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A Family In Baghdad: On the Iraqi Prime Minister's visit to America
by Faiza (reposted)
Friday Aug 4th, 2006 6:28 AM
The Iraqi Prime Minister is visiting America these days, for talks with the American administration about the Iraqi affairs, and how to pull the country out of the chaos and the mess that is drowning it, since the American war upon us in2003 , till now…
I saw president Bush giving a speech. I have heard so many speeches and empty talk that has nothing to do with reality, that I stood for short moments to listen, then I went out of the room. It was the same rigid address in the minds of the American administration's members; who do not read reality, but only repeat what is in their minds, which is usually as far as can be from truth, and as near as can be to their personal interests…
Did you ever meet a kind of person to whom you tell a story, or complain about some sort of problem, then look at him, only to find him absent minded in another world, then, he would turn to you to give you remarks and deductions which have nothing to do whatsoever with what you were talking about?
This is how it is to talk with most of the American administration's members, and most of the American Congress members. They are people who live only in their closed, limited world, who have no wish, or mental ability, to listen to the Other. They listen to the illusory, inner voice in their heads, insisting upon it, for years and years, until they are removed from their posts. And I don't know then whether their stupid, parrot-style mentality will change, or evolve into one that understands reality and responds to it. But what will be the point?
By then they would be outside of the decision-making zone….
Bush yesterday said, as usual, the sentence that all the losers in the American administration like to say, and by which they justify the remaining of the occupation forces in Iraq indefinitely, justifying it with noble causes… (I have told the Iraqi Prime Minister we will not abandon you, and will not pull the troops out of Iraq….)
I heard that sentence for the first time from an American congressman, while we were standing in one of the corridors of the congress building some months ago, with an Iraqi women delegation, when the man passed. Some of the Americans standing about volunteered to introduce us to him. He puffed up his feathers and said the same phrase: Don't worry, we will not abandon you, and will not pull the troops out of Iraq….
I looked at that foolish man, and saw how stupid and conceited he is, how he reads reality according to his mood, imagining he is playing the role of the savior hero, while we play the role of the weaklings who call to him for help. The truth is exactly the opposite; the American presence in Iraq brought upon us destruction, catastrophes, chaos and terrorism. And scheduling the withdrawal is the only thing that can make the Iraqis happy.........
We saw nothing from them but stupidity and floundering in Iraq, starting from the bad planning, the mismanagement, and the wrong foolish decisions, only to retreat back from them later on. To induce America's opponents in the region, countries or individuals, to enter into the Iraqi field, and turn it into a battlefield of regional and international battles. The victim and the loser are the Iraqis. And that is carelessness about the innocent Iraqi blood, turning it into a sacrifice so that the people of other nations could live happily and peacefully, away from these bloodied struggles…..
Meaning- let Iraq be an experimental field, the Iraqis experimental mice, which die so that others would live happily, and sleep peacefully.
This is the reality of things for more than three years now…
The carelessness is very evident about the issue of shedding the Iraqi blood. There are no investigations about the bombings, killings, kidnappings, or violence. Everything is being repeated everyday, in the same stupid way, as if those who die are animals, not humans, for three years and more…

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