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Letter from Beirut: Return to the Dark Ages
by Electronic Intifada (reposted)
Friday Jul 14th, 2006 6:37 PM
July 14th, Evening update — Well the entire Daahiye is debilitated...they have been bombing all day long...the Israeli birds and sea vultures are no longer limited to nocturnal activity. They completely obliterated the roads even more than before south and they are beginning with the north...
The airport building itself was also hit whereas before it was limited to the runways... they fixed the take off runway earlier on Thursday and 5 planes took off loaded with passengers before the Israeli planes hit it again and obliterated the airport building itself.

Hezballah headquarters was hit before nightfall and they retaliated by hitting the Israeli ship that launched the 2 missiles. From then on it has been a complete bombardment. The funniest thing was the firework (real ones for Bastille Day) celebration in the streets alongside the missiles for the air and sea. Hezballah were so happy about hitting the ship they were celebrating in the streets. I see no end in the future unless the international community steps in. We are completely powerless... there are no police or army on the streets... everyone is afraid.

Nasrallah made a completely suicidal speech three hours ago. A taxi ride across the northern border rose to $400. Thank God they opened the border to US citizens though...they are letting any and everyone come across, even the guest workers from Sri Lanka and the Philippines without papers.

I know you are all getting crazy images on the news, but where I am and most of my family it is safe. Unfortunate to say though, it is because we are in a Christian neighborhood. I left my apartment in Hamra and am staying at my uncles in Achrafieh, Sassine to be exact for those of you who know. We are on the top of the hill on the 13th floor with a clear view of the entire city. We can see everything from here. My pops and the whole family were here for dinner and the news... they all went to their prospective homes without power or water. I am spending the night here just to be close to family and around people. Last night I was alone in my building since everyone else was away on vacation, fled to Syria or left up north to the mountains so I came here to be with the family.


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by Electronic Intifada (reposted)
Friday Jul 14th, 2006 6:38 PM
Israeli war planes are bombing Beirut. Over 70 Lebanese civilians have died since the Israeli military launched a major military offensive against Lebanon on Wednesday, July 12th. Bombs targeted civilian infrastructure throughout the country, including the key highways and bridges across southern Lebanon effectively halting all cross-country transportation. Pictured in this photo is a mosque on the edge of Beirut's southern suburb with smoke in the sky above due to Israeli missile strikes on the Beirut international airport.