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Veg Pride at SF LGBT Pride Celebration
by Bay Area Veg
Saturday Jul 1st, 2006 9:39 AM
Bay Area Veg staffed a veg outreach & education booth at this Northern California Pride Celebration.
At the two-day SF Pride Celebration in San Francisco this past weekend, plant-powered volunteers from Bay Area Vegetarians

staffed a Veg Education & Outreach booths. Judging by the queue at the booth, people were hungry for veg info and crowded

the booth to learn about vegetarianism, vegan cooking, and factory farming. Tens of thousands learned that chickens are

debeaked and intensively confined in cages to produce eggs.

Long hours of preparation, planning, and twelve-hour days by the volunteers are worthwhile when people visit the booth and

provide direct feedback that information they received earlier that day, or in previous years, was instrumental in their

decision to go vegetarian or vegan.

Leafleting, a technique used by activists to present information to people who otherwise may not receive it, was also

successful. On Saturday, Kansinee distributed approx. 300 Even If You Like Meat booklets (written by Vegan Oureach). On

Sunday, Ari, Ron, Nick, Kansinee, Gabe, Blue, Ananda, Suzanne and Gabe did leafleting (for all or part of their volunteer

shifts) with amazing results -- they distributed over 3,500 Why Vegan, Even If You Like Meat, and Try Vegetarian booklets

(written by Vegan Outreach), and a smaller number of other leaflets.

Photos from the event are available at the BAVEG Photo Gallery

If you missed outreach at Haight and Pride, Bay Area Vegetarians has more opportunities for you to get involved and active

for animals! No previous experience necessary, just a willingness to help and a friendly smile.

Every Sunday in SF: tabling & leafleting at the Stern Grove concerts, starting July 2nd through August 20th. Distribute

info as people walk down a narrow path to the concert, then enjoy the concert, and then distribute more. Please join Ari in

great summer outreach opportunity. Every Sunday at 1:15 pm.

See for info (this is a weekly event)

Saturday July 8th: leafleting at the Warped Tour concert in SF. This event draws thousands of young people. Last year

Suzanne and Nick distributed 1600 leaflets in 1.5 hours. Please join them and help them quadruple that number! 4 pm to 8


You can contact the individual organizers directly for more info, but please sign-up on our volunteer email list to stay in

touch with for future activities. We also welcome suggestions and ideas for outreach events and activities. You can reach

us at or by calling 415-57-VEG-57 (578-3457)

Volunteering with Bay Area Vegetarians is an effective use of your time, and a wonderful way to promote vegetarianism and

help the animals.

"Overall, my experience was positive and fun. I've never done anything like leafleting before, and it was easier than I

thought it would be."

"It was a great weekend and a great opportunity to reach a lot of people. This was my first one at Pride. I found doing the

leafletting easier than I thought and was a nice change from tabling. But they are both important ways to get the veg

message out and it is nice to be able to do both."

"Even though it's only been a short hour both years I've helped, so far, I have to say that it's a lot of fun, a big part

of my pride now and it feels like I'm a part of impacting a lot of people."

"While tabling, one young woman came up to say that she'd received a Why Vegan earlier in the day and was now going to be a

vegetarian. Shortly thereafter, an older gentleman was at the table with a friend. He pointed at the Why Vegan and said,

'That's what started me on the path to being vegan.' "

"I agree, our tabling outreach at Pride was a very successful event. Thanks so much for organizing the event, setting up,

breaking down, etc! You make it possible -- easy, even -- for the rest of us to be activists!"

"Watching all of the efforts required to make this past weekend a reality made me feel such gratitude and inspiration that

people like you both exist and encourage me to ask myself how much more I can do to contibute in selfless service. I look

forward to participating with you both in more events and taking a bigger role in Bay Area Vegetarians going forward."

Bay Area Vegetarians (BAVeg) is a San Francisco Bay Area wide non-profit organization for vegetarian and animal rights

folks to connect and find support with like-minded folks, while our activities & events encourage and educate the community

on the benefits of a plant-based diet. 

BAVEG is a 100% volunteer, plant-powered organization with over 2,800 members throughout the Bay Area and beyond. We offer

free basic membership to our organization.
§Open-minded kids
by Bay Area Veg Saturday Jul 1st, 2006 9:40 AM
Courtesy of PETA, we distributed materials for kids, including comics book.
§Battery Cage Hens
by Bay Area Veg Saturday Jul 1st, 2006 9:40 AM
This display of how hens shows how they are debeaked and intensively confined to produce eggs. People always stop to read the sign at top, look at the display, and gather related info that we provide about battery cage hens, the myths of free range eggs and egg labeling, and information on cooking without eggs.
§Looking at the Display
by Bay Area Veg Saturday Jul 1st, 2006 9:40 AM
People stop and take photos, now frequently with cell phones.
§Have a Heart .. Go Vegetarian!
by Bay Area Veg Saturday Jul 1st, 2006 9:40 AM
Our friends at PETA stopped by to say hello.