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Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to sue the 49ers and side kick Bevan Dufty wants dialog
by Francisco Da Costa
Friday Nov 10th, 2006 7:45 AM
Let the 49ers move out of San Francisco. The 49ers need a change of venue and for too long have we in San Francisco accomodated them in good faith. Behind the scenes Lennar BVHP LLC got kicked in the groins and really do not know how to react to the proposed departure of the 49ers. Mayor Gavin Newsom is talking about suing the 49ers - he simply cannot get over it. His side kick Bevan Dufty is talking about dialog at the eleventh hour.
Judging from the reports and comments many 49er fans are truly disturbed by the proposed depature of the 49ers - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

For too long has the City and County of San Francisco accomodated the 49ers.

If any of the Main Media reporters did any investigative reporting they would know about all the corruption and back room dealing that has been going on for so many years linked to various 49er deals. The City has got little in return - the 49ers have benefited a lot.

Time for the 49ers to move on and start fresh - some where else - the A's will do it soon - there is nothing like change for the better.

It is a joke when reporters go a some folks that do not have a clue and ask them to comment about the proposed departure of the 49ers - folks from the Bayview Hunters Point - the comments are mostly taken by telephone. Very shallow.

If there was a Citizens Advisory Committe a good one linked to the proposed development of the 49er stadium and other related facilities - the mickey mouse dealings that have gone hay wire - would not have happened in the first place.

Reporters would have been able to get good comments and there would have been a history of the progress in this case. What we now have are some key corrupt folks trying to control the destiny of a community, and other related aspects - remote control and from City Hall.

Dr. York does not want to waste his time with the City of San Francisco. With or without Alex Tourk who has tried to have it both ways. The 49ers simply do not have the $900 million to waste in San Francisco.

If the 49ers move else where with just $500 million they can have a Super Class Stadium. Good transportation and Super Class Parking. Those that really love the 49ers will follow them - provided the 49er win games.

Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Dwight Clark, and a host of other good 49ers all gave us their best. I was lucky to see them in my life them and enjoy some Super Class Games. In recent months the 49ers are pathetic.

Let us not hold on to a team that is simply not recovering.

Gone are the days when you could count of them to recover - even given the last quarter. Steve Young and before him Joe Montana both did us proud - I am proud to have met them and have their signed memorabilia.

I especially treasure a ball signed by Jerry Rice after a great touch down.

I am stating this - just so that some of the readers know - that I have observed, watched, enjoyed, but now strongly feel that the politics and the corruption has over come good planning and thinking - time for the 49ers to move far away and start a new life.

On the City's part - we have no leadership.

Imagine Gavin Newsom getting so angry - bitch angry - it is this type of leadership that will get us no where. One has to remain cool under fire - in this case, we see a good example of a poor leader that loves it when it gets it his way - but under fire stinks to the bottomless pit.

We cannot bring the Olympics to San Francisco and try to have a Olympic Village at Hunters Point.

Hunters Point all of it Parcels A, B, C, D, E, and F - has been declared for a long time as a Superfund Site. Only the worst bases and most toxic are declared a Superfund Site.

Over 200 hot toxic spots surround the Candlestick Stadium. Just ride a few hundred yards surrounding the Candlestick Stadium aka Monster Park. The City has not clean or abated these hot spots. The City has no attention of doing any abatement.

What has Dennis Herrera to say about this nonsense? Does the City Attorney really think that such hot spots do not adversely impact the constituents and other visitors that come in close proximity of the hot spots? Have you all thought about it?

We have so many ignorant folks that have no clue about the Candlestick area.

Do your research and you will fully understand the nature of the toxic sites.

Thousands of innocent people have been exposed to very dangerous elements that have affected their lives - in are around Candlestick Park - aka Monster Park for years.

Time for the 49ers to move on - the sooner the better. Time for th FBI to look into the operations of Lennar BVHP LLC.

Francisco Da Costa
Environmental Justice Advocacy

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by James
Friday Nov 10th, 2006 10:29 AM
The first thing you should do, is uninstall your spell checker, and/or fire your editor, and his staff... The second thing you should do is realize that the City of SF is a Slum Lord... There isn't anyone that I know, that would live in a building for 35 years, and have the upgrade to amenities, and service in comparison to what the 49ers have received, and still be happy about it... The city's responsibility is to maintain the public areas, and improve facilities that are in use by citizens, and visitors. The City wants the revenue that the 49ers bring in, but they don't want to do their fair share and make sure that basic equipment is in good standing and are standard with similar facilities that compare. In addition to the, "well if you don't like our crap a la carte, then leave to somewhere and else and get your steak" mentality doesn't help... Not in this situation, nor others that may arise that will be similar in circumstance.
by *
Friday Nov 10th, 2006 6:39 PM
Good riddance to the 49ers, best known for their election fraud perpetrated for their treasury draining scheme, Props D and F on the June 3, 1997 ballot, which resulted in the changing of our vote from 70% No to 50.2% yes, and the murder of a pollworker, Delores Evans, and 5 children, on December 13, 1997, in a fire in their Housing Authority home, which the fire inspector said they could have escaped but someone stopped them. This heinous crime is described in the dedication on the election fraud website describing the 49er Stadium Swindle and election fraud at
This is the same election fraud team that illegally put Willie Brown in office a second time in 1999 and Gavin Newsom instead of Matt Gonzalez in office in 2003.
The Democrats and Republicans supported the stadium swindle (and all stadium swindles); Peace & Freedom Party and the Green Party oppose all stadium swindles.
The Olympics will be a disaster for any area as it always means gridlock and a police state. I wish the 49ers would take Gavin Newsom and his entire Democrat-Republican parties with them.
by BW
Saturday Nov 11th, 2006 1:20 AM

The 49ers are playing in the WORST stadium in the entire NFL, yet the city of SF refuses to even give them a nickel.

The city has not benefited? All of the money brought in because of the 49ers, and yet the city has not benefited...ummm, OK.... Must explain why the mayor and everyone else is wetting their pants over the 49ers wanting to leave.

If the city is too stingy to fork over, then they will suffer. Just like the Rams, Cardinals, Browns, Cowboys, and others, if the city of SF doesn't want to ante up, then the 49ers have no choice but to find someone who will.

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