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California Democratic Party Lines Up Behind pro-Bush anti-Labor Schwarzenegger
by paid off, no morals
Friday Oct 13th, 2006 11:26 PM
SAN FRANCISCO - Former Assembly speaker and San Francisco mayor Willie Brown on Friday predicted that fellow Democrat Phil Angelides will lose his campaign for governor.

Brown's forecast came during a fundraising breakfast for his public policy institute, which drew many of the state's top elected officials, including Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With a nod to the Republican governor, who was seated in the audience, Brown told several hundred well-connected listeners that Schwarzenegger will win his bid for a full term next month.

Brown has likened Angelides to a "younger, glasses-wearing version" of Gray Davis, invited Schwarzenegger to speak at S.F.'s Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast in January, and defended the governor after he made his "hot-blooded" remark about Latinos. Matier & Ross at the S.F. Chronicle wonder if Brown is still angry about Angelides backing Brown's opponent in the race to head the California Public Employees Retirement System. His failure to be elected president of the CalPERS board was a huge embarrassment for Brown.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger got a standing ovation in true-blue San Francisco today -- at a pre-election breakfast fundraiser hosted by Willie Brown, one of the state's best-known Democrats. Noticeably missing from the event: Phil Angelides.

Pastor who opposed Schwarzenegger now on governor's payroll
Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO - A progressive pastor who once called Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger part of "the national axis of evil" is now a paid consultant with the governor's re-election campaign, upsetting at least one fellow clergyman.

Led by Schwarzenegger, GOP candidates seek gains in California
Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - California - often regarded as the Democratic promised land, the bluest of blue states - is confounding a national trend this year as Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appears headed for re-election while several other GOP candidates are making strong runs at statewide office.
by more
Friday Oct 13th, 2006 11:29 PM
SAN FRANCISCO - Although Mayor Gavin Newsom has spent the past several months stumping for gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides, he found himself in the awkward position Wednesday of having to offer public praises to Angelides’ Republican rival, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger — for the second time in recent weeks.

It was a boon for the governor, who also shared the media stage with Newsom in late September when he signed an ambitious global warming initiative — a cause near and dear to Newsom’s heart.

Just weeks before the November election, Schwarzenegger has been promoting himself as an agent of bipartisanship and compromise, while Angelides’ campaign accused the actor-turned-politician of being a right-leaning “Bush Republican.”

“He has used a strategy this election cycle, especially here [San Francisco] in the last three months, of making very high-profile announcements with strong Democratic leaders, putting them in the position of snubbing their issue or their base,” San Francisco-based political consultant Jim Ross said.

by Dems just paid off
Friday Oct 13th, 2006 11:30 PM
Conservative Fox News commentator Sean Hannity will be the "special guest" Oct. 26 at a fund-raiser for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Don't tell Democrats who have embraced Schwarzenegger this year after he raised the minimum wage, signed legislation curbing global warming, and actively courted the Democratic Legislature.

The event at the Sheraton Grand in Sacramento costs $1,000 per person, but "platinum" sponsors can pay $100,000. Platinum sponsors listed on the invitation (at left and below) are Chevron executive Jack Coffey; developer Gerry Kamilos and his wife, Karen; and McDonald's franchise owner C.C. Yin and his wife, Regina.

Hannity has been a frequent cheerleader for the Republican governor and a constant thorn to some liberals who see him — and this is not too over-the-top — as the devil. During last year's special election, Hannity sat down with Schwarzenegger for an interview that included such questions as, "Is it still the greatest job you've ever had?"

Perhaps Hannity and Schwarzenegger can talk about global warming at the fund-raiser.

In a Fox News segment on Al Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth" — which by the way, Schwarzenegger loved so much he sought out Gore's autograph — Hannity asked his viewers: "Does global warming exist or is this just a liberal scare tactic? ... It's so overtly political, it's so overtly full of scare tactics. It's Al Gore the top of his lungs that George Bush has betrayed his country. I just think the man has gone over the edge."

Thanks to Dan Morain
And of course, Nazi Schwarzenegger is married to a Democrat from the Kennedy family clan, Maria Shriver, just like Democrat Gray Davis was married to a Republican. They know there is no difference between the 2 business parties. Willie Brown and Amos Brown are a proud fascist team. Amos Brown sat on the Board of Supervisors from 1996 to 2000 singing then mayor Willie Brown's fascist anti-rent control, anti-homeless tune everyday, when he, like Willie Brown, was not busy being anti-gay and anti-labor. Willie Brown showed his true anti-gay colors when (a) he had a gay librarian fired and criminally indicted on a false child molesting charge (eventually dropped) because the librarian circulated a petition complaining about conditions at the new Main Library; (b) he took the side of the Catholic Church in opposing the Castro Street party during the Christian Easter organized by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Democrats only use the gay issue to get votes; they are just as anti-gay as the Republicans, and the same is true of the labor issue. Willie Brown became a millionaire in the Cal Assembly as the leading pro-gambling, anti-rent control mouthpiece of the gambling and real estate industries, and continued his evil politics as mayor, including a favorite tactic of the gambling crooks in office, election fraud, which is fascism. See If you want serious alternatives to the twin parties of war and fascism, you have to vote either Peace & Freedom or Green.
by paid off
Saturday Oct 14th, 2006 10:30 AM
The Rev. Amos Brown, who heads Third Baptist Church -- an African American landmark in San Francisco -- lambasted Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger two years ago as part of "the national axis of evil" and charged that President Bush was "his partner in crime."

Now, Brown's position has changed dramatically: This week he lauded Schwarzenegger as a leader who has "brought back school counselors, arts, music and physical education to our schools." Brown's comments, which appeared in an official Schwarzenegger campaign press release, also praised the governor for addressing prison reform and small-business development.

The shift, some political observers say, could be rooted in a new relationship between the fiery liberal minister and the Republican governor: In the past two months, the San Francisco pastor was paid more than $16,000 after he was put on the Schwarzenegger campaign payroll as a political consultant.

According to documents on file with the California secretary of state's office, Brown received three $5,000 payments from the California for Schwarzenegger 2006 campaign for work as a campaign consultant in August and September. In addition, he received a payment of $1,045.24 for travel, lodging and meals for the campaign.
Despite national trend, Angelides' poll numbers may hurt other state races
Article Last Updated:10/14/2006 02:55:05 AM PDT
SACRAMENTO — Across the country, Republicans are taking a beating: President Bush is at historic lows in public opinion polls, the war in Iraq has lost favor with voters, and the party is dealing with the latest in a series of ethics scandals that have Republicans staring at the prospects of losing control of Congress.

Yet, oddly enough, in California it may be Democrats who have the most reason to fear Election Day. Not only does their gubernatorial candidate, Phil Angelides, trail Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger heavily in the polls, but there is growing concern that if Angelides does not inspire Democrats to vote, low party turnout could seal the fate of other vulnerable Democrats — and even left-leaning ballot propositions.

"The Angelides campaign could be a drag if it fails to excite and motivate and turn out occasional voters," said Darry Sragow, a Democratic consultant. "The fear is there'll be some kind of Schwarzenegger landslide that will lead to Republican victories in the downticket races. It's certainly something Democrats need to be concerned about."

Recent polls have shown Republicans have a shot at winning a number of "down-ballot" races, including secretary of state, insurance commissionerand even lieutenant governor, where each candidate has put himself in position to take advantage of any Schwarzenegger coattail effect.
by more
Saturday Oct 14th, 2006 10:32 AM
California — often regarded as the Democratic promised land, the bluest of blue states — is confounding a national trend this year as Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appears headed for re-election while several other GOP candidates are making strong runs at statewide office.

As national Republicans struggle in a political climate soured by an unpopular war, high gas prices and the congressional page scandal, independent voter surveys show Schwarzenegger holding a comfortable advantage over his Democratic rival, state Treasure Phil Angelides.

The race for California's lieutenant governor appears even, and GOP candidates are in competitive contests for insurance commissioner, controller and secretary of state, polls suggest.

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