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Guy Fawkes Day-World Peace Week November 5th- November 11th

by Carol Brouillet
Guy Fawkes unmasked. Exposing the history of false flag, state sponsored terrorism, to put an end to the deceptions, and an end to war, calling for World Peace Week
Unmask State Sponsored Terrorism
Stop the Deceptions and the Wars
Guy Fawkes Day- Peace Week November 5th- November 11th

November 5th is the 401st anniversary of state-sponsored false-flag terrorism or synthetic terror in the English-speaking world: Guy Fawkes Day. We hope to unmask these state sponsored terrorist attacks, devised by those wishing to terrifying populations into supporting wars which serve imperial agendas.

Even now, few understand the original plot: Guy was a dupe ensnared by a chief minister in a madcap scheme to blow up King and Parliament. The real plot was royally successful: to invent a pretext for war with Spain. The fraud was the foundation of the British empire.

In 1898, the American century was ushered in by a similar anti-Spanish hoax: the bombing of the USS Maine in Havana harbor. On 9/11/2001, plotters embedded in the US government, working on a Project for a New American Century, faked the pretext for a Clash of Civilizations - and a neo-fascist world order.

Webster G. Tarpley in his book- Synthetic Terror- Made in the USA, wrote about the granddaddy of False Flag Operations, the Gunpowder Plot of November 5, 1605 (an abbreviated excerpt):

“ In 1605 James I Stuart, was considering a policy of accommodation with the Spanish Empire, the leading Catholic power. He was also considering some measures of toleration for Catholics in England, where the landed gentry in the north was loyal to Rome. An influential group in London, backed by Venetian intelligence from abroad, wanted to push James I into a confrontation with the Spanish Empire, from which they hoped to extract great personal profit. They also thought it was politically vital to keep persecuting the Roman Catholics. Chief among the war party was the royal chancellor, Lord Robert Cecil. Cecil set out to sway James I to adopt his policy, by means of terrorism.

“Cecil cultivated some Catholics, one of them Lord Thomas Percy, and used them as cut-outs to direct the operations of a group of naïve Catholic fanatics and adventurers, among them a gullible man named Guy Fawkes. This group of Catholic fanatics hatched the idea first of tunneling into the basement of the Houses of Parliament from a nearby house, and then renting the basement of the Houses of Parliament, in order to pack that basement with explosives for the purpose of blowing up King, Lords, and Commons. Instead Guy Fawkes was caught going into the basement the night before the crime. Fawkes and the rest of the plotters were tortured and hanged, and several Catholic clergy were scapegoated. James I put aside his plans for toleration of Catholics, and England set out on a century of wars against the Spanish and Portuguese Empires, from which the British Empire was born. Guy Fawkes Day became the festival of “no popery” and hatred of Spain.

“Concerning the Gunpowder Plot, Cecil either found means to instigate the conspirators to undertake their enterprise, or, at least, being, from an early stage of the undertaking, fully aware of what was going on, nursed the scheme till the time came to make capital out of it. The conspirators, or most of them, meant to strike a great blow and their guilt should not be excused, but they were unwittingly playing the game of plotters more astute than themselves.

The conspiracy was, and must have been, known to those in power, who, playing with their dupes, allowed them to go on with their scheme, till the moment came to strike with full effect.

“This can also be applied to 9/11.

“(James I does not seem to have been aware of the operation in advance. The plot was not directed against him; but intended to push him in a specific policy direction. After the event, James I does appear to have realized what Cecil’s role had been. Thomas Percy, Cecil’s agent in the Gunpowder Plot, was called a ‘tame duck employed to catch the wild ones.’ The fact that he was Cecil’s agent did not prevent Percy from being killed as part of the cover-up after November 5. At the risk of mixing metaphors, we can cite the opinion of a contemporary observer that Cecil, once he had secured the game birds he was seeking, hanged the spaniel who had actually caught them for him, ‘that its master’s art might not appear.’” It is time to expose these schemes to the light of day.)

Let us declare Global Peace Week from November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day to November 11th, Veterans Day which commemorates the end of WWI on 11/11/1917. To end these wars, we have to awaken people to both the knowledge of how the war party incites war, and to sympathy for the fallen.

Share this story, pass out the “Unmask State Sponsored Terrorism Deception Dollars,” organize celebrations, actions, educational events, join with others, when everyone learns the history of false flag operations, then they will be recognized as crimes, rather than acts of war, and the perpetrators will be prosecuted and no longer be able to pursue and profit from war. Let truth and peace prevail.
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by Bob Pylant
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