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Baghdad Burning: Qana Massacre...
by Riverbend (reposted)
Sunday Jul 30th, 2006 6:13 PM
Although the sun is blinding this time of year in our part of the world, the Middle East is seeing some of its darkest days…
I woke up this morning to scenes of carnage and destruction on the television and for the briefest of moments, I thought it was footage of Iraq. It took me a few seconds to realize it was actually Qana in Lebanon. The latest village to see Israeli air strikes. The images were beyond gruesome- body parts and corpses being hauled out from under tons of debris. Wailing relatives and friends, searching for loved ones… So far, according to humanitarian organizations, 34 were children. They killed them while they were sleeping inside their bomb shelters- much like the Amriya Shelter massacre in 1991.

We saw the corpses of the children on television, lifeless and twisted grotesquely, what remained of their faces frozen in expressions of pain and shock. I just sat there and cried in front of the television. I didn’t know I could still feel that sort of sorrow towards what has become a daily reality for Iraqis. It’s not Iraq but it might as well be: It’s civilians under lethal attack; it’s a country fighting occupation.

I’m so frustrated I can’t think straight. I’m full of rage against Israel, the US, Britain, Iran and most of Europe. The world is going to go to hell for standing by and allowing the massacre of innocents. For God’s sake, 34 children??? The UN is beyond useless. They’ve gone from a union of nations working for the good of the world (if they ever were even that), to a bunch of gravediggers. They’re only good for digging mangled bodies out of the ruins of buildings and helping to identify and put them into mass graves. They won’t stop a massacre- they won’t even speak out against it- they’ll just come by and help clean up the mess. Are the lives of Arabs worth so little? If this had happened in the US or UK or France or China, somebody would already have dropped a nuclear bomb… How is this happening?

Where is the Security Council??? Why haven’t they stopped Israel? Ehud Olmert recently told Condi that he needs 10 to 14 more days of bloodshed- and nothing is being done about it! Where are the useless Arab leaders? Can’t the pro-American, spineless emirs crawl out of their gold palaces long enough to condemn this taking of lives? Our presidents/leaders are only as influential as their oil barrels are deep.

And the world wonders how ‘terrorists’ are created! A 15-year-old Lebanese girl lost five of her siblings and her parents and home in the Qana bombing… Ehud Olmert might as well kill her now because if he thinks she’s going to grow up with anything but hate in her heart towards him and everything he represents, then he’s delusional.

Is this whole debacle the fine line between terrorism and protecting ones nation? If it’s a militia, insurgent or military resistance- then it’s terrorism (unless of course the militia, insurgent(s) and/or resistance are being funded exclusively by the CIA). If it’s the Israeli, American or British army, then it’s a pre-emptive strike, or a ‘war on terror’. No matter the loss of hundreds of innocent lives. No matter the children who died last night- they’re only Arabs, after all, right?

§ Sad Qana...
by secretsinbaghdad (reposted) Sunday Jul 30th, 2006 6:16 PM
Qana, is a Lebanese village, a small village that I know.
In the matter of fact, almost everyone in the region knows Qana, and that's not because of it's beautiful nature, nor because of any certain thing the villagers of Qana do better than the rest of Lebanese people, and not because a famous leader, poem or writer comes from it, no, not because of any of that.
Qana is very famous, because of a mascare that happened in it, ten years ago, in April 1996 "Israel" bombed that village killing tenths of civilians. And today, the very exact thing happened again.
"Israel" bombed a civilian building, killing over 57 un-armed civilians, out of 63 people that form two families (yes, two whole families) "Shalhoob" and "Hashim".
Among the 57 people that were murdered, 37 children. Thirty seven children.
T h I r t y S e v e n C h I l d r en.

Is it possible to have enough tears to be shed over them?

Needless to say that "Israel" said/will say that weapons were hidden in the village.

T h i r t y S e v e n C h i l d r en, I am assuring you: None of them had a missile, nor a rocket for sure, were killed today.

"Israeli" army and decision makers are cowards and inhumane, thinking that by killing more and more people, they will create enough pressure to gain whatever political demands they have.

They have always been, and are only cowards.
Even in the battle ground, they are weak and they are cowards, how else did a tiny hardly trained group like Hizbollah beat the hell out of them in every direct fight since the beginning of this mess? They are supposed to be number 13 on the list of the most powerful armies in the world, and yet, Hizbollah which is not even an army, made them a joke in front of the whole world. They only know how to press the buttons, and kill civilians from distance, they are not men enough even to be able to do it themselves.

And the world's reaction? Of course they will condemn! What else? And if they tried to work out any practical solution, guess who will use the Vito to stop it?

Yes, you are right.

Oh wait, I am so sorry, I lied, I hid an important peace of information: Condi is sorry!
how sweet is that?

Over 750 civilians killed this far in Lebanon (including five from the one family in another location in the south today, too) and thousands injured, and counting.