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UC Santa Cruz Administration Sabotages Student-Run Career Event
by Ethical Career Opportunities
Wednesday Jan 10th, 2007 12:17 PM
January 09, 2007

UC Santa Cruz Administration Sabotages Student-Run Career Event
Students Angered by Administrative Dishonesty, Foul Play

SANTA CRUZ, CA – After months of wrangling with the administration of UC Santa Cruz, students who were planning an Ethical Career Opportunities (ECO) career event, ECO-7, for January 25th have been forced to cancel the program after the administration blocked access to the group’s website for a crucial period of time. The website, removed without warning, was the primary organizing tool of the event, which would have provided much-needed job opportunities for conscientious students.

The website issue was the culmination of a whole series of administrative actions to prevent the ECO-7 career event from taking place. UCSC administrators maintained that any career fair could not occur on campus unless military recruiters were specifically accommodated, using this as an excuse to prevent the group from accessing the over $1,000 ECO had raised mainly from other students. Yet, as a student-run and student-financed educational career event with a specific focus, students assert that ECO-7 would not be affected by the Solomon Amendment, the federal law forcing colleges to allow military recruiters on campus in violation of their non- discrimination policies. ECO agreed to take the matter before a University attorney and make its case there. However, despite the promise of a swift opinion, as of now – a mere 12 business days from the date of the event – there has been no answer from the administration and therefore ECO is still not allowed to operate. Ironically, military recruiters are scheduled to visit UCSC on January 31 – 5 days after ECO-7 was to take place.

Initially, ECO had wide support from the administration, with the Career Center even co- sponsoring the event. Yet, as administrators irrationally decided that military recruiters must be invited to all career-related events, regardless of who organizes or funds them, they forced the Career Center to back out and threatened other potential sponsors against lending their support. UCSC Public Relations didn’t even wait for a response from the UC lawyer before ordering the blocking of access to ECO’s website. So-called ‘legal’ decisions were clearly being politicized. Administrators, as high as Chancellor Blumenthal, dragged student organizers through unnecessary and time-consuming hurdles, all in the promise of working out a way to make the event happen. ECO was happy to comply with every demand and suggestion. But at the end, the administration was able to kill ECO-7 through time-honored stalling tactics and sabotage. Having been given extensive details of ECO-7’s event plan, the administration was well aware that if it simply stalls, the event would be impossible to put together in time.

ECO-7 would have been a first for UC Santa Cruz. Founded by a group of concerned students and activists involved in Students Against War, the event sought to provide a positive, alternative model for career events on campus. Many students are deeply disturbed by the ‘official’ University career fairs that feature sexist, intolerant and violent organizations as well as abusive multi-national corporations, environmental polluters and weapons manufacturers. With ECO-7’s forced cancellation, the administration has seriously damaged its own credibility to deal with career related student grievances at UCSC.

For a more detailed letter about the event cancellation, see:

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by at ucsc events
Wednesday Jan 10th, 2007 3:03 PM
why not invite the millitary recruiters and lure them into an ambush?
by student
Wednesday Jan 10th, 2007 6:14 PM
This event was about something positive - the point was to give students some real options for jobs.

Why play games with recruiters? They know they're not welcome at UCSC and its their continued choice to come. We don't need to invite them.
by Oscar G.
Wednesday Jan 10th, 2007 8:03 PM
Only a small minority think they are un-welcome. Deal with the consequences of those choices.
by Banana Slug
Wednesday Jan 10th, 2007 9:23 PM
I don't think so.
by mp
Thursday Jan 11th, 2007 2:26 AM
If the issue was its on campus location, why not host the event off campus? Across the street? No university has been successful at fighting the Solomon amendment.
by do it anyway
Thursday Jan 11th, 2007 4:33 AM
hey yo - can y´all have the event in another location. don´t let the administration keep you back from organizing this important event!
by si, se puede
Thursday Jan 11th, 2007 2:17 PM
I think the idea of doing the job fair off campus is worth pursuing. You might have heard, but several local politicians have announced their candidacy for Jon Laird's Assembly seat that he will be vacating after the next election. These politicians include Emily Reilly, Ryan Coonerty and Mark Stone. I'll bet any of these people would welcome the opportunity to help out UCSC students!! :)
by a student
Thursday Jan 11th, 2007 9:33 PM
what sucks about the way UCSC's beaurocracy works is that student groups registered with the University are forbidden from taking funds off-campus. so even though the ECO group raised more than $1000 from the student government and other student groups, they aren't allowed to use that money as they choose.

see why some groups don't want to register with the school?
by c831
Saturday Jan 13th, 2007 2:35 PM
The student government serves the entire campus not just the radical lefties, so of course there will be some sort of accountability with the funds. If you raise your own Independent money you can do with it as you please, until then grow up. I suspect that your article failed to mention that your website was hosted on a campus server or else they wouldn't have the power to remove it.
by revolution101
Tuesday Jan 16th, 2007 7:28 PM
the student government is a way to co-opt radicalism. the event was a great idea, and fuck the recruiters.. but the university is your enemy in the same sense that the federal government is. antagonistic interests. the real fight should be for student autonomy, like they have in Mexico and other countries where police (let alone military) are banned from campus. really, the university is a tool of the state, and the state is a tool of the ruling class. its their tool, not yours. thats why they take of the nuclear arsenal, do free research for pharmacueticals, etc.. we need a revolution
by sun tzu
Friday Jan 26th, 2007 8:14 PM
A battle is won before it is fought. Your first mistake is trusting the administration. They are not your friends. Not the brown ones, not the queers, not the women, none of them. Because when push comes to shove, no matter how chill they seem to you, they are being paid to do what they do. If the order comes down to shutdown student voices, your friend the admin will.

Why? Because they have kids to feed a mortgage to pay insurance benefits retirement etc. If they can't be an administrator at UCSC and make $40-$200,000 a year, that would mean they would have to be a real job.

Please student activists, start thinking strategically and realistically NOT idealistically. The admins at UCSC are NOT your friends. DO NOT TRUST any word or promise that comes out of their mouth because if it comes down to paying their mortgage or shutting down your protest or voice or job fair, it's NO CONTEST.
by dogspot
(dogspot(at) Saturday Jan 27th, 2007 11:41 PM
get a commercial webhost for your events.
there are many that cater to the activist community.
get one with control panel, or with at least enough acces to BLOCK possible intrusions by your known enemies. and yes, they will try to shut down your site even if it is off campus - flip them off with a 403 error.

It would be dandy if you had the IP addresses used by campus security and their cohorts - they use off campus providers for monitoring dissidents,
the network provider used by the soquel police is a good start - provides
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