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Schlund Vs. Bush Lawsuit = The END Of The Bush Presidency - - Part 1 of 2

by Martin F. Abernathy (abemarf59 [at]
This lawsuit recently went to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals...PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION!!!

This could be the end of Bush.
Charles August Schlund, III
8520 N. 54th Drive
Glendale, AZ 85302
(602) 670-2017
Appellant/Appellant in Pro Per




GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States
of America, a sovereign nation;
GEORGE W. BUSH, an individual,

Ninth Circuit Docket No.: 06-15017
U.S.D.C. No. CV-03-1590PHX VAM














Charles A. Schlund, III, Appellant/Appellant, hereinafter referred to as (“Appellant Schlund”) respectively moves the Appellate Court for an order for injunctive relief to terminate the continuous constitutional violations and irreparable harm caused by George W. Bush, hereinafter referred to as (“Defendant Bush”), through the use of wireless electronic methods of torture and continuous invasion of the privacy of Appellant Schlund. Said invasion and torture is causing interference with Plaintiff’s rights of freedoms of speech, voting, religion, and extreme emotional distress. Defendant Bush’s activities are causing and will continue to cause irreparable harm by torture, sleep deprivation, constitutional rights’ violations, and invasion of privacy, which has caused and will continue to cause substantial injury, damages, and death, which cannot be compensated in money. This motioni s made pursuant to Ninth Circuit Court Rules of Appellate Procedure, aka Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (“F.R.A.P.”) rules 27, 47, and F.R.C.P. 1; Newman-Green Inc. v. Alfonzo-Larrain, 490 U.S. 826, 832, 109 S.Ct. 2218, 2223, 104 L.Ed. 2d 893 (1989); the Points and Authorities, Affidavit of Appellant Schlund, and exhibits herewith.

Dated: June 30, 2006
By: ___________________________________
Charles August Schlund, III
Appellant in Pro Per

ORIGINAL mailed this 30th day
of June, 2006 to:

Clerk of the Court
U.S. Court of Appeals for the
Ninth Circuit


COPIES of the foregoing mailed this
30th day of June, 2006 to:

Mr. Richard G. Patrick
Assistant U.S. Attorney
United States Attorney General’s Office
Two Renaissance Square
40 North Central Avenue, Suite 1200
Phoenix, AZ 85004-4408
(602) 514-7760 (Fax)
(602) 514-7500 (O)
Richard.patrick [at]
Attorney for Defendant




Appellant Schlund requests this Court for an order to enjoin and restrain Defendant Bush and the corrupt law enforcement he is protecting with corrupt political appointees to stop using wireless electronic telemetry system(s) and associated electronic product(s) for the purpose of violating all of Appellants Constitutional rights, stalking, torturing, harassing, persecuting, selectively targeting, and perpetually invading the privacy of Appellant Schlund. The government calls these illegal Nazi like activities an investigation to make the governments crimes appear to be legally justifiable. Defendant Bush as an individual, prior to his appointment to the office of President of the United States and thereafter, has profiled Appellant Schlund as a political witness and otherwise categorized him as a threat as a political witness and created a profile of Appellant Schlund to place him in a profiled category of otherwise being a threat to Bush and those under his chain of command. Defendant Bush through corrupt law enforcement under his protection and control uses electronic wireless telemetry of an integrated nature, with electronic associated products, which include electronic implants that were injected into the body of Appellant Schlund to monitor and torture Appellant Schlund to remove Appellant Schlund as a whistle blower and political witness against the Bush family and the corrupt people working for the Bush family. The electronic implants and other electronic devices also has the system capability to create the actual effect of harassing, torturing, violating and removing all Constitutional protected rights and perpetually invading Appellants privacy, as the human body becomes the carrier and electrical source of the receiving and transmitting element as part of the wireless telemetry technology communication and torture activities. Defendant Bush’s protection of the use of the aforesaid technology is well known by specific experts in the field familiar with wireless telemetry surveillance technology(ies), and such experts can be easily produced and are willing to testify against Defendant Bush and others involved in this illegal Nazi like activity. Thousands of innocent people being tortured with these devices can be called before the court to testify to the government’s use of torture with these devices. The court fully knows that it has used these devices in pets and people for decades while stopping all FOIA requests on the use of implants, the courts have limited all discoveries in trials where implants were used and has stopped the releases of all implant information to cover up the governments crimes of torture in surreal, fantastic, bizarre, fabricated and sometimes real investigations such as the political, surreal, fantastic and bazaar investigations against Appellant Schlund.

Defendant Bush’s use of this electronic wireless telemetry of an integrated nature, used with electronic associated (seed) product(s) to physically and psychologically trespass, influence, interfere, shock, harass, and torture Appellant Schlund, constitutes an illegal trespass and intrusion to his body, an electronic perpetual invasion of privacy, deprivation of freedom of speech, deprivation of his voting rights, sexual harassment and a cover-up of his “whistle blowing” (Appellant Schlund worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) on the issues of such surveillance) and the cover-up of Defendant Bush, as an individual, in the plans for the fixing of the presidential elections of the United States, allowing him to be strategically appointed as president, which has become common knowledge and undeniable. Certain aspects of the aforesaid wireless telemetry surveillance methodology, systems technology(ies), and wireless telemetry (seed) implants are common knowledge, easily provable and substantiated. This is nothing new, and Appellant Schlund has represented to the lower courts he has been ready at all times to prove these issues of fact to the court, which has systematically used its judicial procedural tools to prematurely cut-off his right to discovery and his right to a jury trial or to provide proof during a temporary restraining order hearing on this and other issues related to the aforesaid.

In addition to his personal privacy, the electronic or transceiver technology is perpetually being used to violate every other known privacy and/or privilege, including but not limited to all privileges set forth under the Federal Rules of Procedure, Rule 501 (i.e. attorney-client, physician-patient, etc., including his bathroom privacy where his defecation, urination, and other normal activities are constantly monitored) under the pretextual fabrication stated above. Sexual harassment is a daily event by the government against Appellant Schlund in the protection of the Bush family and the cover-up of the fixing of the presidential elections of the United States. Appellant Schlund is in the protected status as a “political witness” and/or “whistle-blower” and a “United States citizen” whose rights being violated are protected by the United States Constitution., International treaties, International law, American law and all the rules of civilized nations*.


* Despite over the last 28 years, Defendant Bush and other government agencies under his and his family’s chain of command perpetually denied any such electronic invasions of privacies of citizens, inside and outside the category of Appellant Schlund, such denial has also been on the issue of torture. Appellant Schlund, over the last 28 years, has steadfastly, based on his personal knowledge under penalty of perjury and passing multiple “Lie Detector Tests” has been whistle blowing and revealing more and more of his personal knowledge concerning these criminal, illegal, and corrupt activities of Defendant Bush, his family, and the “integrated” chain of command used for secret political intelligence by wireless telemetry in part such as that described here and used on American citizens, which include Appellant Schlund. Despite the ludicrous denials by the Defendant of knowledge and actual engagement in such integrated electronic wireless telemetry activities for the invasion of privacy and torture, it has now come to light; and the previous denials have been flatly rejected, erupting in massive governmental investigations, class action lawsuits, and directed missions of the United States government and its associated private sector(s) personnel/entities’ use of subcutaneous implants injected [voluntarily] into select employees for tracking and transceiver communication purposes. United States’ controlled prisons have been investigated for torture, despite these long-term denials by the government. The National Security Agency has been secretly collecting personal information on “tens of millions of Americans” using the data provided by the well-known phone companies, which it can no longer deny.

The issue of fabricated information for the issuance of federal Court purposes has been grossly abused and is also now under scrutiny, which also remain indisputable. The carefully court-appointed United States District Court federal judges have been and are now in particular under second phase investigation and scrutiny on grounds of racketeering activities on a deprivation of civil rights and the use of the honorary judicial system to shut down losses such as Appellant Schlund over the years, claimed in litigation that citizens’ constitutional rights were being violated and their lawsuits were prematurely procedurally terminated, in particular by judges who have a long work history in certain sectors of the government personally familiar with this knowledge of surveillance activity and the wireless telemetry surveillance system(s) and associated electronic product(s) used for those purposes, which is also undeniable.

The International World Court has presently pending and burgeoning multiple lawsuits against the United States and select individual(s) for such illegal surveillance and torture, prohibited under the Geneva Convention, of which the United States is a member. All the lawsuits are going forward, as the cat is now climbing out of the bag and the protection of constitutional rights have become more important due to the severe and deeply egregious deprivation and violation of tens of millions of American citizens’ rights having factually been substantiated being violated, such as Appellant Schlund.


Appellant Schlund’s motion for injunctive relief from torture, invasion of his privacy, etc., causing him continuous irreparable harm, in violation of his constitutional rights, cannot be compensated by money damages. Nor is this Court in position to wrongfully deny the motion as lacking merit, as Appellant Schlund will demonstrate the nature of the illegal activity to or on the judges, Appellant Schlund’s First Amended Verified Complaint For Deprivation of Civil Rights Through Racketeering Activities, filed with the Court and served on Defendants on September 15, 2005, sets forth an abundance of substantial material factual issues. True to life and as forecasted, the United States District Court of Arizona, a main hub of illegal surveillance activities which were all justified using perjury to corrupt judges to obtain illegal warrants which were then used for the authorization of torture, in part using the aforesaid electronic wireless telemetry system technology computers and associated electronic products, is well known in the surveillance and counter-surveillance environment. This is easily substantiated and provable, connected to the specific command center and individuals involved, with information tracking protocol elsewhere. Irrespective of the operational field technology being used by Defendant Bush or those under his influence and control in the chain of command, and associated to the aforesaid, there is no justification for illegal and criminal torture and perpetual invasion of privacy (especially during sex, voting, defecation and urination of Appellant Schlund) and will never be tolerated in a civilized society, which will be the outcome of the massive movement of litigation against Defendant Bush and the individuals and/or entities which have now been targeted by the NWACP and other major civil rights law firms and organizations to hold those accountable for the illegal stealing of personal information and surveillance of American citizens. Appellant Schlund has an absolute federal right to a temporary restraining order and a hearing on the matter, with a hearing set for a permanent injunction against the aforesaid activities, under American law.


In summary, Appellant Schlund filed his Verified Complaint in total compliance with F.R.C.P. Rule(s) 11 and 65. He properly requested injunctive relief in the Complaint to stop harassment, persecution, torture, deprivation of civil rights, deprivation of freedom of speech, and deprivation of his privacy through Defendant Bush’s use of electronic wireless telemetry technology (Complaint, pgs 61-64). ). Schlund has carefully pointed out in his Verified Complaint that the government takes the position that any victim of governmental use of electronic wireless telemetry for the purposes of perpetual (or even intermittent) invasion of privacy or torturing is surreal, fantastic, bazaar and the that the American government always claims they act legally and never use torture or murder when in truth torture and murder is an ever day act by the American government in the cover up of corruption.*


* Schlund also contends that the extreme nuisance and disturbance of his emotional and mental tranquility, afforded under the freedom provisions of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights is and of itself a method of torture, which includes sleep deprivation, extreme pain, denial of the constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness, etc. due to the inherent operational functions of the transfer of sound and other energies from the electronic implants to Appellant Schlund. The case law in the United States is glutted with examples of homicides which occurred as a result of depriving an individual of sleep. This statement is not any kind of threat or innuendo of a threat but a direct statement about truthful and verifiable facts embedded in case law, which this Court can take judicial notice of if it so requested the citation to prove the point. These citations have already been given to various individuals connected with the repeated occurrences of invasion of privacy and the connection of torture. As Defendant Bush admits, this issue has been consistently asserted by Schlund, with details of his personal knowledge upon being repeatedly forced to request justified assistance from the courts in his Notice and Motion for Order for Injunctive Relief from Torture and Interference with Freedom of Speech to Stop Irreparable Harm, as an example. The Court is requested to take judicial notice of Schlund’s August 25, 2003 aforesaid motion, pgs. 1 and 2, 3 through 32, and 39. To this date, the government and/or Defendant Bush as an individual and/or as a defendant in his official capacity as President of the United States, admits through each Motion to Dismiss that it filed to prematurely terminate the case, to the facts in every motion for restraining order, whether filed by Schlund or otherwise. Three years later, in 2006, despite 28 years of denial it tortures anybody, Defendant Bush, an individual and in his capacity as President, is accused of and admits torture, despite repeated denials of the knowledge and activities of it, which can no longer be denied. In fact, Schlund has pointed out no legitimate American court would refuse to hear a motion to terminate the torture of an American citizen unless the particular judge was corrupt. See Siderman de Blake v. Republic of Argentina, 865 F.2d 699 (9th Cir. 1992) at p. 20, which the Court is requested to take judicial notice under F.R.E. Rule 201 and F.R.C.P. 706.


Appellant Schlund has been branded as a “political witness/whistle blower” against powerful and political people such as Defendant Bush. Appellant Schlund’s personal knowledge involved persons in the Department of Justice (“DOJ”), the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”), Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (“ATF”), and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (“FBI”) concerning government corruption, perpetual surveillance and violation of his privacy. This has been admitted in the government’s various motions to dismiss, lack of objection, and a concession and admission to Appellant’s factual assertions and affidavits signed under penalty of perjury, with all evidence ignored by the United States District Court.

Appellant Schlund was working with the FBI when he was physically gassed in his sleep and physically attacked and restrained forcibly against his will, injected with wireless telemetry “subcutaneous implants” through a process the federal government has adopted and sometimes calls “tagging,” recently admitted by it. The government for 20 years denied “tagging” anyone but recently admitted “tagging” its own employees for security and tracking purposes, which is common knowledge. The subcutaneous implants used on Appellant Schlund are used by both the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) and the DEA and others, essentially integrated jointed as functioning under the Homeland security provisions to protect it for past illegal conduct and illegal violation of citizens’ rights for invasion of privacy, torture, etc. This also is common knowledge. Schlund has alleged under penalty of perjury the multi-purpose implants are used to severely physiologically and psychologically inflict punishment, constituting torture, which disables Appellant, intentionally depriving him of his civil rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution. These allegations have also be admitted and conceded to by the government as a matter of law in its Motion to Dismiss as a customary procedural pattern of side-stepping meritorious causes of action which would have the impact of disclosing the internal and external operations of its use of this specific method of perpetual violation of privacy and torture of an individual through its use of wireless telemetry, electronic system technology, and associated product(s) for these purposes.

Appellant Schlund is an ex-Vietnam veteran who, upon being honorably discharged under honorable conditions from the United States Marine Corps, was solicited by the Drug Cartel members for the CIA (1968) [later slid into the DEA in 1973] to carry out their agenda. Due to the corruption activities of the CIA and DEA agenda, Schlund, after acquiring personal knowledge while being involved in the realities of such agendas, rejected and refused to work for them due to the severe and deep immoral ramifications anchored to their illegal activities, in conscious disregard for the United States Constitution. Schlund was offered money and power, including the ability to gas and torture and/or rape any girl that turned Appellant down for sex and was offered great wealth and protection. All of this was offered under the color of law using warrants in drug investigations issued by the State, Federal and Surveillance Courts with the guarantee that certain corrupt appointed judges would ensure such protections of any illegal or immoral activity which may reach the attention of honest judges or honest law enforcement. Upon Appellant Schlund’s refusal, he was targeted and placed under continuous surveillance and repeatedly tortured and set up by the corrupt government person(s) to be tortured as a political witness and otherwise in opposition to the aforesaid denoted illegal acts and conduct and to control the information substantiating the serious government corruption which he was personally exposed to and possessed information concerning, which jeopardized many in appointed and elected government positions and illegal activities for which they could be jailed or subject to potential Congressional investigations and the punishment of them. Appellant Schlund was then forced by the government to become a whistle blower due to the government’s attacks on him as he engaged in whistle-blower activities, although the term was not used during the first twenty years of his disclosure of said activities. As he began his whistle-blowing efforts pertaining to the corrupt governmental activities of the CIA and DEA, Courts, law enforcement, and others, he found himself suddenly framed as being an alleged drug dealer, murderer, gun runner, smuggler, spy and theft, with an increase in the intensity of surveillance and other investigation techniques used at the time (with only the rudimentary ones actually disclosed, giving the appearance that more sophisticated surveillance techniques and efforts were not being used due to the government and particular individuals’ intense interest to keep them undercover). The “pretextual” investigation is within the pattern of improper and illegal conduct used by the aforesaid in hopes of setting up and destroying the use of the judicial system any individual which becomes a whistle-blower against the individuals engaged in improper and illegal dealings as a punishment and way to politically destroy the person’s life and reputation as well. Included in this regime of selective targeting the “subject target,” under said pretext, the government fabricated evidence and then arrested and charged Appellant for alleged conspiracy to manufacture illegal drugs, shifted it to the prosecutor based on fabricated documents, false affidavits, false police reports, coerced and influenced witnesses, coaches them to lie, and the arrest and prosecution, as staged, began to unfold against Schlund. The surveillance by Defendant is continuous and ongoing in order to ascertain and capture trial strategies, information gathering, and to prejudice, take advantage, and destroy Appellant Schlund (now Defendant Schlund) efforts to pursue the truth and exonerate himself. In fact, the federal prosecution of Appellant Schlund was extraordinarily aggressive, with the entire above pattern manifesting itself to every extreme in hopes of convicting him or forcing him to a plea bargain, which is usually successful. In fact, the key witness was the DEA’s own agent/informant/drug chemist and manufacturer, known as Carl Altz, aka John Greene, who was coached to testify against Schlund during his criminal trial. As part of the pattern, the DEA, through the efforts of the chosen prosecutor, usually attempt to internally manipulate the case to be assigned to a selected judge under its influence or/and control which has been appointed or turned at some point during the judge’s career for that purpose.

Unfortunately for Defendant Bush and others, the Honorable Judge Lacey, who was a visiting judge to the United States District Court of the District of Arizona, was assigned to the trial of Appellant Schlund because Judge William P. Copple removed himself the day before Defendant Schlund was to file a recusal against him as being one of the corrupt federal judges and that Defendant Schlund had read Judge Coppel’s CIA file in the Don Bolles papers. Honorable Judge Lacey found that the DEA had committed extreme perjury and obstruction of justice in its attempt to frame Appellant Schlund and discredit him by attempting to jail him. The Honorable Judge Lacey found that the DEA was extensively and actively engaged in perjury and obstruction of justice in his court in its attempts to set up and frame Schlund for crimes which he did not commit. Judge Lacey then gave Defendant Schlund case law on outrageous conduct of the United States. Judge Lacey then called the DEA’s and other’s conduct “outrageous conduct” of the United States. Appellant was “acquitted” on all counts with Judge Lacey demanding the arrest of all the state and federal agents for perjury, the acquittal was upheld on appeal by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The acquittal was for the government’s failure to turn over evidence that Carl Altz was a known drug manufacturer which the government only turned over the last minutes of the trial to stop judge Lacey from ruling outrageous conduct of the United States against Defendant Schlund. The perpetual invasion of his privacy by the Bush family and others has remained continuous and ongoing, as he is still deemed an information risk and subsequently classified as a “threat” to Defendant Bush in his official capacity as alleged in the Verified Complaint for Defendant to justify the continuous selective targeting of Appellant Schlund. Use of the wireless electronic telemetry system(s) and associated electronic product(s) is not novel and is well-known, by the courts and by select experts in the field. Despite this fact, the United States District Court, in particular, the United States District Court in the District of Arizona (Field was appointed with ex-DEA or/and DOJ judges) assert by innuendo or/and direct statements in their judgments to dismiss the profiled cases such as Appellant Schlund, that no such technology or related electronic products are in existence or has made other bazaar, surreal and fantastic rulings that such cases are frivalest or that such claims are not legally justified. Such rulings by the courts amount to the suspension of the American Constitution and the overturning of all supporting law. Yet these same individuals filled out thousands of affidavits on all levels, including but not limited to the infamous Surveillance Court, with full knowledge the system(s)/product(s) technology was already in use – just attempted to justify it per procedural protocol. These quasi-military Nazi like operations/
investigations connected to civilian-based operations/investigations have been in existence for over 25 years. Interestingly, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has been dealing with the review of these issues and with direct appeals to certify these constitutional issues from the state courts for the same amount of time, including the issues of judicial impropriety by the District Court judges.

Defendant Bush as an individual, as set forth in the Verified Complaint and after he was appointed President of the United States, continued to authorize and ratify the surveillance, torture, and intentional deprivation of Appellant Schlund’s constitutional rights in retaliation for his refusal to stop his whistle-blowing activities and his past refusal to join the Defendant’s corrupt activities continued over the last 28 years, which has resulted in the electronic monitoring and torture of Appellant Schlund. Such illegal activities by Defendant Bush and others in the government chain of command now under him are then parlayed and connected to other individuals who he expresses the information to, in total violation, where there exists normal and legally expected zones and orbits of privacy under federal law and the United States Constitution. These include but are not limited to attorney-client, physician-patient, spousal, etc. It is done and has the actual effect of harassing, retaliating, torturing, causing sleep deprivation, attempts to discredit Appellant as a political witness for his whistle-blowing activities of exposing Defendant’s corrupt activities; past, present, and ongoing activities; and to potentially select and target particular individuals for information gathering purposes or who may pose a risk or become a risk to those information gathering and other related activities in the deprivation of their protected zones of privacy under the same or similar “pretext” with basic paper and electronic paper trail to “systemize” the monitoring of the selected person. Appellant is also Physically TORTURED using extreme pain as punishment and to deprive Appellant of sleep and threaten Appellant to Obstruct Justice and Tamper with Appellant as a federal witnesses and to deny Appellant all of his Constitutionally protected rights.. A risk assessment factor and a computer identifier is attached to the selected individual and placed in a code category for use when and if appropriate.
Appellant Schlund, for convenience and recall, has classified his personal knowledge of this information after being exposed to it by Defendant Bush and those under his influence and control and experience with use of it…called the “Don Bolles Papers.” Appellant Schlund has never been challenged, impeached, or any actual opposition made to any of his personal knowledge statements under penalty of perjury by Defendant Bush, those under his influence and control, or any person then or now working for the government in some capacity. As a matter of fact, it is astonishing the level of his personal knowledge, which remains consistent since 1977, with select information being parlayed to the FBI and others based on documentation composed from government files, which were all the papers which George H. Bush, Sr. had removed from the government when Jimmy Carter was elected to the presidency of the United States and used in the plan by Bush, Jr. to engage and carry out the fixing of the presidential elections for the ultimate appointment of Defendant Bush, an individual, now the president of the United States, in completion of that part of the plan. This part of the plan was disclosed in 1977 and became a reality, which historically remains undisputed. Appellant Schlund exposed, based on his personal knowledge of the corrupt activities of George Bush, Sr., who was the Director of the CIA who removed these documents from the government in 1976 to stop President Jimmy Carter and those he would appoint from obtaining the information on individuals in select areas of the government committing illegal government corruption which in turn may have thwarted the plan, Appellant Schlund reading of the Don Bolles papers resulted in the selective classification of Appellant Schlund to be perpetually under electronic surveillance and torture as set forth under penalty of perjury in his Verified Complaint, which remains undisputed. None of the allegations by Appellant Schlund are bizarre, surreal, or fantastic but are nothing more than a direct threat to select individuals engaged in illegal and immoral conduct while on the government or quasi-government payroll, which can easily be substantiated and proved. The only escape from this substantiation is Defendant Bush’s, and those associated with him, use of a DOJ well-experienced attorney such as Mr. Richard G. Patrick, who is well educated, well trained, broad-minded, but dishonest, claiming that with minimum brain power he is not capable of understanding the simple Verified Complaint filed by Appellant Schlund and on that basis procedurally moves to dismiss the case to eliminate the potential exposure to the Defendant and others. Appellant Schlund always demands his right to a jury trial so his peers can determine the factual basis of whether he’s telling the truth or not.

With the above in mind, a very small portion of the information collected on Appellant Schlund is real, and most of the statements or recordings taken from him are made under torture by Defendant Bush in his individual capacity and continuous after he was appointed President of the United States. The torture is done to force Schlund to make verbal statements which are then closely monitored (some recorded and some not) after he has been tortured close to death by the Defendant controlling the influence of the DOJ and those under his chain of command. Most of the said statements taken under torture agreed to by Appellant and the verbal exchange between Defendant and those subject to and influenced under Defendant Bush’s chain of command, in exchange for relief from the torture, which includes exchange for sleep due to the severe sleep deprivation which can be system influenced and controlled totally by the government. These conversations have been submitted to the courts by the Defendant and those under his influence and chain and command under perjury or falsely or out of context to reality by the DOJ, DEA, State of Arizona and others now under the umbrella of the Homeland Security provisos. Many of these conversations are recorded while Appellant is working with the FBI setting up corrupt agents in the DEA, which included others connected with other federal and state departments and/or agencies, which also involved the courts. Some of this influence is blatant with the courts, and others are back door communications, with understanding leading to the same deprivation of Appellant’s civil rights.

Despite the above, there are many factual realities to the perpetual invasion of privacy through the use of wireless electronic telemetry, system(s) and product(s) too numerous to espouse at this junction but easy to substantiate on the stand under penalty of perjury, with a certified court reporter taking the factual details of the individual, methods, and locations involved in a fair trial before a non-corrupt judge and a jury of his peers.

As a non-inclusive example, the DEA solicited Appellant Schlund to kill some young girls they had been providing to Federal Judge William Coppel for sex. This was in 1977, after the DEA had offered Appellant Schlund a position in the DEA and working directly under the Bush family. When Appellant refused, the government targeted and tortured him and has continued to do so continuously to this day. Schlund was then set up with a pretextual investigation, arrested, and charged as a drug manufacturer based on fabricated evidence, with the charges then shifted to a corrupt prosecutor within the DOJ to prosecute him on false charges. Federal Judge Copple was then assigned to Appellant’s trial. Judge Copple was then forced to remove himself due to a recusal that was about to be filed against him by Schlund for being a corrupt judge, with Appellant detailing what was in Copple’s CIA file, which had been in the possession of Schlund, generally referred to as the “Don Bolles Papers.” Copple then faded into the judicial woodwork.

On the other hand, Defendant Bush is an earmarked family member of the Bush Family and an integrate person who was to carry out the plans set forth in the papers in the possession of Appellant Schlund which he calls the Don Bolles Papers. Appellant Schlund was briefing the FBI on the CIA and DEA plans to fix the presidential elections of the United States when Appellant was injected with CIA designed implants which integrate and function (although not seamlessly) with the wireless telemetry system(s) technologies with the implant generally referred to by Appellant as “electronic products” herein. A computer coded identifier is attached to each and all such electronic products. Appellant Schlund has testified in verified complaints and affidavits (as well as two Lie Detector sessions, which he has passed) to these facts. The courts refer to these devices and monitoring devices and pretend, based on fraudulent affidavits relating to Schlund and those associated with him, that these devices pertain to real investigations when in reality they are only based on fabricated evidence and grossly distorted statements. The effect is, any witness complaining of violations of his privacy and/or torture are discredited; and Defendant Bush and those under his influence and chain of command claim that their claims of torture are only their attempts at escaping the government’s investigation, which includes gross distortions of potential risk assessments that are connected to the individuals, as well as court personnel. Specific cases such as Doran v. McGuiness, 158 F.R.D. 383 (1994) [Prisoner Doran claimed he heard voices through “mental telepathy” connected to claims of electronic surveillance and implants.”] Much to Doran’s uninformed chagrin, it is easy to substantiate that the exact nature of the field operations technology and associated wireless telemetry electronic products are designed with this specific capability inherent within the extraction transmission of energy of sound. The functions serve a similar method and purpose. The lack of credibility of Prisoner Doran was then systematically painted onto challengers or whistle-blowers like Appellant Schlund, and then concluded by a corrupt federal judge that the case lacks factual merit and is dismissed. The other selected procedure for premature cutting off of a right of a jury trial and discovery is a wise and experienced attorney with the Department of Justice who suddenly becomes inept, vested with an inability to read plain English or make rational, reasonable conclusions sufficient to articulate his true understanding of the reality of the facts, asking for dismissal and claiming the case is surreal, fantastic, or he doesn’t understand the meaning of the inartfully worded complaint and asks that it be dismissed, and then a corrupt judge dismisses it on that basis, forcing an expensive appeal and further waste of the lifetime of Appellant. All the foresaid is done with the motives to intentionally deprive the Appellant (here Schlund) of his constitutional due process, equal protection, and rights to a jury trial and to terminate any pursuit of the truth of disclosure of these illegal activities by Defendant Bush and those under his influence or chain of command. The liability and civil damages which would be awarded by a jury would run into hundreds of millions of dollars, or if less, total destruction of the individual who would be civilly tagged with personal liability for his depraved and illegal activities resulting in the deprivation of those rights. This is also common knowledge based on recent settlements and mean average jury verdicts of other types of individuals who get caught using basic wireless electronic telemetry for illegal surveillance activities, such as private investigators, peeping Tom’s, child molesters, electronic perverts, and the like. The good sides of the technology are good, while the bad sides are evil and horrible. Defendant Bush’s use of the bad side of the technology is evil and horrible when it comes to the intentional deprivation of Appellant Schlund’s civil rights due to his decision to become a whistle-blower and then targeted as a political witness by said Defendant for endless invasion of his privacy and torture, which is slowly being disclosed by others on a domestic, national, and international level as Defendant Bush begins to explain his “justification” for such torture and deprivation of an individual’s rights.
There the pretext or reality is national security interests. Here, with Appellant Schlund, it is nothing more than retaliation and selective enforcement, in part under the pretextual color of authority, office, and/or law for personal pleasure. These personal pleasure statements are auditory in nature and fed through the system as part of the interactive communication process inherent in the system technology in its operational modes. It is not mental telepathy and it is not mind control. It is real and provable.

As part of these provable facts, Appellant Schlund has never asserted any mental telepathy at any time whatsoever in any verified pleading or affidavit in any case, correspondence, or documentation. Schlund does not believe mental telepathy is possible. He has personal knowledge based on factual information personally known to him from information directly supplied by the Bush family and those under their influence and chain of command that use these electronic methods and systems technology and instrumentality, including electronic devices, to conduct surveillance and other information gathering methods, and the ability of the systems’ technology to transfer their voices, sounds, and force through engineering recognized energy mediums with said effects to communicate and torture a person using the aforesaid. The government always asserts against such targeted persons such as Appellant that he may be a lunatic stating the person is “expressing surreal and fantastic” claims, despite the claims are easy to factually prove and demonstrate and that the Defendant and select individuals are involved in conducting these illegal intrusions using the wireless electronic mediums to piggyback off of established platforms and instrumentalities long recognized…in part…by the Ninth Circuit in U.S. v. Koyomejian, 970 F.2d 536 (9th Cir. en banc) cert. denied 946 F.2d 1450 (1991), which is also an undisputed fact raised by Appellant Schlund. This is not legal discussion but factual reality, as reflected by Schlund’s Verified Complaint. The essence is that the Koyomejian decision and others is used in a systematic pattern against selectively targeted political witnesses and others.

Appellant Schlund’s Verified Complaint (Appellant’s Excerpts No. 1) and Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss (Excerpts No. 3), both under penalty of perjury, and undisputed facts admitted by Defendant per their Motion to Dismiss, talk about Appellant’s knowledge of the methods of “injection” or “tagging” [Appellant refers to the insertion of implants with the word injection, while Defendant used the word tagging for the same purpose*].


*“Injection” or interchangeably, Defendant’s use of the word “tagging” [as admitted during recent Discovery Channel publication, with information and videotape released to the Discovery Channel by the government under the chain of command of the appointed president, Defendant Bush, is used as a general description of intrusion upon, in, and on the human body by physical insertion or which intrinsically naturally absorbs energy whether exposed to sound, chemical, radio-active, radio-transmission, or otherwise electronically generated, etc. used by Defendant Bush as an individual and while in his capacity as appointed President of the United States, with the influence, direction, and control of those in his chain of command. The specific details of Appellant Schlund’s knowledge or witnesses have not been revealed for strategic and tactical purposes relative to the litigation.


As a matter of undisputed facts by Defendant’s admissions and Appellant Schlund’s unimpeached testimony under penalty of perjury, as part of the tactical strategy in intentionally attempting to guard their electronic systems capabilities, field operations, and other Nazi like activities from the public through use of the electronic wireless telemetry system(s) and product(s) used to violate the rights of Appellant Schlund and others, and more importantly, in hopes of shielding themselves as individuals from disclosure and liability for the torturous deprivation of civil rights and other criminal violations for which they can be held individually accountable, the DOJ and the Attorney General’s (“AG”) offices engage in the concerted activity defined in law as a racketeering activity to cover-up and protect such conduct as alleged in Appellant’s Complaint, violating his rights (Excerpts No. 1). These carefully pled facts remain undisputed and are appropriate herein. The covert nature of the said facts is to mislead the public and suppress knowledge to the public and prevent individual liability to the persons who utilize the technologies for illegal and perpetual surveillance, violating Appellant’s rights under the United States Constitution, including but not limited to the deprivation of his rights to privacy, freedom of association, privacy to vote, religion, and to prematurely cut off his right to a jury trial when utilizing his right to redress the Appellant in his official capacity and those connected to and in relation with his chain of command. It is also used for the torturous deprivation of Appellant’s rights to be free from harassment, stalking, nuisance and torture activities protected under the United States Constitution. If the individuals get caught, are specifically identified by their name, code, or project identification code for such deprivation of civil rights as mandated by statute, they will be held individually liable for all of Appellant Schlund’s injuries and damages; and a jury of his peers could order millions of dollars on that liability. Injunctive relief could also and should also be ordered by the Court as set forth herein.
The threat, “only threat,” to Defendant and those associated and connected with him under his influence and control of the chain of command is an extreme threat based on the potential public disclosure of the details of these individuals and the methodology used to perpetually stalk and invade the privacy and torture of Appellant Schlund, effectively depriving him of his constitutional rights as stated above.

In depriving Appellant Schlund of his privacy and torturing him, Defendants are well aware that the use of this implant technology on selective targets who are nothing more than “political witnesses” but couched under different categories for their pretextual investigation purposes which hopefully satisfies the criteria for Defendant’s fabricated, false, pretextual legitimate purpose to justify a means to an end as factually alleged in Appellant’s Complaint (Excerpt No. 1). Defendant’s acts and conduct are nothing more than racketeering activities as defined under federal law (Excerpt No. 1) and used to deprive Appellant Schlund of his constitutional rights (Excerpt No. 1).

Further undisputed facts is alleged in the Complaint for deprivation of Appellant’s rights is that his witnesses and his children have been and continue to be electronically monitored by perpetual invasion of privacy and physically trespassed upon with the use of the wireless telemetry surveillance as well (Excerpts Nos. 1 and 3). Defendant Bush as an individual is corrupt and has and will continue to engage in illegal activity, as alleged in the Complaint (Excerpt No. 1), which remains undisputed. The other individuals, acting in their individual capacity and through government and/or private corporate entities connected to in relation to Defendant are engaged in criminal activities and are corrupt as well (Excerpt Nos. 1 and 3), which also remains admitted by Defendant. The aforesaid includes corrupt agents and others connected with them who are engaged in criminal acts and other illegal conduct and activity of a racketeering nature which have resulted in the deprivation of Appellant’s civil rights as aforesaid. Appellant Schlund also plead, in great detail, a specific itemization of his injuries and damages supporting the irreparable harm to him personally and economically (Excerpts Nos. 1 and 3). He pled Defendant’s conduct has resulted in life-threatening injuries, including however not limited to, sleep deprivation, electric shocks, torture, with unnatural, horrible, extremely loud sounds, generated from the implants through the system’s operational functions. Appellant has lost his thumb which was sheared off through being blinded by the implants while working; intermittent short/extended extreme and crippling pain in his head and other suffering in, on, and about his body; types of caustic burn from the heat, radio, or other radiation-generated activity from like sources capable of producing the aforesaid, generated from the electronic and other forces on impact and through sustained impact during the “connectivity” stage (Excerpts Nos. 1 and 3), easy to prove by Appellant individually and through expert testimony which has been continuously offered to the Court and flatly rejected. What proof is the Court afraid of? And more importantly, factually speaking, what proof is Defendant Bush afraid of within Appellant’s ability to produce and demonstrate to a fair and impartial judge, which remains in dispute (Excerpts Nos. 1 and 3)? Defendants have admitted by their Motion to Dismiss all of the above said facts are true. Other facts, such as during the duration of the time of connectivity/transceiver or/and transmission exposure, Appellant Schlund has suffered loss of earning capacity (Excerpt No. 1). Appellant has become a diabetic from being depraved of thousands of nights of sleep, loss of earning capacity, loss of earning ability, destruction of his peace of mind and harmony and the right to be left alone, a burgeoning lack of trust in the government controlled by Defendant Bush in his capacity as President of the United States, lack of trust and a chilling effect on Appellant’s trust in the federal judicial system, loss of consortium, injury to his children which has been documented through medical evidence and pled in Appellant’s Complaint (Excerpts Nos. 1 and 3). Appellant Schlund has incurred medical and other personal and business expenses and continues to experience the pain and suffering from the “torture” (Excerpts Nos. 1 and 3) and will continue to suffer these injuries and damages physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, and financially, resulting in irreparable permanent harm as set forth in the Complaint (Excerpt No. 1) and in his Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss (Excerpt No. 3), which have all detrimentally affected his freedom of speech, privacy, right to a jury trial, right to vote, freedom from association, and other federally, statutorally recognized privacy relationships and has judicially recognized, historically and modernly, all pled in Appellant’s Verified Complaint and other documents all filed with the Court reflected in the docket attached to Appellant’s Opening Brief, incorporated herein by this reference. Factually, Appellant Schlund has pled in affidavits, with his testimony under penalty of perjury, to his injuries that have suffered and continues to suffer as a direct result of the torturous acts and conduct which includes but is not limited to the wireless electronic telemetry and associated products which Defendants have admitted to and which today are great enough Appellant Schlund will die from these injuries (Excerpt Nos. 1 and 3).
Appellant Schlund’s blood pressure was 233/121, in the category of “heart attack” or other major organ shutdown (Excerpts Nos. 1 and 3). The results of Defendant’s act and conduct as pled in the Complaint have resulted in Appellant Schlund’s deprivation of his civil rights and further extraordinary high blood pressure and resulting in his being on massive dosages of blood pressure control medication due to the damage to his internal organs, as pled in the Complaint (Excerpts Nos. 1 and 3). This degree of electronic wireless telemetry torture is an act of terrorism as defined under federal law, as set forth in the Complaint, in his deprivation of civil rights causes of action (Excerpts No. 1), which remains factually admitted by Defendant Bush as an individual or/and in his official capacity. Appellant’s blood pressure and diabetes remains uncontrollable when the implants are used to heavily torture Appellant Schlund and Defendant Bush and his thugs in the government have used their torture with the implants thousands of times to try to force an accident on the highways to murder Appellant Schlund and other innocent people. Such an accident is assured if the courts rule against Appellant Schlund and the judges denying this motion will be guilty of murder and if Appellant Schlund survives such an accident caused by the torture with the implants Appellant will insure that the lawsuits are directed against those responsible who are protected by a corrupt court. When the torture is stopped and the implants are not used to torture Appellant Schlund’s blood pressure returns to normal, Appellants arthritis goes away, Appellants eyesight returns, Appellants blood sugar returns to normal and Appellants diabetes reduces to a point that no medication is any longer necessary.
by James F. Marino (peaceseeker12 [at]

I am well aware of Charles Schlund's lawsuit against Bush and I know that Schlund is telling the truth. This is why he is being tortured with electronic implants.

I have been a Government mind control target since 1980 when the NSA first deployed its use of satellite based remote neural monitoring technology. Since that time I have been and NSA Satellite Prisoner, being spied on 24/7/365 wherever I go.

I have even been spied on within the so called privacy of my own bathroom and bedroom, had my mind both electronically scanned and also manipulated by these government rat bastards who work for the Nazi Shadow government in the United States.

Orwell's BIG BROTHER is alive and well working for the NSA, DOD, CIA and FBI, who use their satellites to illegally monitor us by way of remote neural monitoring technology.

This nightmare has been going on for decades -- but only recently made aware those who've realized that they'
ve been targeted for it.

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