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Mexico’s Partial Vote Recount Confirms Massive and Systematic Election Fraud

by Narco News (reposted)
With Less than 9 Percent of Precincts Recounted, More than 126,000 Votes Are Found to Have Been Disappeared or Illegally Fabricated
By Al Giordano
Part V of a Special Series for The Narco News Bulletin

August 14, 2006

Finally, the hard numbers are starting to come in. In the “partial recount” of paper ballots from the July 2 presidential election in Mexico, ordered by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (known as the Trife), the recount has been completed in 10,679 precincts of the 11,839 ordered by the court (about 9 percent of Mexico’s 130,000 precincts). From these precincts, Narco News has obtained the following preliminary numbers that confirm the massive and systematic electoral fraud inflicted on the Mexican people:

* In 3,074 precincts (29 percent of those recounted), 45,890 illegal votes, above the number of voters who cast ballots in each polling place, were found stuffed inside the ballot boxes (an average of 15 for each of these precincts, primarily in strongholds of the National Action Party, known as the PAN, of President Vicente Fox and his candidate, Felipe Calderón).
* In 4,368 precincts (41 percent of those recounted), 80,392 ballots of citizens who did vote are missing (an average of 18 votes in each of these precincts).
* Together, these 7,442 precincts contain about 70 percent of the ballots recounted. The total amount of ballots either stolen or forged adds up to 126,282 votes altered.
* If the recount results of these 10,679 precincts (8.2 percent of the nation’s 130,000 polling places) are projected nationwide, it would mean that more than 1.5 million votes were either stolen or stuffed in an election that the first official count claimed was won by Calderon by only 243,000 votes.
* Among the findings of this very limited partial recount are that in 3,079 precincts where the PAN party is strong and where, in many cases, the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) of candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not count with election night poll watchers, one or more of three things occurred: Either the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE, in its Spanish initials) illegally provided more ballots than there are voters in those precincts, or the PAN party stole those extra ballots, or ballots were forged.

“Taqueo and Saqueo”

These preliminary recounts demonstrate mainly two kinds of fraud: “taqueo,” or the stuffing of ballot boxes with false votes as if putting extra beans inside a taco, and “saqueo,” or “looting,” that is, the disappearance of legitimate ballots cast.

A significant problem, now, for Mexican democracy (for those who claim that the election was fair, and also for those who view this evidence as proof of electoral fraud) is that there is no way to tell, inside each ballot box, which of the ballots were legal and which were not; nor which ballots were stolen and which were not.

In some past post-electoral disputes for state and local offices, the Trife electoral court has opted, based on this kind of evidence, to annul the results from those precincts where stuffing or looting occurred.

If the Trife follows the law and its own established precedents, and annuls the results in these 7,442 precincts where the fraud took place, it would reverse the official results and López Obrador would emerge the victor by more than 425,000 votes nationwide.

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by Francisco Saiso
Your numbers a atrociously incorrect, those number were given by the losing partty in the presedential election, it's only an opinion and it's highly irresponsible to publish them as official numbers. Tha ocurt in charge of the recount has NOT given any numbers on the recount, only thos numbers are official and legal. You should check you sources and not feature information given by people known to denounce and never provide any evidence and also of blatantly lying to hte people of Mexico in their quest for power.
Here are some more articles detailing the 2006 Mexico election fraud.

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"Mexico’s Election Results Challenged by AMLO". 10 July 2006 article by Frontera NorteSur (FNS), Center for Latin American and Border Studies, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Jonathan David article, 3 August 2006. Philadelphia Indymedia article has section titled "Evidence of possible electoral fraud" that details alleged fraud.

Al Giordano's Mexico election fraud series. Part 2, July 8 2006. Writing for Narco News.
See also part 1 (July 5), part 3 (July 11), part 4 (August 5), part 5 (August 14).

"Mexico's Election Fraud: More Questions Raised". ePluribus Media article, 14 August 2006. Article also found here.

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"Outcry over Mexican elections falling on deaf ears". By Mark Almond, Malaysia Sun, 15 August 2006.

Same article in The Guardian:,,1844618,00.html
by William Borgstrom
I can only hope this do not get swept under the carpet as the vote for resident Bush did.

The Americans are silent cowards and deserve their fate.

I hope the Mexicans take this to whatever degree becomes necessary to oust the illegal "winner" and install the choice of the people. Ballot box or ammo box--pick your poison, government.
by Newsclipper.
"Mexico's Election Fraud: More Questions Raised". ePluribus Media article, 14 August 2006. Mirror of this article is found here:;sid=2006/8/12/16566/6622

"Group says fraud occurred during Mexico's presidential vote". The Dallas Morning News, 17 August 2006. Concerning Global Exchange group report.

"Results of our Mexican Election Observation: Why We are Asking For a Vote-By-Vote Recount". Global Exchange report.

"Evidence of Election Fraud Grows in México". By Chuck Collins and Joshua Holland, AlterNet, 2 August 2006. .

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"Doing maths in Mexico". James K. Galbraith, The Guardian, 17 July 2006.

Same article with links underlined is found here:


On a related note, there have been several lawsuits in the USA to demand paper ballots, optical scans of paper ballots, and an end to paperless voting. Click these Google and Google News search shortcuts:
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