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Iraq Friday Sermons on 'Surge'
by juan cole (reposted)
Monday Mar 19th, 2007 6:40 AM
The USG Open Source Center translates and paraphrases Iraqi Friday prayers sermons, some of which speak of the ongoing "Surge."
Iraqi Friday Sermons for 16 Mar Discuss Security Plan, Political Process
Iraq-- OSC Summary
Sunday, March 18, 2007

Major Iraqi television channels - Baghdad Al-Iraqiyah, Baghdad Baghdad Satellite Channel, Baghdad Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad Al-Furat, Cairo Al-Baghdadiyah, and Baghdad Al-Diyar. [These stations] are observed on 16 March to carry the following reports on Friday sermons: Al-Iraqiyah: Within its 1700 GMT newscast, Baghdad Al-Iraqiyah Television in Arabic - government-sponsored television station, run by the Iraqi Media Network - cites Shaykh Wasfi al-Hurayshawi, imam and preacher of the two Al-Askari Imams Mosque in Basra, as "recalling the Halabjah crime, which claimed the lives of thousands of the city's sons. The preacher also denounced the crimes Saddam had committed against the Iraqis during his era."

The following is a report by Al-Iraqiyah correspondent in Basra Sabah al-Mansuri: "Friday prayers were performed at all mosques and Husayniyat in Basra. At the worship place of the two Al-Askari imams, may God's peace be upon them, Shaykh Wasfi al-Hurayshawi called for the unity of Muslims, especially since the Islamic world is today celebrating the anniversary of the death of the great prophet, may God's peace and prayers be upon him." The correspondent adds that the preacher spoke about the anniversary of the "17 March massacre and the victims of the Halabjah massacre as two important stations in the history of the Iraqi struggle." The correspondent says: "The Friday sermon also called on the Iraqi Government to pay attention to the services, which affect the Iraqi citizen's daily life."

Baghdad Satellite Channel: Baghdad Baghdad Satellite Television in Arabic - television channel believed to be sponsored by the Iraqi Islamic Party, at 0945 GMT is observed to carry a live relay of a Friday sermon delivered by Shaykh Hashim al-Ta'i from an unidentified mosque in Baghdad. After praising God and His prophet, Al-Ta'i says: "The Iraqis and those interested in the Iraqi affairs, and Muslims everywhere, these days speak about force and the use of force, excessive force, whose use is the talk of the people in this world. There are two extremes regarding the use of force. One group views force as being everything. This group says that the United States has occupied Iraq by force and is imposing its agenda by force. Israel also rejects the resolutions of the international legitimacy through force." He adds: "Another group views force in a different way. It says that mankind has got sick of the gun. Is it not the right time to use wisdom and to have mercy on man who got fed up of force and of the scenes of blood and dead bodies here and there? A third group makes connection between political wisdom, shrewdness, and the use of force." Speaking about how Islam views force, Al-Ta'i says that many of God's attributes are related to power. He adds: "If we talk about God's power, we will see that all others are dwarfs." He says: "The powerful and the source of power is Almighty God." He says that the one who thinks that he is strong and powerful should bear in mind that he will one day meet God to punish him for the injustice he inflicted on other people. The preacher continues to speak about the meanings of power and force in all walks of life. Speaking about the current situation in Iraq, Al-Ta'i says: "We should not escalate fighting and rhetoric that worsens our division. This is particularly true since we have been living together for centuries. No party can cancel or annihilate the other party. This will not take place. I should seek my brother's wisdom and merge his power with mine. If he is not convinced today, he will be convinced tomorrow."

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