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4 Years of War for Oil -- Enough! Basta!
by Bay Rising
Wednesday Mar 7th, 2007 11:28 AM
4 Years of War for Oil -- Enough! Basta!

End Chevron's Oil Crimes from Richmond to Iraq



MON MARCH 19, 7-11am

Protest, Rally, & Nonviolent Direct Action
Chevron World Headquarters, San Ramon, CA


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6001 Bollinger Canyon Road at Sunset, just east of Hwy 680
(From Walnut Creek BART: a short ride on County Connection shuttle 121, or flat 12 mile bike ride: we're also working on providing transportation.)

We encourage you to wear Red.

For nonviolent direct action preparation, transportation,
to get involved and for more info:

1: OIL
It's simple: Before the war U.S. and British oil companies were all but shut out of Iraq's oil. Now, they're getting ready to take control of it and Chevron's at the front of the pack. Within a year of the invasion, Chevron's profits nearly doubled, and each year since then, Chevron has set new record profits, with 2006 the company's most profitable year ever. Those profits have been driven by Iraqi oil, which Chevron refines in Richmond.

We join activists from across Europe and the U.S. who, on March 18 & 19, will demand that Big Oil and our governments get their "Hands Off Iraqi Oil!" We will expose the Iraqi Oil Theft Law that would turn Iraq's oil over to foreign oil companies including Chevron.

The brainchild of the Bush administration and U.S. oil companies, a new oil law nearing passage in Iraq would radically transform Iraq from a nationalized oil system all but closed to U.S. oil companies, to a commercialized system, all-but-privatized, and open to private foreign corporate control.

Iraqi Trade Unions Unite to Oppose Undemocratic Oil Law
In a joint statement
<> ,
Iraq's five trade union federations rejected "the handing of control over oil to foreign companies, whose aim is to make big profits at the expense of the Iraqi people, and to rob the national wealth, according to long-term, unfair contracts, that undermine the sovereignty of the state and the dignity of the Iraqi people".

"The Iraqi people refuse to allow the future of oil to be decided behind closed doors."

Support real democracy in Iraq. End the US occupation of Iraq.
Defeat the oil theft law. Hands off Iraqi oil.


With just 4% of the world's population, we in the US release 25% of all global carbon emissions. Oil and oil-driven consumption are a primary cause of greenhouse gas pollutants which fuel climate crisis. Chevron is the 2nd largest oil company in the U.S. and the 5th largest in the world.

Chevron sabotages domestic efforts to transition to a green economy and refuses to invest in any significant way in alternative forms of green energy.

Chevron poisons local communities from Richmond, to Ecuador and Nigeria. The Chevron refinery in Richmond spews a deadly array of toxins into the air, water, and land, including cancer-causing dioxins, on the largely African American, South East Asian, and Latino communities. The refinery and plant have had hundreds of accidents, including fires, spills, leaks, explosions, toxic gas releases, flaring, and air contaminations causing severe illness, including asthma and deadly cancers, for the people of Richmond. The people of Richmond are fighting back and demanding that Chevron clean up or get out.

We need to imagine a world without Chevron, its oil, and its climate chaos.

To end current and future U.S. wars and occupations, to stop climate chaos, to increase democracy and human rights at home, to redirect resources to urgent human and environmental needs, to take apart a global economic and political system that benefits mega corporations at the expense of the planet, we must change the underlying U.S. government policies of empire.

"Empire" is now used by both critics and advocates to describe the unparalleled U.S. system of economic, political, cultural, and military domination. We pay a high price to live in an Empire, including $441 billion a year on a military of over 2 1/2 million soldiers with more than 700 bases spread across 130 countries fighting ever-increasing wars to feed the Empire and expand its control.

To Stop Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, etc. etc. etc., we must end Empire!
Nonviolent Direct Action Training
Saturday, March 10
New College of California
780 Valencia Street ("The Creamery"),
btwn 18th & 19th in the Mission, SF
(16th Street BART)


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by jose
Thursday Mar 8th, 2007 10:44 PM
Don't forget the anti-fascist side fought for life and genuine freedom. It is the anti-fascist side that made aggressive war illegal, as foreign policy and instead put in the anti-fascist covenants that negotiation and collective agree is the new way forward in relations between the worlds peoples in nations.

The fascist side fights nation against nation, class against class, gender against gender, species against species, thereby alienating the species against itself. The axis powers discredited military methods are 1) might makes right, 2) Unilateralism, 3) Pre-emptive strikes. They literally fight to die the planets livability.

The anti-fascist side fights to end the war machine and its manufactury, and to function technology in life supporting ways. They are moving to support the doubling of democracy by electing woman equally politically and judicially thereby causing the natural 50-50 balance of ecological green harmony and joy to return to the species well-being. That has been gone in the British Tribes since the Roman Slaveholders conquest of the functioning matriarchy in around 42AD. Strange no one has returned the natural balance since then at all levels. Workers of the world unite, now means to re-tool to non-pollution solution such as wind, tidal, and solar power out of coal, gas, oil, and atomic energy that is demising the planet with pollution which is the deepest most theatening of all wars. End war, not endless pollution wars.
by not you
Tuesday Mar 13th, 2007 1:17 PM
The refinery in Richmond has been there since 1902. If you're worried about the housing, then move the housing.

Chevron employs almost 10,000 people in the East Bay, with good jobs and benefits. Chevron and it's thousands of employees pay lots of taxes.

YOU don't pay shit. Stay home. CoCo county does not take well to slacker ingrates.
by colored
Wednesday Mar 14th, 2007 10:06 AM
My post was deleted. You mention people of color. Who is not of color? Why did they move close to the refinery?
by Shut Down Shell
Thursday Mar 22nd, 2007 5:03 PM
Shell shut down at Bellanaboy

Sixty Shell to Sea protesters entered the proposed refinery site at Bellanboy this afternoon causing work to be stopped. The protesters entered the site at gate three on the Bellanaboy-Belmullet road at 3:30pm due to serious concerns about untreated water leaving the site, refusing to leave until their concerns are addressed.
by lisa
Tuesday Apr 24th, 2007 9:37 PM
I just wish there was a better way to get the publics' undivided attention. I fully support these nonviolent protests and have participated in a few myself, but I still get frustrated at how ignorant and apathetic people are. I feel this sense of judgment from the general public. I hear my parents and friends refer to protesters as “hippies” and “crazy liberals”, which is what I think a majority of the general public assumes. However, if we were to somehow put the information in front of their faces using new technology/art via photographs, paintings, films, etc. I feel like we would have a better chance of getting at least a minute or two out of their day, which is better than nothing. We need to think of faster ways to pull them in, because if they hear phrases such as “No blood for oil! Climate justice now! Stop war, end empire!" all that they listen to are the words “no, stop, war, justice, and end”; and then they’re back with those negative connotations about liberals and hippies and their attention is lost. Society, especially the conservatives, are sick of hearing about the protest against war; or if they aren’t sick of it they’re at least used to it. It’s just another day. The anti-war signs are everywhere. The anti-war people are everywhere. So this protest is just another face in the crowd. Many aren’t going to respond to words. We need to use something more emotionally/psychologically stimulating in order to get the public involved, or if not politically involved, at least thinking. People want proof and rational reasoning behind the protest. And what better way to get their attention than through something visually appealing or moving? Sure, it’s a bit more labor-intensive and expensive, but it has a better chance than signs and repetitious chants. Furthermore, these protests shouldn’t be aimed towards a certain group of people, but instead the mass public. It is essential to reach out to every end of the social spectrum. Liberals, moderates, conservatives; upper-class, middle-class, lower-class, and everyone in between. This builds a public unity, which leads to a stronger nation.