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Radical Mental Health/Anti-Psychiatry comes to the Central Valley
by Asesino (thrashbastards [at]
Monday Mar 5th, 2007 5:41 PM
the Wingnut's Liberation Project (WLP) has been in construction (piece by piece) since Oct. of 2006 now. Nobody is claiming any credentials &/or claiming any "professionalism" here. Just another average working class Joe/Joan that suffers from Depression (without giving it a Conventionally Institutionalized Label) & has years under there belt fighting addiction(s)/Substance Abuse(s).

I quess you could say that the DIY (Do It Yourself) Culture & Autonomous practicing communities is what sparked the desire to create This endeavor. Trust in Mainstream Psychiatry & Drug & Alcohol Programs has been Swept under the rugg (so to speak). It's time for us to wake up, stop compromising our integrity's, use DIY/Autonomous practices to develop an organic reclaiming of our minds & Body's.

This project is in Solidarity with Anti-Psychiatry, Radical Mental Health & all others in the Struggle against this Capitalist system that only serves one purpose. Too destroy us!

Hopefully to come soon will be Stencils, Stickers, Shirts, Zines/Pamphlets (litature on Anti-Psychiatry & other subject matters around Radical Mental Health/Radical Recovery (alternative Substance Abuse Practice).

In Struggle,
the W L P

What is a wingnut?
A slang term for someone who is odd or eccentric & may shows signs of talking to themselves (and that may or maynot self medicate too).

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