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Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani -- False Friends to 911 Truth
by Captain Eric H. May (captainmay [at]
Monday Aug 14th, 2006 11:10 AM

A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer who has

spent the last three years tracking and interdicting Bush

administration terror plans exposes the double-dealing side of

the alternative media, focusing on the Wing TV team of Victor

Thorn and Lisa Guliani, who have deliberately sabotaged the

ongoing efforts by the 911 Truth Movement to spread word to

endangered areas of possible pending 911's.
Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani --
False Friends to 911 Truth.

For the last three years, I have been self-mobilized as a former

Army intelligence and public affairs officer working in the

perilous counter-terrorism field -- with a peculiar twist: I think

that the Bush administration is the terror group against which

we must defend ourselves. As those who have published my

work -- or published articles about it -- can attest, my

intelligence group, Ghost Troop, is the cutting edge of the

American Resistance to future false flag terror attempts. A

quick search-engine check of "Ghost Troop Captain May" will

turn up hundreds of articles published in dozens of countries.

Lately we've become a focus of the Lone Star Iconoclast,

published in Central Texas and read around the world for its

candor about Bush, and while he's in Crawford on his summer

break, he's reading our work.

Now that the 911 Truth Movement is gaining momentum, I

intend to publish articles naming the names of those alternative

media figures who are "false friends," meaning that they have

collaborated with the Bush administration, while posing as

helpers of the 911 Truth Movement. My conviction that such

people, Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani among them, are a great

danger to the movement and the country.

Thorn and Guliani have done everything they could to

sabotage genuine efforts to interdict false flag terror attacks --

and have published articles that make it clear enough that such

was their purpose. In this essay I'll stick to what I know as a

principle participant, and what has been published in

mainstream, non-alternative venues to back my claims. There

are two particular instances in which the two Wing TV hosts

have collaborated with the feds to sabotage the movement and

cooperate with the feds to set up US cities.

How the 911 Truth Movement Saved Texas City (1/31/06)

In January, 2006, my cyber-intelligence unit, Ghost Troop,

became aware of nuclear terror exercises being run out of Ft.

Monroe, VA and Charleston, SC. Although the people running

the exercises denied that Texas City was involved, we thought

otherwise, and began to say so through interviews and articles.

Our efforts garnered the attention of a wide array of a dozen

alternate media figures, most prominently Greg Szymanski, with

whom I did several interviews in advance of our prediction date

of a 1/31/06 attempt.

Greg Szymanski wrote four articles as our mission to preempt

the planned attack progressed to its successful culmination,

and they pretty much connect the dots on how we used our

extensive network of Texas City contacts to develop our

analysis and prediction. His first article, written after we had

spoken for a couple of hours about the signs pointing toward

the terror event, carried the bold title, All Signposts Lead to

Imminent Nuclear Attack In America; his last, published after

our prediction date for the nuclear attack, was Texas City

British Petroleum Employee Heard "Strange Abort Signal" on

Local Radio Station.

The last Szymanski article contained the same information as a

mainstream article by TJ Aulds of the Galveston County Daily

News, published Feb. 2. As the article admitted, the day after

the Ghost Troop prediction of a nuclear attempt against Texas

City, day after nuclear forces for the Department of Defense

were out in force on local beaches, setting up their equipment!

It had all been unknown to local media, and even to my

Houston Police CID contacts.

The only excuse the official mouthpieces of the various

involved departments (FBI, Homeseca and the military --

anyone surprised?) was that any appearance of a connection

between the Ghost Troop warnings of the previous two weeks

and the apparent confirmation of those warnings by the

presence of nuclear assets was "coincidence."

I'll include the Szymanski articles below the essay, but the

mainstream confirmation is not to be missed, as it gives the

whole scam away while trying to explaining it away. Had it not

been for a panic in the city (acknowledged by the article), the

whole thing would no doubt have been kept to our alternative

media efforts:


A local minister, Jon Watkins, was also part of the attempt to

shut down the attack that he saw coming. He goes on the hero

list for the risks he took in confronting local and federal

agencies, trying to save the lives of his family and friends, and

his own comments on the TJ Aulds article are worth a read, as

they show the rage locals felt at the effort to shut down our


Our results were wonderful to a 911 Truth Movement that

usually doesn't get such proof, and they spread quickly

through publications in Australia, Canada, Ireland and even

Germany. The feds were livid at the aborted attempt, and the

movement was delighted!

The Disinfo Counterattack by Thorn, Guliani -- and FBI's Tim


Why, in light of such extensive alternative media efforts (and

thank God for them!), along with such rare mainstream

confirmation, did Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani try to destroy

Greg Szymanski's career soon afterwards -- while attacking

Ghost Troop and me with every schoolyard insult they could

muster? Further, why were they following the efforts of FBI

COINTELPRO operative Tim White (their ally), who also

attacked Szymanski -- and several other alternative media who

had helped Ghost Troop to spread warning of the impending

attack? White's article actually ran the day before the 1/31/06

prediction date, on 1/30/06, so eager was the disinformation

crowd to suppress the results of our mission that they knew

were valid!

I provide the links to the Thorn and Guliani attack articles,

which mirrored the efforts by FBI asset Tim White to sabotage

our warning to Texas City, except that while White was trying

to enable the attack, Thorn and Guliani were going to inflict

maximum damage on Szymanski to make sure that no one was

willing to cooperate with us to stop another attack! I'll provide

snippets with each link:

Greg Szymanski's Lies and Fakery (Wing TV)

"From day one, we here at WING TV said this was a hoax, and

it was - a 100% hoax. How did we know? Because the

information came from a crackpot named “Captain Eric May”

who leads what he calls “The Ghost Troops.”

"The Ghost Troops! They sound like something that should be

on the front of a cereal box for eight-year old children."

"Now, anyone who isn’t a complete horse’s ass would have

known this is Crackpot Rubbish 101 … everyone except Greg


"Y’see, Syzmanski didn’t only embarrass himself horribly, he

brought ridicule on the entire alternative media with his shoddy

journalism. Regrettably, sensationalism seems to be

Szymanski’s forte."

Greg Szymanksi: Be Very Wary (Wing TV)

"He ran with Captain May's "Imminent Nuclear Attack in Texas

City, Tx." It never happened, yet he blurted in his headline that

it was IMMINENT. How much more of this National Enquirer

style 'journalism' are we supposed to tolerate?"

How the 911 Truth Movement Saved Chicago (5/2-4/06)

In late April, patriots from the Midwest sent us reports of

possible "Chicago 911" exercises being set up to simulate a bio

attack, followed by a building collapse (like the Sears Tower, an

announced "Al Qaeda" target since 9/11). Given my Army

background in military intelligence and public affairs, I was

quickly able to ascertain from top military and police officials in

the area that the exercises were real, and planned for May 2-4.

On April 26, I published a worldwide alert about the danger to

Chicago, and Illinois Governor Blagojevich issued a press

release the next day, April 27, to cover his ass on the "drills"

that had been planned in secret for the last six months:


Once again, Ghost Troop had been right on target, on time, to

interdict a dangerous situation. I went on the Daniel Ott show

just before the attack date, and on other alternative radio

outlets as well, leading a classic Ghost Troop public affairs blitz

to stop the attacks before they could start with widespread

citizen awareness. Just to make our warning all the more

probable, it turned out that Chicago Mayor Daley "just

happened" to be in Israel while the feds (Homeseca in the lead)

"practiced" the destruction of his city:

The Irish 911 Truth Movement led the way among international

groups that published our results, and in fact posted both our

key Texas City (1/31/06) links along with our Chicago 911 links:

The Disinfo Counterattack by Thorn, Guliani -- and FBI's Tim


Once again, Wing TV went on the attack -- not against the feds

who were setting up Chicago, but against the patriots who

dared to suggest a set-up! They again tried to attack the Texas

City results, and attacked any notion that anything could have

been amiss in Chicago. Our results were invalid, according to

them, and I was simply crazy for claiming them. Apparently

quite familiar with FBI asset Tim White, they set him up as an

adversary against Ghost Troop:

Top Ten Patriot Debates (Wing TV)
"First it was the “imminent” Texas City, Texas nuclear attack

that never took place, then the non-existent Chicago attacks;

not to mention a litany of other nonsense based on bogus

“numerology” that derives from “Captain” May’s deluded mind

(with his "Ghost Troop" theme music playing in the

background - cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo)."

Wrapping Up the False Friend Report

Just as there are false flags to kill our countrymen and drive us

like cattle into a world war for oil and Israel, there are false

friends whose job it is to enable the false flags. Victor Thorn

and Lisa Guliani have resoundingly proved that they meant to

do just that, and for that reason they are not to be trusted or

supported. They are enemies to the American People.

To end where I began, I have spent the last three years risking

all, and losing almost all, to serve my country. My future, like

the future of the republic I swore to defend -- even against

domestic enemies -- depends on the continued successful

interdiction of false flag terror attempts. The Bush

administration sets one scenario up after another, always under

cover of "practicing against possible terror," and false friends

like Victor Thorn, Lisa Guliani and Tim White do all they can to

attack anyone who questions the official story. One day, God

willing, our nation shall overthrow the tyranny of terror that

now oppresses it, and on that day it will begin trials for those

who enabled the terror. On that day I will see all our false

friends. I will be wearing my military uniform with full medals,

and they will be defending themselves against treason charges

-- my word as a loyal officer on it.

Captain Eric H. May, MI/PAO, USA
CO, Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cybercav+
Mission of Conscience / Patriots in Action

PS: Arctic Beacon / Greg Szymanski Articles (on Texas City):

All Signposts Lead To Imminent Nuclear Attack In America:

Intel Army Capt. Eric May Issues 'Red Alert' For Next 9 Days

For Texas City-Houston Area (1/25/06)

Houston PD Running Nuclear Disaster Drills As Build-Up Of

Numerous Law Enforcement Agencies Seen In Nearby Texas

City (1/26/06)

Texas City British Petroleum Claims No Foul Play In 2005

Explosion Killing 15; BP Sets Aside $1 Billion For Upgrades

Amid Rumors Neocons Plan To Nuke Plant In Upcoming Days


Texas City British Petroleum Employee Heard "Strange Abort

Signal" on Local Radio Station The Morning Army Intel Officer

Predicted Nuclear Strike At Plant 2/3/06)

captainmay [at]
Houston, Texas
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