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Israel launches military assault on Lebanon
by wsws (reposted)
Wednesday Jul 12th, 2006 9:53 PM
Israel responded to the capture of two of its soldiers by Hezbollah, which carried out a raid across the Israeli-Lebanese border Wednesday morning, by opening up a second front in its military operations, launching missile and bomb attacks from the air and sea and sending troops into southern Lebanon.
The prospect of a full-scale war with Lebanon in the north coincides with escalating Israeli attacks across its southern border in the Gaza Strip. Several hours before the eruption of fighting between Israel and Hezbollah, Israel dropped a quarter-ton bomb on a house in Gaza City, killing a Hamas activist, his wife and seven of their nine children. Palestinian sources said a total of 20 Palestinians were killed in Gaza Wednesday as a result of Israeli military actions.

Three Israeli soldiers were killed in the cross-border Hezbollah raid, in addition to the two who were taken prisoner. Another four Israeli soldiers died in the initial incursion by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) into southern Lebanon when an Israeli tank ran over a land mine. A fifth Israeli soldier was killed while assisting in recovering the tank, according to the IDF.

The death of eight Israeli soldiers is the largest single-day toll in many years, and it heightened the atmosphere of crisis surrounding the regime of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

The response of the Israeli government was to threaten all out war against Lebanon. Olmert said the border raid by Hezbollah was not merely an act of terrorism, but “an act of war by the state of Lebanon against the state of Israel in its sovereign territory.” He pledged to extract a “heavy price” through “very painful and far-reaching” action, and rejected a call by Hezbollah leaders in Beirut for negotiations on the release of Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners held by Israel in exchange for the return of the two captured Israeli soldiers.

Israel reportedly is holding 9,000 Arab prisoners. The vast majority are Palestinians, but there are also some Lebanese.


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by Street CELEBRATIONS in Beirut and Gaza today!
Wednesday Jul 12th, 2006 10:40 PM
Hezbollah doesn't occupy Israel. Isreal once occupied Lebanon (and may still occupy a lower slice of it along Lebanon's southern border) and Hezbollah eventually drove Israel out.

Hamas doesn't occupy Israel. Israel occupies Palestine, and Hamas is a Palestinian resistance organization. Hamas, an orgainization that Israel originally once FUNDED to oppose and fight the PLO. OOOPS!


Hezbollah did a BEAUTIFUL job with precision coordination!


Hezbollah GLOATED and said that absolutely _NO_ Israeli military action would free the captured Israeli soldiers; that Israel DOESN'T HAVE the military option in this case. "No [Israeli] military operation will return them," Hezbollah said. The Israeli military later admitted that it had lost all hope of retrieving the captured soldiers with ground forces. Hezbollah said its guerrillas destroyed two Israeli tanks that attempted to cross the border into Lebanon on two different occasions Wednesday.

(Actually Hezbollah destroyed _SEVERAL_ Israeli military vehicles today! Those vehicles are still left hot and smoldering, toasted grey like charcoal, where they were destroyed. Hezbollah also wounded a number of other Israeli soldiers in addition to those Hezbollah killed and took as prisoners of war. HAIL the 'mighty' Israeli army!)

Poor little Israel. Sniffle, sniffle...
by Never Again (Unless you're a Muslim)
Wednesday Jul 12th, 2006 10:42 PM
So now Israel has invaded Lebanon.

If we're to accept Israel's justification, why didn't the US invade Israel after the murder of Rachel Corrie?

What's Israel's real motivation? Ask yourself:

IF Israel and the U.S. were about to attack Iran or Syria, would Israel keep all its military hardware in Israel (inside the Green Line), where it would be an easier target for counterattack, or would it find excuses to move its weapons into the occupied territories and Lebanon, where Palestinians and Muslims would be de facto human shields?

IF Israel and the U.S. were about to attack Iran or Syria, wouldn't the most strategic location for Israel's ground forces be in the occupied territories, adjacent to many Muslim countries that might be tempted to come to Iran's aid (Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia)?
by here, didn't you?
Thursday Jul 13th, 2006 1:06 AM
Lebanon invaded Israel- that was an act of war.

Re: Street celebrations in Arab lands- yep, just like they did on 9/11. They are the good guys, alright....
by Faux Newz
Thursday Jul 13th, 2006 4:08 AM
The US bombed Mexico City's airport, after a handful of farmers along the border pelted a US Border Patrol's SUV with watermelons causing it to overturn, killing two Border Patrol agents and wounding a third. President Bush immediately declared the senseless destruction of watermelons an act of war. In a defensive move, US naval forces seized Mexican oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, declaring them to be terrorist havens. Israel and the US filed an emergency petition with the UN Security Council for full seizure of Mexican watermelon plantations and oilfields.