Union or in his pay)
And this is Max Keiser who did the 'naked short selling psy-ops' video on the evils of 'naked short selling' for aljazeera that penny stock pump and dump-money laundering gang then placed on youtube.So aljazeera of Qatar joins the fraud that bloomberg.con and forbes.con have been promoting as 'fact' in order to aid major organized criminal elements using U.S. penny stocks for illegal schemes including money laundering in terrorist suspect money laundering states such as Dubai,Luala Lumpur,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia the UAE and Israel ! Why does the U.S.SEC and Christopher Naked Shorts Cox not only allow this but covers up for international penny stock criminals such as Bellador Group of Kuala Lumpur,etc. ?

Max Keiser a member of STWR a 'Share The World Resources member' and his scammy anti 'naked short' conspiracy video posted on the Al Jazeera out of Qatar that owns the television station or at least its king or whatever title the Bush allied sultan or emir or simply elite billionaire royal that rules the country is called.As I have said before in 'Al Jazeera:Fox News of The Middle East',this Qatar satelite television station is NO alternative the international media carpet bagger,Rupert Murdoch !In fact their collective interest in manipulating world markets and keeping their subjects and consumers in the dark is virtually the same.

And so now we know this hedge fund guy who likes to mask himself in 'green' 'share the wealth' bs is himself well known Wall Street scheister and hedge fundie who was also involved in attempts to manipulate or short-bash Coca-Cola shares a while back.And he has even written up by the Reverend Sun Yung Moon's far right Washington Times. Truly this guy is the scum of the earth. You can find a little more about him on wikipedia.He even compares himself to The Doors Morrison even though to my knowledge he has no musical or poetic talent whatsoever ! What a fraud promoting and self promoting scumbag.The kind Steve Forbes' pal J.D. Davidson or even 'Bob O'Brien' would adore !

forbes.con,bloomberg.con,aljazeera.con...What's the difference !?

November 23, 2003
It's Just a Game, but Hollywood Is Paying Attention

The Hollywood Stock Exchange, known as HSX, was started in 1996 by Max Keiser, who had been a stockbroker, and Michael Burns, a former investment banker who is now vice chairman of Lions Gate Entertainment, which produces and distributes films and television shows. In 2001, they sold HSX to Cantor Index Holdings, a London-based unit of Cantor Fitzgerald, the Wall Street firm. After buying the game, Cantor introduced film futures for its investment clients in Britain, using real money in this case. With the Hollywood Exchange as a guide, Cantor puts a price on a certain film and the customers can bet on whether that will ultimately be too high or too low.
HSX co-founder Max Keiser on a quest to reinvent economics
From the promotional documentation of CEO Max Keiser’s venture (Kinooga):

Max Keiser launched his career working as a registered securities brokers for some of the largest and most prestigious financial houses in the world, including Shearson Lehman, Alex Brown & Sons and Oppenheimer & Co. His tenure on Wall Street, at the beginning of the longest bull market in history, was a time of financial innovation that would change the foundations of markets and finance around the world. From junk bonds to leveraged buyouts, new ideas were being applied to old financial formulae.

In late 1995, at a meeting at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood California, Max Keiser pitched Michael Burns, a colleague from Wall Street who had moved to LA, on the idea of trading futures contracts based on Hollywood Box Office returns.To test the idea, a virtual exchange, the Hollywood Stock Exchange was built and launched in February of 1996. The site’s immediate success required a more robust, scalable technology to be built. Cambridge Technology Partners was hired for this task. Backed by Burn’s investment, Keiser, with input from Burns, invented the Virtual Specialist Technology; (U.S. pat. no. 5950176) a system for ‘making markets’ with virtual securities whose value is tied to a virtual currency, the Hollywood Dollar. A Virtual SEC, Reserve Bank, and Treasury were also created to manage and regulate this new economy [*]. Esther Dyson’s Release 1.0 hailed the invention as a breakthrough in technologically and economics. It is widely understood that the Virtual Specialist Technology helped define an emerging school of economics that has, as its basis, Robert Metcalfe’s ‘network effect,’ or ‘increased returns economics.’

Keiser went on to test this theories in the field of increased returns economics applying the idea to activism in the creation of Karma Banque which attempts to monetize dissent and re-balance the price discovery mechanism of stocks in companies who are the subject of anti-globalization campaigns. By targeting only companies vulnerable to a boycott, that is, where stocks are trading at a high multiple of sales, activists can attract the attention of professional speculators and hedge fund managers who ‘attack’ the stock with negative bets such as short-sales that drive the stock price down. This gives, in effect, activists, access to the trillion dollar plus hedge fund industry as allies in the fight for greater corporate social responsibility. A company is legally bound to defend its stock price whereas it is not legally bound to behave responsibly. By depriving a company of capital activists, working with hedge funds, force risks that have been ‘externalized’ off a company’s balance back onto that company’s balance sheet. Not responding to this and the agenda of the activists then becomes a question of whether or not the company is ignoring its fiduciary responsibility, a transgression that no CEO or board member can ignore without incurring substantial regulatory risk

Karmabanque & Monetizing Dissent
On July 14, 2002, Max launched Karmabanque. After the Seattle riots, or WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 protest activity, Max smelled "a bull market in dissent" and decided it was possible, using his knowledge of virtual markets and currencies, to 'monetize dissent.' Karmabanque introduces smart boycotts where the balance of power in deciding stock prices shifts from corporations to activists.

From June 2004, Max was invited to write a monthly column for The Ecologist magazine in which he profiled the idea of an activist hedge fund targeting the multinational corporation most vulnerable to a boycott, Coca Cola. The hedge fund was greeted with wide spread publicity and controversy. Coca Cola responded by saying,

"It's unfortunate that anyone would attempt to hurt Coca-Cola shareholders by waging such an effort without knowing and recognizing the facts."

Private Eye magazine said,

"Goldsmith's Ecologist has been championing a campaign by the organization Karma Banque to drive down the share price of the Coca Cola Company. Karma Banque, the brainchild of green activist, Max Keiser, organizes "smart boycotts" of companies it considers unethical, and, at the same time, sells the company's shares short, inviting hedge funds to pile in and do the same. Every time the company's share price drops, Karma Banque collects a profit, which it pledges to use to help the world's poor." That is, until Goldsmith joined the Tory party as environmental policy adviser under the Tory's, Sir John Gummer, chairman of Coca Cola's UK environmental advisory board.

Within months, David Cameron, leader of the Tory party was pushing Coca Cola as a beacon of corporate social responsibility.

[edit] Al Jazeera English
Recently, Keiser has been working as a presenter for Al Jazeera English.

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