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Arab blogs on the Saddam hanging
by UK Guardian (reposted)
Saturday Dec 30th, 2006 9:48 AM
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Arab blogs on the Saddam hanging

On English language Arab blogs there is little mourning for Saddam but plenty of qualms about his execution. Issandr El Amrani on The Arabist laments what the former dictator has taken to his grave.

I do regret, however, that more information was not obtained out of Saddam Hussein. About his life, his regime, his relationship with various countries.

He would have been a fascinating source of information for regional historians. A real trial, at the international criminal court, the Hague or elsewhere, would have yielded real, valuable information.

On the Angry Arab blog, As'ad is finding the al-Jazeera coverage "way too somber and way too melancholic" but is concerned "this execution will go down as a sectarian decision and not as a political or legal decision, as it should be." The writer suggests it may even lead to a resurgence of Saddam's Ba'ath party.

This will not represent the end of the Ba'ath party. In fact, the Iraq Ba'ath party got rid of its worse baggage. Now the Ba'ath can unfortunately rally and re-emerge without having to answer or account for the crimes of Saddam.

Now they can claim that they did not know, and did not authorise - that it was all Saddam and his two sons who are all dead. The Ba'ath party will come back, just as the Taliban seem to be returning - yet another sign of the failures of the Bush doctrine.

The Healing Iraq blog hopes the execution brings relief to the families of his victims but concludes "there are still many dark days ahead in Iraq".