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Santa Cruz Homeless crack down in full selective force
by Tim Rumford
Saturday Feb 17th, 2007 4:20 PM
Rise in Homeless harassment
The rise in measures to drive out the homeless is in full force in Santa Cruz. The Sentinel printed an article about an attack on an officer by a “Homeless Man” during the first day of the crack down. First, he was not homeless. He has a low income room which makes him legally housed. Of course, the Sentinel wants headlines -- fear always makes for a good one.

Today I walked the mall to see what was happening. First thing I noticed was an absence of many people I normally see. I stopped and talked to the few people I could find. They were moving around allot, fearful to even stay in one place too long.

Sgt. Flippo noticed a young man sitting against the wall across from the bus station. The young man was alone, sober and not causing any problems. Sgt. Flippo was also on a bicycle and immediately did a U-turn when he saw the young man escaping the unusual hot weather. He demanded to see Id and the young man gave it to him. (Remember you do not have to show ID in California) At this point I turned on my camera and began taking pictures of the officer and recording the event. Sgt. Flippo took notice of me as the young man said “What could I possibly be doing wrong?” Sgt. Flippo replied, “Your sitting against the wall. The young man seemed confused, unfamiliar with our strange laws. He was run against warrants and came out clean. Sgt. Flippo looked back at me and paused and said “I am going to write and official warning, if you’re caught again by any officer, you will receive a ticket.” Ironically, the young man had a shirt on that said “My Lucky Day.”

The homeless are concerned, and many feel they are being selectively sought out and they are correct. They also feel that they are being blamed and punished for the actions of others, bar drunks, people from out of town that come here to sell drugs and then leave.

As I continued my walk I counted 10 people who were not homeless, did not have long hair, or carrying around backpacks; they were all sitting against the walls of the mall to escape the heat with complete immunity from the treatment the young man received, who may or may not have been homeless. I watched a few tickets being given for dogs to the homeless while tourists seem to walk by the police with complete immunity to this ordinance as well.

I think we need to form our own COP WATCH. We have one or two people a day with a decent digital camera and a cell phone to watch the police and record their actions. This idea needs much more thought, but, I think it could be useful. People being cited or arrested could know to shout for a COP WATCHER to witness the event. Cop Watchers could also be there to make sure these laws are enforced on the tourists as well as the poor.
§SCPD "Clean Up Pacific"
by ~Bradley (bradley [at] Sunday Feb 18th, 2007 6:12 PM
While walking down Pacific Avenue on February 18th, 2007, I came across three Santa Cruz Police Department officers (one police squad car and one police SUV) facing a man who was seated on a bench near the Metro Center. I am not sure why the police were questioning the man. I did not see any victim(s) of a crime around.
§Cop Takes My Photo
by ~Bradley (bradley [at] Sunday Feb 18th, 2007 6:19 PM
Not only was I interested in taking photos of the cops as they were "cleaning up Pacific," but the cop above on the left wanted to be sure to capture a shot of me with his cellphone. "Smile, it's a Police State."
§Blue Gloves
by ~Bradley Sunday Feb 18th, 2007 6:22 PM
These Santa Cruz police officers did not appreciate having me observe and photograph while they worked to "clean up Pacific."
§"Stand Up and Turn Around"
by ~Bradley Sunday Feb 18th, 2007 6:25 PM
The man was searched.
§SCPD Courtesy Shuttle
by ~Bradley Sunday Feb 18th, 2007 6:33 PM
Service with a Smile. Come to Santa Cruz, we know how to show you a great time! The SCPD Courtesy Shuttle is just one of the many ways of providing our visitors with topnotch service from the time you arrive in our lovely Surf City, USA until the time you leave. Dress Codes are strictly enforced for riding in the Courtesy Shuttle.
§Pictures from above bust
by Tim Rumford Monday Feb 19th, 2007 9:03 AM
Having tech issues posting video or pics. Hope this works!
§More pictures
by Tim Rumford Monday Feb 19th, 2007 9:06 AM
From 2:30 bust at bus station on 2/18/07
§Here is an attempt at uploading the small 3 min video
by Tim Rumford Monday Feb 19th, 2007 9:11 AM
Copy the code below to embed this movie into a web page:
Notice its the same cop taking pictures of me as in the pics above from Bradley.
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