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Logistics Details for the 8/12 Anti-War March and Rally, Help Needed
by via ANSWER
Monday Aug 7th, 2006 5:16 PM
11:00am Gathering rally at Civic Center
Approximately 12:30 march stepping off
2:00 p.m. March arrives back at Civic Center
2:00 to 4:00 End rally
2489 Mission St. Room 30, (at 21st St.) San Francisco
near 24th St. BART, #14, #49 MUNI
Join us for a political update on the U.S.-Israeli war in the Middle East.
We will also have a Volunteer Orientation and go over the sceanrio
of the day for August 12 and then break into work sessions for
sign making, phonebanking, postering and more. Your help
is needed! No prior experience necessary. Call 415-821-6545
for more info.
The plan: Assemble 11am at Civic Center in San Francisco,
at Polk and Grove Sts. (at Civic Center BART station). Rally,
and then march through downtown San Francisco returning
to Civic Center for a closing rally with speakers, entertainment
and cultural performances.
Volunteers are needed for the August 12 Emergency March
to Defend the People of Lebanon and Palestine!
Stop the U.S.-Israeli War!
Civic Center Plaza (Rally Site):
7:30am to 9:00 Truck unloading and set up
9:00am Volunteer sign in (including Legal Observers & Security)
for check-in please go to the table under the Volunteer banner
9:00am Check-in for informational table set up and directions
11:00am Gathering rally at Civic Center
Approximately 12:30 march stepping off
2:00 p.m. March arrives back at Civic Center
2:00 to 4:00 End rally
4:00 to 5:00 Take down, truck loading, and clean up
5:30 Unloading trucks at A.N.S.W.E.R. office (please come by
and help after the rally) 2489 Mission St. Rm. 24.
** Volunteers will be needed to help ALL DAY LONG to make
this action successful. When you have finished a volunteer
task at either site, please go back to the Volunteer Tables
and check-in again to see where you can help.
There are many ways you can help out regardless of when
you are arriving - and volunteering doesn't mean you have
to miss the rally or the march! Please see below for a list
of various areas in which help is needed. You will be contacted
with more information about the area for which you signed
up prior to the march. When you arrive at the rally, look for
the signs that say "Volunteer" (unless asked to report elsewhere).
Work sessions are taking place daily and outreach materials
are available to be picked up at all times to continue
to spread the word. Call the 415-821-6545 to begin
getting involved.
There will be worksessions at the A.N.S.W.E.R. office on
Tuesday 8/8 at 7 pm and Wednesday 8/9 at 7pm and you
can also help out during the day (just give us a call for details).
On Friday, August 11 we will be loading the truck with all the
materials for the march at our office at 5pm.
On Saturday, help is needed from 7:30am am until 5:30 pm.
There are many different areas that need help - including
sign and literature distribution, Legal observers, First Aid,
march monitoring & more! Please see the descriptions and
sign up sheet below.
Sign distribution: We will be handing out hundreds of signs
so that those who see our march on the streets of SF and
in images in the media know exactly what we're there for!
We have beautiful signs with many different slogans to give
out. This job will begin about 10 am and continue until
more people have arrived at about 12 noon. When you
arrive at Civic Center look for the banner that says "Volunteer" -
people at that table will direct you to the sign distribution points.
Literature distribution and outreach: There will be flyers and
other materials to let people know what's coming up next,
and to provide organizers and activists from around the area
with resources that can contribute to local organizing. We will
have tables to staff, and go into the crowd to hand out materials.
We will also be circulating the "Guantanamo - Shut It Down!"
petition and asking people to sign the mailing list. These
jobs can be done regardless of when you are arriving or
how much time you have. When you arrive at Civic Center,
look for the banners that say "Volunteer".
Legal Observers: We need legal observers for the march
and rally. If you have any legal background, please email
us if you can help in this area and our coordinator from
the NLG will contact you.
March Monitoring: We need volunteers to help keep the march
going to and direct people at corners where the march is turning.
Volunteers will be working in conjunction with our security team.
First Aid: We are looking for people who have training in first
aid (EMT, RN, LPN, M.D., first aid instructor). If you are volunteering
for this area, please describe your first aid training in the comments
section. You should report to the First Aid tent by the stage
as soon as you arrive at the demonstration. The First Aid
coordinator will get in touch with you in advance to schedule
you for a shift during the rally and/or march. You can also check
in at the First Aid Tent by the stage at Civic Center.
Help is also needed for set up at 7:30am Saturday morning and
take down at 4pm after the rally. If you are unsure about what
you want to do or when you're available, you can come to the
Volunteer Tent at anytime on Saturday to sign up to help.
To fill out the Volunteer form click below and reply to this email.
Name -
Home/ Cell Phone -
Work Phone -
Address -
What hours can you volunteer on August 12 - (from when to when)
What task you would like to do on August 12 (set-up, sign distribution,
leaflet distribution, march monitoring, petitioning, first aid, legal
observers, take down, or other)
I can help at the Tuesday 8/8 Worksession - (Y/N)
I can help at the Wednesday 8/9 Worksession - (Y/N)
I can help at the Friday, 8/11 Truck Loading - (Y/N)

If you are traveling to San Francisco from another city or town,
we have transportation being organized from the following areas.
For transportation contact:
Merced - wizmo16 [at]
Sacramento - sypeaceact [at]
San Jose - 408-829-9506
Santa Cruz - peaceinjustice [at]
Reno, NV - stewartreno [at]
If you're organizing people from your area and you're not
listed, fill out the online form at
or email us at answer [at]
so that we can help get the word out.

To map these directions visit
enter your starting point and Polk and
Grove St. San Francisco, CA as your destination.
Bay Bridge: Take 80 West to Mission St. exit.
Take the exit toward NINTH STREET / CIVIC CENTER.
Take the ramp toward 9TH ST / CIVIC CTR / FELL ST /
RIGHT onto 9TH ST. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto LARKIN ST. to Grove.
BART: If you are taking BART, exit at the Civic Center
station, walk SW on Market to Hyde, turn right on Hyde
and an immediate left onto Grove, walk one block to Civic Center.
Peninsula: Take U.S. 101 North to I-80 toward
Bay Bridge/Oakland/Seventh St. 101 North. Take the
US-101 N / MISSION ST exit toward VAN NESS AVE / G G BRIDGE.
Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto MISSION ST / US-101 N. Continue
to follow US-101 N. Turn RIGHT onto GROVE ST. to Polk.
Golden Gate Bridge: Follow U.S. 101 south as it merges onto
Lombard St. Turn right at Van Ness. Turn left on Grove St. to Polk.

The closest BART station is Civic Center station.
The closest MUNI Metro stop to Civic Center is 7th and Market St.
For a San Francisco MUNI map, click below:
(choose the type of map you desire)
For a BART map, click below:
For directions from your starting location, click below
to use the trip planner feature. Just enter your starting
location and Civic Center Plaza (Grove & Larkin) as your
ending location, and you will receive detailed public
transit directions.

The rally gathering site is Civic Center. Buses and vans
can drop passengers off at this location.
Bus pick up will be at Civic Center Plaza where the
closing rally will also take place.
Buses should park along the north side of McAllister
between Polk and Larkin or either side of Grove St. between
Polk and Larkin.
Please note that public transportation is the preferred
method to the rally, as parking is limited in the area.
There is a municipal garage below Civic Center Plaza on
McAllister St. between Dr. Carlton P Goodlett Pl. (Polk St.)
and Larkin St. This garage may fill up early. The garage has
843 spaces for $1.50/hr. The garage will be open 8 am
to midnight.
There are several private parking garages and lots in the
Civic Center area. That can be easily returned to via BART
after the march.
Click the link below for municipal parking garage information.

Below are listed some accommodations in the San Francisco
Civic Center area. There are many accommodations throughout
the city, and more info can be found at

Healthcare workers will be on hand to assist with basic medical
needs. Please remember to bring water, snacks, weather
protection and comfortable walking shoes, as you will be
on your feet and outside for many hours.
If you are a healthcare worker or have first aid experience
and would like to volunteer to help on June 5th, call us at
415-821-6545 or email answer [at]

If you are a law student or other person interested in helping
with legal observing on the day of the march, please email
for more info on how you can plug in or sign in to volunteer
at 9:00 a.m. at Civic Center.
To contact the legal group, email answer [at]

The media coordinator for San Francisco is Mazda Majidi.
He can be reached at (415) 821-6545.
To contact the media logistics group, email answer [at]

San Francisco weather is typically cool mornings with warm
afternoons, then gusty cool or cold winds late in the evening.
(see also, for temperature readings,
etc. Please remember that weather predictions are not
always accurate.)

Bring snacks and water, and wear comfortable shoes since
you'll be standing and walking for several hours. Changeable
weather is possible, so bring appropriate gear to protect
either from the sun, wind, cold, or other elements. If you've
been to an A.N.S.W.E.R. protest before and have an "Act Now
to Stop War & End Racism," T-shirt or sign, wear it or bring
it to the protest!

There are a number of small cafes, restaurants and stores
in the area of Civic Center. There will also be food vendors
at Civic Center.

Portable toilets will be readily available. Some of them will
be wheelchair accessible.

There is a designated area for groups to set up tables at the
Civic Center, and there will be a $50 fee for nonprofits
to help offset the enormous organizing costs and $250
for commercial sales.

Table space at the Civic Center in the designated area is
available for 6-foot tables on a first come, first served basis.
The fee must be paid at the time when you set up your table
and you must bring your own table.
Ask for the Tabling Coordinators after 9:00 am at Civic Center
for set-up area details. There will be volunteers on hand
to explain to collect the fee. Please bring cash, check
or money order (made to "A.N.S.W.E.R.") with you when
you set up.
All groups must bring their own tables.

Download flyers at

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
Act Now to Stop War & End Racism
sf [at]
2489 Mission St. Rm. 24
San Francisco: 415-821-6545
Make a tax-dedctible donation to A.N.S.W.E.R.
by credit card over a secure server:
To donate by check contact:
answer [at]

From Iraq to Lebanon to Palestine,
Occupation is a Crime!
SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 2006, 11:00 A.M.
Stop U.S. Aid to Israel!
Support the Palestinian People's
Right to Return!
Money for Jobs and Education,
Not for War and Occupation!
Initiated by the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, the
National Council of Arab Americans (NCA),
and the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation.
Volunteers are needed for August 12 -- call 415-821-6545

Comments  (Hide Comments)

by Onegear
Monday Aug 7th, 2006 6:35 PM
Does anyone here still think that permitted marches with signs and banners are going to change anything?
Direct action gets the goods, not pleading that the near fascist government change.
by peace
Monday Aug 7th, 2006 9:09 PM
Another peace march may not be effective as a plea for the fascist Bush regime to stop supporting terrorism, but it does serve as a reminder to the thousands participating, or the millions watching, that they are not alone in their desire for an end to war. It may spark some thinking and some action, and send a message to our hopefully still not fascist members of Congress to take a stand against the Israeli war crimes of agression. Maybe not... What other alternative do we have that would be more effective than standing with our Arab and Israeli brethren who have even less influence on our government than us?

Thank you ANSWER.
by deanosor
Tuesday Aug 8th, 2006 1:16 AM
I agree direct action gets the goods. However, i have not seen any direct action in the Bay Area lately that has any connection to ending the war, to ending US complicity with Israel, or anything else. Therefore a large march is better than not having one.
by lefty
Tuesday Aug 8th, 2006 11:46 AM
It has been a dismal month and I look forward to marching on Saturday. Direct action is one of my favorite things and I look forward to more in the future, but it requires organizing. Answer makes no pretense of wanting direct action but throws a big permitted party, so direct action types and anarchist types who attend could spend some time propagandizing, networking, and organizing for future direct action rather than longing wistfully and complaining about how there is not going to be any direct action happening that day.
by Haditha, Haditha, Haditha!
Tuesday Aug 8th, 2006 3:46 PM
I have to agree with a couple of different comments above. On the one hand, I agree with deanoro that in teh absense of any real resistance to the war, a lame, permitted march with a bunch of lame, permitted trotskyite speeches is better than nothing.

On the other hand, maybe ANSWER just inst the answer. The tide of public opinion has, it seems, turned against the war, but this has nothing to do with ANSWER - it has nothing to do with whether or not you get 100,000 people to march or only 10.

There is a single reason the American people are turning against the war. It's because of the fierce and brave resistance being put up by the Iraqis themselves. Americans only consider themselves to be human beings, and the nightly deathtolls - a mere couple of thousand compared to the tens or hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed - are what have turned Americans against the war - not any protest marches - not even any direct action for that matter.

However, the masked gentleman with the sign points out something very true as well. We live in a country which tortures - a country which rapes children on video (as reported in the mainstream media) - a country which rapes little girls and then sets them on fire - a country with a leadership dedicated to 'perpetual (and aggressive) war.'

And you want to march around in permitted little circles with your signs and your slogans so that - what? So that you can go home and watch yourself on TV and pat yourself on the back and say "well, at least we marched or something!" "Hey - we're not violent therefore we're good!"

Really, at a certain point it's ridiculous. I've always believed that the Trots in ANSWER/WWP/whatever frontgroup dejour they have put together/ are completely controled and influenced by money and the government. The recent case in Oakland where 2 undercover cops were elected to lead a demo is a mere microcosm compared to the much bigger, juicier, longer-lived target of ANSWER/WWP. It's a 100% completely ineffectual failure. Public opinion has turned on bullets and bombs, not your self-congratulatory street parties.

I agree most of all with the posters who suggest that a) direct action is the sole reasonable direction to take and that b) that kind of direct action requires organization - a different kind of ogranization than ANSWER, IMHO.
by Steven Argue
Wednesday Aug 9th, 2006 9:34 AM
While ANSWER/WWP did come out of the Trotskyist movement in the 1950s, they are not Trotskyists now, nor do they claim to be. Their full support for Stalinist regimes and nationalist third world capitalist governments differentiates their international politics with Trotskyism. Their occasional support for Democrats differentiate them from the politics of Trotskyism in the United States.

It is my opinion that large anti-war protests do play a role in educating and inspiring people in the struggle against the war. Despite my disagreements with ANSWER/WWP, I think that they do play a positive role in organizing these protests.
by Haditha! Haditha! Haditha!
Wednesday Aug 9th, 2006 2:33 PM

My claim is that ANSWER demos have been 100% ineffectual, whether we are talking about stopping the war itself or merely turning public opinion against the war.

The only thing that is making any headway at all is the death of thousands of US soldiers and having their mommies cry on TV. Marching around with cute signs and smiles on your faces doesn't kill US soliders. Dancing in the streets doesn't make American mommies cry.

All it does it make you feel good about yourself. And it makes a bunch of old, useless, ineffetual commies feel like they have the power they so hungrily crave, authoritarian scum that they are.

Direct action gets the good. Walking around in permitted circles just makes you a fucking hypocrite.

by Steven Argue
Thursday Aug 10th, 2006 7:01 PM
Haditha, I heard you point, I just don’t agree.

If you expect an anti-war movement to stop the war over night, it won't happen.

And yes the resistance to the occupation in Iraq has helped turn the people of the imperialist countries against the war.

There are only three ways for the people of an aggressor nation to stop an imperialist war and occupation:

One is if the soldiers of an imperialist nation refuse to fight.

Two is if the workers of an imperialist nation refuse to make and/or ship the armaments.

Three is if the people of the imperialist nation overthrow the imperialist government in a socialist revolution.

If one and two happen we will be very close to the potential for number three.

For one and two or three to happen people need to feel the power of seeing their numbers and be put together in situations to network and learn from each other. Protests only help this. They do nothing more and nothing less. You want more, so do I, but I don’t blame the people actions that are building up to a situation where more can happen.
by Gens Primoris
(GensPrimoris [at] Friday Aug 11th, 2006 6:40 PM
Onegear wrote: Does anyone here still think that permitted marches with signs and banners are going to change anything? and
Hadiitha wrote: My claim is that ANSWER demos have been 100% ineffectual
Go Steven Argue!
Just came across this thread.
Onegear, Haditha: don't not be so dismayed, please remember that as a result of the worldwide marches in the leadup to the war in 2003 that the US did not get sanction from the UN to prosecute the Iraq war; the US did Not get the rubber stamp it was seeking, this is giving the US all kinds of legal problems now, and will serve as part of the eventual case against those currently in power.
I believe in the effective carriage of Justice provided that The People get The Truth.
Other reasons for continuing to support marches against Bush's Iraq War:
1. It's kind of a "caregivers alliance" type situation where The People attending the marches need to see Other real live people, with similar convictions to themselves, in the flesh. At my first protest in 2003 I was left awed at the range of participants. All ethno-socio-ages were represented. It did very much towards giving me hope that I was not alone. And the conviction that in this just cause, justice will out. That's it, these protests engender Hope. Who is anyone to put that down?
2. By marching you speak up! Otherwise your silence is taken, by FOX at the very least, as complicity, and believe me, I am Not Complicit in Cheney/Bush/Rove's nefarious cabal in this one aspect of their admin. By marching, both the pro-war and the anti-war sides see that just plain people, encompassing an infinity of perspectives, have actually united in a single effort! Are you able to interpret the significance of this? At the numbers that some of these Peace marches draw can you see this admin doing a better job of Uniting? That is painfully laughable. Go talk to some New Orleans folks for kind of perspective.
3. The breeding ground for the action you mention Haditha is Hope. Hope lives if we're willing to dream it, in some people it takes a Peace march breeding ground in order for hope and direct action to grow. Some need the reminder, so be it. Haditha, there is Hope in you for better times. I call on you to not smother out opportunities for Hope. I call on this from you on behalf of all those suffering this unjust and criminal war. And I call on this for you. So you know, I know that direct action matters. I'm especially interested in direct action involving the complicit media, and F O X in particular. They are LIARS.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes an act of rebellion." George Orwell I think that in these times of governmental deceit, not letting Cheney and his minions' evil roll on through is a matter of personal conscience. It is our obligation. Protest is the universal voice that says Enough!
by vroom
Friday Aug 11th, 2006 11:20 PM
Allow me to address a few of your points

“Marching around with cute signs and smiles on your faces doesn't kill US soliders. Dancing in the streets doesn't make American mommies cry.”

Obviously you don’t have a family member in the military.

Great platform: Kill American soldiers!

“The only thing that is making any headway at all is the death of thousands of US soldiers and having their mommies cry on TV. “

Call me crazy, but if your “cause” measures success by peoples anguish, maybe you’re on the wrong side.

“However, the masked gentleman with the sign points out something very true as well. We live in a country which tortures - a country which rapes children on video (as reported in the mainstream media) - a country which rapes little girls and then sets them on fire - a country with a leadership dedicated to 'perpetual (and aggressive) war.”

Hey don’t forget about that Lebanese “rescue worker” who likes to pose dead kids for western cameras. Give credit where credits due.

“Three is if the people of the imperialist nation overthrow the imperialist government in a socialist revolution.”

You guys couldn’t overthrow a bag of Doritos

by Steven Argue
Saturday Aug 12th, 2006 5:53 PM
Spelling error corrected, oops, was tired from marching:

Vroom writes, "Hey don’t forget about that Lebanese “rescue worker” who likes to pose dead kids for western cameras. Give credit where credits due."

Yes, give credit where credit is due: Lebanese children murdered by the Israeli government while sponsored by the United States, not killed by rescue workers.
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