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by Poster
Monday Jan 8th, 2007 6:24 PM
Gabriel Meyers walked out of court victorious today when all charges, from his arrest at a 2005 anti-G8 demonstration, where formally dismissed by a superior court judge. The SF District Attorney's Office decided not to pursue the case because of potential witness testimony and video footage that indicated that police had unsafely sped into a crowd of demonstrators, which Meyers was part of. Prosecutors were originally saying that Gabriel Meyers was arrested that night for placing a styrofoam sign under this patrol car's wheels.
Meyers was in final stages of jury selection when the decision to drop the charges was made. He had been awaiting trial for 15 months and had made over 40 or more court appearances in that time period. He made no statement as he left other than he was glad and grateful to be free.

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by a TG person
Tuesday Jan 9th, 2007 10:29 AM
... and this happens. They also called my house. I am hella happy about this. I wrote a letter to the DA's office and told them I would be a witness for Gabe, against the police and the city, and they told me while I was there they knew nothing of the car speeding towards a group of protesters, and they knew nothing of the car running over the styrofoam sign and they claimed they did not know that Gabe had been strangled by the cop. There is only one problem though I never talked with Gabe attorneys to agree to testify as a witness. I used a bluff and it worked, BUT the bottom line is the DA's office did not know all the details of that night.
Maybe this can used to get Josh out of jail...?
Does anybody have Judge Alsup's(or Aslup's) mailing info.....?
Now maybe Gabe can start a law suit against that cop.
by a TG person
Tuesday Jan 9th, 2007 10:31 AM
I always thought the charges should have been dropped and you should have been a free man 15 months ago. Congratulations and see ya around.....
by many congratulations
Tuesday Jan 9th, 2007 3:34 PM
congratulations! fuck the prison system.
by ella
Tuesday Jan 9th, 2007 7:29 PM
Did they use your video, TG? I was partway down the block, and was fumbling to find the 'on' button for my camera as the car was accelerating towards the people who were crossing the street, but I got it turned on a few seconds later when you could no longer see how the scene was setting itself up, and you can hear me saying "hey, please calm down". Then my frame was waving around as I was jogging, and arrived at the Myers arrest at least 60 seconds after it started.
by curious though
Tuesday Jan 9th, 2007 10:03 PM
they strung Gabe along as long as they could get away with. he invoked his right to a speedy trial and then at the last minute, poof, they dropped the charges because they never had a case and the judge even laughed at the charge of self-lynching. not sure if Gabe is up for pursuing it, but from all the evidence the cops did treat him pretty roughly that night, unnecessarily so

I am curious though, as I never saw the dangerous cop car video that was alluded to way back when. I don't live in SF and didn't get to see it on community TV there ( was that video ever posted here? any links appreciated. thanks.
by Nate
Wednesday Jan 10th, 2007 10:40 AM
Congratulations Gabe!!! We met at some past demos and at peoples park and the ashby flea market. Knew you would make it through. Be safe!!!!
by a TG person
Wednesday Jan 10th, 2007 11:26 AM
No the video footage was never given up to anyone, but is posted on the web.
I posted some video on Indybay but it was taken off, because lots of people got dramatic over it....
I got the car speeding towards the protesters(sort of) and even showed the cops pointing their guns at everybody and anybody. It was very dark in that area, and even though I used nightshot on the video camera it still did not get everything. One of those cops pointed his laser sight at me in the stomach, for more than a minute. My partner got that on camera. Other people also got laser sights from officers guns pointed at them and they probabaly didn't even know it. The DA and that judge did not know there were witnesses that would have testified against the police or the city in favor of Gabe.(period)
The cops that night were brutal and treated Gabe like he was an animal, but now he may be able to seek damages.

(If you cover events with video cameras, and there is a heavy police presence, keep your cameras rolling. Never turn them off.)
Hi everyone,
I just wanted to add a comment and say thanks everyone for displaying your support and solidarity. I'm glad that my new freedom brings a sense of joy to others. I have appreciated the comments that I have read on indybay for the past 17 months and they have kept me going and made me push for victory. Well, we did it! We won! There are alot more fights to be fought, and others who are victims of injustice need to be free. Believe in the truth and that is the step to freedom for all. This is my new found inspiration in life and much of it is based on the support I got from everyone throughout my ordeal.

Thank you very much for your solidarity and God bless you all,

Gabe Meyers