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No more scapegoats: Support anti-G8 activist Gabriel Meyers
by atg
Tuesday Jul 18th, 2006 8:13 PM
Support anti-G8 activist Gabriel Meyers as he goes back to court on July 20, 2006.

Anti-G8 activist Gabriel Meyers goes back to court on July 20, 2006 for a pretrial hearing. One year ago, at the anti-G8 demonstration in SF, a police officer received a head injury. Three folks were originally arrested and charged in connection with the incident. It soon became clear that none of the three were involved.

Nonetheless, it seems that SF prosecutors, in collaboration with the SF police department, have decided that they need a scapegoat, and so they are proceeding to trial against Gabriel Meyers. The crime: he allegedly cried out for help when he was being held down to the ground in a suffocating stranglehold by a cop. This, they say, is "lynching". From a Chronicle article published at the time:

Gabriel Meyers, 28, whose residence is unknown, was charged with felony attempted lynching for allegedly trying to wrest away a prisoner from an officer...
The prisoner he was trying to "wrest away"? Himself!

If you love the G8, support a free hand for SF prosecutors, and want a more efficient police state, then... stay at home. But otherwise, come out to the hearing. It's important that the judge and the prosecutors in this case understand that the local community is solidly behind Gabriel Meyers. Put on your courtroom best and go to 850 Bryant Street, Judge Woolard's courtroom, at 9 a.m. Thursday, July 20, and let's show our support.

(Note: If you go to the hearing, please check the schedule outside of room 101 to verify the time and location.)

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