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Support Josh Wolf! Call and Write The SF Board of Supervisors!
by Grand Jury Resistance Project
Thursday Aug 3rd, 2006 1:25 PM
Support Josh Wolf!
Call and Write The SF Board of Supervisors!
On Tuesday August 1st Josh Wolf, an independent journalist working in
San Francisco, refused to testify or turn over unpublished video
out-takes to a Federal Grand Jury investigating a July, 2005, anti-G8
demonstration. He was charged with civil contempt and has been jailed
until further notice. He could be held for up to a year (the remainder
of the Grand Jury). Josh was never convicted of a crime. He is being
held on civil contempt in order to coerce him to testify and turn over
his unpublished work product to a federal grand jury.

We encourage everyone to support Josh while he is being held at FCI
Dublin. If we keep on fighting there is a good chance we can win
Josh's release. There are many way in which you can help. Please refer
to Josh's support website for more information:

* Write and Send Books to Josh at:

FCI DUBLIN (underscore Dublin)
Unit J2,
DUBLIN, CA 94568

For information on prison mail regulations and tips on letter writing
please visit:

Josh can receive 3 paperback books at a time. He can have up to 12
books in his cell at any time. They must be mailed from an approved
vendor or direct from the publisher. Approved vendors are:, . Most books through bars programs are considered
"approved vendors".

* Call the San Francisco Board of Supervisors:

There is currently a resolution before the San Francisco Board of
Supervisors, introduced by Supervisors Ross Mirkarimi and Tom Ammiano,
aimed at "resisting the federal government's intervention in the City
and County of San Francisco?s investigation of the July 8th, 2005 G-8
protest and expressing support for the California Shield Law." The
Supervisors charge that the grand jury is an "attempt to circumvent
the local judicial system," and they opposed federal government
intervention in this matter.

The resolution is currently in committee and will be heard within the
next two weeks. We encourage everyone to call the board of supervisors
to encourage them to vote in favor of this resolution and to express
their support for Josh.

List of Supervisors and their Contact Information:

* Join the Support Josh Wolf Email List:
supportjoshwolf-subscribe [at]

* Donate:
Josh still needs to raise close to $15,000 in legal fees as well as
basic every day expenses such as commissary money and keeping his
apartment available for him. Please donate through paypal. We will
also have a mailing address available soon.

*Plan an event or fundraiser:
If you have an idea for an event please contact us at: gjrp [at]
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