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Titan Corp,Skyway Communications,9/11,Cocaine Trafficking,Torture and Bush's Bloody Murder

by Tony Ryals (endoscam [at]
Daniel Hopsicker continues his own one man investigation into the Venice,Florida Saudi terrorist flight school of Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris pal, Wally Hilliard,putting our'establishment' media to shame and disgrace once again.New York Times,CNN,USA Today,Wall Street Journal, should all hide in shame,as well as CBS, NBC,ABC, Rupert Murdoch and Fox 'News' should be put on trial for aiding murder,torture and rape so vile.

Tom DeLay,Titan Corp,Skyway Communications, 9/11,Cocaine Trafficking,and Bloody Murder

Daniel Hopsicker continues his own one man investigation into the Venice,Florida Saudi terrorist flight school of Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris pal, Wally Hilliard,putting our'establishment' media to shame and disgrace once again.New York Times,CNN,USA Today,Wall Street Journal, should all hide in shame,as well as CBS, NBC,ABC, Rupert Murdoch and Fox 'News' should be put on trial for aiding murder,torture and rape so vile.

Titan Corp,Skyway Communications,9/11,Cocaine Trafficking,Torture and Bush's Bloody Murder

Our Securities Exchange Commission should be investigated for allowing even encouraging money laundering,drug trafficking and probable terrorism with U.S. 'securities' or stock shares they allow to be used for cocaine trafficking and money laundering with shares of worthless U.S. companies they refuse to audit or close down.Skyway Communications is just one of many of those.

Tom DeLay should pay for his underworld connections to not only lobbyist and murder suspect Abramoff but also for aiding Skyway Communications' Brent Kovar.But then it was also the Republican party itself that aided Mr.Kovar as well as Abhu Ghraibe torturers and butchers at Titan Corp itself.Apparently all the pork barrel deals they have received from the corrupt W Busholini administration was still not enough to quench their blood thirsty greed and thus the 5.5 tons of cocaine busted last month in Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche,Mexico really is a Republican scandal to put it mildly.

Abramoff And Kidan Implicated In Gangland Style Hit

'5 Tons Coke' Plane's Owners
Royal Sons,DeLay Appointee

Below is link to Daniel Hopsicker's ongoing one person investigation of what even so early in this century may be described as the crime of the century, thanks to the U.S. Republican Party and the neocons and fascists who have made it theirs.I highly recommend perusing Hopsicker's diligent investigation and series of articles, now probably the size of a substantial book that Hopsicker has been compiling ever since 9/11 occured.Also his video and picture archive has photo of Jeb Bush with Wally Hilliard promoting Hilliad's short lived Florida commuter airline an video interview of supposed Islamic fundamentalist Mohamed Atta's Florida girlfriend.We all owe a debt of gratitude to Daniel Hopsicker and I hope someday we can pay it or at least acknowledge this truly great man's and great American's work done for us whether we deserve it or not.

San Diego Defense Firm Titan Corp Link To 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust In Mexico

May 11 2006--Venice,FL.
by Daniel Hopsicker

The MadCowMorningNews has uncovered evidence implicating a San Diego defense contractor, The Titan Corporation, in fraud involving the shadowy St. Petersburg FL company involved in last month’s mysterious 5.5 ton cocaine seizure in Mexico.

Titan is already embroiled in major scandals which include the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison and conviction and a $28 million fine for fixing a Presidential election in the African state of Benin. The company is also receiving attention for its role as the biggest campaign contributor of disgraced former Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham.

A MadCowMorningNews investigation of Titan Corp. also revealed that the firm has a curious and so-far unexplained connection to Makram Chams, a mysterious Lebanese man who provided assistance to Mohamed Atta and other terrorist hijackers in Venice Florida before the 9.11 attack.

Chams, who owned a convenience store in Venice, befriended and assisted the terrorist hijackers before disappearing after the 9.11 attack, leaving behind a thriving Kwik-Check mini-market which has since stood abandoned in the heart of the Venice business district.

Evidence in SEC filings recently brought to our attention reveal what happened to Chams: he went to work for Titan. According to documents filed by the company, Chams was a contractor working for Titan Corp in Saudi Arabia as recently as last year.

FAA motto in connected dope busts: Don't Ask Don't Tell?
Even more bizarre is the discovery of the embattled San Diego defense contractor’s inexplicable involvement with SkyWay Aircraft of St Petersburg, FL., a company recently in the spotlight of unwanted attention as the last clear user and owner of “Cocaine One,” the DC9 recently caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine.

The burning question: Who owned the DC9 airliner busted in Mexico?

The current answer: Nobody knows.

Almost a month ago The MadCowMorningNews requested complete records from the FAA on both DC9’s which had once been controlled by SkyWay and partner Royal Sons LLC. Although we check the mailbox every day, with varying feelings of hopefulness, to date they have not responded.

Perhaps it's a simple matter of not being cleared for that information.

Nor is anyone else, apparently, which is small consolation, but then small consolation is better than none in a nation where current auto registrations are at the fingertips of every traffic patrolman in America, while major ticket items like airliners clearly are not.

What business did Titan Corp. have with SkyWay Aircraft?

We still don't know. As we will see, Titan put out a press release fraudulently plumping the prospects of the soon-to-be-completely-insolvent SkyWay, a company which had no products and no prospects.

SkyWay did however possess two DC9’s sitting around tricked out to look like Dept of Homeland Security aircraft. Were individuals in Titan's executive management aircraft enthusiasts?

Apparently, yes. The individual at Titan with a yen for SkyWay's wild blue yonder has ties to another subject of current scandal: Brent Wilkes.

Small world.

Welcome to The Official Dusty Foggo Memorial SkyBox
In May of 2004 Titan Corp. announced in a press release a major purchase from SkyWay, a penny stock fraud company about to go bankrupt amid accusations by investors of fraud after they discovered the firm had nothing but non-existent products to show for its two year cash burn of almost $40 million.

Somebody's doing damage control, because on Titan's page of press releases on its website, this release, curiously enough, is the only one missing.

Try clicking the link.

In a scenario reminiscent of the Tom DeLay scandal, who company President Brent Kovar boasted had appointed him to a national Republican Business Council, the money was spent on an array of executive perks which included a half-dozen identical black Hummers equipped with police lights on their roofs, as well as to pay for a skybox at a Tampa stadium housing baseball’s Devil Rays.

Titan officials did not return phone calls seeking comment on why a billion dollar defense contractor with sensitive government defense and intelligence contracts had loaned its name and prestige to a soon-to-be-bankrupt firm whose owners were at that moment said to be stripping it of everything not nailed down.

One thing the two firms did have in common was that both were major contributors to the Republican Party. In addition to padding the Duke-ster’s pockets for those late-night poker cum hooker-fests at the Watergate Hotel, Titan was a major contributor to House Armed Services Committee Chairman Duncan Hunter, who returned the favor in a mock-heroic defense of Titan’s employees accused of torture and rape at Abu Ghraib prison.

A cursory look at SkyWay cash which found its way into Republican pockets includes major contributions to Florida Republicans like U.S. Senator Mel Martinez, who visited the firm during Homeland Security Week, and pronounced the firm’s “vaporware” technology "awesome."

A new business strategy with a twist that's getting old
SkyWay Chairman Glenn Kovar gave $5000 to the DEFEND AMERICA PAC, $5000 to SENATE VICTORY FUND PAC, and more than $6000 to the REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE.

Perhaps it for this reason that SkyWay’s investors and shareholders we spoke to who were fleeced in the deal hold out little hope that any of the guilty parties will be criminally charged, or even lose their jet-black Hummers.

A May 13, 2004 press release headlined, “ SkyWay Communications Holdings Corp. Announces New Business Strategy as the Result of Agreement with Major US Defense Contractor,” Titan promised as much as half a billion dollars worth of business to the grateful company…

"We are excited about the possibilities Sky Way Aircraft System technology offers," said Titan's David Stinson.”

It was standard boilerplate, until we discovered this incestuous nugget: before signing on with Titan Stinson was the executive vice president of an Annapolis Maryland firm, Intergraph, whose Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) deal with Brent Wilke’s ADCS Inc. opened the money spigot now being investigated by the FBI.

Teaching the boy to play the game

It was originally German software from a company called VPMAX which became a fountain of spendable cash. John Karpovich was VPMAX’s U.S. distributor.

“John Karpovich, who helped run the document conversion program at the Defense Department before his retirement, said Wilkes infuriated Pentagon staff by claiming that the document conversion money belonged to him,” reported the Washington Post.

"Brent came in and said, 'That's our money,"' Karpovich recalled. "He said, 'The congressmen put the money in there for us."'

Karpovich was reluctant to talk with us, but conceded he’d watched the deal being put together by Bent Wilkes, House Armed Services Chairman Duncan Hunter, and the just-deposed No. 3 man at the CIA, Dusty Foggo.

“Brent called me said he heard the product was great, and asked me to meet him in Washington. He had a suite at the Watergate. We met there and went to dinner with Dusty Foggo. He seemed like a sharp guy, at least he knew the inside of the government pretty well. We went to dinner with Dusty, and he and Brent talked about old times.”

Karpovich had been castigated by Hunter, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, he told us, for trying to sell the software to the Pentagon too cheaply.

Someone really needs to fry for this. Really
“In the meeting Duncan Hunter pointed to me and said to Wilkes, 'Your boy doesn’t know how to play the game,'" said Karpovich.

“They took a $6000 product, gave it another name, and sold it to the defense department for $32000 a pop. Later on we began to get calls from military bases around the country," Karpovich stated. "They were saying, hey, we just got this expensive software. What are we supposed to do with it?"

The deal now worked for everyone… except maybe U.S. taxpayers, and dead U.S. servicemen in Iraq whose Humvee’s didn’t get armor plating until it was too late because there wasn’t enough money for it in the Pentagon budget.

Titan Corp, recently purchased by an entity called the L3 Corporation, bills itself as “a leading provider of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance systems to the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, selected U.S. Government intelligence agencies and aerospace prime contractors.”

The allegations of corporate lawlessness being leveled against Titan Corp. are unprecedented for a mid-sized defense contractor, on a scale not seen since the Lockheed bribery scandals of the 1970’s.

Ironically, Lockheed aborted a $2 billion buy-out of Titan a year ago, after the magnitude of the firm’s exposure to sanction caused the company to have second thoughts.

TOMORROW: U.S. Defense Contractor Titan Corp’s link to Mohamed Atta’s buddy Makram Chams


This is obviously not only an ongoing government cover up of 9/11 but also either incompetence beyond belief or outright collusion with 'the enemy' ,including Jeb Bush,that appears to be far right fascists on an international scale.

Fundamentalist Christians united with fundamentalist Muslims and Jews living out some sort of perverted self destructive fanasy.He who lives by religious mythology is in danger of dying or killing others with their religious mythology.Or,are they perhaps like the Nazis, cynically using religious mythology to their own
blood thirsty and perverted ends ?

IraqGate's Adnan Khashoggi appears to be Wally Hilliard connected and we know Khashoggi is both 'Poppy' Bush and Jeb Bush connected !

Rogue State The Covert Op That Ate The World

9/11 's Big Dirty Secret, Trafficking With The Taliban

There is no doubt that petroleum and now obviously drug traffickers were indeed behind 9/11 just as Hopsicker has maintained for some time.Some may be literally far right fundamnentalists,(are there any other kind ?), however W Bush has brought the worst gathering of fascists,fundamentalists and mafiosi characters to ever be assembled since Adolph Hitler himself.

He is no doubt much stupider than Hitler yet those influencing him behind the scenes are as intelligent as they are criminal and they are not only American but European or British such as Tony Blair and his bloody henchmen and Middle Eastern - Saudi as much or more so than Israeli. And we - Americans,Europeans,Arabs,etc., are all endangered by their positions of power although Russia and China must be ecstatic behind the scenes as the Bush administration destroys our military and buries America in debt.

In fact our supposed protectors are either in on the mass murder and rape of innocent people and the planet or they have themselves been duped beyond our wildest imaginations.

Even the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission and its Chairman Christopher Cox swore while he was a Congressman that there were 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq with no proof whatsoever ! And he has himself presided over one of the most corrupt eras of securities fraud in U.S. history TURNING HIS BACK AS U.S. PENNY STOCKS AND EVEN GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED LARGE CAP 'SECURITIES'

SEC Chairman Christoper Cox is responsible for allowing U.S. penny stocks to be used for money laundering in terrorist suspect money laundering states Kuala Lumpur as well as the UAE's Dubai ! He is worse than the Saddam regime he warned us of or lied to us about ! Ask Mr.Cox about Bellador Group or do a google search.

And Tom McMillen,Asa Hutchinson and ex DIA James Woolsey have been involved with a penny stocks, Fortress America that touts itself as a -National Securities' investment yet has offshore accounts.Do 'james woolsey paladin fortress america' google search or read ' Terrorbaggers' in link below.

Even James Dale Davidson,founder of Alexandria, Virginia's National Taxpayers Union and friend to Steve Forbes,Grover Norquist,Richard Mellon Scaife, has at least attempted a Saudi Arabia penny stock scam using two scammy penny stocks,Amenni and Nannaco at least until a siliconinvestor message board alias,'scion' and I made it an issue on the internet.Tom McMillen, Rhodes scholar like Bill Clinton and James Dale Davidson is also implicated in that scam and they should all be subpeonaed.

James Dale Davidson may be behind a fraudulent website called along with Patrick Byrne son of Geico insurance billionaire
Jack Byrne who funded a $1 million anti- John Edwards campaign in the last election all by themselves or with defrauded investor money from their pump and dump fraud.See link to Is NCANS NAANSS,below.

Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?

Adnan Khashoggi has been charged finally by the SEC for his involvement with the massive penny stock fraud upon America called Genesis Intermedia.Yet the SEC has never brought its own corrupt employees such as ex SEC attorney Brent Baker who covered up for James Dale Davidson, Bill Bonner,and Porter Stansberry of Agora Inc., that run penny stock fraud websites internationally from Agora,Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland and Agora,Inc..Mr.Bonner even corrupts our Congress with a Brit named Wiggans and asks his followers to write to our Congress to read their scammy books.

In effect it was U.S. penny stock shares sold to defrauded investors that that bought that DC-9 busted with over 5 tons of cocaine in Mexico last month ! And it all leads back to both the Republican Party and to our Homeland Security bureaucracy now run by the butcher of Central America,John Negroponte.

From Central America to Iraq
Noam Chomsky

An Exquisite Danger
John Negroponte's Record in Honduras Does not Inspire Confidence About His Appointment as US Ambassador to Iraq

Even the President of Israel Moshe Katsav has been connected in his greed or stupidity in a U.S. penny stock fraud of Btritish-Israeli Michael Zwebner in which money laundering is probably involved as well as a suspect Saudi connected Palestinian,Mohamed Hadid !

Did Israel President Moshe Katsav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?

Yes folks we are caught up in a world run by petroleun traffickers,drug traffickers,and penny stock con artists from hell - Christian,Islamic and Jewish hell at least - and we may well be the victims of their delusions and greed just like Iraqis whose secular state was overthrown by them ushering in a new era of relgious and international mafiosi terrorism the like the world has never seen.

The SEC,Adnan Khashoggi, GenesisIntermedia and me


D.C.Terrorbaggers:J. D. Davidson,ex-CIA Woolsey,Asa Hutchinson,Tom McMillen,Don Nickles

Asa Hutchinson,ex Congressman Tom McMillen, Fortress America,offshore money laundering

Endovasc,Texas Joseph Grundfest,Stanford Law,defends Journalistic McCarthyism stock scam

Does NSA Serve SRA International's 'Cookies' ?

SEC Covers Up UAE Money Laundering with U.S. Stocks

John Reed Stark UAE,SEC,Georgetown University Stock fraud Academic fraud Cyber fraud

Ralph Lambiase,NASAA : James Dale Davidson invented 'anti-naked shorting' scam

SEC Commissioner Christopher Cox vows to bring James Dale Guckert/Jeff Gannon to Justice ?

James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia

Senator Bennett :Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a Fraud ?


Clinton Undersecretary of Commerce Robert Shapiro aids James Dale Davidson's ,Attorney John M O'Quinn's stock fraud

Charles Schwab and Share-Money Laundering

India:SRA International,Mantas Inc.,CIA and Bellador Group

Did Israel President Moshe Katsav aid Muslim Terrorism or only fraud ?

Israel: Gal Lusky's 'IFA' Caught Up in Moshe Katsav,Mohamed Hadid, Michael Zwebner 'UCSY' scam ?

Ralph Lambiase,NASAA : James Dale Davidson invented 'anti-naked shorting' scam

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