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Keep Up the Support for Josh Wolf! New Hearing on August 1!
by Grand Jury Resistance Project
Thursday Jul 27th, 2006 4:18 PM
Josh's last civil contempt hearing was continued until August 1st. We need to keep up the support for Josh. Having so many people attend the last hearing really helped and changed the mood in the court room. Any of these hearing could result in Josh being sent to prison for simply asserting his constitutional rights.

Keep up the solidarity! See you on August 1st !
Please Forward Widely:

Josh Wolf's Civil Contempt Hearing Continued. New Hearing on August 1.

Independent Journalist Faces Jail Time for Resisting Grand Jury Subpoena

Where: Federal Building; 450 Golden Gate Ave. San Francisco
When: August 1, 2006

9:00 AM Civil Contempt Hearing

Josh Wolf's civil contempt hearing was continued until Tuesday August
1st. He still faces over a year in jail for refusing to testify or
turn over video out takes to a Federal Grand Jury investigating a
July, 2005, anti-G8 demonstration. At Josh's last hearing over 30
supporters, family and press filled the courtroom. Judge Alsup (in
contrast to his last performance) was less abrasive and we feel this
is due to the large turn out in the courtroom. This is why we are
continuing our call for supporters to attend his upcoming hearings.

Josh faces more than a year in federal prison for simply exercising his
constitutional right to remain silent, while standing up for freedom of
the press. This is one of several grand juries being convened across
the country to harass, intimidate and collect information on political
activists and their supporters.Please spread the word and attend
Josh's hearing. Let's have another show of solidarity and support for

2:00 PM Board of Supervisors General Meeting
Where: SF City Hall

At 2:00 PM, the Board of Supervisors will vote on resolution 061086
"Resisting the Federal Government's Intervention in a San Francisco
Investigation," please come out to show your support for the pending
resolution put forth by Ross Mirkarimi and Tom Ammiano's offices on
behalf of Josh Wolf's case.

For more info and updates about Josh's case:

Support Josh!
Resist Grand Juries!