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SF events 4.3
by thirst
Tuesday Apr 3rd, 2007 4:02 PM
World Water Challenge
Tuesday Apr 3
2PM Memorial for Nadia Cabezas, aka Kitty Kastro
5:30PM "The Future of US Energy: The Oil Dependence...
7PM Iran, Britain and the U.S.: The Hidden History
7PM Palo Alto: Free Forum - "Inside Iran"
Wednesday Apr 4
7PM World Water Challenge

7PM Norman Solomon & Cindy Sheehan to speak at...
7PM San Francisco State: FREE SF8 Black Panther Event
7PM World Water Challenge
Thursday Apr 5
7PM Video Café: 'Peace, Propaganda and the Promised...
More Events...

- - - -

Tue Apr 3 Free Museums SF! see: 1.2 Free Museum Days

Wed Apr 4 Free Museums SF! see: 1.2 Free Museum Days

San Francisco’s World Water Challenge 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. on April 4
Women’s Building SF, 3543 18th St. in the Mission, @ Valencia and Guerrero St.

4/5 1st Thursdays art Receptions @ 49 Geary, 5:30-7:30 pm 30 galleries in a 5 story building. Aslo 14 geary and 77 Geary 2nd Floor till 8pm

Thu, Apr 5, 6pm 57 Post St. @ Market SF 57 Post St.
Thirst: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water

4/5 6PM: GOLDEN GATE PARK Guides free training (USF / panhandle)


BYOBW 2007 Sunday, April 8, 4:00 PM
the Bring Your Own Big Wheel race is back and curvier than ever!*

- - - - 561-6890
April - May SF Tree Plantings and Tree Care Days:
Noe Valley Tree Planting - April 14 - Mei Ling Hui x110
Hayes Valley Tree Care - April 14 - Ellyn Shea x102
Marina Tree Planting - April 21 - Christian Drake x100
OMI Tree Care - April 28 - Ellyn Shea x102
Mission Tree Planting - May 5 - Christian Drake x100
Mission Tree Care - May 12 - Ellyn Shea x102
Mission Basin Expansion - May 19 - Mei Ling Hui x110
Marina Tree Care - May 19 - Ellyn Shea x102

[this-week-in-trees] 187 - Earth's Tree News
Can be viewed on the web at or
by sending a blank email message to earthtreenews-subscribe [at]

3M executives quizzed on water concerns - PFBA PFOA PFOS

April 2007

Tue Apr 3

Tue Apr 3 Free Museums SF! see: 1.2 Free Museum Days

Researching Orgasmic Meditation Lecture w/ Founder of One Taste Nicole Daedone
Tuesday, April 3, 7:45pm-9:45pm One Taste Urban Retreat Center
1074 Folsom St @ 7th st SF, CA 94103 415-503-1100 $15 per person
Hybrid Practice Lecture Series at OneTaste™ presents:
"Researching Orgasmic Meditation" with the founder of OneTaste™, Nicole Daedone
Nicole Daedone is the founder of OneTaste™ Urban Retreat Center. She picked up credentials, starting at Temple University and moving to San Francisco State. Mentored by Dr. Dean Barnlund, an early collaborator of Alan Watts, she graduated second in her department and was awarded the Golden Key Award, given to the top 10% of graduate students in the United States .
Nicole graduated from a Confirmation Course from the Welcomed Consensus, an intensive experiential course geared to expand female orgasm to the transpersonal level. She fell in love with the research and has spent the past seven years devoting her energy to the work of Dr. Victor Baronco, founder of More University.
She has taught courses for the past eleven years, starting at San Francisco State and moving on to private institutes of self-actualization and transformation. She has done extensive coaching with both couples and individuals, focusing on uncovering the unsaid, unseen and unfelt. Her greatest desire is to give back that which has been given so graciously to her.

Wed Apr 4

Wed Apr 4 Free Museums SF! see: 1.2 Free Museum Days

Wed, Apr 4, 5pm Ignacio Chapela's Walk, Talk, and Buck the Fence
Memorial Oak Grove Berkeley

Wed, 4/4 5:30pm San Francisco Green Drinks Varnish Fine Art Gallery
77 Natoma (at 2nd) SF
Every month people who work in the environmental field meet up
for a beer at informal sessions known as Green Drinks.

San Francisco’s World Water Challenge 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. on April 4
Women’s Building SF, 3543 18th St. in the Mission, @ Valencia and Guerrero St.
WHAT: Join faith leaders, water experts, community members, and environmental groups as we celebrate international World Water Day with an evening of education and action. The World Water Challenge is an hour-long community education program about the dangers of corporate control of water and actions to turn back the tide. Included are stories of corporate water abuses in Asia, Latin America, the United Kingdom and North America.
The event is part of Corporate Accountability International's “Think Outside the Bottle” campaign, which raises awareness about the growing global water crisis, and organizes to protect water as a human right, instead of a corporate commodity.
The United Nations estimates that by 2025, 2 out of 3 people will not have access to water. Find out how we can work together here in the Bay Area for this invaluable common good. Free food provided! Bring your families, friends, and neighbors. All are welcome.
Keynote Speaker: Jared Blumenfeld, Director San Francisco Department of the Environment
RSVP to Ashley Schaeffer at NoCorporateWater @, phone: (510) 644-4956

Sf New Tech Meetup Wed April 4, 7:00 PM
CNET 235 2nd St SF, CA 94105 between Howard and Folsom

Wed, Apr 4, 7pm-12:30 am
Keynote Speaker: Jared Blumenfeld, Director San Francisco Department of the Environment
Womens Building 3543 18th St. SF (btwn Valencia, Guererro)

Wednesday, April 4, 7:30 pm -- 4/4 -- PINK JAPAN with MIDORI
Pink Japan: Contemporary Sex Culture at CSC, 290 Division at 10th, Suite 405 * $20

Thu Apr 5

4/5 1st Thursdays art Receptions @ 49 Geary, 5:30-7:30 pm 30 galleries in a 5 story building. Aslo 14 geary and 77 Geary 2nd Floor till 8pm

Thu, Apr 5, 6pm 57 Post St. @ Market SF 57 Post St.
Thirst: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water
57 Post St. @ Market SF or

4/5 6PM: GOLDEN GATE PARK Guides free training (USF / panhandle)
San Francisco Parks Trust's Golden Gate Park Guides is a volunteer-run program that develops and leads walking tours of Golden Gate Park. Share your love of the Park with others.
Attend the orientation meeting: Thursday, April 5, 6PM
McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park (Stanyan at JFK Drive)
Parking available. Light refreshments provided.
There will be a slideshow on the history of Golden Gate Park and sign-ups for the Park Guide training.
Email parkguide [at] to register. Come be a part of the history of the Park.

Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance Meeting, Thursday, April 5, 2007, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. 522 Valencia St., just up from the 16th St. Bart Station

Fri Apr 6

silent auction at David Baker + Partners, Architects fundraiser party April 6, 2007.
benefit Livable City 461 Second Street, #127 (at Bryant) 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Friday, April 6, 6-8 pm -- BENEFIT FOR WANDERLUST BIKE TOUR! Our associate Nora and her trusty bike Rhonda will take to the highways next month to pedal across country seeking sex-positive folks as well as people working for reproductive rights. Come send her off and donate to her expenses as she blazes a trail of CSC associates all across the US! 6-8 pm at Good Vibrations, 1620 Polk St btw. Sacramento and Clay.

Opening Reception April 6 7-10pm 828 Valencia

Sat Apr 7


BunnyJam07 is coming up, Saturday April 7th.
It's going to be at the Porn Palace space in SF (mission, near the metreon parking garage).
Great space, that looks really nice inside. Castle Room, Barnyard, Retro Bar Room, Jail Room, and more.
The theme is going to be: "The Hare-Itics Ball : Ye Ole Bunny Jamme" Hop with it.
We really need some fresh bunny art so it's not just the same stuff recycled from last year.
We have alot of small (as in up to 5x5 feet) spaces spread around the venue that we'd love to fill with bunny art. This is where you come in to play. Do you have an idea for an art installation, interactive art piece, performance art piece, or anything really, that you would like to bring to bunny jam?
If so, send me a message or email me at sfaaron26 [at]
We also need general volunteers for set up and running the party, but that doesn't take as much advanced planning.

DISH Collective presents..
The 7th Annual Bunny Jam
Ye Olde Bunny Jamme VII: the HARE-itics BALL
Saturday, April 7, 2007
@ The Bunny Palace (aka the Porn Palace)
415 Jessie St. (@ Mission & 5th St./ The SF Mint)
SF - 94103 - 24 hour secure parking at Metreon Lot
8pm till 4am
$20 full-bunny; $25 sum-bunny; $30 un-bunny
Full bar • 21+ with i.d., please
Art • Performances • Projections • Furiginal Bunny Music • Hopping!!!

Sat. April 7th - Bunny Jam 7 - San Francisco! =)
This Sat., April 7th, Bunny Jam 7 is on! Get your
bunny costumes ready and let's do this! So many great
performances, a fashion show, costumes, carrots,
and... i am playing my first ever "live" set of
original music, for 20 min.! I am so excited! Thank
you Aaron, and Bunny Jam for having me! I am on live
around 1:10am by the bar - seriously scared, but super
excited!! =)
Be sure to wear your bunny costume, otherwise you will
be sent to the Bunnification Station where you will be
dressed by others as a Bunny. See you there! =)
8pm to 4am The Porn Palace 415 Jessie St.
(between 5th and 6th St. / between Market and Mission)
San Francisco, CA. 94103
Come ye Bunny! HARE-itics neue and olde! The king has
cracked his egg and the queen is scrambled! So were
locking them in the BUNgeon and loosening the royal
corset for a night of mad-hopped deBUNNchery!
"Bunnification Station " Dr. Frankenpeeps Recombinant
P(eep)NA LAB " HOPstacle Course " VagaBunny Opera "
Bunny Pong " VaVa Bunny Burlesque " Simmerin
Hasenpfeffers Electronique EARamin " The Fur
Arts Collective " Bed, Basket and Beyond " Bunny Robot
MKII " Chesire Rock HOPera " Circus MeHOPolus " The
HARE-itical Processional Band "Annual FURshion Show "
Caterpillary Therapy " Sockety Puppety Softy
Lofty " Human Vivisection Section " Lynched Rabbits in
the Embryonic Theater " Dr. Farmly & Friends Billion
Bangin Bunnies Barnyard Bash (hooray!) " Hareberts
Hare Apparent Projectoons " Ballistic Bunny
Blasters " Silver Carrot SINema " Rockem Sockem
"Wack-a-Wabbit " FURtographer Roam-a-lot " the
Adorable Antics of Mr.Bunny Chainsaw & more floppin
fun than you can shake yer carrot at!!!
Including The Incomparable Talents Of The Bay Areas
Finest Bunnyflippin Artists, Vjs, Djs And Perfurmers:
"1BunnyJoe" Bison Bunny " Black & White Bunny "
Boenobo Bunny " Bunnyverser " CameraBunny " Carrot
Lewis " Celestinabunny " Courtenay Bunny " Dizzy Hops
" Dr. FrankenPeep " Dr. Farmly " Dr. J. Wabbitkiss
" Erica Bunny Cane " Forest the Green Bunny "
Furtographer " HelgaBunny " Holcomb Bunnylite " Jackie
Jackrabbit " Jovino Bunny " LittleRabbit " Mein HARE!
"Marcia Crosbunny " Kharma Bunny " Little
Bunny Zack " NeonBunny " Osama bin Bunny " RunRabbit
Harebert " Rad Jackelope " RainbowBunny " Scarlet
OHare " Shimmery Bunny " Simmerin Hasenpfeffer "
Skibit " Spoonish Bunny " Starbunny " Strawberry Bunny
" Scooter Thumper X " SugarBunni " Universal Bunny
Volunteers: email - peep at bunnyjam dot com
forest green:
forest on da my space:
daly city records:
cloud factory:
friends and family:

Sun Apr 8

BYOBW 2007 Sunday, April 8, 4:00 PM
the Bring Your Own Big Wheel race is back and curvier than ever!*
2007 will be the SEVENTH ANNUAL BYOBW, neighbors and police permitting, rain or shine ... there are always prizes, one year featured tighty-whities with custom denim iron-on Lombard Street Skid Marks and other years have featured paintings, string art, shellac plaques, and embroidered knit caps and t shirts, all made by me. Lombard Street is of course not the crookedest street, especially compared to Vermont Street in Potrero Hill, but with a built-in international audience and scenic landscaping, who could resist? Prizes are given for all sorts of reasons, occasionally for being first, always for being last, and as the race is designed for plastic children's toys which are prone to failure when carrying over 80 pounds, winning isn't the goal here - survival is. This is a free event!!!!

Mon, Apr 9, 2007 - Sat, May 12, 2007
"A Game as Old As Empire: The Secret World of Economic Hit Men and the Web of Global Corruption" Book Discussion with contributing authors
San Francisco, Capitola, Emeryville and Corte Madera

Tue Apr 10

Tuesday 4/3: Surf Movie night and Shop Sports Basement: 15% off everything
Tuesday, April 3, 6:00 PM SURF MOVIE MADNESS II
a Zen & Zero Film Screening + Shopping Night at Sports Basement - in the Presidio
610 Mason St, San Francisco (across from Crissy Field) Tel: 415.437.0100
o 6:00pm - 8:00pm | Shop Sports Basement before the movie & get 15% off. Live Music by the Hiwatters
o 8:15pm - 9:30pm | ZEN & ZERO screening with complimentary beer, beverages, light food

How Nonprofits Can Use and Build Online Social Networks: and Ning at Net Tuesday
Tuesday, April 10 Citizen Space 425 2nd Street Ste 300 SF, CA, 94107 6-8 PM Free
RSVP on Upcoming:

Tue, Apr 10, 7pm Thirst: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Our Water
Book Passage 51 Tamal Vista Blvd Corte Madera, Marin County, CA

Wed Apr 11

Invitation for the women - April 11th
An Invitation to Attend Making Sense of Men in San Rafael
Here is the free link to register for the Marin Making Sense of Men.
Also, if this link does not work, you can log on to our website and on the home page can reserve a seat or call our 800-418-9924 ext. 2.
PAX Programs Incorporated is dedicated to promoting peace between women and men, and to supporting fun, nurturing and satisfying relationships in all contexts.
Wednesday, April 11th Four Points Sheraton in San Rafael
Four Points by Sheraton San Rafael 1010 Northgate Drive, San Rafael 94903
(415) 479-8800 Parking: Complimentary Self Parking
Hope to see you there... Jillian
live with intention. walk to the edge. listen hard. practice wellness. play with abandon. laugh.
choose with no regret. continue to learn. appreciate your friends.
do what you love. live as if this is all there is. -mary anne radmacher
Café Gratitude and Barefoot Boogie! 4-11 7:30 PM Location: City Dance Studio
Café Gratitude is more than a restaurant?it?s becoming a way of life for many people in the Bay area. Freestyle dancing has been a ?movement? of its own for many years now, providing an outlet for people in search of creative expression, community, and exercise without having to put up with the drugs, alcohol, loud volume and late hours of the rave and club scene. Now we get to put the two together!
Join the founders of Café Gratitude, Matthew and Terces Engelhart, at Barefoot Boogie on Wednesday, April 11. From 7:30 to 8pm, Matthew and Terces will talk a bit about their lives and how they got where they are today, what motivates and inspires them, and will lead us through a ?gratitude exercise? to motivate and inspire us! Then A+ (aka Adamah), the founder of Gratitude Nights, a monthly dance-art-community benefit celebration, will deejay a funky, deep, and juicy mix of music for freestyle dancing.
Barefoot Boogie happens every Wednesday, 7:30-10:30 pm, at City Dance Studio, 32 Otis Street, between Mission and Market, 12th St and Division, entrance up Brady onto Colton with a private parking lot. Admission is $8-10 sliding scale; first-timers are just $5. For more info, check or call 415-820-1452. Dance shoes are welcome; no scents, please.

Thu Apr 12

Thu April 12, 7:30–9 p.m. Nancy DeStefanis, Executive Director of San Francisco Nature Education, will lecture and screen the short films Above the Nests, directed by Nancy DeStefanis, and Heron Island, directed by Judy Irving (Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill). Nancy will also present a brief slide show of highlights of the 2006 great blue heron colony.
Sponsored by the San Francisco Naturalist Society, the films will be shown on Thursday, April 12, 7:30–9 p.m. at the Randall Museum Theater, Randall Museum, 199 Museum Way, San Francisco. For more information see the Calendar of Events on our website

Sat Apr 14 Apr 14 Nat'l day of CLIMATE ACTION

Noe Valley Tree Planting - April 14 - Mei Ling Hui 561 6890 x110
Hayes Valley Tree Care - April 14 - Ellyn Shea 561 6890 x102 Friends of the Urban Forest

April 14 Time to bring it and get involved!! Burning Man's Green House
11am-4pm. At the Burning Man Headquarters: 1900 3rd St. @ 16th St. , SF, CA
In celebration of this year's theme, the Green Man, Burning Man is
hosting a Green House to help burners Green their Burn! The event will
include a recycled eco-fashion show, music, and speakers and displays on
alternative energy, grey water treatment, biodiesel, Leave No Trace
practices and principles, and green vehicles/RVs.
How do you green your burn? We'd love your participation in this
event! Calling all burners with green RV's, all recycled and trashion
designers and all eco-performers! Are you an expert in playa
alternative energy or greener playa cooking? Can you help with
logistical and staging activities at the event? Participate for a
greener burn! Email Karina @! to volunteer
The event will be April 14th at the Burning Man Headquarters office: a
day of climate change events throughout the country!\
Burning Man Open House, Green House & Beach House: 4/14 @ BMHQ!!!
Saturday, April 14, 2007 more on this date
11:00 AM
Location: BMHQ
1900 3rd St. @ 16th
San Francisco, CA view map
Burning Man Open House, Green House & Beach House
Three Burnerific Events in One Radically Fun Day!
Open House: Learn How To Help Create Black Rock City
Green House: Find Out How to Green the Burn and the World
Beach House: Inaugurate the New Ocean Beach Burn Platforms
Saturday April 14, 11AM to 4PM
Burning Man Headquarters – 1900 3rd St. @ 16th, SF
Then off to Ocean Beach for the 5PM Fire
Free, of course! Leave no trace.
In celebration of this year’s theme “the Green Man”, our annual Burning Man Open House and Volunteer Recruitment Day will feature a major Green House theme to help you green your burn!
As in prior years, this is your chance to meet the coordinators of our City, and learn how you can become one of the 3,000+ volunteers that create it. This year, we’re adding a complete green fair, with eco-fashion show, alternative energy demonstrations and presentations, a trashion workshop, solar cooking, green art, and a whole lot more! Even our annual pot luck and BBQ social will be earth-friendly. It all began at the beach, so after the event, we’ll all head to Ocean Beach to fire up the new burn platforms!!
Plan to spend the entire day at BMHQ, because like the playa, there will be a lot going on! Here’s just a sampling:
How to be a green burner - eco-workshops, presentations, and demonstrations on the solar powered stage plus green vehicles, eco-carnival, solar ovens, biodiesel distillation, grey water works, green art and the Solar Death Ray 2000!
Volunteer resource tables open – meet the volunteer coordinators from over 20 departments that organize our creative chaos into our city. Ask them anything, like how their department is going green. From Greeters to Artery to DPW to Rangers to Playa Info to DMV to the Geek Squad, we fuel our city on participation. WE need YOU to be part of WE to make the dream real! You’ll never be the same…
Solar Stage - Biofuels presentations, Green Man Puppet Performance, Inconvenient Truth Talk, the Tri-clops Monstrosity Band, and more!
Green pot luck – eat lunch earth-friendly: BYO reusable or composting cups, plates, and utensils, along with organic food to share.
Ongoing green demonstrations indoors and out - Check out the Trashion Bee, the Friends of Black Rock, green lighting and videos, displays on how to be green, the National LNT traveling trainers – even a hydrogen-fueled rocket! Bring old sheets, socks, pants, sweaters, shirts and swatches to create a MOOP bag or playa outfit at the Bee.
Eco-fashion show – get your trashion on the stage, or be trashy paparazzi!!!
Leave no trace at BMHQ and cruise to the 5PM burn platform inauguration @ Ocean Beach to light something up! We’ve been trusted with this beach so treat it like the playa. Since the Park Service is running this show and even bringing the wood, please leave alcohol/glass behind and enjoy the fire!
April 14th is a day of climate change events across the country, so don't be a spectator - become a participant! It's a great way to meet everyone, become more connected to the Burning Man community, and preserve the planet. Why not start by leaving your car at home: BMHQ is served by the NEW SF Muni T-THIRD streetcar service, Mariposa Street stop. (scheduled to open April 7th - see
To help with green RVs, trashion, eco-performances, demonstrations, other Green House resources or staging/logistics, please contact Karina [at] To volunteer for the Man, sign up now at
TRIBE SUCKS! they mutilate links.
Is the correct link that you can get by right clicking on the tribe link.

Burning Man Open House & Volunteer Recruitment Day
Saturday April 14th, noon to 3 pm at BURNING MAN HEADQUARTERS
1900 Third Street at 16th, San Francisco, CA

April 14 installation of 12 Burner created firepits on Ocean Pits in front of Golden Gate Park.
Burning Man artists create 12 fire pits to be installed on
Ocean Beach, allowing tradition to resume

Step It Up SF07: Lighten Up Your Ride! Sat April 14, 11AM - 3PM
Sports Basement 610 Mason St Crissy Field SF, CA 94129
A Clean Cars Expo & Rally Celebrating Cutting Edge Transport for the Climate, all part of the national day of climate action. With Music, Demos, Action & The Latest in New Car Technologies for the Climate Challenge.
Working Assets • Mainstreet Moms (
April 14, 2007
Expo 11am - 3pm at Sports Basement Presidio, 610 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA
Optional Action 2pm caravan North on 101, circle Hummer Dealership, San Rafael
Calling all Plug-ins, Hybrids, Biodiesels, Bikes & Feet! Step It Up SF07:Lighten Up Your Ride is a day of climate action and info focused on reducing carbon emissions from transportation. Lighten Up Your Ride is one of more than 800 events around the country supporting a national call on Congress to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050, through the Step It Up 2007 campaign.
Working Assets and Mainstreet Moms are hosting the San Francisco event, which includes an optional parade north on 101 to circle the Hummer dealership in San Rafael. The event is part car rally, part expo, and part action fair, featuring a demo of 100% electric cars, plug-in hybrids, diesel buses, and news from the bike coalitions. We will educate attendees on how to reduce their carbon footprints, and provide on-site letter-writing actions supporting 80% carbon emissions reductions by 2050.
We want car owners to join us and share the extraordinary technology that goes into supporting carbon reduction vehicles. Whether you have a biodiesel car and story to share, or you have a guzzler but want to know what's next, this gathering is for you. The no carbon foot print bicyclists from across the city will also be joining us to show their support for reducing carbon.
At the event, local environmental groups and other organizations will have information about their organizations and the work they are doing to help fight climate change.
The message of April 14th to Congress is that we are doing our part to reduce carbon emissions. Now it is your turn.
Lighten Up Your Ride invites all attendees to join the 2pm rally heading north up 101 to surround the Hummer dealership in San Rafael with clean cars, and a picket line of polar bears. (Polar Bear masks and "Hey Hummers: How Much Can a Polar Bear?" posters provided on site.) Press: Polar Bears In Clean Cars Picket the Hummer. Photo op: Polar Bears standoff with rented Hummer.

Sat Apr 14 2-5pm An Afternoon of Climate Action at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center
Richardson Bay Audubon Center 376 Greenwood Beach Road Tiburon, CA. 94920
This is an invitation to help start a movement—to take one spring day and use it to reshape the future! Join us at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center on Saturday, April 14th from 2:00 - 4:30 p.m. for a family-friendly, fun, and educational event, just one of hundreds and hundreds of events and rallies nationwide to tell Congress: "Step It Up! Cut Carbon by 80% by 2050".
On April 14, people are rallying in hundreds of communities across the country to ask Congress to finally do something about bringing us into a cleaner, healthier future. This will be the first big nationwide rally against global warming — we hope you'll join us! There are gatherings in every state and many Bay Area communities.
We invite you to our event at the beautiful Richardson Bay Audubon Center. Next to picturesque views of San Francisco and the Bay, we will hear from great speakers on Global Warming solutions, take a Carbon Pledge, and stage the projected sea level rise! Children and adults will fill a clothesline with our individual CO2 pledges. Fuel efficient cars including the Plug-In Prius which gets 100+ mpg will be on display. Be there at 3 pm for a group picture that will be part of a nationwide slideshow of events and rallies!
If you've never been to the Richardson Bay Audubon Center, this is a great reason to visit.
Richard Heinberg, will deliver the keynote address: "Twilight of the Fossil Fuels Era. A Greenprint for the 21st Century".
Ken Smokoska, Sierra Club California Director of Clean Energy Initiatives, will speak about "Solutions to Global Warming".
Betsy Rosenberg, host of "EcoTalk" on Air America Radio, will look at the cars we drive, and making environmentally responsible choices to protect our children's future.
Bring signs and water.
Bring your family, friends, neighbors and associates.
Volunteers needed, Please RSVP to Claudia Eyzaguirre (contact information below)
For more information and to RSVP, contact Claudia Eyzaguirre: ceyzaguirre [at], 510.599.8249 ext.3
To Locate a Step It Up Rally closest to you go to

4/14 Melting Mountains Conference - Portland, OR
Climate Experts, Policymakers and Mazamas discuss global warming at April 14 Melting Mountains Conference
Portland, OR - Global warming is not just a topic for presidential candidates to debate. Locally, climate experts, politicians and mountain climbers are gathering to learn what is really happening to our mountains, what policy-makers are doing to address it, and what we can do as individuals to make a positive contribution.
Local mountaineering organization, the Mazamas, is hosting a “Melting Mountains Conference” on April 14, 2007 at its new facility, the Mazama Mountaineering Center. The conference will bring together a panel of research experts, environmental writers, agencies and local politicians to discuss the impact of global warming on mountains, the environment and our community.

Sun Apr 15

Sun, 4/15 Web 2.0 Expo Moscone West, SF

Tax Day Event—People’s Life Fund Granting Ceremony
Public granting of over $10,000 in resisted war taxes to community groups
Monday, April 16th 6:30-7pm—potluck, 7-8:30pm—program
2220 Sacramento St. in Berkeley (Near No. Bkly. BART)
Come celebrate with Bay Area War Tax Resisters as we donate over $10,000 in resisted taxes to groups that
are working for peace, justice and human needs here in our communities.
Hear testimony from first time war tax resisters, as well as life-long refusers!
Potluck-bring something to go with soup. ALSO: Vote for your favorite!
National WTR Video Contest-online voting Tell your friends and family to take a look!
Northern California War Tax Resistance
(510) 843-9877 €
Thank you for working for peace!
Northern California War Tax Resistance provides information and support for conscientious war tax resisters in the San Francisco Bay Area. (510) 843-9877
This list is used sparingly to announce NCWTR events.
To unsubscribe, send mail to: nowartax-unsubscribe [at]
Thank you for working for peace!

4/18 Union St. Easter Celebration

Fabulous FLIP YOUR LID! Redux - April 19th - Get Your TIX Today! * * *
2nd Annual Flip Your Lid! A benefit for the Black Rock Arts Foundation
Thu April 19th supperclub san francisco 657 Harrison St (between 2nd & 3rd)

420 in San Francisco Friday, April 20, 2007 4:20 PM
Haight-Ashbury Haight and Ashbury San Franciso, California 37.77, -122.447
Let's put together the worlds largest 420 celebration ever. If your going to be in San Francisco sign up here and we'll make it happen. If your in another city create your own event and let us know where its at by posting a comment here and we can all celebrate together in harmony.
See ya at Haight-Ashbury. Homepage

April 20-22: adult "furry" event; for human "erotic animals" and fans; in SF Spay Area

Marina Tree Planting - April 21 - Christian Drake 561 6890 x100 Friends of the Urban Forest

Alternative Press Expo Saturday, April 21, 2007 - Sunday, April 22, 2007
Concourse Exhibition Center 620 7th St @ Brannan/ Townsend SF, CA 94103

Acterra Earth Day Dinner Party Saturday, April 21
Located at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
505 East Charleston Rd.

DIGITAL BE-IN 15: Biomimicry - April 21, 2007 - SF
April 21, 2007 7 pm to 3 am Mezzanine - 444 Jessie St, SF, CA (5th/ 6th St/ Market/ Mission)
Biomimicry Symposium - 7-9 <<>> Live Music and DJs - 9-3 <<>> Ritual Prayerformance <<>> Take Action Zone <<>> Green Techné Exhibit <<>> Visionary Speakers <<>> Midnight Ambiotica Salon <<>> Live Netcast <<>> Organic Edibles <<>> Gaian Goddess Décor <<>> Virtual Be-In in Second Life
Tix $15 adv - $20 at door. info -
Presale Tickets at Chicago Il Apr 21/22

Sat, 4/21 Alternative Press Expo Concourse Exhibition Center SF, CA 7th St @ Brannan.

McLaren Park Earth Day Sunday April 22 11am-7pm SF FREE
Commemorate the 80th anniversary of John McLaren Park on Earth Day. Join San Francisco scientists, youth, teachers, artists, activists and neighborhoodorganizations in transforming John McLaren Park into a FREE-for-all-ages outdoor ecological classroom and festival space. Join us for this Earth Day celebration!
On McLaren Park Earth Day, learn about nature in San Francisco, from birds to farmers markets and from art to biodiesel. Activities include birding hikes, habitat restoration projects, wildflower walks, an eco-stewardship fair, tree planting, food booths, a live reptile classroom and a native plant nursery. Events include artwork, puppetry, music, performance and storytelling.
Carpool: 101 South one exit past Silver, Take Paul Exit, Drive West into Park.
John McLaren Park’s Jerry Garcia Amphitheater, 40 John F. Shelley Drive, 94134

Back on the bay... Solar's SUNSET Birthday Boat Party
Sunday, April 22rd, 2007 The San Francisco Spirit, San Francisco
Artists: GALEN J-BIRD SOLAR + special guests

Critical Mass San Francisco Fri Apr 27, 6:00 PM FREE! every last working Friday
Justin Herman Plaza 1 Market St @ Embarcadero
San Francisco, California 94105 Bicycles are Fun!
Meet at Justin (Pee Wee) Herman Plaza at 6pm for a fun bike ride around the city.
No one left behind. All bicycles are welcome. Homepage

Apr 27-29 INDIO, CA 92201
Bjork, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine

New Living Expo 4/27-29 8th St @ Brannan

San Francisco Walk Against Rape(SFWAR) Mission Dolores Park
A Tribute to Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Saturday, April 28, 2007 10 AM http://

OMI Tree Care - April 28 - Ellyn Shea 561 6890 x102 Friends of the Urban Forest

4th Annual Bay-Friendly Garden Tour Sun Apr 29 2007 from 10am to 4pm
Showcasing Natural Gardening Techniques


Planned Parenthood Road Trip to Sacramento on May 2nd

FireDrums V May 3-6 $40 pre / $50 gate
beautiful Cutters Scout Reservation / Santa Cruz Mountains
2,200 feet in elevation and it's in some of the last old-growth redwoods on the West Coast. There is a full-size swimming pool, a small lake with canoes, hiking trails, bathrooms & showers with running water, bbq's, and so much more!

Mission Tree Planting - May 5 - Christian Drake x100
Mission Tree Care - May 12 - Ellyn Shea x102
Mission Basin Expansion - May 19 - Mei Ling Hui x110
Marina Tree Care - May 19 - Ellyn Shea x102
561 6890 Friends of the Urban Forest

MSunday May 6th = How Weird Street Faire 11:00 AM
Howard Street and 12th Street San Francisco, CA 94103 view map
More Info: 11:11 am till 5:55 pm May 11/12/13 Mtns above Santa Barbara, CA
Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque Bassnectar

Heavyweight Dub Champion The Lawgiverz Vau de Vire Society
MarchFourth Marching Band Bluetech Ganga Giri El Circo Oscure
Kid Beyond David Starfire Gamelan X The Glitch Mob Ooah Edit Boreta
Kitty D Ana Sia Rena Jones El Papa Chango Helios Jive Random Rab BLVD
Soul Eye Solovox The Goddess Alchemy Project Wazulu the ill Dravidian
Porter Tinsley Abai Albert Joseph Geno Cochino Jupiter Jesse Wright
Novatron Sammy Bliss The Seedling Escape Saynt More Artists TBA!
Please join us for three full days of dance, hiking, swimming, community, green living workshops, sleeping under the stars, and off-the-hook DJ lineup!
Lightning in a Bottle - a 3 day Magical Forest Adventure at the Live Oak Campground, 30 minutes North of Santa Barbara.
Also, drinkable water and plentiful showers, art/fashion/health food vending and amazing peeps!
This is a truly amazing conscious gathering and I truly hope you can join us.
We are planning on having a green-theme camp for SF Bay Area who’d like to join us. Join the fun! We will be:
• sharing vegetarian meals,
• providing biodiesel bus transportation for 20-40 people!!!!!!
• carpools (yay for Hybrids & biodiesels!),
• decorating our SF camp area accordingly!
Also: There will be a vegetarian dinner party/potluck in SF Mission District two weeks before event where we'll discuss plans for the theme camp and carpooling.

6th Annual Pagan Festival-Berkeley, California-Presented by Pagan Alliance
Saturday, May 12, 2007-10:00 am to 5:30 pm FREE-All Are Welcome!!!
Civic Center Park -2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley CA 94704 & (510) 872-1188 Whole Earth Fest UC Davis 3rd Wknd May.

Stanford POW WOW 2nd weekend in May? Sustainable World Symposium 2nd Wknd?

May 17 - 19 - Burning Man Fire Arts Expo

May 17-20 South West regional burn!
Dark Skies - The Singularity Event will be held on Roach Lake

Joshua Tree Music Festival, May 18-20, 2007

Green Yoga Conference! May 18-20 Bay To Breakers 3rd Sunday in May
Sun, 5/20 Bay To Breakers 2007 8am Howard St to Golden Gate Park.



June 8 & 9,10 F/Sa/Su - Health & Harmony Festival @ Sonoma Co. Fairgrounds Second Weekend in June, Santa Rosa

June 10 - Haight Street Fair Sunday.

June 16 - Burning Man BBQ-A-Newbie Picnic


June 22,23,24 Booneville, CA (Medocino County)


Jun 23

June 23 & 24 - SF Pride


July 11 - Desert Art Preview

July 28 - BM Costume Swap & Flea Market

July 29 - Participarade


Aug 27-Sep 3 Black Rock City, NV (100 miles North of Reno) Labor Day Weekend (Aug/Sept) get ideas:

Green Your Burn Document 01262007

Sep 2nd wknd? Laytonville CA / Hog Farm

Thu-Mon Sep 21 Equinox weekend

SEP 21 Fall Equinox

SEP 28 2007 15th-year critical mass anniversary ride
6pm Justin Herman Plaza: Embarcadero @ Market, SF

Sat September 29 - Love Parade

Sun September 30 - Folsom Street Fair

Sun Oct 7 October 7 - SF Decompression SF Decompression traditionally 2nd Sunday in Oct. LA Decompression 3rd Saturday in Oct? Bio pioneers saving Earth San Rafael 3rd Weekend Oct?

Nov 8th St. @ Brannan SF 1st? 2nd? wknd Nov.

DEC 21 WINTER SOLSTICE: SHORTEST day of year / SUN in Southern Hemisphere.

more 2007:
March 3 - Burning Man's Flambé Lounge Burning Equinox (Still in planning stage - details will be announced when set)
April 7 - Burning Man Town Hall (actual name of event may be changing)
May 6 - How Weird Street Fair
May 17 - 19 - Burning Man Fire Arts Expo
June 8 & 9 - Health & Harmony Festival
June 10 - Haight Street Fair
June 16 - Burning Man BBQ-A-Newbie Picnic
June 23 & 24 - SF Pride
July 11 - Desert Art Preview
July 28 - BM Costume Swap & Flea Market
July 29 - Participarade
September 29 - Love Parade
September 30 - Folsom Street Fair
October 7 - Decompression

-2007 (dates not yet confirmed...based upon 2006 calendar):
Visit the BWClub web site at:
03/04-SF Cacophony Society's URBAN IDITAROD
03/12-SF Cacophony Society's BRIDES OF MARCH
04/01-28th Annual SF ST STUPID'S DAY PARADE
04/07-SF Cacophony Society BUNNY JAM

Every 1st Wednesday: FREE!

# Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30pm art PARTY!
30 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm.

featuring art, history, and the natural science of California, and a
special exhibit, "Baseball As America," in town for a limited time; $8
(50% off for non-profit groups w/advance notice), or FREE the first
Sunday of the month; Wed-Fri 10am-5pm, 1st Fri open 'til 9pm, Sat
10am-8pm, Sun 12-6pm; 1000 Oak St; 510-238-2200;

* NAKED YOGA is every Sunday in SF; $10; 1030am; at the One Taste
Urban Retreat Center at 1074 Folsom St @ 7th; 415-503-1100;

* The Weekly SUNDAY LAKE MERCED LOOP SKATE leaves the Sunday Roller
Disco in GGPark and does a level 17 mile skate for about 2 hours
including 5 stops along the beach and around the zoo and the lake;
FREE; 1-3pm, MEET from 1-115pm at 6th @ MLKJr; 510-521-0124;

* The NIKE MISSILE BASE OPEN HOUSE is the 1st Sunday of every month,
featuring tours of a Cold-War-era ICBM missile base that actually
operated in the Marin Headlands from'll scare the
livin' shit outa' ya; FREE; 1230-330pm; 415-331-1453

* BAD MOVIE NIGHT is every SUNDAY in SF, and includes popcorn and
residential furniture seating, plus your chance to wear stupid
costumes and yell stupid remarks at the screen; $5, plus FREE POPCORN,
but BYOBeer; 8pm each Sunday; at The Dark Room Theatre at 2263 Mission
St twn 18th and 19th; 415-401-7987 OR 415-517-3581;

I also have a nutrition / food list! email nutrition at planttrees dot org if you'd like to be on. once a week.

Eco list is 1 email per day.

I also have an activism list that comes out 6 times a day if you want all the news.

Also please visit view the archives and subscribe!

CIA is the Cocaine Import Agency. (Though some refer to it as the Central Intelligence Agency)
Operation Amadeus Operation Pegasus Operation Watchtower

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more events:
eco events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center
Berkeley and Oakland political events events, art receptions, music, film, etc. Monthly Raw Food Potlucks (san rafael)
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