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Mike Malloy Fired from Air America Radio

by Stephen Pearcy
Mike Malloy, one of the most popular radio hosts in the U.S., was fired yesterday from Air America Radio. Thus far, even Malloy doesn't know why he was fired, other than that AAR told him it was for "financial reasons."
Mike Malloy, one of the most popular talk radio hosts in the country, especially as a voice for the left, has been fired by Air America Radio ("AAR").

Malloy's termination comes at a time when he's been highly critical of Israel for its aggressive military attacks upon civilians both in Lebanon and Palestine. Many people are now asking whether Malloy's termination is related to such criticism.

Several weeks ago, Malloy boldly stated on the air that he reserved the right to criticize any country for its corrupt policies, including Israel. He said that if anyone had a problem with that, they should take it up with his boss.

Did some pro-Israel advertisers do just that and threaten to withdraw sponsorship?

Whatever the case may be, the fact is that AAR has lost its most powerful critic of Israel's militaristic policies in the Middle East.

Randi Rhodes, another AAR host, occasionally has criticized Israel's actions, but she doesn't have the reputation that Mike has for reaching the same level of intensity. The other AAR host, Al Franken, has been unconditionally supportive of Israel, which completely stuns many people in the peace community who say, "pro-Israel is NOT pro-gressive."

The bottom line is that AAR now has a host who completely supports Israel, and another who will be a little bit critical. Malloy's termination may very well have sent a message that nobody at AAR should dare to criticize Israel or offer vocal support, like Malloy did, for the democratically elected Palestinian and Lebanese resistance groups.

Finally, many people who listened to Malloy and the others on AAR are now considering boycotting the station until either Malloy is reinstated or someone just as popular and critical of Israel replaces him.

People are also signing an online petition to get Malloy reinstated at:
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by Mike Novack
Well --- I guess it would BE "financial reasons" if he was fired because some of AAR's sponsors threatened to withdraw their financial support.

"Did some pro-Israel advertisers do just that and threaten to withdraw sponsorship?"

Which presumably they are perfectly entitled to do. You don't get to decide what prgramming they are willing to pay to have put on. They do, or as the saying goes "whoever pays the piper calls the tune" . Now that doesn't FORCE the piper to play music he or she doesn't want to, can play for free, but pipers gotta eat too.

Which means, in order to be effictive you have to be willing to do MORE than "Finally, many people who listened to Malloy and the others on AAR are now considering boycotting the station until either Malloy is reinstated or someone just as popular and critical of Israel replaces him." Less or no listeners, OTHER ad revenue drops, off the air. What you need to do is counter with money of your own. Then YOU get to call the tune that is played.
SHOW MALLOY YOUR SUPPORT Every Air America Affiliate Should Do What Air America in Phoenix is doing! Mike Malloy Helped get Air America Back On the Air in Phoenix. Now KPHX 1480-am Is Helping Malloy get back on the Air! Please contact your Air America Station and have them Link to: And Follow The Example Being set by Air America Phoenix And Help Mike Malloy! please copy and Paste to Other Websights and Blogs. P.S. Who Stole The Kishka?
by No mas hot Air America
The neoliberal establishment is obviously calling the shots on this one, sorry Steve and others who thought that free speech could operate freely under free market capitalism. Any serious critique of Israeli government actions and US taxpayer support of Israeli military will be deleted on neoliberal establishment sites like hot Air America. Any wonder why Micheal Moore omitted any mention of Israeli/Palestinian conflict in his "Fahrenheit 9/11" movie??

"The Saudis are crucial in that system, but not alone. Egypt, Jordan and the other Gulf emirates have played a role, as did Iran under the Shah. As does, crucially, Israel. But there is no mention of Israel in the film. To raise questions about U.S. policy in the Middle East without addressing the role of Israel as a U.S. proxy is, to say the least, a significant omission. It's unclear whether Moore actually backs Israeli crimes and U.S. support for them, or simply doesn't understand the issue."


Certain edited versions of dissent are allowed to enter mainstream media culture to 'disprove' serious accusations of creeping fascism in the US. Neo-liberal establishment media mirrors and parallels the neo-conservative propaganda wing of the Bush regime in ensuring that dissent only goes so far, any crossing of the line will be subject to censorship if using a neo-liberal method of delivery (ie. Air America, Fahrenheit 9/11, etc..)..

Another example in questioning the liberal/conservative false dichotomy are the "black helicopter" conspiracy theorists ignored by neo-cons and villified by neo-libs as "right-wing gun nuts". Many of these so-called conspiracy theorists are questioning the official version of 9/11 and the increase of FEMA detention camps, the loss of community voter voice under WTO/NAFTA global free trade agreements, the "one-world" corporation-state that is rearing it's ugly head with the help of the imperialist-in-chief GW bush..

If we always settle for second best, lesser evilism in either politics (Kerry vs. Bush) or media (Air America vs. CNN) than we will always be disappointed when out celebrity heroes either fall short of expectations or are outright given the boot when they do effectively challenge imperialism on it's own turf..

That is why many other commit their time and energy to worthy non-capitalist causes like indymedia and other community based actions. Since the anti-war pro-Palestinian protests @ 16th and J do not receive corporate sponsorship, they are not stifled as easily (other than our favorite routine protest warrior goon squad), thus maintaining free speech atmosphere..

Let's get busy with some mobile pirate radio, where free speech can once again become a reality. Forget the pro-Israeli corporate advertisers and their threats of censorship. The radio air-waves belong to the people, let's reclaim the air!!

As predicted by the anarchists, so it will come to pass;

"No Surrender, No Retreat!

FCC! We don't need your stinkin' permission to broadcast!

There will soon come a time when it will be hard to find a commercial radio station on the airwaves. This will be a time when radio stations can play anything they like and say whatever they like. These stations won't care about ratings, demographics, marketing, or focus groups. They won't be owned in groups of 100 by huge corporations. This era has just begun. The beginning of this era is being brought to you by Pirate Radio!

Anarchists and many others feel that governments DON'T have the right to regulate the airwaves. Governments argue that regulation is necessary to prevent chaos on the airwaves. We don't want chaos on the airwaves, but we feel that ordinary people, through global cooperation, are the best people to decide things about the airwaves. The current system awards "official access" to the airwaves only to those with money. This has to stop and it will. The airwaves belong to all of us!"

more on reclaiming airwaves @;


by Mark Drolette
Dear AirAmerica,

Congratulations. With Malloy's firing, you have clearly and inarguably placed yourself in the terminally corrosive, putrefyingly obedient AIPAC camp that applies swift and immoral retribution to anyone who dares criticize the terrorist State of Israel. Moreover, you have also helped perpetuate the legitimizing of the illegitimate, the chimera of equating wholly-justified criticism of Israeli government policies to anti-Semitism.

Then again, I suppose that was the whole idea.


Mark Drolette
Sacramento, CA
by Steve
why is this entire article about the writer's anti-Israel assumptions.Doesnt seem very fair or professional at all.
by ME
Here is the answer I received from my local affliate of Air America, : Get a grip...You're lucky to have two liberal talk stations in your world. Who would you have to send this kind of hate to if they didn't exist? Rush Limbaugh?

<rr268 [at]> 8/31/2006 4:44 PM >>>
Originated from:

Name: Richard Rowland

E-mail Address: rr268 [at]

City: sacramento


Well, I was already getting fed up with Enid, the Zionist, now Air America has fired Mike Malloy. Until he's full reinstated....I will never listen to your station. He is absolutely correct in his comments about the actions of the State of Israel, not anti-semetic..just factual anger at their treatment of Palestineans and others in the region. Many Jews also disagree with this. Wake UP Air America!!!!

they will no longer enjoy me as a listener........
by tom
My feeling is thet he was fired for being "too controversial." He's the only one there would had the guts and style to criticize Israel and others where necessary. I've worke in radio and other parts of media. And part of this is the old rule: on the air, the boss and other hosts are are equal, one big happy family, etc. But when the s**t hits the fan, it's every person for themselves. Now Air America is no different than the corporate media that they criticize. What a bunch of hypocrites....
I don't really enjoy Malloy's show. It's just him griping on and on, You never really learn anything while listening to it. Randi Rhodes gripes but she's very well informed, and she talks you through the issues. Wheras Malloy is just hot air and moral indignation.
by Ozy

What does one call a day of infamy? I think the day they fired Mike Malloy can be considered one of those days! I'm writing this to everyone who knows who Mike Malloy is and what he's about. I've been listening to air America for years. I believe it was a day in March 2003 that it came on the air. I was ecstatic, finally we have a progressive network willing to speak truth to the public and support that truth with facts! No more of the ultra-right wing spin, slime and lies exclusive on AM radio talk. Finally, a network with some integrity and values. This affects real morals that the American public could get behind and support.

I see these qualities that make a group like Air America strong disintegrating. Is it all about profits or is it about what's right? We want to see operations costs paid for and people able to make a living doing this. We want to be as strong a station and network that will survive for years to come. How this is done is up to those who can make it happen. Experienced individuals in the field of talk radio who can do whatever it takes to maintain the message, the integrity, and the word of the individuals that are on the airwaves ringing out the message of the progressive democracy in America.

Mike Malloy has been one of the strongest voices out there. He has shown us the true meaning behind free speech and stood up for that constitutional right without wavering. Mike has been a leader in this field. Anyone who supports our Constitution so patriotically deserves our undying respect plus our continued gratitude and support. Air America is showing signs of morphing into a corporate entity that is only about making profits. They are becoming what we most hate in this country, corporate whores.

The decision to terminate Mike Malloy may be the final mistake, which shuts down this wonderful concept of a progressive talk network, which we so badly need in these disgusting times in America.

I care not why this decision was made, financially or selfishly motivated. It makes no difference. The top of the line is Mike Malloy. He stands up for truth, free speech and has the courage to do both. If this right is taken from citizens of the United States as AAR has from Mike Malloy by a corporate entity under the guises of not towing the line or kowtowing to a specific group or ethnic philosophy then the country is doomed.

I call upon everyone at Air America, all the listeners, employees and the hosts; Al, Randy Mike, Mark, Rachel, Mike P, Robert K, Thom to stand up and support Mike Malloy and demand that his show be put back on the network! He deserves an apology for the underhanded way in which these gutless executives told him that he would be back on in New York after the first, then turned around and fired him.
Anyone down at air America who remains silent on this issue in fear for their job loses the respect of many listeners. Listen up folks; your credibility is on the line. Do the right thing I know you can.

Sincerely, Ozy
by Richsmith
Had it to do with his strident opposition to Israel’s invasion of Lebanon and destruction of that nation's infrastructure?

That was the first thought that crossed my mind. My own opinion of such criticism is that it is the best interest of Israel’s future survival, although delivering it in the manner that Malloy did is probably counter productive. In regards to this form of criticism, I recently said to a friend who came here from Poland in his teens, and who is terribly depressed by these events, that it would be political suicide for any public figure in the US to voice such criticism, any such criticism. This includes media figures. I think there were more voices of dissent raised in Israel against the inane and vicious military reaction to events that unfolded to the north of that country than in the US, a country 40-50 times larger in population. You figure out the rest.
by F.D. Grabau
Air America continues to degenerate. The underhanded way in which Mike Malloy was terminated shows us EXACTLY who these people are. They didn't even bother to post on theuir website
even ONE WORD concerning terminating The Mike Malloy Show, and in fact his show is STILL LISTED on their web page. Not only are their actions disrespectful to Mister Malloy and his family, but they are a slap in the face to ALL OF US who were loyal listeners to the show. Air America shows its immature and insulting attitude to the General Public by this kind of despicable treatment of a professional and his audience. In fact, with Kathy and daughter Molly, the Malloy Family were ALL TOGETHER The Mike Malloy Show.

As many have noted, Al Franken -the Clown In Chief of Air Amerika- is utterly non-critical of the recent CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY which Israel perpetrated on the People of Lebanon and ONLY Mike Malloy spoke out against that 'Nation's' criminal behaviour in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS. Clearly thyat and his courage in airing the many Scholars and others critical of the National Lie centered on 911 has pushed some buttons behind the scenes at Air Amerika. The K has come to Air Amerika for they are treating Mike and his Listeners just as Joseph K was treated in Kafka's novel, The Trial. You just "disappear" people when you don't like them or they lose favor with your Aipac Bosses. The obvious accuity and discernment of so many "callers" into the program was a National Inspiration for many of us in the rapidly rising Fascist State of the USA making it clear to all of us that we are not alone. It gave the Public a real "Vox Populi" and stood out boldly from the insufferable sameness of the "Ditto-Heads" otherwise populating the Public Airwaves.

This event should make clear to all of us who listened to and admired the Malloy Family that ALL forms of our Public Mass Media are now thoroughly under the kind of Corporate Control we see in our Congress and in Israel's Knesset. Israel and the USA are the two major TERRORIST NATIONS laying waste to the planet and its people. The controls will only get tighter as the abrupt, rude, and unaccountable FIRING of Mike Malloy makes clear. Keith Olbermann and Thom Hartmann simply are NOT ENOUGH to keep this Nation's media honest, they simply lack the integrity and directness of Mike Malloy and Family. They are too well-off and content with their "liberal" celebrity. Cute. Knowledgeably cute, and far too clever for our own good. Sam Seder is still too wet behind the ears to get the full picture of the Fubar he tries to depict. Rhandi Rhodes is too naive. WHO on Air America will DARE to break the imposed TABOO and address the unprofessional and fascist behaviour Air Amerika flung in our faces through the manner of its TERMINATING of The Mike Mally Show?

Forget the "Democratic" Party and the 2006 mid-term rigged elections, Air Amerika like Amerika itself is a dead dream become a vulgar nightmare. Too many absolute OUTRAGES have been perpetrated upon the People of America by the Shadow Corporate Government bleeding us dry for any "normal" procedures to work in removing them from power. Air Amerika's FIRING of Malloy is a symbolic but very real GAUNTLET that has been thrown down defying the Public to object to such "martial law" behaviour. The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things....

Only WE THE PEOPLE can shut down this Corporate Police State and only by appearing en masse in the streets all over the Nation and refusing to go about "Life as Usual". We must shut down this inhuman machine .... Mario Salvio said that years ago in the 6o's during the "FREE SPEECH MOVEMENT" at Berkley. That was back when this Hideous Machine first showed and gnashed its teeth at the People. It's over in this Nation, folks ... all we have now are "Free Speech Zones". Mike and Kathy both suspected as much and said so, yet they kept on truckin hoping to somehow miraculously turn the tide. I say Forget It! Amerika is just like Air Amerika, a Corporate Fascist Organization, not a Nation at all! Down with the filthy bastards.
Francis Donald Grabau
by PoliShifter
I am deeply saddened by this news. I will miss Mike Malloy. If he does not make it back to Air America I hope another station picks him up.

As for if it was his criticism of Israel that got him fired, I personally doubt it but I put in the realm of possibility.

This to me smacks of a personality conflict with boss rather than an ideological conflict. Mike's been saying what he's been saying for his entire life.

The wingnuts have a theory...They think that since Mike Malloy suggested toa wingnut that if he wanted to kill Muslims so bad that he could do it in his own city in New Jersey. Wingnuts think this was "over the top". Calling for the destruction and nuclear anihilation of the Middle East is totally acceptable to them but when Mike sugggests hey, if you want to kill Muslims so bad, if you think they are so evil, then what's stopping you go kill them you blood thirsty rat bastasrds...then all of a sudden that's over the top.

Check it out (or not)
by David Steele
We, in the United States, live in a hermetically sealed media bubble where only corporately selected items are allowed to filter in, causing our perception of the reality away from our shores to be confused and distorted.

We need voices to prick this bubble, no matter how harsh and incendiary they may be. Mike Malloy is the kind of voice we need.
They finally got Mike Malloy. Who?
The right wing of course: are we to be had again by Rove? After years of basHing the flying monkey Right, they again prove that liberals are simplistic thinkers. How anyone can assume that it was because of Israel is beyond reason. Nobody reacts that fast to criticism. As soon as the Right had a chance to SCAPEGOAT SOMEONE ELSE, I.E. JEWS, they took it and took Mike down.

I used to listen to Mike; I always enjoyed the passion in his voice. But I knew that his days were numbered. He once had a program on 9/11 and his guest mentioned Mossad as the possibilities that engineered the event, among others. The next day Mike had to read a very long letter from someone who objected to the Mossad being invoked.

I have come to realize that more than 50% of the current hosts of Air America are Jews. Why is that surprising. Well, the Jews in America are only 2%.

I have no doubt that Mike Malloy was fired for mentioning the Zionist mercinaries whoe are ravaging planet earth.
There were many times I thought that Mike Malloy had gone too far. NOT FOR ME. Too far for the Conservative base of this country to tolerate without at least trying to stifle him. So - Michael. YoUr views are NEEDED. I am asking you NEVER to change your wonderful way of exposing the truth, but ..make a promise to tone it down 10-20% - just elimnate the most caustic metaphors - but say the same things of course. REASON : the good you do outweighs the small compromises you might need to make to stay on the air. We love you. And America needs you.
by Alex
He's a genius who speaks the truth! Great article out Mike's Return.
by Lana Barooshian
we want Randi Rhodes back and we want Mike Malloy Back on air america or we will have the radio station cancelled we listin to the station all the time but we only will watch it only only if Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy are on the show please get them both both back please bet them both both back and soon and soon please and thank u
by Jeff Smith (jeff7474 [at]
Talk about GRIPING. You should leave your post with Rush.
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