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NRA attacks animal rights, "illegal alien gangs," other boogeymen in graphic publication
by foa
Tuesday Dec 26th, 2006 4:58 AM
The National Rifle Association has released an illustrated hit list of groups it is positioning against as it ironically scaremongers about "Freedom in Peril." In conjunction with recent government green scare repression and the work of corporate PR front groups like the Orwellianly-named Center for Consumer Freedom, the NRA has taken its cue to pile on environmental and animal activists in its fundraising appeals to "patriots of financial position."

From democrats to dark-skinned "illegal alien gangs" to wealthy Jews to Katrina looters to the media (or carnage pornographers), the NRA leaves no potential boogeyman stone unturned.

You have to see it to believe it.

(full 3.8mb pdf attached below)

Download PDF
from Boing Boing:

Update (Mon., Dec. 25): This is not a hoax. I've been updating this item for a few days with reader comments debating authenticity (see bottom of post), and I'm now confident it's legit. Wonkette kindly shared a copy of the original PDF with us Sunday, and here it is: PDF LINK. Based on that, and copies of the Jan. 2007 cover of NRA magazine "America's 1st Freedom" uploaded by people who say they're NRA members (Link to scans), and illustrator Chris Gall's website -- I don't see any reason to doubt. Thanks to everyone who wrote in. On the internet, I guess it's better to be too skeptical than too prankable. Thanks also to the solid guys at Wonkette for yet another great scoop (BTW, now that it's written by two manly he-dudes, I think they should gender-correct the name... Wonkero ? ).


Wonkette has published sneak peek scans from a new "graphic novel" attributed to the NRA to promote membership (don't miss the image alt tags.)

The illustrations are terrific. Above: With their mutant critter hordes of lobsters, islamofascist deer, and TNT-totin' owls, razor-eschewing hippie chicks who've escaped from R. Crumb comix are coming to burn down your white suburban home. And ye shall know them by the tracks of their Birkenstocks.

§The Animal Rights Terrorists
by foa Tuesday Dec 26th, 2006 4:58 AM
The Animal Rights Terrorists section (page 11) includes an illustration of a tattooed, bra-less, unshaven woman with a gasoline can, a man(-ish) character with a club, a dynamite-wielding owl, and even a lobster is coming for your guns. Also, don't miss the pipe bomb, a well known (not) tool of Animal Liberation activists.

The Animal Rights Terrorists

In 2004 alone, groups dedicated to the elimination of hunting had more than $100 million to spend on their effort.

That’s enough to run commercials, print propaganda, stage rallies, infiltrate schools with animal rights material, blow up medical labs, burn down buildings, destroy hunters’ property and poison hunters’ dogs – with enough left over to hire top-dollar lawyers if they get caught.

Their increasingly well-financed and sophisticated lobbying and communications efforts have helped these organizations migrate from the lunatic fringe to the American mainstream.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest, wealthiest and most high-profile group of animal rights extremists in the world. PETA is linked to a growing network of embedded cells of dangerous people willing to achieve their ends through violence.

If you look past all the puppies and propaganda and PR stunts, PETA is a fraud whose agenda won’t improve animal welfare, but abolish it.

If PETA has its way, there will be no hunting – and therefore no wildlife conservation, no wetlands protection or habitat development.

All pets must be set free. With no caretakers or veterinarians, the subsequent disease, starvation and die-off of animals is unthinkable.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg that should sink their titanic lunacy.

invests more money in wildlife conservation than hunters. In contrast, PETA hasn’t spent a dime to buy one acre of land for wildlife, to sponsor a single wildlife restoration project, or to fund wildlife research, habitat conservation, species protection, or game law enforcement.

Many don’t know that PETA wants much more than to take a fishing pole from every child’s hand, take away their pet cats and dogs, ban milk from their breakfast, and shut down all their circuses, zoos and aquariums. PETA wants much more than to take Seeing Eye dogs away from the blind, and take bomb-sniffing dogs away from our airports.

PETA wants to stop all medical advancements that use animal research in any way. That would eliminate almost every major medical achievement in the 20th century, including antibiotics, vaccines, chemotherapy, transplants and most surgery. PETA’s agenda against hunting is consistent with its agenda against medicine: The only death that doesn’t bother them is human death.

PETA’s tax filings reveal contributions to violent terrorist cells like the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and Earth Liberation Front (ELF), who have committed countless firebomb attacks and caused more than $110 million in destruction.

This eco-terrorism movement is so dangerous, the FBI has declared it America’s number one domestic terrorist threat. They’ve upstaged al-Qaeda as the greatest terrorist threat on American soil.

Scientists, doctors and their families have seen their property destroyed. They receive hate mail, letters loaded with razor blades and rat poison, death threats and bomb threats.

It’s working. Medical research on the verge of breakthrough screeches to a halt. Our most promising labs are shut down.

PETA and similar groups with innocuous-sounding names like The Humane Society of the United States and the Animal Legal Defense Fund enjoy endorsements from Hollywood celebrities and financial backing from philanthropists who probably don’t know the madness they’re underwriting.

Animal rights extremists threaten the Second Amendment and our hunting heritage from every flank. The antihuman, pro-animal frontal assault is broad and pervasive, spanning from political initiatives to indoctrination of schoolchildren to hunter harassment.

Only the NRA has the will and the experience to do battle with these frightening forces. But it takes a wellplanted financial footing to even throw a first blow. Until then, NRA cannot promise, as it has in the past, to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to win.

It’s time that patriots of financial position pledge to stand with freedom’s fighters forevermore.
§You gotta read the original scoop on this -- too funny
by wonkette Tuesday Dec 26th, 2006 6:03 AM
NRA's Secret Graphic Novel Revealed!

be sure to mouseover images and check some of the comments for a good time
NRA's Sinister Secret Messages Drive People Nuts!

That PDF final proof of the scary “FREEDOM IN PERIL” booklet contains all sorts of semi-hidden editing notes and instructions and comments between the paymasters and the artists:

* “Idea: George Soros (God like) sitting on stacks of money, guns burning all around him.”
* “Idea: When disaster triggers collapse of society, all that stands between your family’s security and chaotic crime is a firearm. Concept: Night scene of a horrifically ravaged middle-class neighborhood — by hurricane or tornado or riots or terrorist act - abandoned by police and left powerless against violent mayhem by roving gangs. A lone father stands guard over his home, wife and children with a shotgun.”
* “Concept: Iconic evil non-American figure with blazing torch seeks to overpower and set fire to American flag defended by iconic American muscular warrior. Good guy has death grip on bad guy’s throat and on the torch, which has already caused the flag to smolder. The balance of power is dangerously equal; neither combatant has advantage.”

NRA Comic Is Heinous Hoax & Then Magically Real Again

While we were enjoying whatever people enjoy over the long War On Christmas weekend, that secret NRA graphic novel we discovered was causing all sorts of ruckus.

A bunch of dull morons over at the Daily Kos spent a lonesome day “proving” how we magically created all this beautifully frightening artwork because “Wonkette: Liar” (seriously, that was their headline).

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