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Opening Arguments in the Trial of Gabe Meyers
by Midnight Special Law Collective
Sunday Jan 7th, 2007 11:32 AM
On Tuesday, January 9th, 2007, opening arguments will finally begin the long awaited trial for Gabriel Meyers from his arrest at the July 8th, 2005 anti-G8 demonstration in San Francisco. 850 Bryant St. in Dept. 14 at 1:30pm.

WHEN: Tuesday January 9th, 2007
WHERE: SF Superior Courthouse, 850 Bryant St., Dept. 14
TIME: 1:30PM

On Tuesday, January 9th, 2007, opening arguments will finally begin the long awaited trial for Gabriel Meyers from his arrest at the July 8th, 2005 anti-G8 demonstration in San Francisco. Gabe has been patiently awaiting his day in court for over a year now to prove his innocence to a jury. He is finally going to get that chance and NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!

Pic of Gabe being choked

Gabe is the only person to face trial on a felony charge (attempted lynching of himself) from the controversial protest in which a police officer received a head injury. Meyers is not being charged with the assault on the cop, but has publicly stated that he feels he is being scapegoated by the District Attorney's office, because the SFPD has not caught the individual responsible for the injury on the officer.

At the protest, police attacked and choked Gabe. GABE IS A VICTIM OF POLICE BRUTALITY!

It is our duty as a community to prevent these prosecutions from happening within our society. GABRIEL MEYERS NEEDS SUPPORT!

Please take the time to make room in your busy weekday schedule to help Gabe. It is when we stand together that oppression of not just one, but all shall cease.

Thank you for your time and solidarity.

We expect the trial to last one week. Please attend his court dates, which will be Monday – Thursday in Dept 14 at 1:30pm for the duration of the trial. For more information and case updates, check


Kamala Harris is under pressure from the SF Police Department and the SF Police Officers Association to go forward with the prosecution of Gabriel Meyers despite the weakness of the case. Her office is already on shaky terms with the police union for her refusal to seek the death penalty in the case of the killing of Officer Espinoza in 2004.

Please call Kamala Harris and tell her not to use Gabe as a political chess piece or to further scapegoat him!

Phone: (415) 553-1752
Email: (select District Attorney for agency)

Gabe appreciates your ongoing support for him. With it is the only way he is going to get through this.

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by a TG person
Monday Jan 8th, 2007 10:08 AM
I called the Office of District Attorney Kamala Harris and they said that was not the office to call about this case. As a matter of fact the people at that office were quite rude and did not give me the time of day.
It is my opinion the charging of Gabe Meyers is either a ruse or corruption at it's best.
Good Luck Gabe! I believe if he gets charged it could be overturned in appeal.
I wonder if his lawyers have video footage of his lynching? I know I have footage of him getting strangled by the SFPD.
by checky
Monday Jan 8th, 2007 10:16 PM
Hey, TG Person, you rock! I don't know if you've seen yet, but the charges against Gabe Meyers were DROPPED today and the case was DISMISSED.

YOU might have been the call that helped spare GABE... Thank you for your kind heart and generosity of spirit AND time. We never know when we help people --- we may be the only people fighting for them.

I think you really made a difference. Thanks!
by a TG person
Wednesday Jan 10th, 2007 11:37 AM
Thanks I felt obligated. I was asked by some people to cover that event that night. The person who asked me knew I would come through in a pinch, and I did. I feel real good about helping Gabe. I just wish I could help Josh Wolf.