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by Seanlaw4489
Posted is a copy of an e-mail I received from Noam Chomsky.
As an activist in the 911 Truth Movement and a Global Citizen I took it upon myself several months ago to write an e-mail to Noam Chomsky, famed MIT Professor, Linguist and supposed supporter of the Working Class, asking him to explain his position on 9-11. I recently offerd to buy him a ticket to Burning Man 2006, if he was interested in attending. Below is the complete record of our e-mail conversation over the past several months. I simply Cut and Pasted the entire e-mail history from, so read from bottom to top if you want to read events in chronological order. All I have to say is: "We definitely need new leaders, both academic and political."



"I'm glad to know that you are devoting so much energy on this, but it's hard for me personally to be impressed about working overtime. It's a rare day when I'm not putting in 16-17 hours.

I simply cannot take off the time for this. I cannot take off time for lunch, except while working. I'm scheduled intensively without a break, far ahead. Money is not an issue at all. I put out far more than this constantly. We have to set our own priorities, and time is finite, no matter how hard we work."

Noam Chomsky

----- Original Message -----
From: frank bank (by way of Noam Chomsky <chomsky [at]>)
To: Noam Chomsky
Sent: Friday, August 11, 2006 10:26 AM
Subject: Re: Do you still think the same about 9-11

I totally understand, we are truly living in urgent times. However, I think the reality behind Burningman requires you to attend. Even if for only one or two days. If you can fly out to Black Rock City or near there (San Fran or Reno), I guarantee I can get you to and from. If money is an issue I will buy you a ticket. They cost $250 dollars, some people don't have that kind of money, I worked a lot of overtime over the past few months, so I'm offering to buy your ticket. I don't expect anything in return, as I don't exist to profit personally. I just think you are a cool person; Burningman and you would benefit from attending. Recognizing your ideas on the importance of community, Burningman is the epitome of community participation. If you have never been to Burningman, this year is the year to attend. Seriously consider spending some time with true potential.



Noam Chomsky <chomsky [at] MIT.EDU> wrote:
> Thanks for the invitation, but I hardly have a moment free. Probably spending 10 hours a day on urgent Middle East crises alone, and that's a fraction of it.
> Noam
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: frank bank (by way of Noam Chomsky <chomsky [at]>)
>> To: Noam Chomsky
>> Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2006 11:07 AM
>> Subject: Re: Do you still think the same about 9-11
>> Hey Noam,
>> I know how you feel about 911, you're wrong, but I respect your opinion and I promise not to bother you 'bout that anymore. However, I am heading to BurningMan 2006 in two-weeks and I would love to see you there, drinking beer and bitching about the gov. Seriously, you should really show-up, you are a leader, and people are ready to move. Go to: You can buy tickets online, if you need a group to camp with, we are: "Voted Best Camp," I am new to the camp but I will guarantee you are welcome. Check us out at "Theme Camps," on the Burningman mainpage.
>> Hope to see you there.
>> Later,
>> Sean
>> Noam Chomsky <chomsky [at] MIT.EDU> wrote:
>>> Afraid I've been asked so often that I've had to write a form letter. If
>>> this doesn't suffice to explain, let me know and I'll take another crack at
>>> it.
>>> Noam Chomsky
>>> -----------------
>>> I should say that this one seems to me low priority, for one reason because
>>> it is inherently implausible -- there's no evidence that the Bush
>>> administration is insane and they would have had to have been to take a
>>> chance on something like this -- but also, much more importantly, because it
>>> is a diversion from far more serious crimes of the administration, against
>>> the American people as well, which are vastly better documented, in fact
>>> almost uncontroversially. I suspect that is why these theories are so
>>> welcomed by power centers (treated politely instead of eliciting the usual
>>> tantrums and hysteria, invitations on TV, etc.), as compared with anything
>>> that touches real power interests, like mentioning the taboo word "oil" in
>>> connection with Iraq. As perhaps you know, internal documents on
>>> declassification have suggested in the past that information about the
>>> Kennedy assassination be selectively leaked to keep the assassination
>>> industry busy so that they won't turn to serious questions about the nature
>>> of power. It wouldn't surprise me too much if we were to learn, some day,
>>> that the same is true in this case.
>>> However, I'd never have the arrogance to suggest to others that they shift
>>> their priorities. Those who think that this is important should by all
>>> means pursue it. My sights are set elsewhere.
>>> ----- Original Message -----
>>> From: "frank bank (by way of Noam Chomsky )"
>>> To: "Noam Chomsky"
>>> Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2006 2:22 PM
>>> Subject: Do you still think the same about 9-11
>>> > Dear Professor Chomsky,
>>> >
>>> > I know you have been asked about this already, but I'm curious to know if
>>> > you still agree with the "Official" version of facts surrounding 9-11? I
>>> > know Howard Zinn has come out in support of some of us who argue that the
>>> > NeoCons were surely involved in perpetrating the 9-11 attacks. I have
>>> > always respected your writings, however I'm puzzled as to how you conclude
>>> > that the powers in control were not involved in 9-11. If you have time,
>>> > maybe you can explain?
>>> >
>>> > Later,
>>> >
>>> >
>>> > Sean
by me
Quit badgering Noam.
by joemorf
I wonder what his response would have been had he been invited by someone intelligent?
by .
Now I have this great image in my head of Chomsky walking on the Playa and chugging a beer, with no pants on.
by cease and desist
For Pete's sake give the man a break. He travels the world giving talks, doing interviews, and analysis. When he isn't doing that he's probably writing and researching. Might I also add that the man is in his 70s. Cut him some slack. He doesn't want to go to Burningman. Leave it at that. He's also completely right about this 9-11 mumbo-jumbo. It is a major distraction from more important things.
by johhnytrash (warriorneedsfood [at]
The guy is 80 years old? Why the hell would he want to go hang out with a bunch of naked hippies in the desert? The heat alone could kill him. Politically speaking, Burning Man is about as important as Lollapalooza. Can the working class afford to take the time off to go party in the desert? No. When I see people at Burning Man I see Middle Class white kids who don't mind getting sunburn on their privates... but not exactly an environment for an 80 year old man.

Get real. Burning man is fun, but NOT important.
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