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A Letter condeming the Good Times support of Israel
by Amelia McDonald
Monday Aug 7th, 2006 11:50 AM
A letter written to the editors of the Goodtimes to speak out against their irresponsible decision of supporting Israel.
Dear Good Times,

I am writing to address the recent full page add that was placed in this publication in support of Israel. It is important to point out the fact that although the pro-Israel/ Zionist organizations, such as Stand with Us (the org that bought out a page of your publication), have the monetary means to pay for such an add, their sentiments do not co-opt the feelings of many people in the Central Coast. Furthermore it is incredibly irresponsible of your publication to openly endorse a government that is clearly the perpetrating war crimes, crimes against humanity, and showing an obvious disregard for the intrinsic value of human life.

The full page add starts out by claiming that “That the people of Israel need our help during this difficult time,” and this is in part true, however it not just the people of Israel who need our help right now, it is all people oppressed by our imperialist government. The people of Palestine, the people of Lebanon, the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, all black and brown people and yes the people of Israel (not the state)- none of these people are benefiting from the growing war in the Middle East, the growing War on Terror and the growing war on the working class. It is important that the deplorable, inhumane actions of Israel in recent weeks not be seen as an act of an independent state but rather as a joint exploitation with U.S.
Reverend Martin Luther king Jr is quoted as having said, “An injustice somewhere is an injustice everywhere.” This hits especially close to home when it is clear that our government is propagating the injustices.

It is our government who is providing weapons to Israel!

It is our government who is providing the jet fuel to Israel!

It is our government who is providing the financial means to fund this war machine that is known as the state of Israel!

Both the Democrats and the Republicans overwhelmingly supported a resolution that “recognized Israel’s continued commitment to minimize civilian loss,” This is a blatant lie when you look at the death toll in Lebanon alone. To keep it personal, the people of the US, the working class folk gain nothing from this growing war but it is clear that within our country it is we who bear the brunt of the cost. It is the working class whose brothers and sisters are on the ground fighting these wars. It is the tax money of the working class funding these wars, sacrificing much needed social benefits such as a decent educational system, access to health care, etc.

With the continued support of the US, Israel, like the US seems to not have to answer for its actions. I urge the staff at the Good Times to not support the lies, and to use your conscience when selling space in your publication. You sell your soul to the devil when you stand behind our government and any puppet government it is choosing to handle internationally at the time. Stand up and stand behind the people!

Amelia McDonald,
Member, Youth and Student ANSWER
Member, Santa Cruz Anti-Imperialist League

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by Ignorant author
Monday Aug 7th, 2006 1:39 PM
Why would anyone pulish a letter when the author clearly doesn't understand the conflict? Its very odd that Americans keep tryin gto cast the Middle East in terms of race as if American's weird racial obsession was universal.
by Peace
Monday Aug 7th, 2006 2:30 PM
Ms. McDonald presents a well-reasoned argument and the only response from the Ignorant Commenter is to call her a name. Get a brain!
by Amelia
Tuesday Aug 8th, 2006 12:34 AM
First off, I as a white, middle class, straight, college educated, female feel oppressed by the society in which I have grown up in, and I am privileged. I added the broad colors of black and brown to the list of people from the Middle East being oppressed by our government…Why?
Because I have the benefit of history and the where withal to see clearly the racist world I live in.
I equate the crisis in the Middle East to race because the brunt of the American imperialist burden has weighed heavily on the black and brown people of my community for over 500 years!
How does this relate…it may be over simplified but it seems as though our government, in all its capitalist glory, has a tendency to break people down both locally and internationally. So when this tendency becomes a bloody massacre thousands of miles away I feel that it is important to stand against it and to relate it to the massacre here, the injustices here, because they all came from the same machine.
My list should have been much longer.

by Steven Argue
Tuesday Aug 8th, 2006 9:27 AM
Good letter. There is no question that Israel and the mass murder it is perpetrating is deeply racist. The Good Times pretends to be a little different from the corporate press, but they are just another propaganda pillar of the status quo.
by Lord MNS
Monday Aug 14th, 2006 12:32 PM
"Deeply racist" against what race, precisely? You know that both the Israelis and the so-called "Palestinians" are both Semites, right? You know that's a race, right? So the Israelis are "racist" against their own race?

I suspect you might be an idiot. The proof is your comment.
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