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Encounters with Minutemen: Raging Grannies 'N' Friends

by Granny Ruth
Raging Grannies and Friends counter-protest appearances by the Minutemen on the Peninsula. Scenes here are from cities of Redwood City and San Mateo. Next Minutemen counter protest in Peninsula/South Bay area will be in Campbell on May 12. Contact us for details.
Supporting cast: Members of Veterans for Peace Chapters 69 and 101, Unite Here Local 2, and assorted Granny fans.

Redwood City "Granny Clean-up the Hate Action" was covered in the San Mateo Daily News.

City of San Mateo Counter Demo was featured on channels 4, 5 and 7. Those interviewed included Veterans for Peace members Mike Caggiano and George Johnson. George asked pointedly on air: I wonder if those Minutemen think about who is preparing their food when they eat at Taco Bell or another restaurants?

At San Mateo demo, police were doing a pretty good job of trying to keep the two sides apart, "for safety reasons". But actually the two sides got along pretty well and had some interesting discussions.

Back in July 2006, Grannies met up with Al Garza, MM National Executive Director, and shared conversation when both groups were demonstrating against Alberto Gonzales' speech in Santa Clara, promoting the Bush immigration reform plans.

Most of the Minutemen in San Mateo were willing to engage in conversation. One made a rude comment to a Granny of a harassing nature...and others apologized to the offended Granny...ooh, but not before she let an indelicate word slip. Bad Granny! We do try our best to maintain Granny demeanor at all times.

First 7 photos are of May 5 San Mateo Counter Demo and last 4 are of our "Clean Up the Hate" appearance following a Minuteman Demo several days previously.
§Granny Gail and Unite Here Local 2
by Granny Ruth
Granny Gail in red white and blue. Why should the Minutemen have sole use of our flag's colors! Granny Gail here with a young fellow who dropped by from Unite Here Local 2. Grannies love the young activists!
§Richard, Granny Fan
by Granny Ruth
Richard took photos and got into deep discussion with one of the Minutewomen. Richard sees us at the anti-war demos and at Camp Pelosi when we are in SF, read our indybay alert about the Minutemen counterdemo, and came down to get involved. Yay, Richard!
§Music soothes the soul
by Granny Ruth
Patrick of United Educators of San Francisco (and occasional Raging Granny member on mandolin) helped us keep our cool. Patrick even intervened on behalf of the Minutemen when police tried to get them to stop leafletting the cars exiting Hillsdale Mall. "They have a right to freedom of expression too!," Patrick told the cops.
§Cops appeal to Grannies
by Granny Ruth
Police asked us to get off the pedestrian island...which we refused to do, and then made a special appeal requesting we not taunt the Minutemen to come over and talk. Then they threatened to take away the bullhorn we had on loan from Unite Here Local 2 fellow. Grannies don't really need a bullhorn, we are LOUD!
§Body Guard Brent
by Granny Ruth
Brent is big into Election Protection...and Granny Protection. Fearless, he went with Granny Gail and others across to meet the Minutemen and women.
§Minutewoman Hiding behind her hastily scribbled poster
by Granny Ruth
This Minutewoman did not want to be photographed. Meanwhile, our videographer making a documentary about the Grannies filmed the entire demo. Several MM were willing to be interviewed on camera, and if they don't end up on the cutting room floor will be seen in our upcoming TV show.
§Two days earlier in Redwood City
by Granny Ruth
Grannies Gail and Maria carry signs. We had to hold our counterprotest several days AFTER the MM had been in Redwood City...we didn't make it on time to their Aug 28 demo.
§Calling on the Ancestors
by Granny Ruth
Remove the Hate left by those who would not welcome all to our community!
§Spiritual Healer
by Granny Ruth
Sage, rattles, drumming, chants, all contributed to the spiritual cleansing led by Granny Sharon, a certified Spiritual Healer. Photo by E. Oeverndiek
by Granny Ruth
A spiritual cleansing, after a good vigorous mopping and scubbing of the Redwood City Plaza, lifted our spirits and we thanked the Ancestors for restoring community spirit. Photo by E. Oeverndiek
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