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Anti War Activists give Anti-War Valentines Day Cards to Pelosi
by Christina Aanestad
Wednesday Feb 14th, 2007 5:04 PM
Anti-war activists gathered at Nancy Pelosi's office at the San Francisco federal building today, to urge her to oppose President Bush's escalation of U.S. troop levels in Iraq. Code Pink activists delivered Valentine's Day cards to Pelosi's office, urging the House Speaker to go further than supporting a non-binding resolution. They want her to support HR 508, which would bring all troops in Iraq home within 6 months.
Holding signs shaped like broken hearts with pictures of dismembered Iraqi children, members of Code Pink and other activists read their Valentines Day cards outside of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's office, asking her to stop supporting the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

"My heart is broken for Abir Hamsa and her family who were killed and raped by U.S. soldiers and the countless other atrocities that have been committed in this war. My heart is broken for the 3,125 Americans and untold numbers of Iraqi's who have died in this war. And they have died for what? They have died for Cheney's and Bush's greed. Nancy this war was and is unlawful in its inception based on lies. You must show strong leadership-cut funds and impeach. No war in Iran end the occupation of Iraq."

While congress debates a resolution to oppose Bush's planned troop escalation, anti war activists say the non binding measure is not enough. Janet Weil of Code Pink says the resolution supported by Pelosi is fluff- a symbolic measure that has no teeth.

"Non binding means that it has no force. Congress needs to use the power of the purse and cut off money. you can't run a war without money. It's a pretty ridiculious waste of their time and tax payer dollars for them to spend three days on a non binding resolution which is meaningless."

That's why Weil and anti war activists are calling on Pelosi to support House Resolution 508, sponsored by California Congressmembers Lynne Woolsey and Barbara Lee of the Bay Area and Maxine Waters of Southern California. If passed HR 508 would pull U.S. troops out of Iraq within 6 months, and guarantee no permanent bases there. Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

"The Bring Our Troops Home and Soverignity of Iraq Restoration Act. This bill would compeltely, fully fund military withdrawl from Iraq within six months, while ensuring that our troops and contractors leave safely and excelerate the trainig of Iraq security forces. We would make certain that our veterans who have given so much recive the health and mental health benefits that they deserve. Our bill would remove the specter of an endless and thats what this is right now-its an endless occupation, by preventing the establishment of permanent military bases."

Lee adds that as a member of the Appropriations Committee, she is exploring other ways to limit war funding, like only funding the withdrawl of troops from Iraq. Pelosi's office refused to comment on the record for this story. Weil who met with Pelosi's staff says the house speaker is not going to support HR 508. Pelosi has sent a letter to President Bush requesting that more than 20,000 additional soldiers Bush is sending to Iraq have the proper armor and equipment needed to perform their mission. Bush's supplemental funding request for troop escalation will hit the House Appropriations Commitee next month, when congress will have the power to support, reject, or limit Bush's war spending.