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Photos From Berkeley Vigil For Abeer Qassim Hamza
by Z
Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
Abeer Qassim Hamza was a 14 year old Iraqi girl who lived in the village of Al-Mahmoudiyah, southeast of Baghdad. On March 12th Abeer was raped and then burnt and killed in her home. Her mother, father, and younger sister were also shot to death, leaving her two younger brothers parentless. In early July, four US soldiers, and one ex-soldier, were charged with these crimes. Previous to the charges, the ex-soldier, Steven Green, was discharged from the Army for a personality disorder. With the exception of Steven Green, all those involved with the crime will be tried in a military court. The proceedings will be kept confidential, rising doubt as to whether or not a thorough independent investigation will take place. We want to make sure that Abeer, her family, and the tens of thousands of victims of violence in Iraq are not forgotten. On August 19th, Abeer Hamza would have been 15 years old. In rememberance, candle light vigils were held in Los Angeles, Berkeley, and New York.

Here are a few pictures from the Berkeley vigil.
For More On Abeer Hamza See:
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
§Samina Sundas From American Muslim Voice
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
§Bob Watada
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
Bob Watada is on a West Coast speaking tour in support of his son, Lt. Ehren Watada, from August 19th through 27th. On the tour, he will: speak out on behalf of his son about what is going on in Iraq and why his son refuses to participate in the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq; build support for his son as he faces military court- martial proceedings; and raise funds for his son's legal defense. Lt. Ehren Watada is the first commissioned U.S. military officer to publicly refuse orders in support of the Iraq War.

Ehren Watada has refused to deploy to Iraq, and has been charged with contempt towards President Bush, conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman, and missing movement. He faces over seven years in prison. A military pre-trial hearing took place on August 17-18, and the actual court-martial will likely be 6 to 12 weeks later.

by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM
by Z Saturday Aug 19th, 2006 10:32 PM

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by sadie.sabot
Monday Aug 21st, 2006 8:55 AM
thank you for the photos, and thank you to the folks who organized the vigil.

The prescence of Mr. Watada is a powerful linking of the various fronts of resistance to this war.

by Rose Elvern
Tuesday Aug 22nd, 2006 1:17 PM
Thank you for remembering this little girl and her family. The bush regime must be held accountible for creating the circumstances of hatred for Arabs - many of the british officers were stunned and objected to the cruelty towards Arabs being pushed in training and some US soldiers left the military because of this Nazi effort to dehumanize our troops by brainwashing them to dehumanize the Iraqis so that the bush regime can commit genocide for oil and war profiteers.
by shame on US troops
Monday Aug 28th, 2006 12:47 PM
by Adrian Bellesguard
Sunday Jan 14th, 2007 7:41 AM
We have death punishment for 18 years old people in US but we send murders to invade other countries without a reason and based in lies. We kill in US mentally retarded criminals for murder charges but an American soldier is always a hero or a martyr... or a victim like Green discharged for "personality disorder.
Do somebody think that Green's atrocity is the only one?
Do we have to "discharge" Bush for personality disorders!
Dear "People of the United States" voting for and supporting this president and his actions you lost all credibility in the rest of the planet for ever and ever, and unfortunately millions of people are (because this) make enormous mistakes like support people like Chaves, Castro or... Bin Laden.

More than ever

YANQUI GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by adrian Bellesguard
Sunday Jan 14th, 2007 7:47 AM
Let "god" in peace please!!!!!!!! In the name of this "god" you (Americans) are doing to many things. Democracy, justice, respect and common sense is what you need... but looks is not what you want.