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Names of Oaxaca´s Disappeared

by danielsan
A newly formed organization, the Comite de Familiares y Amigos de Desaparecidos Asesinados y Presos Politicos de Oaxaca (COFEDAPPO), has been collecting the testimonies of family members seeking word about where there loved ones have gone. The paper said they took 20 people off the street in one day this week.
Rumors are flying, but COFEDAPPO is trying to verify the whereabouts of political prisoners and gather statements by witnesses and family members to document disappearances, torture, and detentions.

As of this morning, the ninth of November, the Committee of Friends and Family of the Disappeared, Assassinated, and Political Prisoners of Oaxaca (COFEDAPPO) is circulating petitions on behalf of the following people:


1. Alejandro Merino Garcia
2. Angel Santos Callejas Rodríguez
3. Angel Soto Gallegos
4. Armando (or Arnaldo) Rojas Galan
5. Benito Zarate
6. Camilo Domínguez de los Santos
7. Carlos Alberto Hernandez Cardenas
8. Carlos Santorio
9. Carolina Juarez Vasquez
10. 3 personas
11. 5 personas
12. Cesar Santiago Reyes
13. Daniel Olmedo
14. David Ricardo Ramirez Zarate
15. Diego Magdiel Rodríguez
16. Eduardo Hernandez Mendoza
17. Eliud Martinez Gonzalez
18. Erick Ortiz Lopez
19. Felipe Perez Tomas
20. Felix Ricardo Mendez Venegas
21. Fernando Ruiz Santos
22. J. Antonio Aparicio Garcia
23. Jesús Martinez Hernandez
24. Jose Jiménez
25. Juan Flores Cruz
26. Juan Jose Flores Hernadez
27. Luis Antonio Vasquez Hernandez
28. Marcos Garcia Martinez
29. Mauricio ‘N’
30 .Maximo Reyes Perez
31. Pedro ‘X’
32. Pedro Martin Utrera Sanchez
33. Rene Trujillo
34. Teodoro Tiño Verado
35. Ubaldo Garcia Guzman
36. Ulises Lopez Luis
37. Victor Garcia

Detained / ‘Arrested’:

1. Abel Martinez Pacheco
2. Adelfo Garcia Lopez
3. Alfonso Rutilio Garcia Martinez
4. Benjamín Gonzalez Trejo
5. Calixto Perez Rosas
6. Carlos Santana Tavira
7. Diego Nicolas Hernandez Lopez
8. Eulogio Alfredo Ramirez Perez
9. Feliciano Jiménez Damian
10. Francisco Nuñez Basan
11. Humberto Jiménez Rios
12. Jose Antonio Ruiz Ruiz
13. Juan Alberto Vasquez Martinez
14. Luis Antonio Fuentes Domínguez
15. Martin Cruz Rodríguez
16. Victor Javier Cruz Garcia
17. Amado Aguilar Bautista
18. Anibal Matus Gomez
19. Carlos Javier Arlazon
20. Daime Guerrero
21. Daniel Eliseo Olmedo
22. Gerardo Martinez
23. Gerardo Osorio Santiago
24. Hector Guzman Acosta
25. Joaquín Benjamín Lopéz Castillo
26. Jorge Flores Manuel
27. Jose Angel Garcia Hernandez
28. Marcos Garcia Martinez
29. Norberto Navarro Reyes
30. Osvaldo Jimenez Garcia
31. Samuel Cruz Ortiz
32. Sergio Alberto Rojas Juarez
33. Valentin Perez Hernandez
34. Miguel Angel Garcia
35. Victor Hugo Martinez Toledo

People have been taken off the street by unmarked cars, taxis, and even a white van marked 'Press,' according to Radio Universidad, which remains 'on the air' although their signal is being pirated across most of Oaxaca City by someone broadcasting THE SAME SONG over and over (and over and over) for almost a week now. Someone fired shots at the barricade outside of the University again yesterday, but hit no one. The PFP has raided homes, arrested people at barricades, and targeted organizers, teachers, and students. Those who have been release (see photo below) have told of torture and interrogation. Stay informed and make your voice heard at the closest Mexican consulate or embassy.
§List of those already freed
by danielsan
Posters are showing up all over town with the faces of lost sons and daughter, friends, parents... COFEDAPPO is trying to keep an accurate and current count of those who have been taken, and those who have been freed. As APPO meets to plan its next moves (today, tomorrow, and Saturday), the men and women whose whereabouts are unknown must not have their voices silenced through absence.
The next few pictures already got posted, but they are more than relevant here.
by danielsan
by danielsan
by danielsan
by danielsan
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